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Welcome back, The Good Wife! We‘ve missed you! Now, let‘s cut to the chase. Will and Alicia, a hotel room, a doorknob. Did they or didn‘t they?Though we were denied racy flashbacks, the evidence is there: They did. How else to explain Alicia‘s new glow at the office, Will‘s late arrival ... and, oh yeah, the hot-and-heavy, all-too-intimate rendezvous they had later that day in Will‘s apartment.  Read more »
Remember last season when Will and Alicia had to try a case in military court? The unfamiliar rules of conduct almost cost them their case. In this week‘s episode, they find themselves in a similar pickle. Only this time, instead of uniforms and medals, it‘s all about the wigs. Yes, the British are coming, and they have it in for their former colonists.Oh, Kalinda becomes Eli‘s go-to investigator. Things don‘t get much better than that.  Read more »
Who knew a ripped-from-the-headlines premise could be so good? Well, the producers, apparently, since they called their show The Good Wife. The first season was good. The second was great. Could the third be on track to be phenomenal? With these spoilers, all evidence suggests so, your honor (I apologize for the grandpa humor). Turn back now if you‘re wary of Good Wife spoilers! Read more »
You really have to wonder how they manage to be so prescient on The Good Wife. Last year, an episode focused on the role of the Internet in helping freedom fighters -- right in the midst of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. This week, it‘s all about the listeria. Okay, it‘s in cheese, not cantaloupe, but close enough. Moreover, it forces Eli into unwillingly taking center stage in his own crisis communications work. An uncomfortable Eli is a viewer‘s delight. But first, let‘s join Will and Alicia at a hotel. Sadly, it‘s not as sexy as you think -- they‘re stuck in a court-ordered mediation with several other attorneys.  Read more »
I wasn‘t familiar with the term "feeding the rat" until the latest episode of The Good Wife, called -- you guessed it -- "Feeding the Rat." It means that no matter how immersed you are in your day-to-day life, once in a while you have to go a little wild, give in to your passions, pursue your dreams.What that means to the characters on The Good Wife, however, varies greatly -- as Alicia‘s romantic rival, Celeste, finds out to her chagrin. In fact, we‘re left to wonder: Is Alicia turning out to be Will‘s rat? Read more »
Suddenly, I got a little more excited about this season of CSI.Titus Welliver -- you might know him from his roles on Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife and as the Man in Black on Lost -- has signed up for a major recurring role in the CBS crime drama, TVLine reports. Read more »
Sometimes the race goes neither to the swift nor the strong--but the one with the best connections. As Alicia learns to her chagrin in "Marthas and Caitlins," it pays to have friends in high places.Besides that teachable moment, we also see the return of one of The Good Wife‘s best villains ever. And as one famous Martha always says, that‘s a good thing.  Read more »
With all the zombies, vampires, and sexy nurses populating prime time during Halloween week, The Good Wife may be the only real example of grown-up television on the air. But just because the characters aren‘t wearing masks doesn‘t mean they aren‘t hiding something.Whether covering up guilt for a murder or the evidence of past romantic dalliances, "Affairs of State" (another TGW title with a dual meaning), Alicia and company have more to worry about than what to wear to the office costume party.  Read more »
It may have taken Lockhart-Gardner suing the United States government to do it, but The Good Wife‘s back, baby! After a couple of less-than-riveting legal tangles, this week TGW returned to its sweet spot: a mixture of the legal, political, and personal. Though Will accuses Diane of fighting "yesterday‘s war," this week‘s case seems very much up to the minute, with possibly life-changing consequences for everyone involved. Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
Can you look into the face of evil and not be changed? Alicia finds out on this week‘s episode of The Good Wife as her anti-death-penalty sentiments are pushed to the limit by a very, very bad man.Things aren‘t all death and despair in "Death Row Tip," however. A put-upon Eli must find a way to quell a looming crisis for a new political client, and Cary faces off with Kalinda in one of their most intimate encounters yet.  Read more »
