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Jon Stewart, the acclaimed host of Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show, has extended his contract and will remain on The Daily Show through at least 2010.  The terms of the deal with Viacom (which owns Comedy Central) have not been disclosed.  Stewart joined The Daily Show in 1999, replacing Craig Kilborn behind the desk.  Since Stewart, 44, became host, The Daily Show has transformed into a prime location on TV for political and cultural satire.  Although the ratings for The Daily Show have never been overly gaudy, the audience skews very young and the show has become a source for world news among the younger set.  Read more »
Undeniably, Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show has opened doors for many of its cast members.  Steve Carell and Ed Helms, both of whom gained fame for their work on the satirical television series, are now costarring on NBC‘s The Office.  Rob Corddry is busy with his growing film career and Stephen Colbert is now the host of his own late night talk show, The Colbert Report, a spin-off series that satirizes personality-driven political pundit programs. Now, another Daily Show cast member is getting ready to branch out of the series in the hopes of making his own mark on the television world. Read more »
Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show is among those scripted shows suffering from the writers‘ strike.  Early Monday, the series‘ writing staff took to the picket lines in front of Rockefeller Center, and while all of them are dedicated to the cause of the strike, correspondent and writer John Oliver admitted he was hoping things would have turned out differently. "It‘s hard to believe, because part of you wants this not to be happening," he told the Los Angeles Times on Monday, gesturing to his co-writers marching behind the barricades. "You just assume common sense will prevail." Read more »
Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show, is heading to the University of Delaware early next month for a special performance at the school‘s Bob Carpenter Center. Stewart, who also works as a co-writer and producer on The Daily Show, is a Peabody, Grammy and Emmy Award-winning television personality.  Among his numerous achievements is hosting the prestigious Academy Awards. In 2008, he is slated to serve as the awards ceremony‘s host once again. Read more »
Aasif Mandvi got his start in theater, but quickly worked his way into film and television, and now has a long and prolific filmography.  Aasif has been appearing on The Daily Show for a couple of years now, and has recently been hired full-time on the Comedy Central "fake news" show.  Aasif has also appeared on the CBS drama Jericho this year, and has worked on various TV dramas in the past (ER, Oz, CSI).  Aasif was kind enough to stop by and talk with us at BuddyTV about his early career and how he found himself working on one of cable‘s most popular shows. Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
The first and most apparent casualty of the WGA writers‘ strike was the immediate absence of all late night television.  The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Nite with Conan O‘Brien and even Last Call with Carson Daly all shut down production once the strike began.  However, the word is that most, if not all, of these shows are in back channel discussions with their networks to return to air sooner rather than later.  The reason for this is that hundreds of lower-level production staff depend upon their jobs on these shows for a career.  Also, while writers are an integral part of these shows, they aren‘t completely necessary. Read more »
Comedy Central just got their holiday wish granted.  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert have both agreed to return to the cable network with new episodes, beginning on January 7. Like the two NBC late night shows (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Nite with Conan O‘Brien) Stewart and Colbert will return to the air without writers.  The shows will reportedly try to work around the lack of written material by relying on pre-taped field segments.  The WGA strike not only keeps writers off of the series, it forbids shows to air or write anything that would normally be in the domain of the writers.  For Stewart and Colbert, under this definition, that constitutes most of their shows.  Read more »
It has been a long nine weeks!  The Daily Show and The Colbert Report last ran new episodes on November 1 and the fans have been slowly dying ever since.  Due to the excessive reruns, both shows have lost more than 50% of their audiences but tonight, those numbers will change.  It will be interesting to see how both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will handle returning to tv.  We still expect political, smart humor and it‘s going to be a challenge considering neither one of them can write a single word.  They‘ll have to improv the whole thing, which may work for Conan or Dave but will it work well for the Comedy Central duo?  Here‘s how each show played out as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report return with new episodes. Read more »
British-born comedian John Oliver entertains late-night television audiences with his humorous takes on American politics as a foreign correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When asked what he really thought of nation‘s political environment, especially this election year, Oliver‘s answer was not short of humor. “My ‘real‘ take on American politics is buried in a treasure chest somewhere in Utah,” Oliver told The Standard Times via email. “As soon as someone finds it, my career is over. There is a map for how to find it, and that map is buried somewhere in Ohio.” Read more »
The Academy Awards played out without incident last night from Hollywood‘s Kodak Theater, and The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart is at least partly responsible.  The duties of an Oscars host are as important as the host makes them.  Over the years we‘ve seen extensive pre-taped bits, elaborate set pieces, choreographed dance numbers and one ill fated Oprah-Uma-Uma-Oprah sketch.  Jon Stewart did a admirable job last night as host because he mostly just stayed out of the way.  The simplicity and natural ease of his performance gave the whole festivities a very laid-back feel.  Some may call it boring, but don‘t kid yourselves - the Oscars are always boring.  We all just forget this fact over the course of the year.  There were no big numbers, no costume changes – nothing extravagant.  Stewart came on stage for the opening by himself, gave a funny monologue, and then spouted off tasteful one-liners for the rest of the night, while no creating any awkward or cringe-inducing moments, which are generally staples of any awards show. Read more »
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Steve Carell‘s path to movie stardom was unexpected.  A veteran of underground comedy, Carell‘s first break was on the short-lived, but critically-acclaimed, Dana Carvey Show.  Though that series was quickly canceled, one of his cast mates and fellow writers on the series was Stephen Colbert.  Colbert subsequently became one of the first break out correspondents on the Jon Stewart version of The Daily Show and, serendipitously, suggested that The Daily Show bring on Carell as a correspondent.  Carell shined on The Daily Show for 6 years, and eventually left to ply his trade in Hollywood.  He landed the role of Michael Scott on the American version of The Office, which was originally a British sensation starring Ricky Gervais. From there, things got interesting. Read more »
Is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the most important news show in America?  That may sound like a cynical question, but think about it.  There‘s so much competing noise these days in the cable news world that The Daily Show probably is, at least on cable, as formidable in the news world as Bill O‘Reilly or Keith Olberman.  The Daily Show has won the Emmy for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series for five straight years.  There‘s no reason it won‘t happen again, but the competition isn‘t anything to sneeze at either.  The Emmys are only two days away, folks.  Below we‘ll take a look at the Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series category, as well as the Best Reality-Competition Series category.  Read more »
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will be taking over the airwaves on Wednesday night.  The senator purchased a half-hour of airtime at 8pm on most of the major networks, which he‘ll use to address the nation one last time before next week‘s election.  Those who don‘t care to see Obama‘s speech can tune into the ratings-challenged Pushing Daisies on ABC or America‘s Next Top Model on the CW.  Later that evening, Obama will appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for the first time since the eve of the Pennsylvania Primary.  It‘ll be the candidate‘s fourth appearance on the Comedy Central series, though this time he‘ll be appearing via satellite from Florida. Read more »
Taking a walk around my neighborhood today, there were a lot of smiling faces.  Though I was listening to headphones, I received an array of friendly nods.  I returned these nods, and even smiled a little to myself, despite a deep-seeded Nordic propensity to carry myself with a constant scowl.  Over the past few months, every time I‘ve walked out of my house, I‘ve been in Obama country.  There‘s no mistaking it.  Granted, I do reside in one of the two or three most liberal neighborhoods (Wallingford) in one of the three four most liberal cities in the country (Seattle).  Still, it wasn‘t like this in 2004, and it wasn‘t like this in 2000.  After I write this, I‘m heading up to join my friends at a bar to celebrate.  Barack Obama won the presidential election tonight.  I can‘t even try to hide that smile anymore. Read more »
