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Sean Lowe got his heart broken when Emily Maynard rejected him last season on The Bachelorette but he‘s determined to do things a little differently when he returns to reality TV as the star of The Bachelor season 17, which kicks off tonight at 8pm on ABC. Described by host Chris Harrison as "the most sincere bachelor we have ever had," the 28-year-old Dallas businessman will wear his heart on his sleeve (while being shirtless most of the time!) as he attempts to find his soul mate among 26 bachelorette hopefuls. Read more »
For better or worse, whether you love that you hate it or hate that you love it, The Bachelor is back for its 17th season, or the 738th overall if you count The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad.This time around, bachelor Sean Lowe will have his choice of 26 conniving, dramatic, backstabbing women who are all simply looking for love (or fame, or to advance their careers, or to be a reality TV star, or to hook up with someone else from a previous show at one of the legendary all-seasons hookup mixers, or to be the next Bachelorette). He gets the standard 25, plus one special former contestant to spice things up. Read more »
The season premiere of The Bachelor can be a lot to take in. There are 25 gorgeous, nutty bachelorettes to meet (or in this season‘s case, 26), and it‘s hard to get to know them all in just two hours. Obviously, ABC had to show off the major crazies. (Who could forget drunk Ashley P. and her Fifty Shades of Grey fetish?) There had to be plenty of Bachelor Sean waxing poetic about the meaning of love, marriage and family as he gazes thoughtfully at the misty mountains and crashing waves on the beach. And there had to be some honestly moving stories, like background about Sarah‘s amniotic band syndrome and AshLee F.‘s history with foster homes. Of course, that means that some scenes were left on the cutting room floor. Luckily, ABC has shared a few deleted scenes, including videos of Sean‘s one-on-one with Chris, Lauren‘s big Italian family and Catherine‘s quirky Seattle lifestyle. Are you guys ready to check them out?  Read more »
Claws are expected to come out as the 19 remaining bachelorettes move into the mansion tonight on The Bachelor. As one girl put it, there‘s a "tornado of negativity waiting to happen" and apparently, it‘s mostly caused by one girl, Amanda, who is considered the "dark cloud in the room." What exactly does Amanda do to make the other women feel uncomfortable? Find out tonight at 8pm on ABC.  Read more »
I‘m not quite sure how you spell "Rawwrrrr" (the sound a cat makes when you accidentally step on it), but it‘s apparently never too early for the claws to come out on The Bachelor. Last week, Sean narrowed down his search for love from 26 catty, conniving women to 19 dignified, well-intentioned keepers. Ha! Yeah, right, like all the crazy left with the Fifty Shades of Grey chick.Deleted Scene: Lauren and Catherine are Hungry for Sean >>>We‘re still just getting to know who these lucky ladies are, and 19 is a lot of different personalities to keep straight. So for the time being, we‘ll try and incorporate some descriptions to help you remember which gal is which. Read more »
The second week of The Bachelor is where the drama really kicks off because not only do the girls move into the mansion, some of them go on dates with Sean Lowe-- which pretty much puts the pressure on everyone. You can learn about all the juicy details of Sean‘s first batch of dates in our recap. Or you can also check out the highlights from Sean himself, as well as other notable personalities from The Bachelor franchise here. Read more »
Monday‘s episode of The Bachelor was pretty busy. With all the focus on free falling Harlequin romance and mean girl drama, there wasn‘t enough time to fit in this sweet little moment between AshLee and Sean. But don‘t worry! ABC has shared the video, so fans can watch as AshLee obsesses over Sean and comes thisclose to seeming like a crazy stalker. The clip begins appropriately with AshLee asking, "Do you wanna hear something crazy?" "Yes, I would love to hear something crazy," Sean replies. So would the rest of America. Hello, that‘s why we‘re watching The Bachelor!  Read more »
Sean Lowe came face to face to Emily Maynard, the woman who broke his heart on The Bachelorette season 8, when she served as a special correspondent for Extra. While Sean shared what he hated most about his Bachelor journey, Emily shared her Bachelor theory and also revealed something about herself.  Read more »
Ready for more Bachelor drama? Sixteen women return tonight on The Bachelor but only 13 will move on to compete for Sean Lowe‘s heart. But the rose ceremony isn‘t the only highlight of the evening. Fans can also expect the two-hour episode to be packed with bombshell revelations and shocking twists. Warning: This article may contain spoilers! Read more »
Backstabbing. BAM! A tumble down the stairs. SPLAAT! A world record makeout session. WHACK! Volleyball catfights. CRACK! Sabotage. KAPOW! Suspicion. KER-PLOP! Sick kids. WHAMM! Bikinis. ARRGGHH! Tears. UGGH! Damage control. OWWW! A shocking rose ceremony. BANG!Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is an episode of The Bachelor that has it all! Two one-one-one dates, one with a side order of kisses and the other with a delayed start due to a(n un)timely fall. One hot and steamy group date with more tension than clothes. One woman‘s scheme to end Sean‘s relationship with two other suitors. Tears, tears and MORE TEARS! Oh, how the drama never stops as Sean whittles down his women from 16 to 13, meaning that by the end of this night, he will have eliminated exactly half of his potential brides, and nearly every woman who looks exactly like him (and Emily Maynard).  Read more »
