Articles for The Biggest Loser Season 3

In an attempt to have a good mix of viewing pleasure, NBC has decided to make a few changes to their calendar and return The Biggest Loser and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, while pushing back America’s Got Talent.Nearly three months after announcing that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will be on hiatus from February 19, NBC has decided to revive the “show-within-a-show,” which previously garnered poor ratings. The comedy series, which initially aired Mondays, will return on May 24 and will fill out the Thursday niche at 10/9c. Although Studio 60 will be coming back with six new episodes, the network has not yet confirmed if a second season will take place. Read more »
Erik Chopin became a household name when he triumphed as the winner in The Biggest Loser season three. Starting out at 407 pounds, he endured eleven weeks of painstaking exercise and diet to end at 283 pounds, cutting down 124 pounds. But his endurance and perseverance to opt for a healthier lifestyle went beyond the boundaries of the camera as he returned on the finale with an even slimmer physique. With an additional weight loss of 90 pounds, he earned $250,000 for being the most successful loser, ending up at a fit 193 pounds. Read more »