The euphoria has not subsided.  If you consider yourself a political junkie, yesterday was your Super Bowl, with the added bonus that you get a lot more than a trophy if your team wins.  Talking to my friends, perusing the internet, reading the paper, that was the overwhelming feeling: We Won.  Even those people my age who were McCain supporters can‘t deny it.  The young people finally have their president.  The under thirty vote went to Barack Obama at a 66-32 percent clip.  That is an absolute thrashing.  I can‘t tell you how many people I know who grew up in Republican households who, for the first time in their lives, tossed aside the ideologies of their parents and voted Obama.  Facebook has turned into a forum of celebration, status updates universally proclaiming victory on a grand level.  Yesterday was one of those days that comes along only a few times in your lifetime where hyperbole is not possible.  Try as some might, what happened last night can‘t be over-stated.  Read more »
After serving as correspondent on Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show for two years, Rob Riggle is ready move on with other projects.  The 38-year-old actor will be leaving the satirical talk show on tomorrow‘s episode, in his words "to go fight crime."  In reality, however, he‘ll be heading to primetime as he has already signed a talent holding contract, including a development deal with CBS and CBS Paramount Network TV to create and star in a half-hour comedy series. Read more »
Daily Show and Star Wars fans have cause to rejoice! Jon Stewart will interview George Lucas at Star Wars Celebration V, an annual fan convention, in Orlando this August. EW reports:"In their conversation, dubbed The Main Event, Stewart and Lucas will discuss the history of the Star Wars saga and delve into the arcana of the multi-billion-dollar series."We always have faith that Stewart will ask the right questions of his interviewees (especially because he‘s an admitted Star Wars junkie) but just in case, fans can submit their questions for Lucas at No word yet on how and where fans outside the convention might be able to access the interview, whether through The Daily Show or otherwise.  Read more »
Raise your hand if you want to read some quick TV news in 300 words.Idol Judge Drama Almost OverWhat a roller coaster of a year it‘s been for Idol. From the moment Simon announced his departure, rumors of a replacement have swirled out of control. Then to add to the crazy, we found out that Kara and Ellen left Randy all alone at the judges table. This summer, Idol judge speculation became a national pastime. By now the whole judges-roulette thing has really gotten old. That is why it was nice to hear this week that JLo has officially signed on as a judge. But if the suspense over who will fill the other seat is making you ill, I have news for you. We can all put this judge‘s debacle behind us on September 22 when FOX makes their official announcement. Then we can begin tearing down FOX‘s picks. [People]  Read more »
Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took the opening segment, more than nine minutes, to get serious and address Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords‘ recent shooting in Arizona. His reaction was, for the most part, serious, often rambling, slightly confusing but, in the end, it was heartfelt and poignant. He didn‘t try to find answers or assign blame. While other pundits are busy saying that the extreme leftist media or the Tea Party are at fault for this tragedy, Stewart looked at the bigger picture.  Read more »
Today Glenn Beck announced that he will be leaving his highly-rated FOX News program later this year. Beck will continue to work for FOX News and produce various pieces for the network, but his daily prime-time series will come to an end.It‘s truly a sad day in America, not because the nutty pundit won‘t be around anymore to terrify us into hoarding gold and turnip seeds in our underground bunkers, but because Glenn Beck has become a constant source of great comedy.  Read more »
A little roundup for my fellow chuckle-heads:Great news! Fox has officially renewed Bob‘s Burgers, their hilarious freshman animated series that has only gotten better over the course of its first season. Now we can all look forward to at least 13 more episodes of H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts and the rest of Burgers‘ A-caliber voicecast making us laugh with their antics and burger puns. (Note to the writers for season 2: More Tina moaning, please.)  Read more »
Between the death of Osama bin Laden, the President‘s press conference about it (which interrupted Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice) and this weekend‘s hilarious White House Correspondents‘ Dinner, at which both Seth Meyers and President Obama raked Donald Trump, his birther stance and his faux presidency run across the coals, last night was an all-around field day for the late night hosts, prime time and cable alike.And the boys did not disappoint, even in the moments that weren‘t about bin Laden. Will Ferrell‘s long-awaited shaving of Conan O‘Brien‘s beard, dubbed the Beardpocalypse, was arguably the funniest moment of the entire evening.If you missed out on any of the laughter and celebration, and continued mockery of Donald Trump, don‘t worry. Here are the highlights.  Read more »
Ed Helms is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, with musical guest Paul Simon, meaning that we may just be able to double-down on solid episodes with inherently funny hosts after last weekend‘s Tina Fey-filled hour. Unless Ed succumbs to terrible amnesia or keeps missing simple hand cues, as he does in these promos with Fred Armisen. And below that, JUST FOR FUN, check out one of Helms‘ oldie-but-goodie segments from when he was a Daily Show correspondent. I was inspired to check out the online archive after a Daily Show commercial reminded me that I could do that. Thanks, The Internet! Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of The Daily Show.High Five Highlights:1) Conspiracy theorists: If you can‘t beat them and you do not want to join them, you can enjoy watching Jon Stewart mock them! Tonight, he mocks the people who want definitive proof that Bin Laden is dead.2) Abbattabad: It is very clear that Jon Stewart will get months of slapstick comedic mileage out of the name of the Pakistani town where Bin Laden died.3) Oh the tape! There is always a tape and the Daily Show is always going to find it. Tonight‘s version: Jon takes down the Pakistani military and the fact that Bin Laden was literally living a stone‘s throw away from their headquarters.4) Tea and Twinkies with Musharraf! Jon is clearly bitter as he replays the five-year old tape where he discusses Bin Laden‘s whereabouts with President Musharraf while they share a Twinkie.5) The folks at the Buckingham Palace really should not have banned comedy shows from using footage of the royal wedding for satirical purposes. The Daily Show had Taiwanese animators recreate the wedding and, well, we got: Gollum, Hitler, a Rabbi, a gun-wielding Queen Elizabeth and a whole bunch of activities in the couple‘s wedding suite that you really wish you could un-see. Read more »
Weinergate! Are you sick of it yet? The late night hosts sure hope not, because they had tons of fun spoofing Anthony Weiner‘s tearful press conference about his scandalous Twitter activity. Watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘s and then The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘s spoofs (if you haven‘t yet already) and then vote for which one you liked more. Then, since these guys did it better than any of us probably could, let‘s retire the "weiner" jokes for a while, what do you say? Read more »
I enjoy The Daily Show because it often expresses thoughts and ideas that I think better than I could ever hope to do myself. But I never thought I could apply it to Big Brother 13. Until last night.Maybe I‘m crazy and have Big Brother 13 on the mind (which I do, since it has completely taken over my life), but on last night‘s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart delivered a brilliant and pointed commentary against FOX News that is exactly how I feel about Rachel and the other veterans this season on the CBS reality show.  Read more »
How many days until the October 21?Considering that there are new spoilers out about the first episodes of Chuck‘s fifth (and final?) season, there are way too many days left. At least we have spoilers to keep up entertained while we wait for those long-delayed new episodes. New information about episode titles and some impressive bad guys are always good! Read more »
And they‘re actually pretty good.Like everybody who spends way too much time watching or thinking about television, I am continuously irritated by most major TV awards. When the same, arguably-inferior shows get nominated year after year, irritation is hard to avoid. But sometimes an award listing gets it right. This year‘s nominations for the Critics Choice Television Awards get it very right. Read more »
The biggest night in TV is here, the 2011 Emmy Awards! Will Modern Family and Mad Men win the top awards once again, or will newcomers like Boardwalk Empire and Parks and Recreation dethrone them? And how will Jane Lynch serve as host?  Read more »
