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Bravo‘s Project Runway has revolutionized reality TV programming by giving us an opportunity to look into the lives of aspiring fashion designers.  In fact, the show has produced so much talent and kick-started fashion careers of some hopefuls.  Recently, Bravo announced that they have picked up another fashion design creative competition series titled The Fashion Show, in which the winner will be chosen by viewers and will have their designs sold by a retailer."Bravo celebrates the very best in food, fashion, design, beauty and pop culture, and ‘The Fashion Show‘ is the next step in expanding our fashion affinity group, and the perfect complement to our successful fashion series ‘Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style‘ and ‘The Rachel Zoe Project,‘" Frances Berwick, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Bravo Media, said in a statement. Read more »
Between the recent conclusion of Project Runway‘s fifth season and this Wednesday‘s premiere of the new reality show Stylista on the CW, fashion is all the rage. Finding inspiration from your favorite celebrity or cattily commenting on your friends‘ fashion faux pas has become hip thanks to this boom of fashion and modeling reality shows.In that spirit, BuddyTV set out to compile our list of the best fashion accessories on TV, the signature looks that made certain characters stand out. In our preparation, we came to a shocking realization: right now, fashion is all about the men. In the early party of this decade, Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City made every woman crave a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Fashion is often cyclical, and now, it‘s time for the men to have their moment in the spotlight. Read more »
Real life. Real People. Real Fashion. Each week, the looks the designers create will be judged by fashion insiders and Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi. Reco is broke and wants to move out of his mom‘s house. Four will be in the finals and then America will decide the winner. Thus begins The Fashion Show.Laura, Keith, Lidia, Anna, Johnny R., Merlin, Reco, Haven, Markus, Daniella, James-Paul, Jonny, Kristin, Angel, and Andrew are our contestants for this season. Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show, Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland weren‘t buying Jonny‘s fashion sense. Kristin landed herself in the bottom two but managed to make it through the first cut.Unfortunately, the stress of an elimination competition is too much for Kristin and she announces this week that it‘s in her best interest for her to go home. One more designer on The Fashion Show down in an instant. Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show: Daniella won, and Laura was eliminated after making her model look "homeless" in a drab black dress in the Tinsley Mortimer challenge. Which designer will get snipped tonight?Tonight, the designers get ready for another harrowing day of challenges, and Reco is frustrated because he lost the last challenge because of his team members, and he wants to get on a different team.Isaac and Kelly welcome the designers, and tell them to get into their teams. The Harper‘s Bazaar Mini Challenge will be judged by Laura Brown from Harper‘s Bazaar. The challenge: each team needs to make four repairs to the same garment, in relay form: fix the shoulder pad and clean up the lining, attach missing buttons, fix the zipper, and repair the hem. Read more »
Merlin started out his stint on The Fashion Show with a bang, instantly getting in a fight with Daniella and trying to position himself as top dog. To be fair, Merlin was supposed to be head designer that first week and Daniella wasn‘t trying very hard to work with him. This last week, Merlin was on his own and finally came up short. Although Merlin and Johnny R. had the same inspiration card, but Merlin‘s bright yellow mess of sweat pants fell flat. I had the opportunity to speak with him today about his time on The Fashion Show, the other contestants and his sense of style.Overall, Merlin seems happy with his experience but was careful to point out that all of the other contestants hated him. Maybe because he‘s different or maybe because he‘s too confident. Either way, it‘s clear they didn‘t want him there.Listen to the full interview below or skip down for the highlights. Read more »
