Articles for The Goode Family Season 1

From the creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead comes this animated sitcom about a family with a "green" lifestyle.  ABC‘s The Goode Family centers on four (plus their vegan pet) members of a politically correct family, always trying to do what is best for everyone.  They struggle to do the right thing, even though external factors in this chaotic world often stop them.Whether they‘re reusing their shopping bags or urging others to follow their vegan principles, The Goode Family just wants to promote environment-friendly ways of living, often to the extremes.  Heading the pack is Gerald Goode (Mike Judge), an administrator at a community college who says he comes from a long line of over-educated academic liberals.  His wife, Helen (Nancy Walls) is a local activist. Read more »
If you‘re a children of the 90s, you are most probably familiar with Beavis and Butt-head, almost cultural icons which shot into mainstream popularity during the mid-1990s via the MTV animated series.  If you liked the irrepressible duo, then new ABC animated series The Goode Family might be up your alley.  Directed by Beavis and Butt-head creator Mike Judge, The Goode Family seemingly pokes fun at today‘s eco-obsessed world with Gerald and Helen Goode, a pair of environmentally conscious, hybrid-driving vegans, who always fall short in their attempts to be politically correct.Gerald of The Goode Family, voiced by Judge himself, is an administrator at a community college who comes from a "long line of over-educated academic liverals," while Helen is a local green activist.  The couple also has an adopted son named Ubuntu from Africa, and a biological daughter named Bliss who often disagrees with her parents and even pokes fun in their various world views.  Lastly, the family dog, Che, is also a vegan, who craves meat and often tries to eat neighborhood animals and pets. Read more »