Ahh, pilot season -- that time in a TV fan‘s year when we hear about planned new shows, fall in love with it, and then get anxious about whether we‘ll even see them on our screens. And yet we fall in love with them anyway.Tonight‘s casting roundup kicks off with four pilot-y bits, and once that‘s done, we have a Big Love wife going to New York, a new head vampire in Bon Temps, and a purveyor of knowledge heading to Greendale. But yes, the pilot-y bits, yes. Read more »
When Comedy Central created the Comedy Awards last year, it seemed like a joke. In fact, South Park devoted an entire episode to mocking the concept of an awards show for comedy. But looking at this year‘s nominees, it‘s hard to argue that these awards are infinitely better than any other awards show when it comes to television.  Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »
The 2012 Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held Saturday night to honor the technical side of television. The big winner was HBO‘s fantasy epic Game of Thrones which won six awards, followed by Saturday Night Live with four.  Read more »
There are only a few things in this world we can depend on. Death. Taxes. Jon Stewart skewering a presidential candidate who makes a potentially career-ending statement on camera. So obviously Jon Stewart had to talk about Mitt Romney‘s 47-percent statement on The Daily Show. What other choice did he have? And what other hilarious, insightful commentary would we want? Read more »
The biggest night of television is here, the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards! I‘ll be here all night for three hours of exciting awards, speeches that get cut off and host Jimmy Kimmel.  Read more »
With the eye of Hurricane Sandy set to hit the east coast within the next few hours and almost a million people already without power, the storm has affected tonight‘s broadcast television schedule. Read more »
The third annual Critics‘ Choice TV Awards were held Monday night, with the Broadcast Television Journalists Association honoring everything from dramas and comedies to talk shows and reality TV. Read more »
The nominations were announced Monday for the 2013 Television Critics Association Awards, with cable shows yet again garnering most of the spots. The only categories where the networks came out on top were in outstanding comedy (by a slim margin) and reality TV. And non-TV programming is starting to get recognize more and more with Netflix‘s House of Cards. Read more »
The nominations for the 2013 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards were announced Wednesday morning, spanning a wide array of not only network and cable, but from Netflix as well with the popularity of House of Cards on the streaming/rental service. Read more »
The 2013 Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning, and as usual, it‘s a crazy mix of established frontrunners and a few new faces. American Horror Story: Asylum led all programs with 17 nominations, followed closely by Game of Thrones with 16. 30 Rock was the top comedy with 13 nominations for its final season.  Read more »
The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards will air Sunday, September 22 at 8pm on CBS, but the Creative Arts ceremony is held on week earlier. While the ceremony is held Sunday night, viewers will have to wait until Saturday, September 21 to watch an edited version of the events on FXX.  Read more »
The biggest night of TV is here with the 65th Annual Emmy Awards. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the three-hour telecast will honor the best in television over the past year, and I‘ll be here through the evening with the winners and my live analysis.  Read more »
What will happen to Comedy Central at 11:30pm when Stephen Colbert leaves his show to replace David Letterman on CBS? Donald Sterling‘s worst nightmare.  Read more »
The Television Critics Association has announced its nominees for 2014, and the list includes many of the expected critical darlings. HBO‘s True Detective leads with four nominations while  CBS‘ The Good Wife and the final season of AMC‘s Breaking Bad scored three .  Read more »
The Broadcast Television Journalists Association has announced nominations for the 2014 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards, and both network and cable TV lead the field. The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Fargo, Masters of Sex and the recent HBO film The Normal Heart are tied for the most nods with five each.The Americans, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and Sherlock: His Last Vow all have four nominations. Read more »
The nominations for the 66th Annual Emmy Awards were announced Thursday morning. The list is cable-heavy, with a slew of nominations for Netflix‘s newest comedy and Breaking Bad‘s final season. But, in its fourth season, it‘s actually Game of Thrones that earned the most nominations of any program.  Read more »
