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It‘s never too early to start planning for the summer. While most major networks limit their original programming to reality shows, cable networks turn up the heat for scripted programming in the summer.  Read more »
While that Disney film Parent Trap was a light-hearted family comedy about twins being separated at birth, there‘s much more going on in ABC Family‘s new series The Lying Game. There‘s more mystery, intrigue and teen drama. Plus, it‘s based on Sara Shepard‘s novels of the same name. The one-hour series, from the creator of Pretty Little Liars, follows the kind-hearted Emma Becker (Alexandra Chando), who has lived in foster care all her life. It all changes when she discovers the existence of her sister, Sutton. She, on the other hand, was adopted by a wealthy family and has been living the good life ever since.  Read more »
I can‘t decide if the CW is copying ABC Family, or the other way around. First, ABC Family‘s newest drama, The Lying Game (premiering Monday at 9pm), is eerily similar to the CW‘s fall drama Ringer, both shows about twins who trade places only to have one disappear. Second, the CW has two shows based on book series by L.J. Smith (The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle) while ABC Family now has two shows based on book series by Sara Shepard (The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars). I guess if it ain‘t broke, don‘t fix it.Indeed, The Lying Game is basically everything fans of Pretty Little Liars already love. There‘s a slightly complicated and preposterous mystery, sassy teenage girls with plenty of secrets, and a bunch of cute boys. It all works perfectly to fit into the network‘s new image of edgy teen soaps, and it‘s surprisingly fun and engaging.  Read more »
From her role on As the World Turns, actress Alexandra Chando has become used to drama. But this time, she has to work doubly hard now that she‘s been cast on The Lying Game. She‘ll be playing protagonists Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer, long-lost twin sisters who eventually find their way towards each other.On a recent interview, Alexandra Chando discussed the challenges and thrills of playing both characters in The Lying Game. Read more »
In tonight‘s premiere episode of The Lying Game, Emma (Alexandra Chando) leaves behind her life in the foster care system to step into that of her long lost identical twin, Sutton (Alexandra Chando). The plan is for Emma to cover for Sutton for a few days so Sutton can track down a lead on their birth mother. But as Emma discovers more about Sutton‘s life, she realizes there may be more secrets than the identity of their real parents and why she and Sutton were separated in the first place.  Read more »
To paraphrase SpongeBob SquarePants, "another week, another seven nickels!" And sure, while last week saw a bunch of finales -- and this week, too -- there was still a lot going on our televisions. Life at the Big Brother house continued while werewolves killed each other on Teen Wolf. Twelve talents got another shot on America‘s Got Talent, while Emma (or Sutton, who?) got into some new trouble on The Lying Game. You get the idea. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode of The Lying Game, Emma (Alexandra Chando) has to fake her way through a father-daughter dance since Sutton (also Chando) is still M.I.A. In other news, we meet a new character with plenty of his own secrets.  Read more »
ABC‘s The Lying Game is more than just a soapy teen drama about twins being separated at birth. The series offers a huge dose of mystery, suspense and intrigue, and based on the episodes that aired so far, it looks like the show has no shortage when it comes to secrets and lies. Caught in the center of all the drama is Ethan Whitehorse, the so-called "bad boy" who is dating Sutton and now serves as Emma‘s confidant. So what can we expect from Ethan this season? Plenty, according to his portrayer Blair Redford, who talks about a possible love triangle on the show and his plans for the future in a recent conference call.Warning: The rest of this article may contain spoilers.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode of The Lying Game, Emma (Alexandra Chando) gets closer to Sutton‘s family while Sutton (Chando again) starts uncovering some of the many secrets surrounding the twins‘ birth.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Lying Game, the twins (Alexandra Chando) find out that DNA is not all they have shared and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) tries to prevent Emma from learning more than she already does.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of The Lying Game, the kids gear up for Homecoming andencounter plenty of obstacles and surprises along the way.  Read more »
On the heels of ABC Family announcing that it has canceled freshman drama The Nine Lives of Chloe King, the network offered some good news today by renewing two shows and announcing plans for four new pilots. The Lying Game was extended to a full 22-episode first season while the gymnastics drama Make It or Break It was renewed for a third season. The network has also canceled freshman sitcom State of Georgia starring Raven-Symone.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of The Lying Game, everyone has relationship troubles and all mysteries lead back to Annie Hobbs.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of The Lying Game, Emma (Alexandra Chando) tries to learn the truth from Eduardo (Rick Malambri) and Sutton (Chando) finally gets a face-to-face with Annie Hobbs (Stacy Edwards).  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of The Lying Game, Emma (Alexandra Chando) tries to find out the truth from Sutton‘s parents, while Sutton (Alexandra Chando) learns more about Emma‘s life.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of The Lying Game, the show goes out with a bang in the fall finale and we are given even more question to ponder over the break.  Read more »
A Sunnydale resident is out to mix up things in Phoenix.Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Charisma Carpenter has booked a recurring role on the ABC Family series The Lying Game, according to Read more »
ABC Family is starting off 2012 with a slew of original programming, including a night full of lies and the premiere of a new drama series, Jane by Design.  Read more »
When The Lying Game returns to ABC Family next year, things are really going to be shaken up. Sure, there‘s the matter of Sutton disappearing, but there‘s also the return of a face from Ted (Andy Buckley) and Alec‘s (Adrian Pasdar) past that could reveal more secrets.Charisma Carpenter -- you might‘ve seen her recently on Supernatural, and you definitely remember her from Buffy and Angel -- is headed to the show as Rebecca "Annie" Sewell, Char‘s (Kirsten Prout) aunt who left Phoenix many years ago, and whose return will definitely ruffle some feathers. She recently talked to reporters about what to expect from Annie, including whether the fact that she looks very much like Alexandra Chando means anything -- could she be Sutton and Emma‘s actual parents? Highlights start in the next paragraph: Read more »
The last time The Lying Game was on, Sutton took a plunge -- literally, into a lake, while driving a car. That one thing should put Emma on edge, as the relationship between her and the twin sister she‘s pretending to be gets, umm, chillier.See what Charisma Carpenter has to say about her role on The Lying Game Read more »
Lying hasn‘t been a part of my life since October 17 (well, not really anyway!) until tonight when it all came back with the return of the Lying Game on ABC Family -- and I must say, I was extremely pleased. The show left off with Emma just about to reveal her secret - that she has been pretending to be her long-lost identical twin sister, Sutton -- but aborted the plan when she thought she saw Annie, the woman who she and Sutton believe is her mother.So, does Sutton reappear in "O Twin, Where Art Thou?" Does Emma finally reveal the truth to her new family? And just who was in the car with Sutton when she drove off the pier into the water? Were the answers in tonight‘s episode? Let‘s find out. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode of The Lying Game, "When We Dead Awaken," it starts off with the mysterious note about Emma needing to keep being Sutton or she‘s next. So, right where we left off, we delve into the world of the Lying Games! Read more »
Today, I had the pleasure of joining a conference call with TheLying Game‘s Allie Gonino, who plays Laurel Mercer, Sutton‘s adoptedsister. Allie is a total sweetheart, and was getting in a verbal and physical workout by multi-tasking theconference call and the elliptical machine.An actress from a young age playing Dorothy in Wizard of Oz at home,Allie Gonino says that music will always be her true passion. However,she loves playing Laurel Mercer on The Lying Game. Allie said that asher storyline develops with Laurel in the show and as Laurel learnsnew things about life, she is learning more and more about her ownlife and herself in general. Allie stated that she has mostlysimilarities with her character, Laurel, in that they both have asense of humor yet still have a bit of a vulnerable side. In fact, itwas her similarities with the character of Laurel that made her wantto be part of the show. She says not only did she see herself inLaurel, but she felt a deep desire to re-live that stage of her lifeso that she could possibly re-learn some lessons that she was unableto accomplish before while even learning brand new things aboutherself. Read more »
Finally, we have gotten some answers to some of the questions that we have been asking for a dozen episodes of The Lying Game. We got answers tonight on why Justin has a grudge against Ted, who saved Sutton from the drowning car (although, sorry guys, no answer to whom the masked mystery person was IN the car although I‘m thinking Derek!). However, there are still plenty of questions to be answered ... read on to find out some of these questions. Read more »
Oh, how I love The Lying Game. I have read the books and watched every single episode since the show first aired on ABC Family and not one episode has left me not wanting more. The episode tonight was no different. And I love how this show actually gives you answers to the questions that arise on the show and in your mind at home. The episode tonight, titled "Dead Man Talking," revealed the "snake" guy, who lured Sutton into the lake, and there‘s someone else lurking around town - well, not really someone else, but in fact, a murderer. Here‘s more... Read more »
If you think Randy Wayne is just another pretty face on ABC Family‘s The Lying Game, then surely you found yourself saying "not exactly". He did hook up with Laurel (Allie Gonino), but he split up with her, and as it turns out, he‘s in Phoenix for another reason: because he holds Ted (Andy Buckley) responsible for the death of his mother.So, what‘s Justin to do? Can he find a way to reconnect with Laurel? Or will he settle for another blonde? Yes, he did mention another blonde in a recent conference call with reporters, highlights of which are just after this sentence. Read more »
Really Emma? Was it time to finally tell someone that you aren‘t who you say you are? Well, apparently, she thought so, and so did the writers of The Lying Game, because the beans were spilled tonight. Read more »
Valentine‘s Day is three days away, which means you should expect more than the usual amounts of kissing and loving on your TV screens. Bad thing if you‘re cynical about love.But admit it, you can‘t help but be happy for your favorite characters. That shipper heart of yours? It‘s gonna get a workout this week. Read more »
Last week, we left off with Emma telling Mads that she isn‘t Sutton. I had worried how Mads would take this kind of news, but tonight‘s episode, "No Country for Young Love," showed me that she took it surprisingly well. Derek‘s murderer is revealed, and I think even more that Thayer likes Emma after he grabs her hand and tells her that no matter what happens he is there for her! Aww! I love Thayer! Read more »
ABC Family, over the past few years, has produced a number of strong, edgy programs that have really struck a chord with viewers - specifically young women. Whether it‘s Pretty Little Liars, Make It or Break It, or Jane by Design, the network seems to speak to this audience in a way that really resonates with them.The Lying Game, in that respect, seems to fit this mold perfectly. It has won over audiences with plots filled with drama and intrigue - with, of course, a dash of romance sprinkled in. The show, which wraps up its first season tonight at 9pm, stars Alexandra Chando as identical twins Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker. Buddy TV caught up with Alexandra on the eve of the season finale, to talk about what fans can look forward to tonight, and about what it‘s been like to play twins. Read more »
Let the games continue! ABC Family has officially renewed The Lying Game of a second season which will air this winter.  Read more »