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The new season of The Biggest Loser Couples premieres tonight, so here are some videos to help you get to know the contestants! It can be difficult to keep track of everyone in the first episode, so this will be a good refresher (and preview before we meet them for real tonight!) Oh, and there‘s a new color! It looks like the latest in working out is whipping giant ropes up and down (watch for it!)The Orange Team: Ana and Irene (Mother and Daughter)This team is reminiscent of Season 9‘s Migdalia and Miggy, but with much better attitudes. They seem to have the competitive drive to take them through. You go, ladies!  Read more »
Ofcourse, it would be impossible to try and predict the winner of The BiggestLoser based only on last night‘s episode.We have weeks and weeks of weight loss, tears, sad stories andJillian‘s intimidating jacked triceps before we can come to that decision.However,it never hurt to try, right?  Read more »
Welcometo Season 11, where the contestants are beefier, Jillian makes a pledge to stopyelling, and we have silhouettes lurking around, claiming to be new trainers. It‘s a brave new world out there,people! Things are changing! We have the biggest cast in BiggestLoser history, a new mystery location, and two new mystery trainers! It‘s like a whole new show!  Read more »
Last week‘s episode of The Biggest Loser set the grounds for what has the potential to be the most dramatic season in the series‘ history. There‘s still so much we don‘t know about season 11! Who are these mysterious new trainers? Do we care about the Unknowns? Like, at all? Why is there so much boxing being done all of a sudden? When did Jillian turn into Dr. Freud? The answers to these questions can only be found within the episode.  Read more »
This season of The Biggest Loser must be a dream come true for the producers. Not only is it a couples season, which tugs at viewers‘ heart strings and makes for good TV, but most of the couples are parents and their children. And nothing, as any self-respecting former teenager knows, is more potentially dramatic and heartfelt than a parent‘s relationship with their children. NBC hit reality TV pay dirt with this season, and I think they know it. Already, there‘s been both some drama and some moments that have the potential to make you tear up. Here, I am providing a handy guide to help you to tell the good kind of drama from the bad kind of drama.  Read more »
So, guys, what did you think?After two weeks of semi-ridiculous, forced secrecy, we finally met the new trainers last night. I don‘t have kids, and I definitely don‘t have kids who are dating, but I feel like how I imagine a parent might feel upon meeting their child‘s new boyfriend or girlfriend. Nervous, then underwhelmed. And then kind of irritated. Read the full recap from Tuesday‘s episode. Read more »
Welcome to week three! This is the week we get to meet the new trainers. Does it get more exciting than that? The answer is no. No, it doesn‘t. After two weeks of shadow and silhouette and borderline-ridiculous mystery, all you‘d have to do right now would be show me just one of the new trainer‘s faces and I‘d be happy for at least two hours. As it is, I‘m getting a lot more than that. Which means I just might be happy for more than two hours. I‘m pumped.  Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
After weeks of secrecy, the two newest trainers on The Biggest Loser were finally revealed last week: Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova. The duo took some time to chat with us this week about their non-traditional training backgrounds, what they really think of the yellow team and how to kick-start your own weight loss at home. Read more »
I love me some Jillian Michaels. Love, love, love. I really do. Sure, I like to make fun of her and Bob for their various ridiculous sayings and the faces they make when they‘re trying to be serious. But deep down, I straight-up adore her. Those eyebrows, those biceps, that contorted face of screaming rage. She gets results, and in the end you can tell that she really cares about the people she‘s training. Read more »
Welcome, one and all, to Week Four, in which Don swears, someone eats fried chicken, and Alison wears a cardigan that borders on a good wardrobe choice! Cara and Brett are actually in the opening sequence this week! Color me excited. I‘m not going to give too much away, now, though. You‘re just going to have to read for yourselves. Read more »
OK, Biggest Loser, here‘s the thing: You‘re all way too darn nice this season. I‘m confused. Where‘s the game play? Where‘s the backstabbing and the "I‘m not here to make friends"? All the eliminations so far are easy-peasy and lovey-dovey and a whole lot more hyphenated adjectives. Where‘s the drama that I know and love?  Read more »
We‘ve known since the beginning that this day would come. For four weeks, our contestants have been split into two separate teams. We‘ve been taunted with secret locations, shadowy trainers, and mere glimpses at what‘s going on with the contestants we met so many Tuesday nights ago. But this week, The Biggest Loser is going to see all the contestants together at the Ranch. Bye bye, Fitness Ridge.  Read more »
I usually have a handle on The Biggest Loser. The moves are predictable. Someone causes drama, everyone runs on treadmills, there are challenges, Alison wears something wretched to said challenges, there is a weigh-in, and someone goes home. Easy, right?Not last night. Even I, a seasoned veteran of The Biggest Loser, was thrown for many a loop. Let‘s check this out, shall we? Read more »
The Biggest Loser is covered in pink hearts this week. Don‘t adjust your monitors; it‘s just Valentine‘s Day! Just when you didn‘t think Bob, Jillian, and the gang could get all warm and cuddly, they come back and surprise you. But, wait! Is this a love-fest or potentially the most dramatic episode of the season? I guess we‘re just going to have to wait and see.  Read more »
I‘m noticing something weird in the emphasis on nutrition this season. Namely, the lack thereof. Everyone knows that diet and exercise are equally important when starting a weight-loss plan. Most of the time, though, people tend to neglect exercise in the stead of dieting. Dieting is "easier" because exercise takes a lot of effort. However, on The Biggest Loser, the opposite tends to happen. Contestants spend hours upon hours in the gym, but nutrition isn‘t talked about except for a few vague warnings against sodium and advertisements for cereal and yogurt. I think we‘re missing something here, guys.  Read more »
Hey guys. Welcome back to the Biggest Loser. It‘s the same old, same old, over here. The episode opens with Arthur trying to explain to Jesse what his strategy was for switching Jen and Jay for Sara and Deni. Wait a second. What‘s that you say? That was what happened last week? Yeah, I thought so, too. Apparently the show has yet to forgive and forget, because it looks like we‘re in for more of the same.For more Biggest Loser fun be one of the first to join our all new Biggest Loser Facebook page>>  Read more »
In case you weren‘t aware of my displeasure, I‘m pretty mad that Jesse went home. Jesse is one of my favorites, guys. I don‘t know how it‘s possible to like someone on a reality show more than I like Jesse. His attitude is great, he tries his hardest, he works his butt off and he puts up good numbers. He also stands by Arthur, no matter what. He is just as caring and sweet with everyone else, Black team or Red team, as he is with Arthur. When Sarah and Deni had to switch teams, Jesse hugged Sarah and said, "You are not expendable." Just typing that makes me tear up. And everyone voted to send him home this week?! What gives? Read more »
Last week was rough for everyone on The Biggest Loser campus, and this episode starts out where the last one left off. The Red team is still sitting around the elimination table, when Alison announces that something is going to change this week. She pulls the Black team in to reveal that, this week, two people are going to be going home. As usual, the team that loses the least amount will vote to send someone home, but there will also be a red line. Whoever falls below will be sent home. No questions, no negotiation. How will this season‘s team deal with that? So far, they‘ve negotiated and sacrificed and saved each other. Let‘s see how they handle under pressure, shall we? Read more »
I don‘t know about you guys, but I am still in a fight with The Biggest Loser. We‘re not on speaking terms. They sent my boy Jesse home last week, and they haven‘t apologized. They‘re lucky I tuned in this week at all, but I did. Alison assembles both teams together after elimination and tells them this week‘s big surprise. Is anyone else beginning to hate Alison‘s surprises? They always mean something bad is going to happen.Alison tells the teams that they are going to be going home for two weeks. When they come back, they will have to compete in a 5K. This will be the ultimate test of how they will function in a post-TBL world, Alison tells them. Everyone gets all weepy and excited. Hmph. I‘m not buying it. At least I‘ll get to see Jesse again, right? Read more »
So let‘s talk about Arthur.It‘s no secret that I love Arthur. Of course I do. The show has been formatted precisely so that I, and everyone else who watches, will love Arthur. He‘s an underdog, and who doesn‘t love an underdog? He loves his dad, he loves his kids. He cries sometimes. He calls the Black team "his girls." Of course, I know that all these personality traits have been picked and chosen to be highlighted by the producers of The Biggest Loser. I know that, but I still love him anyway. Read more »
Much like Americans, reality TV has a serious obesity problem. While reality programs used to take up just one hour each week, the recent trend has been to super-size any reality series in order to fill time.  Read more »
This week, The Biggest Loser has workouts with themes. Or, at least the Red team does, because that‘s what Justin decided. Because Alison made both teams pick captains, and then gave the captains an amount of power that feels totally OK when wielded by Marci and totally not OK when wielded by Justin. The Black team chose Marci to make all their major decisions for the week. This involves Marci making rational decisions and giving logical advice. The Red team chose Justin, because for whatever reason they think that he‘s a good leader. FYI? He‘s not. He has a penchant for giving confusing pep talks and making people feel bad about their weight loss just because he feels like it. At this point, I feel kind of bad for the Red team, following Justin around like puppies while he shouts random slogans that involve this week‘s theme of "healing!" It‘s going to be a long week, guys. Read more »
I know I‘m almost a month late for Valentine‘s Day, but I couldn‘t help but write an article about my favorite Biggest Loser would-be couples. It‘s like that high school yearbook category, where you vote for the two people who never, ever got together and humiliate them by telling them how great it would have been if they did. It‘s like that. Only The Biggest Loser-style. Read more »
So this week Alison tells everyone that they will be competing as one unified team, and all I can think to say is, finally. Was anyone else getting tired of the perpetual team and color changing? This week everyone is wearing blue shirts, which is A-OK with me.  Read more »
The past few weeks have seen me pouting. Every person the contestants send home, I have a problem with. I haven‘t been a happy camper; I‘ll be the first to admit that. Yet, this week when Marci was sent home, I was perfectly content.Why is that? It‘s not because I don‘t like Marci. I do. I adore her. She‘s been sold to me the same way she‘s been sold to everyone else. She‘s a loving mother, a good friend, a savvy nutritionist and an excellent leader. She works hard, and she looks great as a result. Why wouldn‘t I want Marci to stick around? Read more »
Everyone goes to the gym and acts surprised that Alyson is there. We should all be used to this by now, because this is the way every single episode has opened since the first one of the season, I swear. Alyson watches as everyone writhes in the agony of wondering what it is she could possibly be there to tell them. I don‘t know why they bother getting upset anymore; either she is there to introduce some kind of humiliating challenge involving doing backbends over cheesecake, or the teams are going to be switched up again. I wonder which one it‘s going to be this time.  Read more »
So last night we were reminded of something this season‘s contestants have either forgotten or chosen to ignore. YOU CAN LEAVE THE SHOW VOLUNTARILY. Who knew, right? We‘ve spent an entire season watching people throw weigh-ins, sabotage teammates, and basically make Jillian angry, and for what?  Read more »
Kaylee starts the episode off by apologizing to everyone for trying to make things happen the way she wanted to at the last weigh-in. That‘ll teach you to mess with the working structure of reality television, Kaylee! Moses swiftly chimes in and saves Kaylee‘s neck by telling everyone that the reason she was so sick of the Ranch was gameplay. He advocates that everyone appreciate their time at the Ranch as much as they possibly can. Everyone immediately forgets their anger at Kaylee and devolves into mumbling about "new beginnings", "fresh starts" and "making the most of opportunities." Smooth move, Moses.  Read more »
If I could make a list of things that are really irritating me on The Biggest Loser this season, that list would be endless. But, you know what? I can make a list of things that are really irritating me on The Biggest Loser this season. So I will.  Read more »
All snarkiness aside, you guys, this week has me worried. I‘m willing to put aside my differences with the show at this point. I‘m willing to forgive the endless team switcheroos, product placement, and that one belligerent clip of Rulon eating a tortilla chip because, for me, this week is all about Courtney. I don‘t have the time to waste on sarcasm about anything else. Okay, maybe just a little... Read more »
Last night was kind of a mixed bag, people. We had some things that make me cheer, and we had some things that made me jeer. Let‘s review, shall we? Read more »
So can we please talk about Cara‘s little hissy fit from last night? I was kind of amazed watching it. Let‘s review, shall we? Ken approaches Cara in a reasonable way, communicating his needs in a calm and clear manner. Cara then proceeds to take it personally and completely flip out, yelling and cursing in an alarming way. We‘ve seen trainers yell before, but never quite like this. What the heck was going on? Read more »
After losing Courtney to a pretty brutal weigh-in last week, everyone is bummed, so Alison cheers them up by telling them that they are going to New Zealand! They‘ll be there for the next two weeks, and everyone perks up significantly at the news. On the plane, the flight attendant tells them that one of them can upgrade to premium economy seating if they guess the correct height of the Skytower in Aukland. Austin‘s guess, at 1,100 feet, is closest to the correct answer of 1,076 feet, so he gets to stretch his legs and eat slightly better food. Good for you, kid.See the clip again below: Read more »
The crew is now in Queensland, New Zealand. Did you guys know that Sir Edmund Hillary was a New Zealander? Because he was. This, combined with the fact that everyone is competing as singles this week, apparently means that everyone is going to lose a huge amount of weight. Wait, what? Don‘t ask me. Alison said it. Read more »
A big part of The Biggest Loser is the emotional story of the contestants. It‘s important to the show, after all. It‘s no secret that emotional issues or childhood incidents can shape how we feel about food, interact with food and use food to cover up emotional issues. It‘s no wonder, then, that a lot of the screen time on Biggest Loser features the contestants talking about their feelings. This is fine. This is necessary. Feelings are good! But why, for the love of Bob Harper‘s little hat, do we just hear the same hackneyed quips week after week? Read more »
Alison comes out and tells the contestants that this week is favorites week at the Ranch. Past contestants, previous favorite challenges, all will be present this week. Right off the bat, Alison brings forward Ali Vincent, who won Season 5, and Sam Poueu from Season 9. Everyone is excited and they immediately hit the gym. Ali does the Jillian and hunkers down on Rulon‘s back while he does planks. Read more »