It‘s the biggest night of the year for TV fans, the 2014 Emmy Awards. Hosted by Seth Meyers and airing on a Monday in August, this year‘s awards are highly unusual, but will the winners be the usual suspects or a lot of fresh blood?  Read more »
The 66th annual Emmy Awards are almost here, but before the big show on NBC on Monday, August 25, more than 80 awards are handed out at the Creative Arts ceremony.  Read more »
The comedian and the show‘s host channel, Comedy Central, announced today that Jon Stewart will be stepping down his post of over fifteen years at The Daily Show by the end of 2015. Read more »
The Emmy Awards are making some rather big rule changes that will have a severe effect on some frequent nominees. The rule changes will expand nominations in the top categories to seven and also clear up the issue of comedy vs. drama and what constitutes a miniseries. There are even changes to the guest and variety categories.  Read more »
The Emmy-award winning news and satirical talk show The Daily Show has finally named its newest host, Trevor Noah. The Comedy Central series has been hosted by the widely-beloved Jon Stewart for the past 16 years, and has been searching for his replacement since January, when he announced he would step down later this year.South African comedian Trevor Noah first made his debut on The Daily Show in December 2014 as an on-air contributor. One of his first bits on the show was about how he felt more fear of police in America than he did in South Africa.  Read more »
Unless you‘ve been living under a rock, you must have heard that Comedy Central has found Jon Stewart‘s successor for The Daily Show - 31-year old comedian Trevor Noah. While there was much debate about who should take over the show, votes going for Tina Fey, Chris Rock and other A-list comedians, Comedy Central decided to go with a moderately unknown face. But just because you haven‘t heard of him, doesn‘t mean Trevor Noah isn‘t going to take The Daily Show by storm. Here are a few things you should know about the comedian to really understand where his humor and political satire will come from. Read more »
Nominations have been announced for the 2015 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards. FX‘s Justified and HBO‘s Olive Kitteridge is in the lead with an overall five nominations. Meanwhile, HBO leads with the most nominations for its network with 27, FX with 16 and CBS with 13. Read more »
The 2015 nominations for the Television Critics Association are in, with freshman shows Empire and Transparent getting the most nominations with four each. The two will compete against each other for Program of the Year alongside HBO‘s Game of Thrones, FX‘s The Americans and the final season of AMC‘s Mad Men.  Read more »
The nominations are out for the 2015 Emmy Awards and HBO‘s Game of Thrones leads all programs with 24 nominations. FX‘s American Horror Story: Freak Show is close behind with 19.  Read more »
TV‘s biggest night of the year is here, the 2015 Emmy Awards. The show honors the best in television for 26 categories from dramas and comedies to reality and variety shows.  Read more »
The 2017 awards season is in full swing and the Writers Guild of America has now revealed its nominations for the best television of the year. The WGA stuck with the usual list of awards favorites (Better Call Saul, Veep, etc) while embracing several new hits like Westworld, Stranger Things, This Is Us and Atlanta.  Read more »
Hosted by TJ Miller (Silicon Valley), the 22nd annual Critics‘ Choice Awards has released this year‘s nominations. Game of Thrones and The People v. OJ Simpson have taken a strong lead. In overall network nominations, HBO towers above the rest with 22. A little further behind comes Netflix, with Stranger Things and The Crown even picking up nominations for best drama series. Find out which of your favorite shows, actors and actresses earned a nomination below. Read more »
We live in a golden age of television with more shows than ever before. Limiting a list to just the 10 best TV shows of the year does a disservice to the hundreds of programs out there.  Read more »
For the first time, the MTV Movie Awards have expanded to include the best of television. Stranger Things emerged as a big contender on the TV side while new films like Get Out and Beauty and the Beast picked up plenty of nominations. Many categories combine TV and film, giving us weird categories like Best Hero, where The Flash and Arrow from TV compete against Rogue One and Hidden Figures.  Read more »
The 2017 Emmy Awards are here. Before the primetime ceremony, the two-night Creative Arts Emmys were held to recognize the best technical achievements. On Saturday, the first half of the 2017 Creative Arts Emmys took place, celebrating reality TV and animation. Big categories include Reality Host, Choreography and Animated Program.  Read more »