Articles for The Killing Season 2

The day after AMC‘s The Killing originally premiered, I theorized five possible killers in the case of Rosie Larsen. Now I feel more confident than ever that one of those was correct, and it might have some major similarities to the first season of Veronica Mars.  Read more »
After two seasons, AMC‘s The Killing will finally answer the biggest mystery of the show: Who killed Rosie Larsen? And based on the promos for tonight‘s finale, it looks like Linden and Holder have found their primary suspect. Or have they? Read more »
After two incredibly long and drawn out seasons of investigations and conspiracies, The Killing finally revealed Rosie Larsen‘s killer. Or rather, killers.  Read more »
After two long seasons, AMC‘s moody murder mystery drama The Killing concluded the Rosie Larsen case. But the show‘s season 2 finale left one very big mystery: Will there be a season 3?  Read more »
Rosie Larsen isn‘t the only one who‘s dead. After just two seasons, AMC has canceled its controversial murder mystery The Killing.  Read more »
The Walking Dead isn‘t the only show on AMC about coming back from the dead. After long negotiations, the network has officially confirmed that The Killing, which was canceled in July, is coming back to life.  Read more »