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The Bachelor returns for its 14th season and this time, it‘s Jake Pavelka‘s turn to find love. The handsome commercial pilot from Dallas is more than ready to settle down and meet the 25 women who might possibly capture his heart in tonight‘s two-hour premiere special.  Read our spoiler-filled preview of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love episode 1:Bachelor Season Premiere: Claws, Tears and Costumes All Come Out ‘On the Wings of Love‘ Read more »
The latest scandal on ABC‘s The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love has now been confirmed by none other than the reality dating show‘s host, Chris Harrison. Warning: Read no further if your want to go into the season completely blind.   Read more »
It‘s finally here, you guys. The Bachelor starts TONIGHT! Unless you‘vebeen living under some sort of wifi-less, basic cable-less rock, youknow that this season stars pilot Jake Pavelka, the guy who:A) Came on too strong to Bachelorette Jillian last season, but wooed the nation with his all-American absB) Accused last season‘s singing snake Wes Hayden of being a girlfriend-hiding, singing snakeC) Once played a younger version of Chuck Norris on Walker: Texas RangerD) Is about to inspire a record-setting number of pilot-puns, starting with this season‘s subtitle, "On the Wings of Love"E) Has labored under the terrible affliction of being considered "too perfect" and "too nice" his entire lifeTheseare the important facts you should know about Jake Pavelka beforetonight‘s Bachelor premiere. And we‘re about to learn a whole lot more.Lucky US!  Read more »
If there‘s one thing I learned about the premiere of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, it‘s that Jake Pavelka likes the crazy. This season offered a bunch of cuckoopants to look forward to--- from girls with a bag of dirt to peacock feathers. Producers, however, decided to up the ante with Channy, Kathryn and Michelle.Check out The Bachelor premiere recap here.  Read more »
Like a traveling circus, The Bachelor is a consistent, revolving display of stunts meant for mass appeal and mindless thrill. From trapeze-lovers to elephant-enthusiasts, this show has something for everyone! (Except people who enjoy things like books and dignity.) And every true fan has her true favorite part of the freak show.Are you tickled pink by the catfight that breaks out between women as they battle for the hot tub spot next to the Bachelor? YOU‘RE RIGHT, it is even funnier when you realize they‘re literally boiling alive! Do you just adore watching the runner-up get crushed by the inevitable but nonetheless sharp dagger of rejection and sob uncontrollably on a bench in an ironically serene exotic location? I‘M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! A little schadenfreude is good for the soul!But it‘s all about the first impression, if you ask me. The first impressions are as good as it GETS!The Bachelor first impression is all about making yourself stand out in a crowd. But that doesn‘t mean you should be yourself, or even anything like a real human! That kind of rookie mistake will get you canned--unless you‘ve got huge cans, in which case it‘s better to not say anything at all, and just smile and nod. Best foot boob forward!Over the years, as Bachelor contestants become more acclimated to the idea of selling their adult lives to a shiny stranger handing out roses, their gimmicks get cheesier, their pick-up lines get cornier, and their desperation becomes positively palpable. It‘s an All You Can Eat Buffet of Second-Hand Embarrassment, and I want seconds, please!But coming up with the perfect blend of Bachelor bait is harder than you think. You have to, like, think really hard about it, for close to forever! Maybe like ten minutes.Below, check out some of the rejected first ideas the contestants came up with. Thank goodness they went with their better ideas!  Read more »
The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love has given Jake Pavelka 25 bachelorettes to choose from, ranging from the desperates, the crazies and the ideal girls next door. After the premiere, however, we‘re left with 10 hopefuls--- one of which, according to Jake, includes his future wife. With that in mind, I‘ve picked my bottom three contestants and then tell you why Jake should stay away from these girls.I‘m sure you all have your own bottom three predictions as well so feel free to share yours in the comments below. After all, your guess is as good as mine. Also check out:The Bachelor Season Premiere RecapTop 15 Co-Pilot Power RankingsRejected First Ideas for Pick-Up LinesThe Bachelor‘s Craziest Contestants The Bachelor Scandal Read more »
You probably had a few laughs over the cheesy pickup lines and you probably got drunk playing The Bachelor drinking game over tons of pilot puns in the first episode alone. But there‘s one more thing that made the season opener fun to watch: the women who came bearing gifts!If you missed the premiere of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, check out this article for the recap. Read more »
Well, ladies and gents, he‘s done it again! Even ABC must admit that TV blogger "Reality Steve" knows how to make and work the right connections, as today he posted more information on his blog than any number of screencap-analyzers and Facebook-sleuths have been able to figure out since before this season of The Bachelor began: who Jake Pavelka‘s final choices are, right down to the final girl!Steve also claims to have unearthed what truly went down between one contestant and a Bachelor crew member, a situation that ABC promos and host Chris Harrison have been trying to paint as a "sexual affair." That‘s not the whole, or even close to factual, story, says Steve. And he‘s got the real story out in the open before they can even get theirs on the air.We‘ve got to give credit where credit‘s due, and we also don‘t want to spoil anyone when it comes to upcoming eliminations... unless they want to be spoiled! Below, you‘ll find a link to Steve‘s blog to find out which girls end up in 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place on this season of The Bachelor. None of this is confirmed, of course, so read at your own risk.Also, read on for a brief summary of Steve‘s claims about the truth behind the upcoming "scandal," including which woman is involved.  Read more »
Jake picked a lot of fabulous girls for his Top 15 but I can‘t help but feel that he also made some poor choices in the first episode alone. Out of the 10 hopefuls he eliminated on The Bachelor, there were two girls that should have stayed at least for another episode: Elizabeth, the captain in the D.C. international guard, and Sheila the pilot. Read more »
In his post-premiere blog on Tuesday, Bachelor host Chris Harrison revealed that the "scandal" set to go down during next week‘s episode refers to an "inappropriate" relationship between one Bachelor cast member and one show producer--and though his language is (purposefully) vague and short on details, the season promo that aired at the end of Monday night‘s episode made the accusation clear, via another woman‘s voiceover: "She‘s having a sexual affair with someone in the Bachelor house!" Yesterday, Bachelor blogger turned anti-ABC crusader Reality Steve took to his blog to tell a different story, revealing that the contestant in question is single mother/model/make-up artist Rozlyn Papa. Steve cited an unnamed source who revealed that no sexual affair occurred, and that the "scandal" storyline was concocted to cover up Rozlyn‘s voluntary departure from the show after she felt betrayed by producers. Read the full story here.RadarOnline spoke to Rozlyn today, and while her contract with ABC likely kept her from spilling too many details about her time on the show, one statement came out crystal clear: "No, I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show."  Read more »