Depending on when you tuned in to the latest Good Wife, you saw a powerful indictment of the military‘s drone warfare policies, a powerful confrontation between Will and Diane--or a comical look at the world of food lobbyists. In an episode that‘s all about accountability, you can hold the writers accountable for both some of the strongest writing of the year so far--and some of the silliest.  Read more »
While most network shows have already gone into "fall finale" mode -- creating a post-Thanksgiving programming lull -- you can still be thankful for The Good Wife. For some of you, this week‘s major plot development probably brought you an early Chrismukkah present.When Alicia has to make a painful choice between enjoying her personal life and keeping her household on an even keel, she chooses home. That means, not counting the season finale last year, we got exactly 10 episodes of Will and Alicia‘s affair. You certainly can‘t accuse TGW‘s producers of dragging out this particular plotline.  Read more »
And you thought the winter break for most shows meant little news? Tonight‘s casting roundup features a lot of them -- from a new guy on Wisteria Lane to a new (former) partner for Fizbo the clown. But first, let‘s go to Broadway, shall we? Read more »
Please tell me you hung in there during the seemingly endless game delay before this week‘s Good Wife. If you did, you saw one of the strongest episodes so far this year. If not, go watch it on and then come back here--because there are plenty of spoilers ahead.In "What Went Wrong," Alicia sets out to right what she perceives as past missteps--neglecting her kids, dating her boss, losing touch with old friends, providing harsh advice to a client. But as we soon learn, things--like people--aren‘t always as they seem at first. Read more »
Grimm doesn‘t exactly need a lot of stunt casting to get its creepy fantasy point across. But it‘s still a lot of fun to see familiar faces in unfamiliar roles. We will be seeing some of those faces in upcoming Grimm episodes featuring Titus Welliver and Daryl Sabara. Read more »
Belated happy holidays, everyone -- and here‘s one more gift for you kids out there: casting news! Depends, really, if you‘re excited about these people or not. Anyway, let‘s begin: Read more »
Happy 2012, Good Wife fans! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to get back to some quality TV. Fortunately, it looks like the writers made a resolution to return from the break with a trim episode lacking any hint of holiday excess or bloat.In "Alienation of Affection," a lawsuit that might destroy Lockhart-Gardner forces Alicia to come uncomfortably close to violating her own ethical code. As Diane notes: Remember when we went into law as idealists and to do the right thing? Did Alicia do the right thing?  Read more »
There‘s a lot happening this week in casting news. A True Blood star is getting close to Zooey Deschanel, a couple of funny ladies will bring life to The Good Wife, and someone‘s dad is coming back to Gossip Girl. Read on!  Read more »
In today‘s casting roundup, a comedy series makes way for several rivals while someone might come between a blossoming romance. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
Today the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the NAACP both announced their annual awards nominations. While there are several gay and African-American characters on TV, these awards usually highlight the lack of diversity by picking out such obscure nominees. The effect only emphasizes how few roles for African-Americans there really are on mainstream television.  Read more »
The line between what‘s real and what‘s not gets seriously blurred in everything from money and identity to friendship and loyalty on this week‘s new Good Wife. If last week was mostly about Alicia and Diane, "Bitcoin for Dummies" is a gratifyingly Kalinda-centric episode. Even so, I must take a moment to tell Julianna Margulies that she was robbed at the Golden Globes (which aired at the same time as TGW.) Sure, Claire Danes is good on Homeland, but no one pulls off that special combination of angst and dignity like our Alicia.   Read more »
There‘s quite a lot of casting news tonight, so let‘s get on with it. We‘re talking about a couple guys coming to True Blood, three musicians on Hot in Cleveland, and more!Summer comes to Seattle Grace: Grey‘s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes made a Twitter announcement saying Summer Glau will be appearing in an upcoming episode. TV Line reports that there aren‘t any details about her character yet, so we‘ll just wait and see.  Read more »
Another round of casting bits, then? Tonight, we have lots, including a new mystery character on Once Upon A Time, a Buffy alum heading to Grimm, and two athletes taking a trip to Hawaii. But let‘s begin in a courthouse... Read more »
