Articles for The Loop Season 2

Fox already canceled The Loop, so bringing the twenty something executive comedy back to air its final episodes was more of a study in loss control than paying off it’s small, but clever, audience.  Fox is known for having an itchy trigger finger for shows that do not instantly ignite a ratings firestorm, usually it’s a three strikes and your out business where the network is concerned just looks at Drive.  But don’t mourn for star Bret Harrison , The Loop may be ending, but he already has a part on another network’s prime time show.  And he doesn‘t even have to give up his character name. Read more »
On the small screen, Eric Christian Olsen was known for his role as Sully Sullivan on the FOX comedy series The Loop.  As the older brother and roommate of lead character Sam (Bret Harrison), he was perceived as wild and unruly.  Throughout the show, he added humour to the plot with his attempts to hold down a series of odd jobs, his effort to chase women and his partying lifestyle, which usually affected Sam’s career.  In the coming month, he’ll be working on several comedy projects set for the big screen. Read more »
Joy Osmanski got her television break as Darcy on the FOX comedy series The Loop.  She portrayed the secretary of the lead character Sam (Bret Harrison) who seemed to be overqualified for the job and possessed a somewhat bitter personality.  She was also noted for her strong emphasis on her intellect as an MIT grad.  Most often than not, she emoted about her skills and know-how in doing menial tasks because of her educational background.  At present, the 31-year-old actress is working on a project that will further broaden her exposure on the big screen. Read more »
Do you like The Office but wish there was more crime? Is Leverage too serious for you? Did you ever just want to translate a perfect slacker lifestyle into a full-time career? These are the questions that Breaking In wants you to answer in the affirmative. Read more »