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The next original series from AMC -- same folks who brought you Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead -- comes from ... Denmark.Sure, The Killing is set in Seattle, but the upcoming drama series, which premieres on April 3, is based on a critically-acclaimed series from Denmark. The original, Forbrydelsen, has received critical reviews across Europe and was even nominated for two International Emmys. Critics have called the original series "powerful" and "addictive," and it‘s hoped that the American version does the same. Read more »
T.S. Eliot might think that April is the cruelest month, but for TV fans, it might be the best. Thre impressive new cable dramas are premiering this April, and based on the previews, all three could be extraordinary.  Read more »
The new AMC drama The Killing premiered with a brilliant two-hour pilot that set the stage for one of the most intriguing mysteries TV has ever offered. Like Twin Peaks or Veronica Mars, The Killing has one central question: Who killed Rosie Larsen?  Read more »
Do you remember when AMC used to show award-winning dramas? Those were good times.The network has finally reached a deal for the fifth season of the Emmy-winning series Mad Men, which ended season 4 in the fall, but audiences won‘t get to see it until early 2012. Typically the show has always premiered in the summer, but this new extension means fans will have to suffer through a 15-month break.  Read more »
... Not revealed in this episode. That may be the biggest twist of all from the season 1 finale of The Killing. After spending 13 episodes wondering who killed Rosie Larsen, fans will have to wait a little bit longer for an answer.But that wasn‘t the only shocking twist. The final five minutes of The Killing featured a number of moments to make you go "What?!?" Let‘s look at the three big ones.  Read more »
After the shocking first season finale of AMC‘s The Killing, which failed to reveal the identity of Rosie Larsen‘s killer and added a few extra curveballs to the story, I expected a lot of outrage. But I didn‘t expect the level of pure hate that has spewed from many TV critics.In particular is Maureen Ryan‘s scathing review where she calls it "the worst season finale of all time." That‘s a bit extreme, and while I‘m not about to praise The Killing‘s finale as genius, I certainly want to defend it against the unnecessarily cruel and angry words Ryan and many other critics are hurling at it.  Read more »
Sunday was a big night for television as two of cable‘s most talked about shows had two unforgettable first season finales, for completely different reasons. Game of Thrones raised the bar with a stellar ending that introduced dragons to the show‘s deep mythology while The Killing earned a ton of backlash for a disappointing ending that didn‘t answer the one question a lot of people thought it would.  Read more »
It‘s just television. We should probably get over it.In the past week, entertainment news has been inundated with reports of television fans, critics and personalities up in arms over a variety of recent issues, both large and small. The causes of this furor range from the frivolous (the finale of The Killing) to the socially-relevant (Tracy Morgan‘s homophobic jokes) to the tragic (the death of Ryan Dunn and its possible connection to drunk driving). But the reaction to these disparate events seems to have been awfully similar. Read more »
The mystery of AMC‘s The Killing is almost solved going into this Sunday‘s first season finale at 10pm, but that‘s not the end of the story. Today AMC officially renewed the show for a second season, but what that will look like is still confusing.For now, however, viewers are left wondering whether or not Darren Richmond killed Rosie. Linden and Holder might think he did, but are they right?  Read more »
The Emmys often get a bad rap for nominating the same shows and actors over and over again, but this year, the Drama field is wide open. In the five major categories, 10 of the 30 nominees from last year aren‘t even eligible thanks to the end of Lost and extended hiatuses for Breaking Bad and Damages. To put that in perspective, the comedy side only has four nominees from last year who aren‘t eligible.  Read more »
The 2011 Emmy nominations were announced today, and as expected, last year‘s big winners, Mad Men and Modern Family, are the most nominated drama and comedy with 19 and 17 nominations, respectively. However, the nominees this year include a number of very pleasant surprises and big totals for HBO‘s freshman dramas Boardwalk Empire (18 nominations) and Game of Thrones (13 nominations).  Read more »
This year, despite some glaring oversights, the Emmy Awards got a lot of stuff right. They welcomed plenty of new shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and The Big C while also including returning favorites ignored in previous years like Friday Night Lights, Justified and Parks and Recreation.  Read more »
Of course Castle wasn‘t going to let us bask in the glory of a Castle-Beckett relationship just yet. That would be far too easy. Instead, we can likely look forward to a season of missed connections, confused feelings and just-friends insistences. The producers of Castle are helping this along by bringing in a potential love interest for Rick Castle. And we‘re one step closer to meeting this vixen -- actress Kristin Lehman has been cast in the possibly-recurring part. Read more »
If you go by just what Castle has already told us about the upcoming season, we‘re in for a pretty wild ride over the next few months. From guest stars to love interests to returning bad guys, these spoilers are enough to tantalize any fan. Read more »
And they‘re actually pretty good.Like everybody who spends way too much time watching or thinking about television, I am continuously irritated by most major TV awards. When the same, arguably-inferior shows get nominated year after year, irritation is hard to avoid. But sometimes an award listing gets it right. This year‘s nominations for the Critics Choice Television Awards get it very right. Read more »
Now, a bunch of casting news for your favorite shows -- from a familiar figure circling Bon Temps to a new dad for the CW‘s Hart of Dixie. But first, something for you reality lovers out there... Read more »