At this point of the competition, I feel more than comfortable predicting the final four: Reco, Daniella, James-Paul and Anna.Actually, that prediction‘s based on the fact that Bravo have released photos from The Fashion Show‘s finale, and judging from the number of photos dedicated to the collection of each designer, well, Johnny‘s got less photos.  Same went for Merlin--this was last week--and look what happened to him.  Read more »
Six designers remain and this week the Fashion Show finalists go to a psychic to discover their future (or as Merlin calls it, a "Physic," hence the grammatically incorrect headline).  Spoiler alert: the psychic isn‘t real, because if she was, she could tell us who wins and save everyone the trouble of stress and designing dresses.I thought we were in an economic downturn, so how does TRESemme haveenough to help shell out $125,00 to the winner of The Fashion Show?  Atleast it‘s good to see one industry not in need of a bail out.  Peoplecan lose their cars and houses, but they will always have hair.  ExceptReco. Read more »
That‘s right, TRESemme, sponsor of Bravo TV‘s The Fashion Show is starting a "Strut Your Style" campaign in which the grand prize winner will receive a $4,000 Visa gift card. Too much to handle? Entering is simple. Simply visit Style Seeker and submit a photo of your catwalk-ready look. Always wanted to be a supermodel? Give it your best shot. What do you have to lose?Official Press Release: Read more »
Again, I‘ll ramble, but I warned you.It was pretty surprising to see Reco and Haven in the bottom two on last week‘s The Fashion Show.  Everybody knows these two have pretty much been consistent in their designs, with Reco specifically being a top contender despite his (arguably termed) attitude issues.  But the reasons for the dismal placing isn‘t exactly surprising--well, at least for Reco, who admitted to not having an idea about the classic designer he ended up with. Read more »
Eight episodes into The Fashion Show, I‘ll admit, I‘ve yet to give an actual verdict on whether the show‘s any good or not, more so on the back of the show it half-ceremoniously replaced, Project Runway.  Well, you can say it‘s doing something right, since I‘m getting pretty engrossed with the show despite my lack of fashion sense, and in a way that‘s different from Runway.  I have favorites, I have annoyances, and I actually understand what they‘re talking about.  Ahh, finally, accessibility of sorts, although I still get lost in the terms.  Halston?  Nosebleed.But, of course, there are some things that need fixing.  For some reason, The Fashion Show feels hastily put together, and some episodes feel like it‘s more aimed at the drama than the craftsmanship, like the fight Merlin set up in vain last week.  Sometimes I feel a little disengaged with the way it is paced, without giving me a chance to take the designs in--perhaps it‘s what they intended, but I don‘t know.  But there‘s one thing that‘s so obvious, I don‘t know of anyone else who doesn‘t hold the same opinions as me: what the heck is Kelly Rowland doing here? Read more »
Last night on The Fashion Show, the absolute worst situation occurred: two of my favorite designers were up for elimination. This inevitably happens in every reality competition show and I always hope it the judges will somehow decide to keep both competitors. They never do. Last night, Reco and Haven both designed a subpar homage to the fashion icons. Haven, although obsessed with YSL, totally messed up her jump suit and 80s style. Reco had no idea who Halston was, so he was obviously let off the hook. Therefore, the sweet, the hilarious, the wonderfully talented Haven, who had even won the week before, was eliminated.I had a chance to talk with Haven today about her elimination, her designs, and her time on The Fashion Show and we had such a pleasant conversation. Listen to the full interview below or just skip down to the highlights. Read more »
Two weeks ago, Lidia was eliminated on The Fashion Show. She joined us this week to talk about some of the successes and triumphs while on the show. Lidia is thankful for the exposure that The Fashion Show has given her and has actually had a fair amount of recognition post-elimination. The designs made on the show weren‘t her specialty but they showed her talent as a designer. Continue on to read the full interview with Lidia. Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show, Lidia was sent home after experiencing the James-Paul curse. Reco and Daniella hate one another. Still. Haven and Anna had the winning design.This week on The Fashion Show, Reco talks about tolerating Daniella while Haven brags about her win. The Harpar‘s Bazaar mini challenge will test the designer‘s knowledge of seven legendary designers. Anna knows that Coco Chanel invented the little black dress. Merlin knows "Fashion fades, style is eternal" was said by Yves Saint Laurent. Haven is the first to be eliminated. Reco is the next person eliminated. Laura Brown is awkwardly standing around with her person. She‘s being so weird today. Daniella and James-Paul leave just Merlin and Anna in the competition. Anna wins the competition, which makes sense because she‘s a teacher. Laura awkwardly leaves as Kelly Rowland awkwardly announces her win officially. Read more »