A wise man once said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." In this week‘s new episode of The Good Wife, that woman is Wendy Scott-Carr. Unfortunately, fury also tends to skew your judgment, as even a scornful prosecutor learns.You thought I was going to say Alicia was the scorned woman, right? Well, she‘s apparently done being the victim, as she continues on her journey of empowerment. Read more »
Tonight‘s round of casting news goes from Appleby to Bieber, along with a few more stars in between. Shall we? Hill and Bieber to host Saturday Night Live: The Huffington Post reports that this 2012 season, the show‘s getting even bigger names. Alec Baldwin‘s podcast was the first to confirm the gigs, even noting stars like Ben Stiller and Katy Perry. But the real news is that Jonah Hill will definitely appear on the March 10 episode. As for Bieber, he hasn‘t "officially committed" to be both host and musical guest, as Baldwin claimed. Watch out for it anyway.  Read more »
The Golden Globes clearly loved the new shows of 2011. For this year‘s Golden Globe Awards, 11 different shows that premiered this year scored major nominations, including Showtime‘s Homeland which scored three noms and FOX‘s New Girl which picked up two.  Read more »
This year‘s Screen Actors Guild Award nominations are a very mixed bag for television. The comedy side is full of stale, aging shows like 30 Rock and The Office while completely ignoring fresh, newer faces like New Girl or Parks and Recreation. For dramas, however, there were some big surprises, none more shocking than the nomination for Patrick J. Adams from USA‘s Suits.  Read more »
Why bother watching the evening news anymore when we have The Good Wife bringing us the latest headlines? There‘s no excuse for being ignorant of world affairs with our intrepid Chicago attorneys on the case.But while the world stage takes center stage in "Live from Syria," the old saying "all politics is local" certainly rings true for Will Gardner. He made a state‘s attorney very, very mad -- and she‘s determined to make him pay. Read more »
Today‘s roundup includes a hosting gig, and the casting of a real-life love interest and a bunch of TV family members. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
Having recently saved the world from global meltdown and brought a "happily ever after" to a fairytale-themed murder spree, what could possibly be next for the detectives of Castle? Keep reading to learn a whole bunch of Castle spoilers for upcoming episodes. Read more »
Common Law, USA‘s most recent entry to the land of blue-sky programming, finally has a premiere date. When can audiences hope to catch a glimpse of this light-hearted cop drama? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Ever have the feeling that mysterious things are happening around you, but you can‘t quite put your finger on what‘s going on? For everyone from Alicia to Cary to Eli, there are unanswered questions and undercurrents aplenty in this week‘s new Good Wife. One mystery does get solved immediately: Can Lockhart-Gardner survive Will‘s absence following his six month suspension from the law? Read more »
In the latest episode of The Good Wife, Alicia faces both an old nemesis and an age-old question: Can you go home again?But before we get to the heavy questions of professional integrity and women‘s life choices, let‘s discuss this week‘s case. Be warned that some of the details are a little unsavory. Read more »
There are plenty of exciting additions on TV in the coming weeks so let‘s get on with today‘s casting roundup.  Read more »
CBS, a network with such high ratings that even its failing shows often beat the competition, has announced renewals for 18 of its prime-time shows. Which shows will be returning? Which are still in danger? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Though this week‘s case centers on the over-the-top subject of on-ice violence in professional hockey, the real fireworks take place outside the courtroom, in hushed tones and lowered voices. But don‘t let The Good Wife‘s characteristically low-key approach fool you.Without any shouting, crying or car chases, Alicia makes several major decisions. Each will have an impact on her life (and the show) for years to come -- about her career, her home and her personal relationships, including her future with Kalinda. Now that‘s one decision we‘ve all been waiting for. That, and CBS‘ recent decision to renew TGW, of course.  Read more »