So let‘s talk about Rulon. Specifically, Rulon leaving the show. Was anyone else totally floored? Read more »
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Last night, NBC‘s The Voice proved its worth, fellow singers in Glee fared well and the Dancing stars hit a new low.The Voice, in its second week, saw a 10% increase in viewership from last week, with 12.68 million total viewers. This show has got chops -- and it needs them. It goes up against dominating force Dancing with the Stars, which saw a definite decrease last night. The ABC reality juggernaut‘s viewership was down 19% to 15.6 million, a season low. It looks like The Voice is a viable contender for Tuesday nights, because it‘s definitely sapping viewers from the DWTS results show. What do you think? Does The Voice have what it takes to overtake Dancing with the Stars? Or is it just beginner‘s luck? Read more »
So Tim Gunn drives up in a horse-drawn carriage, which only means one thing. Guys! This is makeover week! I don‘t know about the rest of you, but I am really, really excited to see everyone get all glammed up. All the contestants look amazing now, and I‘m pumped to see them get flashy new haircuts and dresses to add to that. Read more »
This week is final exams week at the Ranch. Alison tells the contestants that each of the four trainers are going to be testing them on various topics that they should have mastered after their nineteen weeks. The one who scores highest on all of the tests will win $10,000. Big money!  Read more »
Last week, we saw NBC‘s The Voice make a promising leap forward in ratings. But last night, The Voice, as well as a score of other shows, dipped in ratings. Read more »
Hannah. Olivia. Jay. Irene. It‘s that time of year. Hannah, Olivia, Jay and Irene are the members of the final four for this season of The Biggest Loser. And, honestly? It‘s a close race. I‘m not entirely sure who I think is going to win. Are you? I had Austin pegged as a winner. So did everyone else I know who watched the show, actually. Now that he‘s gone, who‘s it going to be? Read more »
In a year when it seems like the networks are all rushing to get their next-season news out before each other, we probably shouldn‘t be surprised that NBC has chosen to announce its 2011-2012 season on a Sunday morning. The schedule has a few familiar names, a whole bunch of new stuff and a fair amount of shuffling. Read more »
It‘s the week before the Biggest Loser finale, which means a lot of retrospectives and echoey voiceovers talking about the contestants‘ original weights. We begin the episode with a slew of footage of some of the really memorable workouts the contestants have done over these 20 weeks, and then we see some equally deilghtful footage in which everyone talks about how happy they are to have made it to the finale. Read more »
CBS‘ drama The Good Wife proved its worth last night, and reaffirmed to viewers why it‘s being renewed for a third season. The season finale was up from last week, and beat last season‘s finale by a hefty margin.Up 25% from last week‘s episode, The Good Wife had a respectable 12.44 million viewers for its season finale last night, easily beating last season‘s finale. And with CBS moving the show to a new night and critics praising it, it‘s obvious that the show is building up steam. Are you excited for TGW‘s third season? Read more »
So it‘s come to this. Olivia and Hannah are definitely finalists on The Biggest Loser. Jay and Irene, however, are the two that have to humbly beg us, the Americans who devote two hours of every Tuesday night, to vote for them to be included in the finale. They each have their merits. The only question is, who would you vote for? Read more »
I think it‘s a statistical fact that about 50% of the viewing figures NBC gets for The Biggest Loser come from people who tune in for the finale and only the finale. Actually, I‘m not sure of that figure at all. Don‘t quote me on it. But what I do know is that the finale is the best. You get to see all the dramatic results of the contestants, without having to watch any of the blood, sweat and tears that went into how they got that way. Instant gratification, if that‘s your thing.Personally, I enjoyed watching the contestants navigate their own personal weight-loss journeys this season, and tonight I‘m as proud of them as I would be of my own children. Let‘s get things started, shall we? Read more »
ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars aired its season finale last night and saw a significant rise in viewers. Not only that, but it beat NBC‘s The Voice by a wide margin (which is significant, and you‘ll see why). FOX‘s American Idol, oddly enough, saw a slight dip in ratings from last week. Dancing with the Stars crowned football player Hines Ward as its champion last night. It was up 29% versus last week‘s penultimate episode, and up 15% from last year‘s season finale (which saw a series low), with 22.59 million viewers. Looks like DWTS has still got it where it counts!Read our DWTS finale recap here! Read more »
We laughed. We cried. We endured endless switching of teams. We watched all our favorites get voted off, week by week, but we made it through. We are at the end of Season 11, and it was a good one. I‘m going to miss it. Let‘s look at some of the good and the bad, shall we? Read more »