Check out two sneak peeks of next week‘s Bachelor episode, which we all know will include plenty of "scandalous" drama, but will also include the show‘s standards that we have come to know and love: ladies in bikinis fighting over one special guy!Plus: next week‘s 1-on-1 date recipient receives a special gift that will have her flying high.  Read more »
This morning ABC affiliate News10 Good Morning correspondents Dan Elliott and Kelly Jackson spoke with Jake Pavelka about his first week as the latest Bachelor. One viewer wrote in to ask Jake if he was concerned by seeing so few "professional" women and so many models in his group of 25 eligible bachelorettes, which he whittled down to 15 at the end of the episode."Not really," he laughed. Not the most thoughtful response, but can you really blame him?For the rest of Jake‘s interview, including his defense of that wimpy football throw we saw during episode 1, see the video below. Read more »
The fairy tale begins for remaining hopefuls as they move in to their luxurious villa in Malibu in the second episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. After the First Rose Ceremony, Jake Pavelka is now left with 15 bachelorettes to choose from, including Ali, Ashley, Ashleigh, Christina, Corrie, Elizabeth, Ella, Gia, Jessie, Kathryn, Michelle, Rozlyn, Tenley, Valishia, and Vienna. Tonight on The Bachelor, there will be one one-one-one date, two group dates and a "shocking" incident with disastrous results. If you‘ve been following all the news and updates this season, then you‘re well aware that this episode will shed light on a controversial scandal, which you can read more about here.  Read more »
If you‘ve been following the Bachelor "scandal" headlines, you know that even before tonight‘s episode finally reveals the who, what and why of the show‘s big infidelity plot, both the accuser and the accused have come out to express their anger and frustration about the lies and betrayal of the other side. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight this morning, Bachelor Jake Pavelka added his take on the story, confirming that the "cheater" on the show is model/mom Rozlyn Papa, and explained how he "shook off the hurt of being betrayed."  Read more »
It‘s the second episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, and if the mass amounts of pre-show publicity are any indication (which they often are, since that is their point of existence) we are in for a real doozy of an episode. A bit of turbulence, you might say. A cold front that will make for a rather bumpy ride, if you will. Something so disgusting it will have you reaching for your barf bag... something even worse than those terrible flying puns, which I promise to STOP right this instance. SEATBELT SIGN‘S ON! Okay, now I really will stop.The episode starts with host Chris Harrison sitting down the 15 remaining "lucky" ladies and explaining the rules of the game journey toward true love and eternal matrimony. Like real dating life, it‘s a rigid, alternating system of compulsory displays of desperation which then will be rewarded with corresponding displays of either rejection or acceptance. One girl gets a rose on each group date, and each girl on an individual date has the chance to get a rose. Girls on group dates who don‘t get the rose have to await their fate at the next rose ceremony, while girls who don‘t get a rose on a 1-on-1 date have to leave immediately.In other words: "No rose, she goes." Easy enough for even the models to understand! (Yes, commenters, I am just jealous. Why do you think I became a writer? Just let me have this.) Read more »
More than anything, the infamous "scandal" on The Bachelor was the one thing I was looking forward to in tonight‘s episode. As expected, it came during the tail end of the episode just before the second rose ceremony, and it involved the two people that were previously mentioned in our report (Rozlyn and one of the production crew). In fact, previous reports and spoilers were so extensively spot-on that it didn‘t really make that much impact when host Chris Harrison confronted Rozlyn or when he broke the incident to Jake Pavelka and the rest of the remaining bachelorettes.  Read more »
Another episode of The Bachelor aired last night and I‘m happy to say that we are now down to 12 bachelorettes. I‘m also pleased that two girls from my list of bottom three blondes (Christina and Rozlyn) have already been eliminated. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of weeding out to do for Jake Pavelka and this time, I think it‘s best to start with "the Desperates."  Read more »
It‘s official! The once rumored spin-off of ABC‘s popular reality dating series is now a go, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The latest Mike Fleiss project, which is entitled Bachelor Pad, will bring back 20 participants from the previous 13 cycles of The Bachelor and five editions of The Bachelorette, and will ultimately serve as the first "all-star" reunion for the franchise. Read more »
Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa is still crying foul since she was publicly accused of hooking up with a producer and asked to leave the show. Papa is actively denying any such affair, and yesterday she made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight in which she asked, "At what point does somebody say that this show‘s ratings are more important than my life?"Well, Papa just got her answer: Monday night‘s episode of The Bachelor helped bring ABC its highest ratings in seven weeks, and posted 1 million more viewers than the show‘s premiere on January 4.  Read more »
The scandalous mess on The Bachelor has left us with lots of burning questions and an endless stream of "he said, she said" arguments from host Chris Harrison and contestant Rozlyn. The main question of whether Rozlyn really cheated on Jake seems to be the biggest question mark thus far this season (though I really don‘t want to call it cheating considering Jake is dating 14 other women), and after all the debacle, I‘m still uncertain as to who‘s to believe.  Read more »
ABC has released a deleted scene from Monday‘s scandalous Bachelor episode, during which contestant Rozlyn Papa was eliminated for an "inappropriate relationship" with a show producer (which she is now actively denying). The scene shows the other women in the house discussing their suspicions about Rozlyn‘s behavior, including testimony from several women saying they saw the staffer and Rozlyn snuggling on the couch late at night. Read more »
If you think Jake‘s quest for love will be smooth sailing from here on, think again. Last week‘s Rozlyn scandal may be deemed one of the most shocking controversies in Bachelor history but the truth is, it‘s only the beginning of more startling revelations and outrageous drama. Tonight, jealousy reigns among the 12 remaining bachelorettes when they learn that not all of them will go on a date with Jake.  Read more »
In the latest promo for tonight‘s episode of ABC‘s The Bachelor, contestant Tenley Molzahn appears to confess these fateful words to the weary Bachelor, pilot Jake Pavelka:"I‘m pregnant."The promo then cuts to a quick shot of Tenley wiping away some tears."Oh. My. GOD! The first Bachelor baby EVER!" - YouExcept that anyone who‘s ever watched a single season of The Bachelor knows not to take this editing hack-job at face value.  Read more »
