Articles for The Dead Zone Season 6

USA Networks’ Dead Zone returned with tragic consequences as a major force of good, and a major force of evil, both departed the hit show in its sixth season.   Changes to the Dead Zone‘s casting were foreshadowed last year when producers admitted they were convinced that the series would not get another season, thus allowing many of Dead Zone’s stars to begin shopping for work. Read more »
I was a little nervous coming into this episode of The Dead Zone.  No Walt (Chris Bruno).  No Bruce (John L. Adams). No Purdy (David Ogden Stiers). No Armageddon.   Some might say it‘s like a whole new show, but I was afraid it would turn out like a much loved old show that had been gutted and re-stuffed with characters and themes that failed to live up to the original.  Could this be it?  Could “Heritage” have marked the point that The Dead Zone jumped the shark? Read more »
Greg Stillson and Johnny Smith working together, what’s next?  Cats and dogs walking paw in paw?  Who says the end of the world is not near.  The Latest , “Reentry,” has a premise that makes any die hard The Dead Zone fan – like myself – bristle:  Johnny Smith actually helping Greg Stillson.  Sure, the death of Janus seems to have put Armageddon on hold, and practically every evil act - besides arrogance - Greg Stillson has committed has wound up being attributed to one of his lackeys.  Still, a Greg Stillson and Johnny Smith alliance brings thoughts of water skies and carnivorous fishies.  Thankfully, Dead Zone did not go there. Read more »
A fellini-esque ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed circus provides a surreal backdrop for this week’s The Dead Zone, “Big Top.” Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) and Johnny Jr. episodes have been few and far between, but “Big Top” was easily the best so far.  For the first time we begin to get the feeling of a father and son bond, as well as the revelation of a unique similarity between Johnny and Junior that may yet have larger story implications. Read more »
The Dead Zone comes through with an episode that is not claustrophobia friendly.  Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) begins having visions of being buried alive, and when he approaches Sheriff Turner (Cara Buono) he begins to have visions of her past involving her brother.  Meanwhile, Johnny tries to convince the skeptical Sheriff that Walt was on the up and up, something she would love to believe but is unwilling to discuss with the psychic. Read more »
USA has really made a name for itself over the years as a network that caters to fans of genre programming, but now those fans are getting a slap in the face.  Today it was announced that USA is giving the axe to The Dead Zone and The 4400, effective immediately. Read more »
Former The Dead Zone star--and recently controversial, I must add--Anthony Michael Hall is returning to prime time via a guest role in an episode of CSI: Miami, which is expected to air next year.  Read more »