Merlin and Johnny did what was perhaps my favorite look from last week‘s The Fashion Show.  Or, I can finally justify my little fashion knowledge and less credible fashion sense to say stuff like "it‘s vibrant" or "it‘s adventurous" or "it‘s so Isaac Mizrahi" without wondering whether I know what I‘m talking about.  Oh, wait, Haven and Anna‘s work is close enough, with that burst of surprise when you open the jacket defining Isaac‘s style, too.  Okay, I give up.Or maybe not.  We all know what good collaboration brings out--why would that be used in everything, from school to sports to political dialogue?  So, in the case of forever-feuding Daniella and Reco, well, you learn not to expect anything.  You have Reco, one of the better designers on the show, insisting what he wants.  You have Daniella, one of the luckier designers on the show, insisting what she wants.  He has an ego.  She has confidence issues (or so I gathered after seven episodes).  In the end, well... sloppy, sloppy. Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show, on of my favorite designers Angel was sent home due to her lackluster design. Remember that cute double white shirt dress? I‘m still sad.This week, Johnny R. remembers the horrible fight he had with Reco. Merlin gets a call from Kelly Rowland telling him to grab the contestants and meet her downtown for the Harper‘s Bazaar Mini Challenge. Laura Brown and Kelly Rowland announce that they‘ll be working in pairs. The pairs will be randomly selected by spools of thread. Lidia and James-Paul, Merlin and Johnny R., Anna and Haven, and Daniella and Reco are the teams. Reco tries to hug Daniella and he totally shoves him off. The challenge is to change the Harper‘s Bazaar interns from party wear to business wear. Becky Newton, from Ugly Betty, comes in to be the guest judge. Time begins and Reco and Daniella struggle. Becky Newton loves everything. Daniella hates Reco‘s ideas but Becky loved it. Johnny R. and Merlin win!  Read more »
Enter to win a Blu-ray DVD player from BuddyTV. Join our Fantasy TV League for Bravo‘s new show, The Fashion Show and earn points all season. Just guess who you think will be eliminated each week and the person with the most points at the end of the season will win!Fifteen professional designers will put their creations to the test on Bravo TV‘s The Fashion Show.  Competing for a chance to have their designs sold in the retail market, each of them will go head to head for glory, as well as the $125,000 cash prize.  As with every contest, challenges will have to be overcome.  The catwalk to fashion success will be laborious, especially with renowned professionals breathing down your neck and judging your work.  Read more »
Wow.  I‘m amazed at that little coincidence.  Last week I wrote my episode preview and I gave a shoutout to Angel for always working on her outfit while the man in charge of the fashion show goads her for her model to start walking.  I can‘t remember what I thought, to be honest, but I didn‘t expect that a few hours later, her existence on The Fashion Show is over.  It‘s a shame it‘s because she doesn‘t have an idea what a b-girl is.To be honest, however, the b-girl is a fairly obscure and new high school clique.  (I didn‘t even know it was a high school clique.)  To be honest, too, what she did was just plain weird--a throwback to 1980s hip-hop, which is miles away different from what the genre has evolved to.  Oh, golly.  Angel, I like you, remember that.  You did pretty well in the earlier challenges, and I thought you‘d last a pretty long time, but it‘s a shame that your ignorance cost you everything.  The shoutout last week?  Go figure. Read more »