As Jake Pavelka‘s search continues for the love of his life on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, fans are getting to know each of the remaining women just a little bit better each week. But how well do we really know the ladies featured on the highly edited--and some might say highly fabricated--reality dating show? As with all important questions, the Internet holds the answer. Check out our list (so far) of where you can find your favorite (and least favorite) of Jake‘s love interests online, on everything from personal websites to Twitter accounts.You can even follow Rozlyn Papa on Twitter as she deals with her sex scandal notoriety. Oh, boy! Read more »
After three painstaking episodes, Jake finally grew a pair and sent home one of the craziest and obsessive contestants in Bachelor history. If you missed episode 3 of The Bachelor, read the full recap here.  Read more »
Sugar, spice and everything nice. That‘s what I thought of Ali when I first saw her on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. And as I got to know her in the second episode, it became clear that is why Jake kept her in the first place. But chemistry, sunshine personality and looks aside, Ali also has a dark side, which alarmed me a little bit going into the third episode of the season.  If you missed episode 3 of The Bachelor 14, you can read the full recap here. Read more »
Monday night, audiences tuned in for the latest Bachelor drama-fest with one question on their minds: Is Tenley, the adorable, virtuous, former Disney princess, really pregnant? In the promo before the episode, ABC showed contestant Tenley Molzahn proclaiming the news to to Jake Pavelka, and then breaking down in tears. But the scene was cut from the episode, and viewers were left to wonder if they had imagined the whole thing.Now the network has released a "deleted scene" that includes Tenley‘s pregnancy joke, and Bachelor host Chris Harrison took to Twitter to reassure Tenley‘s fans, saying, "Tenley preg was a joke we cut out of the show but got included in a promo. You‘ll see full video on WTA spcl." (That means the Bachelor "Women Tell All" Special, which won‘t air for over a month.) Read more »
After Ali‘s claws came out this week on The Bachelor, I got so caught up with her surprisingly confrontational side that I completely forgot about another contestant who seems like a plausible candidate for this week‘s Ring OR Fling segment. Ella, the  contestant who got the last one-on-one date in the third episode of The Bachelor, looks like a sweet Southern gal with a positive attitude and noble intentions. Unfortunately, action speaks louder than words and if you look closely on her time with Jake, you‘d see that this single mom from Tennessee doesn‘t stand a chance with this season‘s hunk. Read more »
This week on The Bachelor, viewers watched as contestant Michelle Kujawa, 26, made a premature exit from the show after an awkward kiss from Bachelor Jake revealed their lack of chemistry. Michelle waffled over whether to stick it out, saying she would stay if Jake wanted her to, but Jake agreed that it "would be better" if she left, and he escorted her out the door.This morning Michelle spoke to the media about her experience on the show, her thoughts on her "intense" portrayal on TV, and what she hopes for Jake as he continues to look for the love of his life on The Bachelor. Read more »
After an emotional first few weeks of The Bachelor--in which Rozlyn was sent home for allegedly boinking a producer, Michelle was sent home for loving Jake almost to the point of a restraining order, and "life of the party" Vienna became the arch nemesis of former nice girls Ali, Ashleigh and Corrie--you could say that Jake Pavelka deserves a couple easy weeks of carefree helicopter rides and hot-tub makeout sessions.But whether you‘d say that or not, it ain‘t happening. The turbulence for pilot Jake is apparently just getting started.Jake spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what‘s to come as he narrows down his field of potential wives, and said that viewers should expect some terrible (for him), awesome (for us) drama "that is yet to come, and it won‘t be any secret. Horrible. Awful. On a scale of one to 10, it nears a 10."  Read more »
On Monday‘s episode of The Bachelor, Jake takes six of the remaining bachelorettes--Ali, Vienna, Ashleigh, Jessie, Corrie and Tenley--on a dune buggying, sand surfing day of fun at Pismo Beach.But as we all know, on The Bachelor, every date is a competition, so it‘s not all fun and games.Check out this sneak peek video of next week‘s episode, in which the girls fight for the coveted shotgun seat in Jake‘s dune buggy, and Jake measures them up based on their driving abilities. The Bachelor episode 4 airs at 8pm on Monday on ABC.  Read more »
Tonight on The Bachelor: Jake takes the women on a nerve-wracking bungee jumping date, a comedy club challenge with Jon Lovitz, and a family-friendly date at Sea World. One woman leaves early, another gets a taste of her own medicine, and Vienna becomes everyone‘s #1 enemy. There are 12 women left, and only one Jake Pavelka! Yes, Jake, you should be worried.That was the short recap. Here‘s the long version: Read more »
Don‘t let that smile fool you. Only three episodes into his season of The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka has the tired eyes and defeated slouch of a man who knows he should count his blessings, but deep-down is questioning his choices in life. (Much the way I imagine Jon Gosselin‘s face looked on the day of his sextuplets‘ birth.) Jake has "absolute faith" in the well-practiced "process" of The Bachelor, and by "process," he means the weekly helicopter adventures and rejection ("rose") ceremonies that slowly narrow down his pool of potential models/actresses to just the right model/actress. He saw it work for Bachelorette Jillian Harris, and was confident at the beginning of his show--to the point of absurdity, given the series‘ 1-for-18 track record--that it would work for him, too. He doesn‘t seem so confident anymore. Read more »
Jake is determined not to lead any bachelorettes on if he knew that they couldn‘t become his wife in the end and he‘ll be living up to that promise in the fourth episode of The Bachelor, airing tonight at 8pm on ABC. But before he makes some shocking decisions that would lead to unexpected departures, he‘ll first take the nine remaining hopefuls for a road trip up the picturesque California coast where he‘ll go on a one-on-one date, a group date and a dramatic two-on-one date, where only one woman can receive a rose.  Read more »
Matt Grant, the British financier who starred in The Bachelor‘‘s twelfth installment, The Bachelor: London Calling, has a new calling:A new TV show in the works, called Pimp My Bride.We question whether Grant realizes the implications of such a name, but thankfully, the title is not literal.Grant told Us Magazine that the show, picked up by Warner Brothers, is "about the groom being in control of the wedding."  Read more »
Another sneak peek of tonight‘s Bachelor episode reveals that Jake Pavelka has six total roses to hand out after his romantic road trip with his nine remaining ladies, but only five women may be left standing at the end of the night.Last week when he released Michelle during the middle of a date, Jake made it clear that he doesn‘t intend to lead on any of the women seeking his love, and it looks like he‘ll make good on that intention tonight, and send home one more lady than is technically necessary.In the clip below, watch as Jake picks up his second to last rose, and wavers... and then makes his way to his Bachelor guru, host Chris Harrison, for some much needed advice.  Read more »
Happy Monday, fellow Bachelor-holics!The Bachelor is the kind of show MADE for a drinking game. Not only because it becomes so much more enjoyable when watched with a big group of girlfriends and a bottle (or seven) of wine, but because it follows an unspoken, but unrelentingly strict, set of rules. It‘s like they have the drama-inciting and manipulative-editing down to a science! (Because they do. They totally do.) So it‘s about time that we use those rules to our advantage, and ride high on the wings of FUN!In other words, let‘s all play The Bachelor Drinking Game that I just invented! And you don‘t even have to be 21 to play! Drink water or juice. You will be sooooo hydrated! After the jump, rules for The Bachelor Drinking Game:  Read more »
I have to admit that I was one of those people who didn‘t think vanilla Jake Pavelka could pull off such an entertaining season of The Bachelor but surprisingly, this season has been really fun to watch, from the gritty catfights, cheesy drama down to the big revelations.This week‘s episode highlight lived up to the crazy-twisted-drama that is The Bachelor. Jake started off with nine women to choose from but ended up sending not one, not two but FOUR women home. Did you really imagine Jake would be such a heartbreaker, let alone a rules-breaker?  Read more »
Since TV‘s greatest mystery began five seasons ago, we‘ve thought aboutwho we‘d want in our Tail Section every time we‘ve boarded a plane. Isdear old Dad really cut out for life on the Island? Could yourconniving frenemy outsmart Ben Linus?Our Lost obsession has even creeped into how we watch other television.Instead of admitting we had a problem when we began to ponder how otherTV characters would fare on the Island, we decided to embrace ouraddiction by making a list of our dream team of TV character‘s we‘dmost like to be Lost with.  Read more »
I know you. Two hours of The Bachelor last night just wasn‘t enough for you.You read my hilarious Bachelor episode 4 recap. You played my brand new On The Wings of Fun (TM) Bachelor Drinking Game, and somehow didn‘t end up dead! You even read and respectfully disagreed with my Top 5 Co-Pilot Power Rankings. But you. Still. NEED. MOOOORE! Because you are addicted to LOVE.Well, here‘s another taste of the good stuff for you, my fellow Bachelor-holics, and it‘s a double-dip. First, the latest "Diaries of the Departed," which are finally getting good now that the women are emotionally invested enough to be super pissed-off when they‘re rejected. And then, a deleted scene that proves that Michelle‘s jealous insanity was actually contagious, and Vienna caught it! Read more »
And then there were five: Ali, Tenley, Gia, Vienna and Corrie. It‘s really not hard to imagine why Jake kept some of these girls on The Bachelor. Jake was smitten by Ali in the first episode alone while Tenley consistently showed her sweet sunny side. Gia was just easy on the eyes and Vienna, well that‘s an entirely different story. To find out what the other bachelorettes are saying about Vienna, read our Episode 4 Recap: "Mr. Dateless Wants A Wife."  Read more »
As BuddyTV reported previously, Matt Grant, the English financer who starred on The Bachelor: London Calling, has a new reality series called Pimp My Bride, which he describes as an "organic follow-up to The Bachelor." However, there seems to be some kind of commotion after Warner Brothers‘ Warner Horizon, which will reportedly serve as his production partner for his new show, denied being involved in the project. Read more »
Vienna Girardi, the 23-year-old Bachelor contestant who has been stirring up drama with her fellow contestants this season, has already shown Jake that she has an adventurous side, but this might be going too far: The Hollywood Gossip just leaked an exclusive photo of Vienna donning a winter scarf and nothing else on top.The photo is from a pin-up calendar sent to over 2,500 clients and friends of a tree company in Vienna‘s native Florida in 2009. Read more »
ABC has announced that Bachelor stars Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney will wed on March 8, and the ceremony will air in a two-hour special on the network.Not since Bachelorette Trista Rehn wed Ryan Sutter in 2002 has the show, currently in its nineteenth season (and fourteenth Bachelor) resulted in a televised wedding. Jason is the first Bachelor to walk down the aisle with a contestant from the show.  Read more »
Tonight on the fourth episode of The Bachelor: nine women remain with Jake Pavelka, and it‘s time for a "romantic RV adventure," which is a phrase usually designated for couples who are 65+, right? Jake will go on three dates this week: a 1-on-1 in a vineyard, a tense 2-on-1 dinner, and a 6-on-1 beach day where he will ask the group to "get dirty." (Now that‘s a phrase I don‘t want to hear come out of my RV-driving Grandpa‘s mouth.) Here we go!But before we get to that, I‘d like to apologize to everyone who decided to play my original Bachelor Drinking Game tonight, even though it was so fun and clever and abso-freakin-lutely accurate. Turns out it was TOO accurate, and anyone who followed half of the rules probably isn‘t reading this right now because you‘re so friendly with the bottom of your toilet bowl that you‘ve named it Karen, and you just whispered to Karen that she‘s your "only friend," because you are drunk, and drunk people make very little sense. I‘M SORRY! (But we should still play again next week, please? You won‘t even remember this tomorrow!) Read more »
I‘ve said it once, and I‘ll say it again: Jimmy Kimmel is my hero.This week, Jimmy had Jake Pavelka on his show to discuss the latest Bachelor developments, and posed the question we all wish we could ask, but are barred from asking by the ABC publicists (who are just doing their job, and well):"You did NOT find the woman of your dreams, true? YOU‘RE UNDER OATH!"Too bad Jake couldn‘t answer. But his face is worth, if not 1,000 words, then at least three, and I think they are: "You‘re right, Jimmy!"Below, check out THREE Bachelor talk show videos from this week: Jake with Jimmy, and then host Chris Harrison and ex-contestant Ella Nolan on Ellen. Just like Jake, what they don‘t say is more telling than what they do (contractually, carefully, conspiratorially) say. Read more »
In his conference call at the beginning of this season of The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka was asked what qualities he looks for in a woman. Here‘s what he said:"I‘m looking for someone who is adventurous, and intelligent. Athletic.Compassionate. Romantic. That‘s something that I see is lacking inrelationships today. Trying to find a girl that‘s protective. Differentqualities like that. To me, when you bundle all that together that‘skind of what makes a heart of gold."Well, Jake has since narrowed down his original field of 25 aspiring wives-to-be to just five (Ali, Corrie, Gia, Tenley, Vienna), and intense feelings are starting to develop between Jake and more than one of these ladies. Jake plans to let his heart lead, but will it lead him toward the right woman who possesses the qualities he claims to want? Who‘s the perfect fit for Mr. Pavelka?To find out, we must bring out that age-old, tried-and-true decision-maker tool: The Pro and Con List! Read more »
Only five women remain in the quest to bag themselves a Bachelor, and there‘s currently a debate raging on BuddyTV as to whether contestant Vienna Girardi, 23, is either the perfect match or the perfect nightmare for Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Go to our Bachelor Final 5 Poll and tell us where you stand!ABC‘s latest promo for next week‘s Bachelor episode certainly makes their opinion of Vienna clear as can be, in as subtle, fair and objective messaging as we‘ve come to expect from this reality dating show. (Read: not at all.)But we‘ve got to hand it to them: those Bachelor producers know how to craft a grand storyline!Check out the video for what‘s to come on Monday night, when Vienna‘s "pretty little claws" apparently come out to play. Wonder if we‘ll get a glimpse of some horns and a spiky tail as well? Read more »
Check out the latest sneak peek of next Monday‘s Bachelor episode, in which Jake goes on a two-on-one date with Gia and Vienna (who‘s "pure evil," according to the latest ABC promo), and the competition between the two women heats up.The Bachelor episode 5 description tells us that "the two-on-one date, one bachelorette hasno problem dominating the dinner conversation. With the beautifulCastello di Amaroso winery in Napa Valley as a backdrop, the romancebetween Jake and one of the women intensifies. But the otherbachelorette isn‘t about to see another woman get between her and herman."  Read more »
Tonight‘s Bachelor episode serves as a vital deciding factor for Jake before he chooses which four women he will escort home to meet their families. There are five women left in the running and the pressure is really high as these girls try to win Jake‘s attention during an adventurous road trip in the romantic city of San Francisco.Unlike previous episodes, every girl will go on a date with Jake this week on The Bachelor. However, that doesn‘t mean tonight‘s episode will be without drama.  Read more »
In case you needed another reason to watch the March 1 finale of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, in which Jake Pavelka will select a wife from his final two ladies (or pull a Brad Womack and choose neither), here it is:  Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron will announce next season‘s celebrity dancers throughout The Bachelor‘s dramatic two-hour conclusion. Read more »
It‘s down to the final five women competing for Jake Pavelka‘s heart on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, and the tension, drama, and emotions will only continue to build up until the season finale on March 1. Starting tonight, I‘ll be livethoughting (livethinking?) my recaps of the final five episodes, giving us all a place to read, laugh and comment along as these epic 2-hour night episodes go down in REAL TIME. But don‘t worry, I‘ll still provide the same brand of wit and embarrassing screenshots of the girls that you have come to both expect and adore. Yes, you‘re welcome.Tonight: San Francisco provides a beautiful backdrop to Vienna‘s ugliness (she‘s the devil, remember? ABC says so!) and the other four girls try to get in enough kisses with Jake to make it to next week‘s hometown dates. Read the full episode 5 preview. Read more »
After weeks of drama between Ali and Vienna on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, it doesn‘t look like the tension between these two bachelorettes is going to simmer down anytime soon. Ali is still very vocal about not liking Vienna while Vienna is still the girl that everyone loves to hate. Read more »
Many Bachelor viewers were saddened and shocked when Jake Pavelka eliminated real estate agent, hair stylist, and single mom Ella Nolan, 30, just a week after the two had shared a fun-filled date at Sea World with her young son, Ethan. As one of the more gracious and mature contestants, Ella managed to stay out of the mounting drama between blond lightning rod Vienna and the rest of the house, and kept her focus on getting to know the Bachelor, whom she was convinced was the perfect man with whom to start a new family life. Despite their similar values and emotional chemistry, though, Pavelka felt the connection wasn‘t strong enough to keep Ella from her son any longer, and released her during a two-on-one date this past Monday.Ella spoke with the media yesterday morning about her Bachelor experience, how her son reacted to her elimination, and if she‘d consider being the series‘ first single mom Bachelorette.  Read more »
Last night on The Bachelor, pilot Jake Pavelka let go of Corrie Adamson--the virgin who, despite leaving rose-less, kept her flower firmly intact--and narrowed down his quest for a wife to four finalists: Tenley Molzahn, Gia Allemand, Vienna Girardi and Ali Fedotowsky.Next Monday, Jake will travel to each woman‘s hometown for a visit with her family, an adventure that is sure to take each reality-TV romance "to the next level." (Whatever that means.)Who is leading the race to win Jake‘s heart, and who is on the brink of a lonely limo ride back to the airport? Which Bachelor hometown dates are poised for happiness and family bliss, and which are just disasters waiting to happen?Below, check out my latest Bachelor Co-Pilot Power Rankings to find out! Read more »
After seeing Gia and Jake together on several dates on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, I‘m convinced that opposites really do attract. Gia and Jake may be from two different worlds (she‘s a New York City girl while he‘s a country boy) but their chemistry is just off the charts--- and that‘s something I haven‘t really seen with Jake and the other bachelorettes this season.  Read more »
Want a glimpse of what awaits Bachelor Jake‘s final choice once he‘s a bachelor no more?Check out this video of ET going inside Jake‘s home in Dallas, Texas, where they found out all about his cooking talents, how he decorated his living room, and what his latest woodworking projects are. Plus: what‘s the deal with the dried rose hanging from his bedpost? Creepy! How do we know that this video shows Jake‘s real life? Because it‘s incredibly mundane and boring! No helicopters, no surprise chests full of designer clothing... this is real life, lady. So get ready, wife-to-be, if you exist.  Read more »
I‘ve grilled almost every questionable contestant on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love in this Ring OR Fling segment except for one bachelorette: Tenley. She seems to be everybody‘s favorite at this point, and watching her week after week confirms just how much genuine she really is. While Tenley is certainly the type of girl Jake could bring home to mom, I can‘t help but feel that there‘s something missing whenever I see them together. Am I the only one getting this vibe? Read more »
Men of Earth:Chances are, at some point in your life, you‘ve seen part of an episode of The Bachelor. The show is in its 14th season. How could you have avoided it? Like a million monkeys at a million typewriters eventually writing Shakespeare, some things are just inevitable, and watching The Bachelor is one of those things.However much of The Bachelor you‘ve seen--a whole season or just a whole five minutes-- chances are that you enjoyed it. Feel free to deny it. Claim that your (ex-)girlfriend forced you to watch by wiring your eyes open, A Clockwork Orange style. Claim you thought it was the beginning of a porno. That is your prerogative as a dude. But just between you and me: The Bachelor is amazing, right? 25 gorgeous women doing just about anything to win over one lucky guy who‘s not all that special, or even rich. There‘s probably a reason he‘s still single, if you know what I mean. And let‘s be honest: those Bachelors are a good-looking bunch as a whole, but more than a few are 6‘s at best who survive with a little bit of charm, good haircuts, and great orthodontists. Charm isn‘t a prerequisite, either. This season‘s "prince" is a commercial pilot who says things like, "It‘s not about sex appeal, it‘s about heart appeal," and the ladies are still clawing all over each other to get into a hot tub (and a marriage) with him. What gives? I‘ll tell you what gives. The Bachelor teaches us that, when subjected to the right stimuli, women become irrational, frivolous beings who are incapable of doing anything but falling helplessly in love with you. Just kidding. But there ARE several useful lessons you guys can learn about interacting with the opposite sex with whom you would like to have sex. Simply follow these 5 easy dating lessons from The Bachelor, and you‘ll be on your way to brainwashing the babe of your dreams! Or, you know, just getting her to like you more. Read more »
Just two days after the current Bachelor season began airing, TV blogger Reality Steve revealed a slew of spoilers about the show on his website, including which women would get roses and go on which dates, and ultimately who would receive the season‘s final rose, and possibly a proposal, from Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Claiming sources inside show production, Steve assures his readers that these spoilers are accurate, and so far, five episodes into the season, his predictions have come to pass.Entertainment Weekly spoke with Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss about these major show spoilers, and how they affect the show: Read more »
The latest edition of Us Weekly magazine puts Bachelor Jake Pavelka and his final four ladies at center stage, and claims to spill all their "dirty secrets," including a claim that Vienna Girardi, the season‘s villian, "withdrew her ex-husband Josh Riley‘s last $5,000 from his bank accountto pay for breast implants while he was deployed in Iraq with theMarines."And yet, says Bachelor host Chris Harrison in the same edition, "She is not a villain. She is really not. She is a sweet girl. Jake loves her, I love her.[...] she is a very soft, gentle, loving woman."Riddle me this, Chris: if Vienna‘s not a villain, why did your show‘s latest promo come out and call the girl "pure evil"? Read more »
Bachelor contestant Corrie Adamson may not have gotten much screen time, but she certainly made her mark on the show, and on Bachelor Jake Pavelka: first, by lampooning her fellow ladies at a comedy club group date, and later by revealing to Jake, and the nation, that she was saving herself for marriage.Jake eliminated Corrie when he decided upon his final four this past Monday, with whom he will then travel to hometowns and meet their parents. But Corrie left the competition with "no regrets," confident that Jake isn‘t the guy for her, but happy she went and found out.Corrie spoke with the media this morning about her Bachelor experience. Below, check out her thoughts on Vienna, virginity, and more. Read more »
Bachelor contestant/front-runner Vienna has been talking (maybe even bragging) all season long about what a spoiled daddy‘s girl she is, even admitting that he‘s bought her multiple cars because she keeps wrecking them!On Monday night, Bachelor Jake will fly to Florida to meet this self-proclaimed princess‘s King Daddy, and find out what it would take to get his blessing.Below, check out a sneak peek of Jake‘s meeting with Vienna‘s father. Will there be tension or a treaty between Prince Charming and the King?  Read more » recently posted a playlist compiled by none other than Bachelor Jake Pavelka. And, to borrow a line from Barney Stinson: I hope you‘re not lactose-intolerant, because boy, are these songs CHEESY!The songs, the site claims are "the most recently played songs in Jake‘s music collection," and should get us "one step closer" to unlocking the key to Jake‘s heart. All I have to say is... if a guy‘s top tracks in 2010 include the 1982 Toto song "Africa," then his heart has been locked away and buried in a time capsule for toooo long.Check out Jake‘s playlist, plus his personal commentary about the songs:  Read more »
A couple more previews of Monday night‘s Bachelor episode make one thing clear: it‘s going to be THE. MOST. DRAMATIC. EPISODE. EVERRRR!Ah, just kidding. Who am I, Chris Harrison?Below, check out 2 videos: The first (courtesy of ET) features Jake‘s interaction with a spiky-haired dude whom we can assume is Gia‘s brother, given that he threatens to "break a few of Jake‘s legs" if he hurts her.And then: ABC‘s latest "Hometown Showdown" episode 6 preview, which features lots of tears and sad faces... especially Jake‘s!Don‘t miss: Bachelor Sneak Peek: Jake Meets Vienna‘s DaddyWill it actually be the most dramatic Bachelor episode to date? You be the judge! Read more »
In the newest edition of Life & Style magazine, Bachelor Jake Pavelka reveals his high school yearbook photo, which explains why he revealed a few episodes ago that his nickname back in the day was "Mr. Dateless.""I was just shy around girls at that age," Jake told Life & Style. "I tended to be bullied in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades."Not to say Jake was a bad lookin‘ boy, per se, but bullied Mr. Dateless had a lot of filling out and growing up to do before he became Bachelor Jake!  Read more »
It‘s time for the highly anticipated hometown dates on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, and this time there‘s another unexpected twist coming Jake‘s way. But before Jake crosses the country to meet Gia, Tenley, Vienna and Ali‘s family to learn more about the women his falling in love with, check out what went down in last week‘s episode through our recap: I Left My Heart (and Brain, and Dignity) in San Francisco...  Read more »
Us Weekly‘s "Bachelor Dirty Secrets" issue came out this week, and their 2-page spread delved into the pasts of Bachelor Jake‘s final four women--especially Vienna Girardi, whose troubled first marriage has provided lots of fodder for viewers who can‘t stand her "spoiled daddy‘s girl" persona. If you didn‘t get a chance to pick up the issue, here are the highlights and low blows that Us Weekly dealt ex-Hooters girl Vienna and her competition for Jake‘s love: model Gia Allemand, girl next door Ali Fedotowsky, and sweetheart Tenley Molzahn. Is there a suitable wife for Jake in the bunch?Plus: Radar Online spoke to Vienna‘s close friend, who explains her side of the "stealing money from her Marine ex-husband for a boob job" story. But does her defense stand up? Read more »
I can‘t help but compare this season‘s Bachelor to last season‘s Bachelorette. Both involved Jake Pavelka (only this time Jake is this season‘s love searcher), both had some kind of villain (last season it was Wes, this season it‘s Vienna), and both featured a contestant warning the love searcher about another contestant (Jake ratted Wes out last season and got a taste of his own medicine when several girls warned him about Vienna). But the most intense "dejavu" I got was when another bachelorette decided to leave the show for work related reasons. It‘s like watching Ed and Jillian all over again! Read more »
Tonight on The Bachelor: Jake meets the families of his final four ladies (Ali, Vienna, Tenley, and Gia) and learns more about why three of them are sweet and one of them is spoiled. (Guess who!)Then, before the final rose ceremony, Jake is dealt a blow that will CHANGE EVERYTHING. And by "change everything," I mean there will be no rose ceremony, because one woman drops out and the rest will join Jake in St. Lucia. So not much will change, except that Jake isn‘t making this decision. And maybe that‘s for the best.Before we begin, check out my alternate headlines for this livethoughts article. (Clearly "Blows Ceremony" needed to win, given its poetic wordplay that rivals Shakespeare.) Which do you like best? Homeward Frowned [Jake will be doing a lot of that tonight.]Homeward Drowned [Metaphorically speaking... unfortunately. JK!]Home Despot [Vienna reference: too harsh?]Bringing Home the Mistaken [Mmm... bacon.]Home is Where the Harm Is [This is simply true.]Fly Away Home [Similar plot alert: A girl who can fly leads home some confused chicks who have lost their way and never stop quacking. ZING!] Read more »