When it comes to dates on The Bachelor, the one-on-one is the most coveted. The girls don‘t have to compete for attention and they get Sean all to themselves, minus the camera man, the guy holding the boom-mic and a producer or two directly off-camera. Just when I was about to declare Leslie M‘s date the best of the week, Ashlee, I mean AshLee (good grief, why the creative spelling) swooped in and stole my heart. Maybe it was because she had the date that almost wasn‘t thanks to Tiara‘s inability to maneuver a winding staircase.   Read more »
Now that the ladies of The Bachelor are getting comfortable, they‘re letting their true colors shine. Some are bright and cheery, while others? They‘re a little shady. To prove the point, ABC has released two deleted scenes illustrating the full spectrum of bachelorette energy.  The Bachelor recap: An All-in-One Bachelor Free-for-All Read more »
A lot of things happened this week on The Bachelor, including Sean‘s record-breaking kiss with Lesley, a group date that involved a competitive game of beach volleyball, Tierra‘s tumble inside the mansion and Sean‘s heartwarming date with Ashlee at Six Flags Magic Mountain. However, Kacie‘s "mistake" seemed to have overshadowed all that considering Sean Lowe and other notable personalities from The Bachelor franchise have blogged about it.  Read more »
If you think Tierra‘s tumble last week was her most dramatic ploy to get Sean Lowe‘s attention, then you‘re in for a surprise tonight on The Bachelor. Not only will she rub the other girls the wrong way, she also has a huge meltdown! Of course, there are other things to look forward to besides Tierra‘s drama, including a no-kissing rule, a roller derby accident and a luxury date.Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight‘s Bachelor.  Read more »
If princesses and toddlers wear tiaras, bitches wear Tierras. As Sean Lowe whittles down his batch of potential suitors from 13 to 11, we‘re promised a healthy dose of tears, anger and outrage from the recipient of the earliest rose ever, who also may be the only Bachelor contestant to ever intentionally fall down the stairs. And not only does this increasingly and overly dramatic situation put Tierra‘s future in jeopardy, it also threatens Robyn and Desiree, who appear to be the two most easily distracted by Tierra‘s antics. At least there‘s another ambulance ride in store following a balls-to-the-wall roller derby match.The Bachelor: Reality TV Stars Weigh In on Kacie‘s Mistake, Pick Front Runners >>>Two more women are going home tonight, and Tierra is almost certain to be among the final three standing when Chris Harrison announces the final rose. But still, Desiree has been considering dual-citizenship in both the real world and Crazytown since her opening introduction montage, and Tierra seemingly has the goods to totally unnerve her. And much like Kacie B.‘s elimination, someone apparently tries to capitalize on the cattiness this time aroun,d too. Will it backfire again? Read more »
This week on The Bachelor, one girl does her best impression of a billy goat, a few ladies draw short straws and wind up in a sad roller derby spectacle and one gets bounced from the mansion on date night, but at least she gets a sparkly parting gift. Oh, and also, Tierra threw another tantrum. Read more »
AshLee and Selma are rapidly emerging as front-runners in the race for Sean‘s heart. If Sean really does love sweethearts, these two are a good match for the lovelorn bachelor. Let‘s be honest: He‘ll eventually see through Tierrable. (He has to, right?) Catherine may be too quirky for the traditional guy. Lesley and Robyn have somewhat strong personalities, while Jackie and Daniella have barely made an impression. If I were a betting woman, I‘d put money on AshLee and Selma in the finale, although Sarah is certainly still in the running. Week 4 Date Critique: A Faceplant and other Fabulous Parting Gifts But if I‘m wrong and these ladies are sent packing in the next few episodes, we‘d better enjoy some extra clips while we can.   Read more »
This week on The Bachelor, Tierra stole the spotlight once again as she earned a rose despite having huge meltdown while Selma stood out as the girl who wouldn‘t kiss Sean Lowe. Not surprisingly, these two women also pretty much dominated this week‘s Bachelor blogs. Read on to find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky, Bachelorette season 8 runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Sean himself have to say about them.  Read more »
Can‘t get enough of Sean Lowe? This week, you‘re in luck! ABC has decided to put together a two-night Bachelor special event which kicks off tonight at 8pm and continues Tuesday, February 5 at 9pm. As host Chris Harrison explains, "We‘ve never done this before but we think these two episodes are so good and so explosive a special two-night extravaganza was in order."  Just to remind you, that‘s four hours worth of cheesy drama, backstabbing, cat fights and of course shirtless Sean! Read more »
The Bachelor is back for a two-night epic bonanza of crazy, complete with another trip to the emergency room for one of the women. I know these girls are fighting for Sean Lowe‘s affection, but let‘s keep the injuries to a minimum here. It‘s already the most violent season in the show‘s history, and we‘re only halfway through.The Bachelor Family Blogs: Terrible Tierra and No-Kissing Selma >>>Why we need two episodes in the same week will hopefully make sense eventually, but for now, four hours in two days just just seems excessive. The gang is heading to the Rocky Mountains, where sparks fly and fireworks explode in several relationships. Tierra apparently gets evil-er, which doesn‘t bode well for Desiree and Robyn. The two-on-one dates also begin this week, meaning heightened drama and mid-date eliminations. Let‘s get to it. Read more »
Bachelor Sean loves almost everything, but he does not love the catty behavior he‘s seen in Montana. This week‘s rocky mountain drama has him wondering if he‘ll actually find his wife on this crazy reality TV elimination competition! Poor Sean. At least he had a fruitful talk with Tierra (who might not be so tierrable after all), and he cut loose with Daniella, the bachelorette we‘ve barely seen this season but who‘s actually pretty fun.  Read more »