ABC, FOX and the CW have already announced their season finale dates for this year, and now CBS is helping fans plan out their May by announcing end dates for all of its shows. This includes an early April finale for The Good Wife and a one-hour How I Met Your Mother season finale that will reveal the identity of Barney‘s bride.  Read more »
It‘s time to rename this show -- I‘m thinking they should call it The Feisty Wife. Over the course of a few days, Alicia faces an ethical dilemma, confronts the person harassing Kalinda and learns the outcome of her house bid, forcing her to channel her righteous anger into productive energy.As Diane reminds her, she‘s gaining more responsibilities, which means every choice she makes has consequences. All I can say is, "You grow, girl!" Read more »
While it‘s been a few weeks since the last new Good Wife episode (refresh your memory with our latest recap), the intense legal drama finally returns Sunday, April 15 to start the first of its final three episodes. To get you pumped for the conclusion of the season, watch the preview clip below.  Read more »
How fitting: It‘s the beginning of baseball season, and Alicia finds herself in the big leagues. Unfortunately, the "big leagues of politics" are far more corrupt than professional sports. In the appropriately named "Pants on Fire," what‘s a little steroid use compared to an unrepentantly untruthful political candidate?In another successful attempt to bury the fond memory of Chandler Bing, guest star Matthew Perry returns as sleazy attorney Mike Kresteva. He‘s matched in bold badness only by Jackie Florrick, real estate vulture. Lord, help us if these two ever team up! Read more »
We haven‘t seen much of Cary Agos, the deputy attorney general on The Good Wife (played by Matt Czuchry) recently -- which is a shame, because his serious demeanor and complicated relationships with Alicia and Kalinda in particular have always been one of the show‘s highlights. But when Czuchry visited the set of Good Day New York Wednesday, he hinted at some exciting developments in the season‘s final two episodes, including "a big professional change" for his stern character.  Read more »
It may be Stanley Cup season (go, Bruins!), but the latest Good Wife episode, "The Penalty Box," ain‘t about hockey. But it isn‘t tennis either -- this one‘s all about the teamwork.In a most satisfying way, the latest episode has set up the lawyers at Lockhart & Associates for next week‘s season finale. Court is in session!  Read more »
I‘m going to honest: this season of The Good Wife has felt a little lackluster in recent weeks. Yes, there were the usual perfectly cast guest stars and there were some big dramatic changes (Will‘s investigation and suspension, Alicia and Will‘s steamy affair earlier on, the sensitive relationship between Alicia and Kalinda) - but it just hasn‘t felt as exciting or compelling. I still love the characters (and am so happy Cary has returned to the dark side!), but I feel like there are so many threads that still need to be addressed in the season finale next Sunday. Read more »
The finale of season three is finally upon us, and with all the ups and downs of Alicia‘s tumultuous world, not to mention unpredictable adjusted air times for our favorite legal drama, it‘s a lot to consolidate. Fortunately, CBS put together an "Ultimate Look Back" video so we can review all the season‘s highlights in one place. First, watch the video below to refresh your memory and then read on for our thoughts on the season overall before the big finale this Sunday.  Read more »
As Alicia says, things are certainly "in flux" at Team Lockhart, as Kalinda‘s past comes back to haunt her in a big way, and our favorite attorneys learn you can be too successful at your job. Did you feel that way about the third season finale, too? Was it as successful as last year‘s closing arguments? Read more »
Now that we‘ve had a chance to let the dust settle after Sunday‘s intriguing season three finale, it‘s time to go into analysis mode: what did it all mean? How will Lockhart Gardner pick itself up after being blindsided by the dream team? What did that elevator scene between Alicia and Will signify? What will become of Kalinda with the clashing of her past at her doorstep (literally)? Thanks to some in-depth interviews with The Good Wife‘s creators and actors, we can dissect the many plots and relationships of the finale and look forward to the stories to come in season four.  Read more »
The network schedules just keep on coming! CBS released its schedule for the fall 2012 TV season on Wednesday at their upfront presentation. There are a whole bunch of shifts and a few new shows, so check out the CBS schedule here! Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »