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Last season on The Big Bang Theory, we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger when it appeared that Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) had slept together. Everyone wanted to know what exactly happened and if it would hurt the group dynamic. With season 5 already underway those questions have been answered and for us fans of the geekiest gang on television a new question has arisen: What‘s next?The Big Bang Theory had a history of great guest stars in its past, and by looking ahead to some of the scheduled guest stars, we can glean some The Big Bang Theory spoilers regarding what‘s to come for our favorite fanboys.  Read more »
This evening‘s all new episode of Big Bang Theory, "The Rhinitis Revelation," had everything I usually love about the show plus the added bonus of another hilarious guest appearance from Laurie Metcalf as Sheldon‘s Mom, Mary Cooper. Whenever Laurie shows up, you know you can count on some real pearls of wisdom from Sheldon‘s very conservative mother and this episode was certainly no different. Most of the best quotes either came from Mary or from conversations from Mary and Sheldon but Howard, Raj and Penny each offered a gem or two. I likely could‘ve quoted the entire episode but I tried to whittle it down to the best of the best. Enjoy!  Read more »
It always seems to rain on Thursdays. Perhaps it‘s just Mother Nature‘s way of telling me there is something to life other than television and that maybe I should spend a little less time in front of it. This week, I volunteered to lend my tweet gathering skills to the all new episode of one of favorite Thursday night shows, Big Bang Theory. It wasn‘t looking good. My cable has been in and out all day and my internet hasn‘t been faring a whole lot better. I was nervous. As the minutes ticked away though and the hour drew closer, something miraculous happened. The rain stopped, my television stopped taunting me with its evil "no signal" message and "The Rhinitis Revelation" began. For my patience, I was rewarded with a truly hilarious episode and some great tweets. Here are ten of the best. Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
The Golden Globes are known for embracing wild cards. The 2012 nominations will be announced Thursday, December 15, and it‘s safe to assume that the television nominees will include one or two surprises.  Read more »
If you tuned out at one point during the 2012 People‘s Choice Awards, well, I can‘t blame you. This year‘s proceedings were the usual mix of awkwardly scripted spiels, product placement and winners you could see from a mile off. Well, almost.There were a bunch of pleasant surprises in tonight‘s two-hour ceremony, hosted by The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco. Now, me doing a roll call of said surprises.See this year‘s People‘s Choice nominees Read more »
Love is in the air this week as we find out about one rumored affair, a recent engagement and the big reveal of one relationship. Who‘s dating whom? Read on to find out more.  Read more »
The Golden Globes clearly loved the new shows of 2011. For this year‘s Golden Globe Awards, 11 different shows that premiered this year scored major nominations, including Showtime‘s Homeland which scored three noms and FOX‘s New Girl which picked up two.  Read more »
This year‘s Screen Actors Guild Award nominations are a very mixed bag for television. The comedy side is full of stale, aging shows like 30 Rock and The Office while completely ignoring fresh, newer faces like New Girl or Parks and Recreation. For dramas, however, there were some big surprises, none more shocking than the nomination for Patrick J. Adams from USA‘s Suits.  Read more »
CBS, a network with such high ratings that even its failing shows often beat the competition, has announced renewals for 18 of its prime-time shows. Which shows will be returning? Which are still in danger? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
ABC, FOX and the CW have already announced their season finale dates for this year, and now CBS is helping fans plan out their May by announcing end dates for all of its shows. This includes an early April finale for The Good Wife and a one-hour How I Met Your Mother season finale that will reveal the identity of Barney‘s bride.  Read more »
The network schedules just keep on coming! CBS released its schedule for the fall 2012 TV season on Wednesday at their upfront presentation. There are a whole bunch of shifts and a few new shows, so check out the CBS schedule here! Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »