Articles for The City Season 3

Over the last few years, Lauren Conrad has relied on her good friend Whitney Port to get her through the workday on MTV’s The Hills. The two started out as interns at Teen Vogue together. Whitney left first, for a job at People’s Revolution, public relations, branding and marketing firm. When Lauren started spending time around Whitney, People’s Revolution, and Kelly Cutrone, she was also offered a position with the firm and left Teen Vogue. However, it seems that Lauren loves her life in California and won’t be rushing off to the opposite coast anytime soon. That’s too bad for but good news for us, since Whitney Port will be making the big move, landing her own show, which will showcase her new job, new friends, new romances, and a brand new life. Read more »
Yesterday it was an unsubstantiated rumor, but today, it‘s official: Andre Leon Talley will leave America‘s Next Top Model after this season, and Kelly Cutrone will take his place at the start of cycle 18. A network rep confirmed the judging table change-up, and Cutrone, Talley and Top Model executive producer Ken Mok talked to People about how great they all feel about it: "I am a huge fan of America‘s Next Top Model and have watched the show for years," says Cutrone, 45, who owns public relations, branding and marketing firm People‘s Revolution. "Having worked in various aspects of the fashion industry over the course of my career, I am excited for this new opportunity and hope to bring a different perspective to the show."  Read more »