Articles for The Cougar Season 1

"I‘m a cougar, hear me roar," so says Stacey, the 40-year-old who is at the center of a reality show that comes from the creator of hit dating reality show The Bachelor.  The Cougar promises to redefine the rules of dating as a sexy, single, and sophisticated older woman is set up with 20 men who are all under 30 all vying for her affection.  The show‘s eight-episode run airs on TV Land.As with its older (pun not intended) counterparts, The Cougar pits the younger men against each other through a series of weekly challenges to prove to Stacey that they deserve her affection.  At the end of every episode, the so-called cubs do everything in their power to avoid the kiss of death from The Cougar: a kiss on the cheek that signifies their elimination.  The show is hosted by television and film actress Vivica Fox. Read more »