Articles for The Bill Engvall Show Season 2

Comedian Bill Engvall will attempt to charm viewers once again by giving a humorous look at what it takes to be a parent in today‘s world on the second season of The Bill Engvall Show.  The Emmy-nominated sitcom, written and created by Engvall and Michael Leeson (The War of the Roses), has been renewed last September and will begin the first of its 10-episode run tonight at 9pm on TBS.On the series, Bill Engvall plays Bill Pearson, a family counselor who can‘t always read his own family.  While his profession may give him the advantage to figure out his family, that doesn‘t mean that he doesn‘t face the typical parenting issues like allowance controversies, driver‘s licenses and parking tickets, all while trying to keep the spark alive in his marriage with wife Susan, played by Nancy Travis (Becker, The Jane Austen Book Club) and balancing work with family life. Read more »