Articles for The Game Season 2

The Game is a spin-off of the highly successful and sturdy Girlfriends, which opened its eighth season last October 1.  The Game‘s own sophomore year also got off to a start on the same day, following its parent program at 9:30pm. Tonight‘s third episode revolves around Hosea Chancez‘s character, Malik, who discovers the rather prophylactic implications of having to live with his mother.  Read on for spoilers to tonight‘s Game installment. Read more »
The CW announced its fall schedule today and it features all good-looking people.  I suppose one could make the argument that all television features good-looking people, but not to the extreme extent that the CW has taken it.  You see, most of the CW‘s Fall schedule not only features good-looking people, the series themselves are about those people being good-looking, or at least it‘s a very important part of the series.  There are three hours of new programming on the CW‘s Fall schedule, one of which may include the most highly-anticipated new series going into next season.  Before any Reaper fans go ballistic and worry about why the series isn‘t on the Fall schedule, don‘t worry.  The CW has ordered 13 episodes of Reaper, which will hit the air at mid-season.  There‘s a very good chance that it will take over Smallville‘s time slot at some point, but nothing is set in stone.  Read more »