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The Biggest Loser begins its 13th season, but for me personally it‘s the first one I‘ve ever watched so the supposed twist of partners not being able to work together was pretty much lost on me. Nevertheless, there seems to be plenty of weight for these losers to shed, so what do you say that we meet them, shall we? Read more »
This Biggest Loser season of no excuses was able to continue after Brian Williams and Chuck Todd were done geeking out about what will prove to a completely inconsequential New Hampshire primary. Once it did, they were quick to drop a bombshell on the contestants that the person with the most weight lost on the winning team can protect someone from the losing team. It should enable players to protect the friends and loved ones with whom they came into the game. Read more »
This week on The Biggest Loser, Joe faces the first week without his brother Mike in the game, who was voted off last week. He appears shaken by the loss and starts to question if he‘ll be able to continue. The lack of dedication could hurt him this week as the two teams will square off individually to add up to the winning weight losses. The rules and ensuing contemplation within the teams were just as convoluted as my attempt to explain them so let‘s just move on. Read more »
I‘ve been flapping my gums for weeks now that The Biggest Loser would be much better served by only being an hour. Well it‘s nice to know that people are reading my articles, but I couldn‘t have imagined in my wildest dreams that the President himself would intervene and grant my wish. President Obama commandeered the second hour for me so that he could talk about something or other. In fact, BuddyTV is exclusively reporting that mandating the runtime of The Biggest Loser is now officially a part of our Constitution. Thanks Barry! Read more »
The week‘s episode of Biggest Loser picks up at the end of last week‘s where the teams are re-introduced to the aqua team. They lost their 50 pounds and are officially back in the game along with immunity for the week. They enter the game getting immediately caught up to speed on being split up in the game, as well as the full dose of condescending vibes from the red team. Although, Adrian did have it coming by wearing that dumb ascot. Read more »
There was a groundswell of support for Adrian in the wake of last week‘s episode of The Biggest Loser, but all that goodwill might have been eradicated with his behavior in tonight‘s first five minutes. He made it a point to tell Cassandra that he didn‘t have a part in voting off her grandma, which further infuriated his teammates. The situation devolved into more of the childish behavior we‘ve all come to expect from the red team, but it was shocking to see how little Conda was involved in this round of squabbling. Read more »
We are thrown right back into the fire this week in the wake of Adrian getting voted off from the red team. Up until this point, his sister has seemed remarkably subdued by comparison, but Daphne wastes no time after seeing the opposition‘s verdict letting her feelings known. And entirely unsurprisingly, Conda acts as the mouthpiece defending the team‘s decision. Conda eloquently makes her points with the class and "talk-to-the-hand" strategies that says more about her tenuous grasp on race relations than it did anything about the competition. Read more »
Buddy‘s birthday invites the perfect chance for Allison to roll out this season‘s second temptation challenge. As with past seasons, this temptation will allow the person who consumes the most calories to take control of the teams and rearrange them how they see fit. It could prove to be the pivotal game changer that sends one person off to victory this season. Read more »
I‘m checking in tonight with your easy to digest (but not always easy to chew) news bits that we call, obviously, Buddy Bites. Let‘s begin with news that has not gone down well with some people... Read more »
The Biggest Loser spent its week following its last airing dealing with the news of a revolt by its cast. In the wake of the controversy, it‘s believed that two contestants walked off the show and were not asked to return. There‘s additional discussion that they might incorporate the walk-out into the show, to which I wonder how they possibly couldn‘t considering they would inexplicably lose two players late in the game. It‘s unlikely that any of this will factor into tonight‘s episode, but you never know. Let‘s see, shall we? Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Biggest Loser picks up on the scene of a blubbering Mark still lamenting the departure of his son. He picks up the pieces and vows that his red team will soldier on to victory. But Allison quickly douses water on that dream by informing both teams that they‘ll be swapping trainers for the week. In addition to that, the team that wins will vote to determine who is sent home on the losing team. For a cast of characters known to be emotionally fragile, this episode could prove to be their ultimate breaking point. Read more »
The show wants us to believe that last week‘s conspiring to vote off Cassandra was the first real instance of the contestants playing the game, but we all know that the red team has long been populated by some of the most conniving people on television. In the wake of last week‘s elimination and Conda‘s explicit plan to firebomb her team, the producers might be looking to get a jump on the players. The teams are dissolved and the Losers are on their own on this week‘s episode of The Biggest Loser. Read more »
I was flabbergasted to see that we‘re back to the two-hour Bataan Death Marches this week after a brief reprieve of 90 minutes last week. There are only eight contestants left and your comments on these articles tell me that I‘m correct in wondering, who exactly are we supposed to be rooting for on this show anymore? The past two weeks have seen the departure of two of the more likeable and more productive women on the show in Cassandra and Emily. Now I guess the fan favorite becomes Jeremy? His relation to Conda will always keep him at an arms-length for me. Who are we rooting for these days? Read more »
This week‘s excuse is "exercise is boring." This is one I can definitely identify with, so it‘ll be interesting how they try to trick up everyone‘s workouts for the week. As a refresher, Kimmy was voted off last week in lieu of her daughter, even though she had far less weight to lose and was considerably less of a threat. We‘re right into the first challenge now and I better focus or else I won‘t find out why Newman‘s own is so much more than "just a yummy brand." Read more »
Before I begin tonight‘s Biggest Loser recap, I want to take a moment and mention that I live in a suburb of Dallas; I was working in the heart of Arlington, Texas this afternoon; and I have family members who were teaching in Lancaster blocks away from where thousand-pound semi-trucks were tossed through the air. It has been an absolutely harrowing day in the area and I sincerely wish everyone in the DFW area a safe and speedy recovery. Now then, let‘s get to it because we‘ve only got an hour-long episode tonight. Read more »
When we last left our Losers, they had just caught their first glimpse of First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House. The preview for tonight‘s episode shows that they‘re going to join her in a workout inside of our nation‘s capital, but eventually the game will be back at the forefront and one of the final six will be going home. Read more »
There‘s little point in denying that sticking with this season of The Biggest Loser has felt like more of an endurance test than a bright spot on your Tuesday nights. However, there was a ray of light a couple months back when news leaked out that there was unrest during production of this season and some contestants were revolting. Tonight we get to see what happened, or at least what they want us to think happened. It‘s been something I‘ve been looking forward to all week. Was it all we hoped for, or a big let-down? Read more »
One might be tempted to look at this week‘s episode being sandwiched between last week‘s real-life drama and next week‘s finale, and think that it is destined to disappoint. However, there is the intrigue of which vanquished contestant will come back and claim a chance to win $500,000. But how will viewers respond to the comeback of contestants that so many of them haven‘t missed at all?  Read more »
A raucous crowd greets Allison live on stage to open tonight‘s season finale. Considering all the vitriol people have spewed about this season, I wonder where they ever were able to find this many people excited to see the contestants as they‘re introduced. Read more »
This week the five major networks announce their schedules for the 2012-2013 TV season. The upfronts come with news of which shows are being renewed and canceled, which new shows will be coming to the network and which shows are moving to a new day or time.  Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
Following the Olympics, NBC is setting its sights on the heartland with its new reality competition Stars Earn Stripes. The show features eight celebrities going through various forms of military training to see if they can handle the rigors of the armed forces. The show will be hosted by Dancing with the Stars‘ Samantha Harris and retired general Wesley Clark.  Read more »