Imagine for a minute that you‘re Chris Harrison.(Scary, I know. But bear with me. It‘s just an exercise.)As the host of The Bachelor, you‘ve seen countless ups and downs over the show‘s 19 seasons. Backstabbing, bitch-slapping, and boo-hooing are nothing more than a typical day at the office, as far as you‘re concerned. But this season‘s dramatic twists, from cheaters to fake pregnancies, from potential stalkers to potential thieves, might just take the cake. Then there‘s Mr. Bachelor himself, Jake Pavelka, who just can‘t seem to play by the rules, and kicks off girls whenever he pleases. This past rose ceremony, during which he and Ali spent three hours deliberating if she should stay and quit her job, almost put you over the edge. "Can‘t he just grow a pair and let her go?" you angrily whispered to an unknown PA on set. "I‘m gonna apply for her job if she doesn‘t hurry up and leave!"Now you‘re in-flight to exotic St. Lucia. You‘re tired, your feet hurt, and you wish more than anything that this guy would just wrap it up peacefully. You want to earn your paycheck, but even reality dating show hosts have their limits. Then, from the seat next to yours, Jake looks over at you and asks: "Seriously, Chris. Off the record. Who‘s the best girl for me: Tenley, Gia, or Vienna? I need your help!" Read more »
Ali Fedotowsky had a long ride home after last night‘s Bachelor episode. After receiving an ultimatum from her employer, Ali chose to keep her job over taking a chance on Jake, and voluntarily left the show, leaving Tenley, Gia and Vienna as Jake‘s final three.In her "Diary of the Departed," Ali expressed sadness, regret, and pragmatism in almost equal measures, saying that she‘d "give up everything to be with him," but wasn‘t willing to give up everything for the chance of being with Jake. "I‘m not a gambler, I‘ll never be one," she said. "And I‘ll probably regret not playing this hand for the rest of my life."And yet, there was a shred of hope that she and Jake could reunite: "Love will prevail," said Ali. "If he doesn‘t come find me in the end, then I made the right decision in the first place."For the rest of Ali‘s Bachelor "Diary of the Departed," check out the video: Read more »
Last night during episode 6 of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, after a romantic hometown date with her dream man Jake Pavelka, Ali Fedotowsky got the news no committed employee who left her job to go on a reality TV dating show wants to get: she would have to choose between her position at Facebook and the chance to go to St. Lucia with (and possibly get engaged to) Jake. What‘s a young, driven, smitten kitten to do?It wasn‘t an easy decision, as evidenced by the painfully long and repetitive segments of last night‘s episode in which Ali cried, and pulled her hair, and put her head in her hands, and then cried some more. At two hours, all Bachelor episodes are unnecessarily drawn-out. But by the time Ali finally decided to leave the show, and Jake finally put Ali in the limo, and inside the limo Ali continued to cry and question her decision, I looked at my watch and said, "Is it the weekend yet? No? It‘s only 10 pm on Monday? Well, shoot. But at least Ali finally made her choice and now we can all move on, because that was exhausting." And then I took a brief nap and forgot all about it, until I saw the preview for next week‘s episode, in which Jake answers his phone in St. Lucia... and it‘s Ali on the other end?! Come on. No matter what we think we saw between Ali and Jake this season on The Bachelor, and no matter how romantic or optimistic on the topic of "true love" we consider ourselves to be, deep down, we know Ali made the right call. And she should know it, too. Here‘s why:  Read more »
And then there were three: Gia, Tenley and Vienna. Not much of a good mix, if you ask me.  Sure, a couple of these girls are pretty and sweet as apple pie, but I can‘t really picture Jake with anyone of them in the end of this Bachelor season. Having said that, it‘s time to predict whom Jake is going to send home next, and which bachelorettes will be his final 2. Read more »
Us Weekly has been spreading some crazy rumors about this season‘s final Bachelor girls, and it turns out even bubbly Tenley Molzahn isn‘t immune to their gossip: the tabloid has a source who says Tenley isn‘t "the sweet girl everyone thinks."But take heart, Tenley fans, and take this with a massive grain of salt, everyone else: this information comes straight from the alleged "other woman." Us spoke to Christina Latham, with whom Tenley‘s ex Ryan Natividad cheated, and to whom he is now reportedly engaged. She had these harsh words to say about the former Disney princess:"She‘d only allow sex once a week...and sometimes she withheld it." Read more »
In this Bachelor Deleted Scene from Monday‘s episode 6, Jake joins Vienna for her hometown date in Florida, and makes the observation that Vienna actually has a "relaxed," softer side when she doesn‘t feel the need to talk all the time!Who knew?Watch the scene, and check out Vienna‘s reaction: she claims she acted crazy in the past few weeks because of pent-up energy. (Something tells me Ali would have begged to differ...)Will we begin to see a different girl now that she‘s out of the Bachelor mansion and fully immersed in her man?  Read more »
Jillian Harris returns to reality TV after making an appearance with fiance Ed Swiderski on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love where they helped love searcher Jake Pavelka get through the first episode. According to ABC‘s press release, the Canadian starlet has joined Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as a special guest designer for an upcoming episode.  Read more »
After an emotionally charged conversation with Bachelor Jake Pavelka in which he asked her not to go, 25-year-old Ali Fedotowsky decided to leave the show, and her shot at love with Jake, to ensure she‘d stay employed at her job in San Francisco.But this latest sneak peek of next week‘s Bachelor episode proves that it‘s not quite over between Ali and Jake, if she has anything to say about it. Jake has accompanied the final three women--Vienna, Gia, and Tenley--to exotic St. Lucia, but that doesn‘t stop Ali from calling him up and asking for a second chance. Read more »
By now, most hardcore Bachelor fans are well-aware of the spoiler rumors that you-know-who will walk away with a ring from Jake Pavelka at the end of this season.If you‘ve somehow managed to avoid this major spoiler, I won‘t ruin it for you here. However, your knowledge of the alleged winner (and possibly Jake‘s wife-to-be) will put this quote from Bachelor host Chris Harrison in a whole new light: "I know for a fact Jake is happy with his decision."After the jump, more words from Chris Harrison about Jake‘s final decision, plus blatant  spoiler discussion about Bachelor Jake‘s choice in lifetime co-pilot.  Read more »
Now that Jake Pavelka is about to narrow down his final two on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, predictions and speculations as to who will end up being the future Mrs. Pavelka have become rampant. However, the biggest controversy to deal with for now is Ali, who calls Jake in next week‘s episode to ask for a second chance.  The question is: Will Jake take Ali back? Read more »