Contestants get eliminated from reality shows for many differentreasons.  On Survivor, it could be because you‘re too strong.  OnDancing with the Stars, it‘s because you‘re not famous enough.  On TheCelebrity Apprentice, any past DUI is reason for being fired.  ButBravo‘s The Fashion Show had a first: Angel was eliminated for notwatching MTV.The actual reason was that she didn‘t know what a "b-girl" was, whichwas a problem if you‘re required to design a dress for one.  BuddyTVspoke to Angel about the circumstances surrounding her elimination,which fellow designers were her favorite and least favorite, and whatshe has planned for the future. Read more »
The Fashion Show always reminds me of this quote from the new FOX showGlee: "I‘m Beyonce, I ain‘t no Kelly Rowland."  It‘s said by a sassygirl who objects to being a background singer, and it doesn‘t quite fitwith The Fashion Show because this reality competition is so KellyRowland.This episode is all about cliques, which means all the contestants talkabout their high school years, and as you might expect, all the guysfelt like outsiders who were mocked all the time.  Oh really?  Someonemocked James-Paul or Johnny or Merlin?  I don‘t believe it!Which Fashion Show Judge Are You?>> Read more »
Perhaps The Fashion Show has oversold its "real fashion for real women" tagline, that one they always mention before the opening titles roll.  I know there‘s a hole in this argument, but I thought the designers knew what they were getting into--until they were asked to design for what they call "real women", or in this case, the employees of New York Model Management.  Plus side is, they mostly know what they want.  But the designers?Whine, whine, whine.  Well, thankfully, it only happened initially, but I think fashion designers should have, at the very least, knowledge of what works for certain body parts, and how to either make them vanish or emphasize them.  I can understand being a little unsure, but I can‘t put my finger around saying it‘s not how things work.  Which makes it weird. Read more »
And so the fate of Bravo‘s The Fashion Show gets terribly intertwined with the show it preceded, Project Runway.  I guess it‘s been a running theme of sorts, from the legal complications Bravo got into when the show moved to Lifetime, to the premiere of the new show, and all those "where is my dose of Tim Gunn?" questions from disgruntled fans and casual viewers.Then again, after five episodes it does seem to grow on its own--while, sure, there‘s still a bit of Runway thrown into it, like Isaac Mizrahi for Tim Gunn, and (whuuut) Kelly Rowland for Heidi Klum, and the little similarities here and there.  But, of course, the challenges are different, and the eliminations are different, and the little bits in between ("buh-bye darling") are different. Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show, Andrew Christian was sent home due to his uninspired designs. This week Reco claims that Lidia should have gone home because she lacks craftsmanship. He also points out that Andrew was great eye candy. Now what are we supposed to look at? The Harper‘s Bazaar min-challenge this week is about attention to detail. Isaac Mizrahi and Laura Brown tell the designers that they‘ll have to create a sketch using only their memory. Kelly Rowland removes the Isaac Mizrahi dress from the room then Isaac throws them a curveball and tells them they‘ll actually sketching Kelly‘s dress. Haven‘s confident but a lot of the other designers weren‘t paying attention. Keith, for instance, was paying attention to her hair. Johnny R. was paying attention to her belt. Daniella blames James-Paul‘s dress. Laura thinks that Johnny R, Daniella and Lidia had the best sketches. Daniella, the complainer, wins. She‘ll get to place one of the designers in the bottom three. Read more »
What happened to you, Merlin?  Now I feel stupid for guessing that you‘ll be the half-divisive personality that‘ll provide all the drama for The Fashion Show.  Alas, after the first episode you simply faded back to the background, and while you still supply us with your statements with that thick accent, someone else took the annoying-guy seat: Reco.Then again, his reaction in last week‘s episode was well justified.  Finally, after being held down by these teams for so long, he can finally play with his ideas more freely and just be like that free bird flying around.  Then again, I was watching that episode online over the weekend and my ears took a battering with his screams.  Bad headphones.  Bad headphones. Read more »