Tierra has managed to steal the spotlight so many times on The Bachelor and this week was no exception. On last night‘s episode, she surprised Sean during his group date, came out victorious during her two-on-one date with Jackie and even got confrontational with some of the women during the cocktail party. This shouldn‘t come as a shock anymore especially if you‘ve seen all her other tricks earlier this season because according to host Chris Harrison, "the woman is good at what she does."  Read more »
The two-night Bachelor saga comes to an end Tuesday, with action so wild and drama so intense that it couldn‘t possibly wait until next week. Naturally, the show will be all about Tierra and not Sean‘s quest for love. The season‘s most hated suitor continues to live under the skins of the other women, who repeatedly allow themselves to get sucked by her antics.She may be the best ever at employing the isolationist strategy, probably because she‘s the hottest one yet (every female reader just thought "Oh my God! Tierra is NOT hot!" Might have even said it out loud with a little fist shake. It‘s because women associate personality with looks, while men usually do not). The plan is working brilliantly so far, with all the other girls distracted so much that they look like the drama queens while Tierra slides by appearing to be the only one actually looking for love with Sean. It‘ll get worse once they all confront him about it, too. Read more »
After dubbing Tierra a "tierra-ist" on last night‘s Bachelor, the girls share a few more funny observations in these deleted scenes. AshLee and Daniella gossip, while Lesley gets in another zinger about the cast‘s number one villain.    Read more »
Each week The Bachelor promises enough cat fights and drama, making sure that the succeeding episode kicks it up a notch and tops the previous one. But based on this week‘s press release, it seems that this one will take the cake. And not surprisingly, it involves this season‘s villain, Tierra.Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight‘s Bachelor.  Read more »
We‘re down to our final six women on The Bachelor, but the only question on every viewer‘s mind (and the other five ladies‘) is WHEN will Sean Lowe see the true Tierra? Whether intentional or not, her isolationist strategy has paid big dividends for her. Not only has she been the polarizing figure in the house, she has successfully distracted all the other women to the point where they‘ve lost focus on the prize. They look like the drama queens who are attacking Tierra, and she looks sweet and victimized. Several of them have tried to have the "she‘s here for the wrong reasons" talk with Sean, and it‘s backfired on each of them.Personally, I DON‘T think she‘s there for the wrong reasons. Crazy or not, I believe she is looking for love and hopes to find it with Sean. But she just doesn‘t deal well emotionally with having to share a guy she likes, and it‘s gone to the extreme that she is the main focus of every episode. Sean is a sideshow in his own quest for love, and I don‘t think anyone expects her to be around near the end.  Read more »
Bachelor viewers saw a smarter, tougher (and hotter) side of Sean Lowe last night, am I right? A wise man knows when to ask for help, so I loved that Sean went to his sister, Shay, for advice about Tierra. It was obviously a strategic move to ask Tierra to meet Shay, as Sis would size her up quickly and give our bachelor some much-needed honest feedback. But who knows? Maybe Tierra would‘ve passed the test -- if she hadn‘t shot herself in the foot before the game even began.   Read more »
Sean Lowe may have said goodbye to Tierra on The Bachelor but her (reality stars) critics are not about to let the week pass by without giving us a piece of their mind. Check out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowski, Bachelorette season 1 star Trista Sutter and Bachelor season 17 star Sean himself have to say about this season‘s villain.  Read more »
This week we get yet another double dose of The Bachelor as Sean Lowe gets hometown dates with his final four women tonight and then talks about the women and the drama, including tonight‘s controversial exit, in Tuesday‘s episode.Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight‘s episode.  Read more »
Buckle your seat belt, pull down the lock bar, put on a helmet and don‘t blow off your hands, because we‘re in for a wild, firework-filled ride on The Bachelor. As Sean Lowe heads off to meet the families of his future bride and three other chicks, we‘re promised post-Tierra drama that will make us forget that crazy gal was ever on the show.The Bachelor Family Blogs: Reality Stars Call Tierra Immature >>>Sure, there have been awkward hometown dates before (and yet Jake still picked Vienna), but I don‘t recall three out of four offering potential deal breakers. Lindsay‘s dad is a two-star general, Catherine‘s sisters are crazy giggling pessimists and Desiree has not one, but two crazy guys gunning for Sean. Or does she?After getting sucked up into the drama that eventually forced Tierra‘s demise, AshLee and her pastor-adopted family could soar into the drama-free zone. That would be uncharted waters for the blindfold-and-carry-me-around-while-I-cry, tear-down-mountains and scream-my-love-for-Sean-to-an-island personal organizer. It‘s your time to shine, AshLee. Don‘t screw it up. And for God‘s sake, try to tone it down a bit and have some fun. Read more »
To reconfirm that AshLee and Lindsay are the front-runners for Sean‘s heart, ABC posted some bonus videos of their recent dates with Sean. AshLee invites some friends over to grill Sean (as if he didn‘t already have enough fun with her parents). Lindsay keeps things a little more low-key, strolling her date through a small town antique shop. As a result, Sean gets Lindsay a sparkly piece of jewelry that just might be a clue to viewers.   Read more »
This week‘s Bachelor not only gave viewers a better understanding of Sean Lowe‘s relationship with his remaining bachelorettes as he visited their hometowns and met their families, but it also possibly left some clues as to who will win Sean‘s heart in the end, as well as who will become the next Bachelorette.  Read more »
It‘s less than a week after Valentine‘s Day, and love still lingers in the air. Sean Lowe has narrowed down his choices to three lovely women, all of whom have told him they‘re falling for him and one who shouted her love proclamation from atop a chair to the good people of a small deserted island in St. Croix. So what better way to kill the mood than a two-day, hour-long extra episode of The Bachelor in which Sean describes in detail why he didn‘t like any of the ladies he already sent home.It‘s a special The Bachelor: Sean Tells All, but he can‘t really tell us much, because he‘s legally obligated not to reveal anything that hasn‘t happened yet. So while we‘ve been watching for the last seven weeks, so has Sean. And now, he‘s here to tell us what we already know that he thought he knew before but didn‘t really know until he watched himself: That Tierra is crazy. Read more »
Now that Sean Lowe has narrowed down his bachelorettes to three, it‘s time for the much awaited fantasy suite dates in Thailand where he‘s expected to get to know Catherine, Lindsay and AshLee more intimately. But will he actually go through with? This should be interesting since he reportedly considers himself a "born-again virgin."Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight‘s episode.  Read more »
Is it just me, or did this season of The Bachelor go by really quickly? We‘re already down to our final three women, and in two short weeks, it‘ll all be over! It seems like just yesterday that Fifty Shades of Crazy was getting drunk and trying to convince Sean Lowe to do naughty things to her with a necktie. There were models, hopeful black chicks, Lindsay in a wedding dress and a pretty girl with extra ambition and fewer arms. Now, there‘s just AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay, and we‘re already speculating whether the next Bachelorette will be Desiree or Sarah. My, how time flies. I was 32 and 3 months old when the show started, and now I‘m 32 and 5 months. How I long for my youth...The Bachelor Family Blogs: Predicting the Winner and the Next Bachelorette >>>It‘s time for the romantic overnight dates in Thailand, as Sean is forced to eliminate another potential bride. Will he send home AshLee and her over-sized heart? It used to be two sizes too small before the Whos taught her the true meaning of Christmas. Or maybe it will be Lindsay, the 5-foot-nothing ball of sexpot fun who is apparently the best kisser in show history. Or is it the end of the line for best-friend-in-waiting Catherine, who almost quit after Lesley left just because she though Lesley and Sean would‘ve been great together? Three will enter, only two will stay, and I‘m pretty sure only one is a lock for the fantasy suite. (Love you, Lindsay!) Read more »
You know what they say: The couples that play together stay together. If that‘s true, then Sean and Catherine just might stand a fighting chance! Personally, I‘ve liked this weirdo since her first deleted scene -- the one that featured her unicycling around a Seattle park, showing off her "ah-spicy" dance moves in business attire and introducing her catch-phrase, "Love the beef." Weeks later, Catherine‘s still hungry for Sean, but she‘s showing her vulnerable side, too. Will she win this season‘s final rose?  Read more »
Now that Sean Lowe has eliminated AshLee, we‘re down to two girls on The Bachelor season 17. While both Lindsay and Catherine have equal chances at winning as they both bring out a different side of Sean, this week‘s overnight dates have allowed viewers to see more of Sean‘s chemistry with his final two--- which gives us more clues as to who Sean would pick in the finale. Below you can find what reality stars have to say about Lindsay and Catherine:  Read more »
ABC is targeting women this summer with a double dose of sexy, salacious shows Monday nights.The Bachelorette will begin season 9 on Monday, May 20 from 9-11pm, most likely following the final performance show of Dancing with the Stars. It will move to its regular time slot, 8-10pm, starting May 27.  Read more »
The season finale of The Bachelor airs next Monday, and fans are anxious to find out which of remaining women will win Sean‘s heart. Will it be Catherine, the goofy graphic designer from Seattle? Or will he choose Lindsay, the substitute teacher who introduced herself while wearing a wedding dress? The two women do share some traits. They both pride themselves on being funny, goofy pranksters who keep Sean on his toes, and they‘re obviously both lovely people. (No Tierraists made it through the screening process.) Aside from that, though, Lindsay and Catherine don‘t have all that much in common. So who will Sean decide on? His choice will reveal a lot about him.  Read more »
Tonight marks the highly anticipated Women Tell All special where eliminated contestants reunite to basically talk about the drama that transpired this season on The Bachelor. Of course none of this really matters if the season‘s villain doesn‘t show up. Fortunately, Tierra returns and so does her infamous eyebrows. But who cares about Tierra‘s eyebrows? Apparently, America does because it has it‘s own Twitter.  Read more »
We‘ve heard plenty from Sean Lowe regarding this season of The Bachelor, both on Twitter and during a special episode dedicated to his side of the story. Now, the women get their moment to "tell all." It‘s refreshing because The Bachelor is essentially about Sean‘s journey for love, when in reality, we all know that love is actually a two-way hiking trail through the rocky mountains of Montana. Or something. Read more »
