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Welcome. Back. Jillian. Have you missed her? Oh gosh, I have. Jillian is back this season with the show‘s main focus shifting to combating childhood obesity. There are three child contestants this season: Sunny (16), Noah -- aka "Bingo" (13), and Lindsay (13). The rules are different for them, as they should be. These three will spend some time on the ranch, but will stay mostly at home. The trainers will check in with them regularly and they have immunity for the entire season. While there has been some controversy with having contestants that are kids, the way they have the rules set for them makes it a brilliant example of the ongoing need to put an end to childhood obesity. The kids are called "Ambassadors for Change" on the show, and simply want to fix their respective eating habits while they‘re still young.The Return of JillianNow for the trainers. Enter Bob, and the crowd predictably goes wild. He is the only face on the show that has been there since the very first season. How does this man still look the same as he did back then? Perhaps his whole "healthy lifestyle" thing could be the key? Next up is Dolvett. Mr. Hard Work, Dedication. Let‘s be honest, he‘s a beautiful man with an incredible attitude. Last, but not least, Ms. Jillian Michaels. She makes her entrance through the audience and pounces on Bob the moment she reaches the stage. She‘s a new mother of two. Will that change her training style? We‘ll soon see. Read more »
It‘s day two of The Biggest Loser premiere and week two for the contestants. Yes, the dreaded week two. I don‘t understand the science behind this week two curse, but it happens every single season. I mean, these people are still adjusting and still have so much weight to lose. How is it possible to hit a wall this early on? But, I guess we‘ll just have to see if the curse strikes for a fourteenth time. The Return of the Red LineThe red line, aka "The Quick Cut", is back for week two and will take out the person on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight loss. The red line is good, in my opinion. I hate the deliberations and the pleading and the tears. I can appreciate that the red line is purely based on numbers, and numbers don‘t lie. The red line, along with the numbers that show up on the scale, clearly present the amount of hard work put in to the previous week‘s workouts. Read more »
After Nate‘s elimination last week, the two remaining members of the white team (Danni and Pam) tearfully embrace and offer each other encouragement. They know they need to do absolutely everything to lose the weight and stay on the ranch.Temptation TimeGet ready for some game playin‘, because we have entered our first temptation challenge. Alison goes through some shocking statistics on childhood obesity, (some of which make me squirm, as they are related to staggering data on hours spent watching TV. Eek.) The teams answer trivia questions, and the losing team will spend the week, specifically 4 1/2 hours a day,"like a kid", locked in room filled with junk food, TV, and video games. The trivia questions are shocking. The percentage of children, younger than 10 years old, that have heart risk factors, that ingest empty calories with every meal, whose parents don‘t see them as overweight, it‘s frightening. Red and white are safe, and blue loses the challenge. They are sentenced to a week in the junk room. Read more »
The group doesn‘t have much time to grieve the exit of Cate before Alison shows up with the three trainers. Alison lets everyone know that three more people will leave the ranch that very night. WHAT?! Exhale, guys. It‘s the trainers. They will be leaving for the week to visit the kids and train with them. The trainers are all scared to leave the teams on their own, but they have the teams write down homework and instructions for the coming week. Bob, Jillian and Dolvett will be back for the last chance workout, but they need to put in the work on their own until then. BiingoBob goes to see Biingo and he‘s doing really well! His mom has lost weight too, by staying on the same healthy eating plan as Biingo. They have healthy food in the fridge, and despite their recent financial struggles that have forced them to move into a relative‘s basement, they feel like they‘re on the right track. Bob takes Biingo to the local Minor League baseball field to have a catch with their star pitcher. Read more »
Danni is all alone this week, now that Pam has been eliminated. She‘s afraid to live her life alone and this week she will need to confront her personal fears in order to figure out a way to survive on the ranch. Getting Green With GreenThis week is all about healthy eating on a budget. So right off the bat, all of the food has been removed from the kitchen and a note is all that remains. The note is from Alison, and instructs the contestants to meet her at the supermarket. Upon arrival, we learn that the contestants each get $10 a day to spend on healthy food. AND, they will be timed. They need to manage their time, budget and waistline within 15 minutes at the grocery store. This is awesome! I often feel like I‘m spending way too much money just to eat healthy, so I‘m interested to see how they handle this. They all come in under their respective budgets for the week and get everything they need. A lot of turkey, other lean proteins, organic vegetables, and healthy snacks. I‘m surprised! I thought for sure at least one team would go over their budget. Read more »
At the end of 2012, NBC was proud as its peacock mascot about its ratings. For the first time since the heyday of Friends, the network stood atop the major networks for the fall season. Sadly, NBC seemed to think that meant they could stop and things would just magically freeze in place.  Read more »
This week begins with a twist. Well, all weeks begin with a twist, don‘t they?! The contestants walk into the gym and see their pictures from week one plastered on rotating die. At the end of the week, the die will be rolled and only one person‘s weight from each team will count on the scale. Danni is the only remaining member of the white team, so her position remains the same. It‘s up to everyone else to work as if their name will be called and carry their team to victory. Facing FearsGina immediately declares that she hopes it isn‘t up to her to carry the blue team. Bob rolls his eyes. Alison points out the eye roll, and Gina bursts into tears. This starting to become their routine. Gina starts yelling at Bob for being too hard on her. Bob bites back and tells her that she needs to be able to handle pressure. Once Bob talks to her alone outside, we learn that Gina‘s weight issues stem from fear. Fear of letting people down, fear of showing her true self, etc. Fear is what‘s holding her back, and has been her entire life. Bob lets her know that she needs to face her fears, or she will be consumed by them. Cue inspirational background music, and Gina is starting to get it. Read more »
The theme of this week is "tough love" and it begins with everyone going to singles. This is an exciting time for some, and a stressful time for others. Each contestant has to put in the work because they can only depend on their own weight loss to keep them safe. Sweet TemptationsHooray, temptation! I love seeing everyone panic the moment they are inches away from junk food. In time for Valentine‘s Day, each contestant is stationed in front of a table of desserts. The person who consumes the most calories will receive a 2-lb advantage at the weigh in for themselves and a 2-lb advantage to give to someone else. An additional twist to this, is that it turns into a "blind temptation". The lights go out and only Alison can see who chows down, using her night vision goggles. As soon as the lights are off, Francelina and Alex start wolfing this food down. Alex has had trouble on the scale, so she thinks that taking in extreme amounts of sugar will be the key to her weigh-in win. Uh, what?! And then there‘s Danni. Danni knows that Jillian will flip if she participates, so instead, she gets down on the ground and starts doing crunches. What a freaking rockstar. Francelina wins the temptation and gives the extra advantage to the other person that took in over 1,000 calories, which is Alex.  Read more »
The contestants return to the house and Jeff decides to clear the air and announce that his vote for Mike was not a game-play decision. Really, Jeff? THEN, it becomes clear the Jeff‘s priorities have shifted a bit. Despite his bond with Mike, he has developed a closer bond with Francelina. They have each other‘s backs in this game. Both have lost parents and used food as a way to cope. They have a lot in common. Maybe even a love connection?Immunity for All?This week, everyone will be safe if they can lose a total of 70 lbs. If they don‘t hit that number, the red line will return and the person with the lowest percentage will be automatically be eliminated. Alison presents them with a pop challenge, which can bring that 70 down to 60 lbs if they do well. The kids return to answer the questions and to take on the physical challenges on the contestants‘ behalf. They answer five quiz questions on the nutritional values of food placed in front of them. The answer four out of five questions correctly.Then they move onto the same fitness test that they took on the first week at the ranch. They take turns and if they can beat their previous times and numbers, the contestants will get more lbs taken off their total amount. The kids beat all of their previous times, with Sunny going last in the mile run. You listen to this girl talk and you‘d think she was a mature adult. Danni runs the mile with her for support and they beat her time by three minutes! The weight loss to beat is now down to 61 lbs, thanks to kiddos. Read more »
This week is all about facing fears. Something that terrifies all of the contestants, is leaving the ranch before they‘re ready. Right after Francelina leaves, Alison leads the bunch outside for a quick challenge. It‘s a cinderblock stacking challenge that is designed to protect friends. Blocks on one end and each person‘s picture at the other end. They need to stack the blocks in front of each picture. They can‘t stack any in front of their own. Once each picture is hidden behind the stack, those people are safe. Last one with an uncovered picture will leave the ranch. Blocking BuddiesGina is instantly the target. They want her gone. She complains, she‘s difficult and she‘s a distraction. Halfway through the challenge, Jackson asks people to stop stacking the blocks in front of his picture. He wants to leave the ranch. He wants to take this test to see if he can do it. The rest of the contestants listen, for the most part. Jeff ignores Jackson‘s pleas and continues to try to protect him. It ends up being a close race, but Jackson is the one to go. Then he needs to pick someone to leave the ranch with him. Jeff volunteers. A man-cation it is! Read more »
We made it, everyone! It‘s the best episode of the season. We get to see the remaining five contests get all cleaned up and made up in their new bodies. Tim Gunn is all over the fashion and Ken Paves will be in charge of hair. The kids are here too! Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny get makeovers too. Well deserved, I‘d say. These kids have made the season so much better than the seasons past.The Gunn ShowTim Gunn picks out the most perfect items for each contestant (I mean, duh. He‘s a pro), but it‘s amazing how clearly he sees each one of them. He takes the right risks in fashion and some of them try on some really bold styles. They‘re used to hiding behind ill-fitting fabric and being uncomfortable. It‘s great to see them step into smaller sizes because once they get in front of that mirror, you can actually see the confidence growing inside of them. Read more »
It‘s week 11, guys! We‘re down to the ‘Fab Five‘ and the competition is stiff. Also, the kids are back. They‘ll be spending the week together working out. This week will be all about reflecting on the progress they‘ve made since day one. They‘ll be watching their first interviews and doing the workouts that they could barely finish when they first arrived. The kids watch their videos, specifically, the most emotional parts, and it‘s as much of devastating release as it is a triumph. At this stage of the competition, they need to be reminded of how far they‘ve come, in order to give that final intense push to the finish. There‘s so much we can learn from these kids. They are heroes. Read more »
It all comes down to this. We‘ve seen the ‘before‘, we‘ve endured the ‘during‘ and it‘s time for the ‘after.‘ This finale feels like as much of a reward for the viewers as it is for the contestants. This show carries so many painful and heartbreaking moments and now we can just celebrate. The trainers are all dressed up, and it‘s nice to see tough Jillian in a soft, feminine dress. America‘s VoteJackson and Joe step out for their reveals and they look shockingly thin. Jackson eats up the love from the crowd and Joe is visibly choked up. The votes are in, and America has chosen .. JACKSON. Joe still has the chance to win the at-home prize. Read more »
NBC is the first network to officially announce its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and it involves a lot of changes. Revolution is moving to Wednesdays, Chicago Fire is moving to Tuesdays and Parenthood is moving to Thursdays.  Read more »
NBC is the second network to schedule its fall premiere dates, and following in the footsteps of CBS, the week of September 23 will be very, VERY busy for TV fans.  Read more »