Andrew Christian had a rocky exit from The Fashion Show last week, but his career goes on. Andrew is currently ruling the men‘s underwear world with his designer boxers and briefs. Recently, Andrew Christian traveled to Seattle, WA to display his new Spring line. I had a chance to talk to the "Panty-Christ" about his time on Bravo‘s The Fashion Show and his current designs.The interview was done before Daniella and the rest of the cast accused Andrew of being a copycat, no-talent designer so he doesn‘t talk about it at all. We do know that his one regret was not telling off Daniella when he had the chance. The most smack talk he say is that Kristin‘s hair was very "My Little Pony." Other than that, he supposedly got along with Johnny R., Angel and Reco, who is turning out to be a fan favorite. Read more »
I‘ll admit that I was sad to see Andrew go home last night on The Fashion Show. I met him two weeks ago at a fashion show and you can‘t help but be enamored with his quiet confidence. The wheels turned on him this week and he went from winning the challenge last week to being eliminated this week. So how does one go from the top to the bottom so quickly? I chatted with Andrew earlier today to get the scoop on his time on The Fashion Show.Feel free to listen to the whole interview below: Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show, Markus was kicked off due to his lackluster sewing skills. Andrew‘s beautiful coat managed to impress the judges but word on the street is that his creativity lacks. Will accusations about his copycat features come to fruition? I‘m rooting for the "Panty-Christ" but I guess we‘ll have to watch The Fashion Show to find out.From Harper Bazaar magazine, Laura Brown is back to explain the mini-challenge. Elizabeth Olsen comes in to explain that they will be using eco-friendly materials to create a shoe design. Reco wants to make a short boot. Keith wants to make a floral shoe. Daniella wanted to make a pump but is messing it up. Reco notices that Andrew‘s shoes are starting to look like his design with the fringes.  Read more »
I felt like a kid again after watching last week‘s The Fashion Show.  I‘m sure you did these things too--you‘d think up of things, envision them, and maybe, draw them on sheets of paper.  I used to draw myself wearing a polo shirt, where the buttons are literally buttons--you press them and something happens.  Multifunctional, exactly.  So I was actually amused with all those secondary purposes for the coats the designers worked on last week; some occur naturally (I didn‘t know the sleeping bag coat actually exists) while some are just plain ridiculous (Markus‘ jewelry bit for his coat is unimaginable, but oh well).  And it felt like a trip to the past, when we imagined stuff we‘d have in the future and do something about it. Read more »
This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with Markus, who was eliminated last night on The Fashion Show for one of the better reasons an artist could hope for: being too much of a dreamer. His coat with a surprise jewelry roll was an inspired concept, but the judges, especially Isaac Mizrahi, felt it lacked in execution. At the time, Markus took offense to the ‘dreamer‘ label‘s implication that he wasn‘t up to par with his technical and sewing skills, but looking back, the women‘s wear designer realized that he is "proud to be a dreamer." And even after ending his second stint on TV, he‘ll keep on dreaming, straight on his coming debut at New York Fashion Week.After the jump, the full mp3 audio and transcript of the interview with Markus from The Fashion Show. Read more »
I‘m no fashion expert, judging from how (I think) I fared while doing those ranking for American Idol, but I think I have a few pretty useless tips for the remaining contestants of The Fashion Show.One, don‘t be too shocking.  Merlin, that goes to you and that outfit of yours.  Well, actually, that‘s just an excuse to mention his name, because I think I didn‘t see as much of him last week as I expected.  I guess the story is no longer in his side, at least for now?  I‘d want to turn to Laura, whose red in her rock star outfit was just jarring--yes, that‘s what I meant with shocking.  Perhaps a better way to say this is, be coherent and be individual.  Sounds like a conflict?  Ask those big fashion designers. Read more »
Last night on Bravo‘s new series The Fashion Show, team Tube Skirts found themselves at risk of elimination. Three of their designs were deemed not worthy. Laura, Markus, and Johnny R. found themselves in the bottom three. Ultimately, Laura was eliminated because her look not only didn‘t appeal to Tinsley Mortimer but it also didn‘t appeal to anyone else.I had a chance to chat with Laura today about her time on The Fashion Show. We talked about the other contestants, Tinsley and what Laura‘s been up to since Isaac Mizrahi dismissed her. Read more »
Each week BuddyTV will be giving away TRESemme products to our loyal users. The concept is simple: Watch The Fashion Show, follow us on Twitter, and tweet the fastest.Bravo TV‘s The Fashion Show airs every Thursday at 10pm. Designers compete in competitions that end in a fashion show each week. Then the judges, led by Isaac Mizrahi, send the worst design home. TRESemme is sponsoring the show so their products are everywhere. So, follow these simple rules to win: Read more »
Fashion and Reality Television have formed a special bond over the past television seasons. America‘s Next Top Model just finished cycle 12, Project Runway will be airing its sixth season later this year. TLC, Bravo and Oxygen have dominated our fashion-centric television for years. So how do we navigate our way through the fashion genre?We‘ve put together a list of fashion-centric television that might strike your interest. Within the list, we discuss the type, description and "watchability" of each show to help you better navigate the fashion realm. We‘ve limited to reality TV sorts of fashion shows because including Gossip Girl, American Idol (they have talked about fashion a lot more this season, haven‘t they?) and other quality primetime programming would just get too confusing. Read more »
I remember watching the very first episode of Project Runway.  I don‘t know why I was watching it, but I watched it anyway.  The challenge was pretty outrageous--go to the supermarket, grab some items, make something out of it--and I was actually wondering how they‘d pull it off, or how the final outfit would look.  Of course, it worked, to the point that they did it in a later season.And then there‘s last week, and the very first episode of The Fashion Show.  Oh, yes, the comparison is seriously inevitable.  This wouldn‘t have happened if not for that legal tussle that saw Heidi Klum and company to pack up to Lifetime.  Anyway, halfway through the show, or roughly around that, I was having the sense that, well, it‘s essentially similar to Runway.  It‘s the point, isn‘t it?  But it‘s pretty different in many regards, and that‘s why I didn‘t flick the channel halfway through.  (Or, in my case, stop the recording on the DVR.) Read more »
Bravo‘s new series The Fashion Show premiered last night and unfortunately, men‘s wear designer Jonny was the first to be send packing. The first elimination challenge was to design one "must have garment" that can be worn in five different looks. The winners of the Harper‘s Bazaar Mini Challenge would lead teams of five. Johnny R., Merlin and Keith won the challenge and then picked their teams. Keith‘s team decided to do tube skirts, which was probably the most sensible item. Unfortunately, his team lost and the worst two designs were done by Kristin and Jonny. Jonny‘s outift was deemed slutty and he was sent home. We had a chance to catch up with Jonny and get his take on the show. Check out the audio interview below. Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff at Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories about your favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model.By Susan Young, Film.comDancing with the Stars is down to the final few sambas, the finish line is getting closer for The Amazing Race, the anointing of the next American Idol is just two weeks away and soon we‘ll see who outwitted, outlasted and outplayed all the other Survivors - and please save us all from a Coach win.  And a model‘s going to start her fabulous new reign as Tyra‘s choice for America‘s Next Top Model.  Read more »
Predict Who You Think Will Be Eliminated with The Fashion Show Fantasy TV>>Standing out among the fifteen with vivid pink hair that matches her personality, Kristin Hassan is all set to conquer the fashion industry as one of those vying for glory on Bravo‘s The Fashion Show. While the series won‘t premiere until next month, the excitement is high for both audiences and contestants of the show.  As one of the designers, Hassan explains to the Southtown Star how she developed an interest in clothes in addition to facing the dangers that come with it. The 23-year-old owner of the eco-friendly clothing line organiK Revolution didn‘t always have her mind set for fashion.  In fact, she used to be quite the tomboy growing up.  "I did the whole stickball and street hockey thing," Hassan revealed.  "Then I started wearing my dad‘s collard shirts over leggings to school, and it kind of started from there."   Read more »
Fifteen professional designers will put their creations to the test on Bravo TV’s The Fashion Show.  Competing for a chance to have their designs sold in the retail market, each of them will go head to head for glory, as well as the $125,000 cash prize.  As with every contest, challenges will have to be overcome.  The catwalk to fashion success will be laborious, especially with renowned professionals breathing down your neck and judging your work.  Joining the aspirants is internationally acclaimed designer Isaac Mizrahi, who hosts The Fashion Show along with four-time Grammy Award-winning performer and actress Kelly Rowland.  The two of them will also serve as judges for the competition, in addition to fashion luminary and Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion, Fern Mallis.  Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show, big personality Merlin was finally eliminated. Anna won last week for her very cute red dress. This week, on designer might be ripping off another designer. Oh no!Right away, Reco says he misses Merlin but it‘s more important that he wins to pay off his bills. James-Paul goes cry baby on us and starts saying that being a designer is "Me. it‘s what I do." Read more »
So last night, the world (or at least Bravo TV watchers) was shocked to see that Johnny R. had copied a Lanvin dress almost exactly on The Fashion Show. The Fashion Show is supposed to be about innovative, up and coming designers so obviously, Isaac Mizrahi, Kelly Rowland and Fern Mallis were outraged that Johnny would even think of creating a knock off of such a well known designer.I had a chance to talk to Johnny today about what went wrong. To be honest, I felt bad for the guy because he just sounded miserable when he answered the phone. I‘m guessing that journalists had been ripping into him all day. So, I decided to start the interview out nice and easy; give him a little time to feel comfortable. If you‘d like to hear the interview, listen below or you can just skip down to read the highlights. Read more »
I‘ll just get this thought out of the way: I don‘t think Johnny was outright ripping off Lanvin‘s evening gown last week.  The mistake was, when he decided to peg his design on Maggie Gyllenhaal‘s dress, he didn‘t do anything about it.  But I expect more people to shoot me down on this one... provided there are people who still care enough.That aside, here we are.  The Fashion Show has reached the homestretch, and we have the final four designers: Anna, Daniella, James-Paul and Reco.  It‘s actually nice to see that the better designers ended up on top--never mind the criticisms that the show focuses on the drama, or focuses on the designs‘ marketability--and, in the end, I‘m quite happy I stuck with it.  Never mind that I had to. Read more »
At long last, the final four contestants of Bravo TV‘s The Fashion Show present their collections in front of an audience of industry luminaries, and battle it out as America decides who will win the grand prize of $125,000. With Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief of Harper‘s Bazaar, Betsey Johnson, and R. Scott French all sitting front row, the final fashion show is the biggest of these designers‘ lives.  But not all four contestants will have the chance to let America vote on their designs -- which of the four will be eliminated by the judges directly after the show?  And who will make it to let America decide the winner?Reco, Anna, James-Paul and Daniella are left. Anna‘s the teacher who‘s always dreamed of making it big. Reco is the realist who works hard for his money and has been practicing these techniques for years. Daniella is the fashion student who just graduated and is trying to make a name for herself. James-Paul is the quiet but talented designer who scraped his way into the final four. Who will win? Who will you choose?  Read more »
Last week on The Fashion Show, we narrowed down our contestants to the final four. James-Paul, Reco, Daniella, and Anna are the remaining contestants. TRESemme will be providing the $125,000 grand prize.Danielle plays up the fact that she‘s young, awesome and recently graduated. Anna shows up next and her story is indescript. Reco comes in and asks Daniella if she‘s been smoking crack just to emphasize that he‘s from the ghetto. James-Paul is the wildcard who explains that he‘s a bit too experimental for most people. Read more »
I may be reaching on this one but I think I‘ve got a hold of the pulse of The Fashion Show fanbase and they aren‘t happy. Reco has been a fan favorite for quite some time and I‘m surprised Bravo hasn‘t noticed. Eliminating Reco was almost as if they booted Tanisha off of season two of The Bad Girls Club. We‘re only watching for him. This is reality TV people, you need bright, vibrant characters to keep our interest.  Read more »
I should‘ve paid closer attention to The Fashion Show‘s official website--while I knew judge Fern Mallis was blogging (somehow) her thoughts on what transpired on the past episodes, I didn‘t think they‘d play so crucial a role until now.  And by that, I mean a slight elaboration on the results of last week‘s episode, where the final four designers showed their collections to a wider audience, especially since it all goes down to a popular vote--and proceeds to eliminate Reco from that poll for reasons I actually couldn‘t understand much.So we shall begin quoting Fern right now.  Her latest bit had her talk about what she thought of the final four collections, and in a nutshell, they all did "an admirable job, some more than others." Read more »
Apparently, voting for The Fashion Show‘s already done.  Darn it.  If I wasn‘t so busy I would‘ve tossed in my vote online.  So, my job now is to assess the final three designers on so many fronts: their performance throughout the season, their final collections, and (inevitably) their popularity among us, the viewers, because they decided to give us the final say.  Anna, Daniella and James-Paul, it‘s on!  Ding!Here‘s a floater, though: we‘ve been exposed to fashion for quite a while now, and we all know it‘s totally subjective.  While there are some constants in this field, these rankings of sort will definitely vary depending on where and how you‘re looking at it.  Me, I‘m the guy who likes things that are well thought out, but doesn‘t look intimidating.  This is going to be a hard one.  So, dig. Read more »
Here‘s an admission: I haven‘t much left to say about tonight‘s The Fashion Show finale.  Not at least all of the stuff I said yesterday.  With that out of the way, well, we‘ll just have to sit back and wait for the results of the final vote.  American was sold on a look, sure, but whose look?  Is it Anna‘s, Daniella‘s, or James-Paul‘s?So, finally, after eleven weeks of watching sparks fly fashion-wise, with a couple of arguments and some tears tossed in, we finally determine who wins the entire thing.  That‘s $125,000, the chance to have their collection sold on the Bravo website, and of course, bragging rights. Read more »
On last week‘s The Fashion Show, the final four designers finally finished their final collections - how many times did I say "final" there? - and showed it to an audience of fashion luminaries, and us folks at home. We were supposed to vote among four of them, but in a surprise twist, they decided to eliminate someone right after the fashion show, and Reco got the boot because, well, the reasons turn out to be more complicated than that.Now, with the votes in, which of the final three - Anna, Daniella and James-Paul - did America vote for? It‘s $125,000 from TRESemme, after all. It‘s the reunion show, so we get a chance to see all the other designers before we can find out who the winner is. Filler? Perhaps, but we‘ll get through it. Read more »
When the dust settled on Bravo‘s The Fashion Show, Anna was the winnerthanks to viewers voting for her.  She received 56 percent of the vote,more than twice her nearest competitor.  However, when it came time forthe judges to make their pick, they chose Daniella.The Fashion Show came down to the basic debate between being a clothingdesigner and a fashion designer.  A clothing designer cares about thebusiness, about making clothes people will wear and buy.  But as TheFashion Show proved, the true world of fashion has very little do towith such practical matters.  Read more »
Yep, The Fashion Show is over.  Anna already won, Daniella already got her ten grand... so why am I still here talking about it?Oddly, there are still some questions left floating after the finale aired last Thursday, and it‘s not about why it had to be so boring.  Well, being the quick-to-birth descendant of Project Runway, after it decided to pack up for Lifetime, there has been quite an opinion on The Fashion Show, and mostly the kind that isn‘t so kind. Read more »
As part of Bravo‘s plan to expand its original programming, the network has announced the renewal of several unscripted shows, including The Fashion Show, Tabatha‘s Salon Takeover, Million Dollar Listing and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Bravo Picks Up The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Read more »