Going into the "Women Tell All" episode, I always felt that the highlight would be the return of Tierra, who caused the most drama in on The Bachelor season 17. While it was interesting to see Tierra face-off with the other women, another bachelorette took center stage with a revelation that left viewers wondering who‘s telling the truth: Sean or AshLee?  Read more »
The Bachelor season 17 comes to an end tonight as Sean Lowe makes a big decision that could impact the rest of his life. Will he pick Catherine or Lindsay? It‘s hard to tell since Sean admits that he‘s in love with both women at this point in the competition but as his mom points out, maybe he shouldn‘t propose because he‘s in love with both. Could Sean leave the competition single and alone?  Read more »
Desiree Hartsock will get another shot at love on reality TV as the star of The Bachelorette season 9. The official announcement was made by Chris Harrison during tonight‘s The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special though the fashion designer from Northglenn, Colorado has been in the running for the coveted position for some time now, along with AshLee Frazier, Lesley Murphy, Sarah Herron and Lindsay Yenter, who allegedly turned down the role.  Read more »
We just finished up the emotional two-hour live finale of The Bachelor, which means we‘ve still got another dramatic hour to learn the latest about the happy couple and the runner-up. The 17 seasons of The Bachelor have only yielded one marriage, between Jason Mesnick and his runner-up, so the odds are not quite in Sean and Catherine‘s favor. So are they together and doing well? Are they still engaged? Have they set a date? Are they BFFs? Does Catherine Lowe not necessarily have the ring you‘d like to hear? And who is the next Bachelorette?The Bachelor Finale Recap: Who Will Win Sean‘s Heart? >>>It‘s time to answer all these questions and more in "After the Final Rose," and Chris Harrison promises we‘ll have a bombshell announcement that just came about in the last 24 hours and highlights why this show needs to be live. Read more »
Every show has a shelf life. Much like the yogurt in my refrigerator, there are a ton of TV shows, both scripted and reality, that have long passed their expiration dates. Here are 10 reality shows that are starting to sour or are simply down right rancid.  Read more »
So the rumors were true after all: even though his name wasn‘t included when the cast was officially revealed two weeks ago, ABC has now announced that The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe is signing on to Dancing with the Stars season 16, joining the likes of Aly Raisman, Wynonna Judd, Kellie Pickler and Andy Dick. This comes just a day after Sean proposed to Catherine Giudici on The Bachelor season finale. Read more »
After three months of holding Sean Lowe‘s hand (and reminding him to wear a shirt) as he walked down the path to love and whittled 26 women down to just two, the big day is finally here. Little Sean is all grown up, and even though his parents don‘t want him to, he‘s ready to drop to one knee and offer one special lady a rose ring ... and his heart. Yes, it‘s the season finale of The Bachelor, when one hunky man + one cute and goofy lady + one final rose = three magical hours of television. Yes, that‘s correct. THREE HOURS. But who will Sean choose? Will it be Lindsay or Catherine?As we build up to the live "After the Final Rose" show, the women will get one last chance to lock up Sean for good. Apparently both the graphic designer from Seattle and the Army brat substitute teacher from Missouri make good first impressions with Sean‘s family, which only muddles his decision even further. Sean‘s family begs him not to propose to either and just take his time, but there‘s no indication he heeds that advice. Read more »
While all eyes are on Sean Lowe and his fiancee Catherine Giudici or perhaps new Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, I decided to make Lindsay Yenter, the woman who got rejected on Monday‘s Bachelor finale, the subject of this week‘s blog. Not surprisingly, most reality stars from the franchise also have something to say about Sean‘s runner-up, particularly her heartbreaking rejection.  Read more »
If you watched season 2 of American Horror Story wondered how they can top Asylum, then maybe adding some witchcraft will do the trick. At the 2013 PaleyFest panel for AHS, creator Ryan Murphy provided a few details on season 3 and even revealed what this year‘s subtitle will be.Also, Sean Lowe may have just proposed to Catherine during the Bachelor finale, but everything‘s not coming up roses for one of the franchise‘s spin-off shows. And Simon Cowell is launching a global YouTube competition this week. Read on to find out how it‘ll be different than any other competition he‘s been a part of and how One Direction will be involved. Read more »
Tonight, Dancing with the Stars enters its 16th season. After a ratings dip last year, the show has a lot to prove this time around. Some have complained that the stars aren‘t as high-profile this year -- I‘m excited to see what Andy Dick will do, but then I‘m kind of sick -- while others have complained that the lineup is a little too predictable. We‘ll see if the magic of celebrity dance is back this time around, as I live-blog the proceedings. Read more »
As the current TV season comes to a close over the next couple months, that doesn‘t mean we won‘t have anything to watch during the summer hiatus. ABC has announced premiere dates for their summer lineup, including The Bachelorette, Wipeout and Rookie Blue. Read more »
It‘s going to take a couple more weeks before The Bachelorette kicks off it‘s ninth season with Desiree Hartsock but you can pass the time by catching up with the latest scoop and controversies surrounding the Bachelor franchise. In this week‘s roundup, we get updates on Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici‘s relationship, a couple who recently parted ways and a new couple alert. Read more »
