Articles for The Bold and the Beautiful Season 20

With Dr. Hillman’s aid, Jackie is up and around on her feet although Nick is worried if it is too soon. Dr. Hillman says she is very determined and her walking and speech have improved considerably. Nick sits by her side and holds her hand. She notices he’s not wearing his wedding ring. Simply he replies that Brooke ended the marriage. She needs time for herself and the children. She grimaces and he tells her just to rest, his only concern is what Stephanie did to her. But, she’s not thinking of this quite the way Jackie is.Brooke returns to the office and Ridge is surprised to see her after what happened last night. But instead of talking about that, he wants to concentrate on what’s happening between the two of them. He tells Logan he feels like they are coming full circle. It’s kind of like they are picking up where they left off. She teases that she thought he wasn’t going to pressure her. He says he’s not, he’s just glad she is back where she belongs – back at Forrester and in his arms. He gives her a hug and almost a kiss when Stephanie and Eric walk in. Stephanie clasps her hands in glee and says it looks like the old Forrester magic is working again…..only this time nothing is going to get in the way of their happiness……especially her lunatic husband.-Wanda, TVMegasiteClick Here To Read the Rest of the Recap Read more »
Nick has a stranglehold on Stephanie by holding tightly to her jacket lapels while dangling her head over the banister. She‘s turning red and begging him to let her go; he‘s frightening her. He insists that she confess that she pushed his mother over this same railing and calls her a liar when she won‘t. He rants at her that she doesn‘t give a damn who she hurts! He clenches his teeth, but finally lets up saying it would be so easy... so easy, but he‘s not like her, and neither is his mother. He jerks her back up and she takes this opportunity to run to her bedroom. He runs after her telling her not to run from him. Read more »