It‘s time for another round of news and gossip on The Bachelor franchise! In this week‘s edition, we learn about Jake Pavelka‘s biggest TV regret, the latest rumors haunting Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici‘s relationship and get a sneak peek into the new season of The Bachelorette.  Read more »
On Season 17 of The Bachelor, America was shocked by Sean Lowe‘s decision to send Desiree Hartsock home after their hometown date. Since their first date, it was clear that there was an undeniable connection between them, but Sean and Des could not reignite that original spark after her brother, Nathan, told Sean, "I think you‘re just a playboy."  Read more »
It doesn‘t matter whether they‘re on television or in movies -- teenagers love vampires. Though it shouldn‘t come as a surprise, it‘s now made official. In the first set of surfboard nominations for the Teen Choice Awards, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 leads the field with seven, and The Vampire Diaries is not far behind with five. Read more »
The highly anticipated season premiere of The Bachelorette is nearly here, airing on the Monday of Memorial Day weekend. Everyone will hopefully have spent most of their holiday out in the sun, so an evening gathered around the couch will be welcomed, especially if it involves meeting Desiree Hartsock‘s men! Here are a few ideas to prepare for the premiere and survive those two hour long episodes this season.  Read more »
The premiere of The Bachelorette is almost here and the most important part of the first episode will be the rose ceremony. It will kick off Desiree Hartsock‘s journey to find love and set the tone for the rest of the season. Here are a few tips for this season‘s bachelors to survive the first rose ceremony.Dress To Impress With 25 suitors for Desiree Hartsock to meet, an important factor in the first rose ceremony will be outfit choices. It‘s not just the women of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that dazzle in their dresses and jewelry, but the men as well in their sharp button downs and slacks. In order to initially get Desiree‘s attention, the guys must show off their personal styles.  Read more »
Welcome back, Bachelorette fans! It‘s the night we‘ve all been simultaneously anticipating and dreading -- the Memorial Day where Desiree Hartsock begins her second quest for love and we sign over three months worth of Monday nights to ABC. Once you start, there‘s no going back.I‘m not sure if you, like me, were anxiously awaiting the fourth season of Bachelor Pad this summer, you know, just to give Desiree a little more time to get over Sean Lowe. That‘s what I thought the Fall-Spring hiatus was for, didn‘t you? That and a whole bunch of slutty good-looking guys and gals living together and competing for such a small sum of money compared to what the show must bring in. Where else could a guy like Kalon go from villain to the most awesomest player ever? Read more »
Desiree Hartsock kicked off her Bachelorette journey by meeting 25 men, weeding out the creepy, the knight, the magician and the dipper, and ultimately trimming  down her hopefuls to 19  by the end of  last night‘s episode. Though this was just the first episode of season 9, some guys already stood out as possible front-runners-- as revealed and predicted by host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and even Desiree herself.  Read more »
On the premiere of The Bachelorette last week, Desiree Hartsock met her men, and it was all about first impressions. She had a decent list of easy cuts, including Drunkie McFantasy Suite (who didn‘t even make it to the rose ceremony and had to leave in a van), Magic Nick, the non-Renaissance Man Renaissance Man, Larry the dippy doctor, Sir Diogo and the guy who thought it was a great idea to stitch together his own suit.This allowed several other throwaways to slip by the first elimination, just because they weren‘t as bad as the people she did have to send home. Now it‘s time to see who steps up, because it‘s first date time! That means the answers to some of our burning questions will start to emerge. Read more »
On Monday‘s Bachelorette, Desiree experienced her first batch of dates and while these dates appeared to be a lot of fun, they didn‘t yield the same results. The group date was entertainingly painful to watch and Bryden‘s one-on-one with Desiree was sweet yet awkward while Desiree‘s bridal date with Brooks was cheesy yet very passionate. After comparing these dates and judging from these blogs below, it‘s safe to assume that Desiree‘s first date of the season made the best impact.   Read more »
It happened Monday night. We finally found out which bachelor left his girlfriend back home to join The Bachelorette and it was somewhat shocking. While viewers already anticipated that this drama would kick off at the beginning of the season, it was surprising to see Brian‘s alleged girlfriend Stephanie on the show and their dramatic confrontation. Below you can find Ali Fedowtosky‘s reaction, Chris Harrison‘s side of the story and Desiree Hartsock‘s sentiments over this week‘s ordeal.  Read more »
Hidey Ho, Bacheloreenos! Desiree Hartsock continues her quest for love in what promises to be an explosive week on The Bachelorette. As if things weren‘t hot enough only two weeks in, we‘re promised muchisimo on display (and not just from nickname-less Juan Pablo!) and a shocking surprise girlfriend, likely from a suitor that hasn‘t stood out much this season.I‘m not going to spoil who is speculated to be the still-betrothed not-so-gentleman, but it is seemingly someone I‘ve referred to as "forgettable guy blank" since the premiere. At least this should give him some notoriety, albeit the notorious kind. Read more »
Before I get into recapping this week‘s The Bachelorette, I first want to know if they‘ve ever done a Miss Bachelorette America pageant where the girls walk around in bikinis and pretend they have talent. It goes right along with my complaints about Sean Lowe starting every episode of The Bachelor in the shower, with this season‘s equivalent being Desiree Hartsock sketching in a notebook.The Bachelorette Family Blogs: Brian‘s Girlfriend Drama >>>I remember the rock concert episode where the girls got to pick their own outfits and the polar bear club where they jumped in the freezing water in bathing suits, but I can‘t recall a group date for the girls that was so demanding of skimpy outfits. My girlfriend tells me it‘s just not how the world works, but I am 100% for gender equality. Even when it comes to blatant sexploitation. Especially when it comes to blatant sexploitation. Read more »
Desiree Hartsock may have sent home two men in Atlantic City but let‘s admit it, there was nothing really controversial about this week‘s Bachelorette. Still, that doesn‘t mean our regular Bachelorette bloggers don‘t have anything to talk about. In fact, James‘ revelation that he cheated on his ex left viewers debating whether or not she should have sent him home. Meanwhile, observations about Desiree‘s latest group date could reveal something interesting.  Read more »
We‘ve all had bad dates. There‘s the date where you‘ve got nothing to talk about, the date where you just aren‘t into the person and the date where the girl orders Sutter Home white zinfandel at a bar where the glass costs more than the bottle. (Anyone else? Just me? Okay.) And then there‘s the worst, the date where everything the other person says just makes you angry.This could be based on stupidity, like if he or she talks about the moon landing with air quotes or insists on referring to the president as Barack Hussein Obama (See: "Why I‘m dumping you" letter.) It could also be the "I‘m better than everyone else, including you" attitude or critical commentary or any number of things that just piss you off. Read more »
This week‘s Bachelorette proved that a change of setting and unexpected circumstances could lead to amazing discoveries and connections. Bryden interrupted Desiree‘s date with Chris and quit the competition, prompting Desiree to question whether her other bachelors are in for the long haul. However, Chris comforted Desiree and gave her exactly what she needed at the time. Meanwhile, the most awkward two-on-one date in Bachelorette history led to Ben‘s elimination, and though Michael got a rose, it sealed his fate in the competition. Find out what reality stars have  to say about this week‘s drama: Read more »
Mikey was not given a rose last week, which isn‘t all that surprising given the fact that he had‘t had a one-on-one date, and he was mostly been shown having fun rather than being serious about trying to find love. However, he was surprised.He discussed his time on The Bachelorette, the drama that‘s going to unfold next week with his best friend in the house and more. Read more »
One villain down, one to go.That‘s the new goal on The Bachelorette, as the guys desperately look to refocus their death ray of wrong-reasoned, hair-gelled Jager Bomb energy now that Ben is gone.After Desiree Hartsock eliminated the southern Christian gentleman and bar-expanding doting father, who promptly vowed to publicly sleep with as many sluts as possible for the duration of his remaining two seconds of fame, you‘d have thought we were bad-guy free. But no no, ABC double-cast that role this season, and James has man-tears to prove it. Man tears. And not the Rudy kind. Read more »
After the drama involving Brian‘s girlfriend, Bryden‘s voluntary exit and Ben‘s controversial behavior, Desiree Hartsock  had to deal with yet another drama this week on The Bachelorette. James, who initially came across as one of the good guys, quickly turned into a villain after several guys overheard him saying that he wants to become the next Bachelor. Not surprisingly, the tension and emotions hit the roof as Desiree found out about this, confronted James, and ultimately sent him home. Find out what host Chris Harrison, Season 6 Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowksy and Desiree herself have to say about James: Read more »
If you feel like Desiree Hartsock‘s quest for love on The Bachelorette has been particularly dramatic compared to other seasons, it‘s not just you. This time around, it has been pretty easy for whoever‘s job it is to figure out which parts to put on television.In just six weeks, she has eliminated a guy with a girlfriend, had a dude fly all the way to Germany just to unnecessarily interrupt her date and quit, partook in the most awkward and accusatory two-on-one date in show history that sent Ben packing, cut ties with a guy whose main goal was to be the next Bachelor and listened to at least three of Chris‘ poems, all while whittling down her list of potential suitors from 25 to five. Read more »
With only four men left on The Bachelorette, it‘s becoming pretty obvious which guys are making quite an impact on Desiree Hartsock. And based on Monday‘s episode, it looks like it‘s going to be a battle between Brooks and Chris. Find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and Desiree herself have to stay about these two front runners.  Read more »
Desiree Hartsock has entered the home stretch run in her quest for love on The Bachelorette, and I don‘t know about you, but I‘m starting to wonder if she ends up with anyone at all (spoilers be damned!).Yes, we are eight weeks in. But doesn‘t it feel like just yesterday we were judging a guy in a knight suit who barely spoke English and a dude who spent the entire first night shirtless, trying to salvage his impression by taking his pants off and jumping in the pool?And yes, that man is in our final four.Still, I see clear-cut issues with each guy, and with hometown dates up next, no one is really running away with it. Read more »
The hometown dates not only gave Desiree Hartsock the chance to meet her bachelors‘ families but it also gave viewers a better understanding of Desiree‘s relationship with her final three men. So who does Desiree pick in the end? Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and Bachelorette season 5 star Jillian Harris make their predictions while host Chris Harrison and Desiree herself weigh in on this week‘s Bachelorette.   Read more »
Sure, the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise is about finding love. And as we‘ve seen in 25 previous attempts, it kinda sorta happens from time to time, occasionally -- not really, but hey, that one time, right?We watch for the drama, the fairy tale, the lavish dates and the attractive and sometimes crazy and evil suitors. But for one night each season, it‘s all about the confrontation. And that, my thorny friends, is what‘s on tap a week earlier than usual this time around. Read more »
The Men Tell All has always been about exes returning to the spotlight to face the Bachelorette, hoping to get some form of closure. However, it may also be about the introduction of someone being possibly groomed to become the next Bachelor. While Chris, Drew and Brooks (or whoever Desiree Hartsock doesn‘t choose in the end) will most likely be offered the coveted starring role, it‘s hard not to consider Zak and Juan Pablo, two contenders that positively dominated this week‘s Bachelorette episode. Read on to find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and Desiree herself have to say about them.  Read more »
Things are about to get very emotional as Desiree Hartsock and her final three men explore the island of Antigua on The Bachelorette. Tonight‘s episode marks the first of the two-part finale special and, if you‘re not aware of the spoilers and speculations posted around the internet, it‘s going to be "an emotional bombshell that no one saw coming." At least that‘s what ABC‘s promo says. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
It‘s been a long journey to get to this point, and now Desiree Hartsock is down to her final three suitors. I am joining you tonight for this VERY dramatic Bachelorette recap. Rest assured, our resident expert will be back next week.Des is hoping for a fairytale ending with one of the final three men standing: Drew, Brooks and Chris. There are many rumors swirling around the end of The Bachelorette this season. I would love for Des to find true love this time, but I am starting to wonder if that is possible.Tonight, Des and her men explore the enchanting island of Antigua. We open on Des at the front of a sailboat as she reflects on her search for love. Read more »
On Monday‘s episode, Chris and Drew went on overnight dates with Desiree Hartsock and further declared their love for the Bachelorette. The highlight of the show, however, was Brooks, who suddenly had a change of heart and left Desiree heartbroken and devastated. This watercooler moment was so dramatic and unexpected that no one saw coming (that is if you‘re not aware of the spoilers). Not surprisingly, our readers and Facebook followers are now divided on how they feel about him.   Read more »
Well, well well, Bachelorette fans. It all comes down to this. Ours and Desiree Hartsock‘s combined quests for love come to an end this week, with the ultimate question being, will Desiree‘s search continue on her own (without us? without US??)? Are you prepared? I, for one, sure as hell am not. We‘ve grown accustomed to this being a sweet, hopeful night built on the possibility of everlasting love that, even if for just a brief moment in time, proves that fairytale endings can happen atop a far-off cliff overlooking a glistening lake as the setting sun brims on the horizon of singledom. Read more »
Juan Pablo got the boot from Desiree in Barcelona during Week 6 -- Mikey lasted longer than him, but for someone with not much screen time during The Bachelorette, his popularity shot up with fans, who can‘t get enough of the former pro soccer player born in the US but raised in Venezuela. Read more »
Um, yeah. So if we‘ve ever needed an immediate follow-up to a surprising love story on The Bachelorette, it‘s season 8 with Desiree Hartsock.Des‘ quest for love ended with a rather abrupt engagement to Chris after love-of-her-life Brooks unceremoniously crushed her dreams and went home in part one of the finale. But then Chris said some nice stuff, I guess, picked up the shattered pieces of her heart and put them back together like Humpty Dumpty, forming a new woman whose motivations almost don‘t seem believable. Read more »
Desiree Hartsock finally got her happy ending as she said yes to Chris Siegfried on The Bachelorette. Many were pleased with Desiree‘s choice but there were also some fans who felt that she made a hasty decision to settle with Chris as she was still not over Brooks at the time. Find out what host Chris Harrison, season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris and Desiree herself have to say about it.  Read more »
We have some tragic news to report today: The Bachelor season 14 contestant Gia Allemand has died. She was 29 years old.Update 2:25pm: It is now being reported by TMZ that Allemand hanged herself. When her boyfriend found her, he called 911 right away.Update 1:30pm: According to TMZ, Gia Allemand had been "extremely upset about a rocky relationship" with boyfriend Ryan Anderson -- he was the one who found her in her home Monday night. They‘re reporting that the cause of death was suicide, and that she suffered from a "critical loss of brain and organ function."Allemand was rushed to the hospital on Monday, August 12, and underwent a "serious emergency medical event," according to E! Online, where she was listed in critical condition. Details of this emergency are unknown at this time, but she was put on life support. Her family, including her mother and boyfriend, were by her side. Read more »
In this week‘s Bachelor roundup, we give updates on Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried‘s relationship while revealing Sean Lowe‘s pick for The Bachelor. We also get details onGia Allemand‘s funeral. Read on to find out more.  Read more »