Once Mr. Dateless, always Mr. Dateless.Or is Bachelor Jake Pavelka just throwing us off his scent?Last night on Extra, while dancing with Tiger Woods‘ mistress Rachel Uchitel (yes, it‘s a mad, mad, mad world we live in) Jake admitted that while he may have already chosen his final girl on The Bachelor, he has no plans for Valentine‘s Day this year.Judging from the sad look on his face when Rachel posed the question, we‘d guess Jake is telling the truth, and he‘s single once more. After all, his endorsement of rumored "final one" Vienna Girardi wasn‘t exactly ringing with passion and excitement:"I think Vienna‘s a great girl. I don‘t think there‘s anything wrong with her."  Read more »
Tonight marks the penultimate episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love and for us that means more make out sessions and more fantasy suite drama! Jake is down to his final three bachelorettes but by the end of episode, he must send one woman home in tears as he offers the final two roses to the women who will meet his family.   The romantic adventure begins in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia where Jake presents each bachelorette with an invitation to spend an intimate night together in a "fantasy suite," with the hope that she will accept.  Read more »
Good evening, Bachelor fans! I hope that you either enjoyed a relaxing day off, or, if you had to go to work today, channeled your resentment into hours of daydreaming about the two-hour half-naked make-out extravaganza that is The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Night.After all, it IS Presidents‘ Day, and the freedoms to sleep in, waste time, and watch scantily clad pretty people frolic on exotic beaches are what our founding fathers toiled so hard to earn for us, the American people.So let‘s make ‘em proud.Tonight on The Bachelor: Jake takes his final three women to St. Lucia for private, week-long bikini ‘n‘ champagne expo, and Ali calls Jake to admit she was only fooling when she said she‘d rather have her job than a free trip to St. Lucia. Will Jake give her a re-do, or a re-DON‘T? Read more »
So we finally learned what Jake really meant when he said "Get on a plane, get here right now!" Last night‘s episode of The Bachelor finally disproved all those misleading rumors and promos about Ali coming back on the show as Jake told her that coming back isn‘t such a good idea now that he‘s NOT in love with her anymore. You can get all the juicy details on Ali‘s call in our Bachelor Episode 7 Live Recap: Gettin‘ Loose in St. Lucia.  Read more »
During her appearance on Ellen this morning, Bachelor contestant Ali Fedotowsky told Ellen Degeneres that she was "pretty shocked" when Jake rejected her offer to return to the show the week after she chose her job over him:"I thought if this is love and he really cares about me, then he is going to come and find me. He‘s a pilot. Like, fly to get me. That would be amazing...I thought we had something really great."But it sounds like Ali‘s already on the road to recovery from her broken heart. Not only did she wish Jake luck with whomever he chooses, but she responded with a smile to Ellen‘s question of whether she‘d consider becoming ABC‘s next Bachelorette, saying, "That would be so nice. I would be so flattered." Read more »
After three steamy nights in the St. Lucia Fantasy Suites with his final three, Bachelor Jake Pavelka handed out roses to his two favorites: Tenley Molzahn, 25, and Vienna Girardi, 23. Jake claims he‘s "in love" with both, and yet these finalists couldn‘t be more different: Molzahn is a sweet college admissions officer with traditional values about sex and marriage, while Girardi is an outgoing ex-Hooters girl who took the aggressive approach to winning over Jake. If Internet rumors hold true, Girardi will walk away with Jake‘s final rose in the Bachelor finale on March 1. But, as show‘s last few finales have proven, anything can happen in a Final Rose Ceremony. Jake may change his mind at the last minute, dump both ladies, or recant his choice after the episode airs. The pilot has been tight-lipped about his final decision, but ensures his viewers a bumpy ride as he struggles with his toughest choice yet.Girardi‘s flamboyant personality made her a lightning rod for controversy early on in the season, but Jake defended her "honest" attitude, while gentle, pious Molzahn was an early front-runner, but later raised concerns that she hadn‘t recovered from her painful previous marriage. In the end, Jake will need to decide: Does he want the woman with moxie, or the woman with morals?Check out these BuddyTV user comments for and against Jake‘s final two, and then let us know what you think! Who‘s right for The Bachelor: Vienna or Tenley? Read more »
During next Monday evening‘s The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, ousted contestant Rozlyn Papa returns to respond to the accusations of "inappropriate behavior" that led to her removal from The Bachelor, and confront her accusers and doubters with a few accusations of her own.ABC filmed the Women Tell All special this past weekend, and will air the special on Monday, Feb. 22. Today Rozlyn Papa spoke to Radar Online about her tense interactions with her fellow contestants and one-on-one conversation with Harrison, in which she didn‘t hold back:"I wasn‘t nice to Chris Harrison," Rozlyn said. In the second week of filming The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Harrison is the one who confronted Rozlyn about her "inappropriate behavior" with a Bachelor staffer and told her she must leave the show immediately. Read more »
Unless you‘ve been reading all those rumors about Jake‘s final pick this season, it‘s hard to tell who Jake will choose between Tenley and Vienna on The Bachelor.  These girls are complete opposites (Tenley‘s the sweet morals-heralding girl you bring home to mom, while Vienna is the controversial vixen), which just means that Jake doesn‘t really have a type nor a clue as to who he wants as his future wife. Still, there are other ways to tell how Jake really feels about his final two, and one approach is to analyze his body language.  Read more »
Us Magazine spoke with former Bachelorette Jillian Harris and her found-on-TV fiance Ed Swiderski about this season‘s Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, and the big choice he faces in the upcoming finale: good girl Tenley Molzahn or vivacious vixen Vienna Girardi?Jillian and Ed are a happy couple, indeed, but it seems there is one issue that divides them: Jill‘s on Team Tenley, while Ed has one toe over the line into Team Vienna territory.And what about Ali, Jake‘s "one who got away" because of a work conflict? Oddly enough, Ed--who also left The Bachelorette for work reasons, only to return and win back Jillian a few weeks later--thought she "left a little too easily" for his liking.Check out the interview from Us, plus an update on the Harris-Swiderski wedding plans! Read more »
During Monday night‘s episode of The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka shared Fantasy Suite dates in romantic St. Lucia with his final three: Vienna Girardi, Tenley Molzahn and Gia Allemand.Despite the steamy bubble baths, rose-petal-covered bedspreads and sexy lingerie, Jake claims his Fantasy Suite time was not about sex."In the Fantasy Suite, you can sleep with one girl, or three girls ...whatever as a couple you decide to do, but tomorrow there is a RoseCeremony coming up," Jake tells Entertainment Tonight."What are you going to do when you haveto look somebody in the eye and the night before you made love to themand you are sending them home? I didn‘t know who was going to go home,so I wasn‘t willing to rip that away from her. Minimizing regret. Idon‘t know what I would say looking her in the eyes and putting her inthe limo. It could have been Vienna, Tenley or Gia. It just happened tobe Gia. I am so glad I didn‘t have to have that conversation."  Read more »
After making it to the final three and traveling to St. Lucia with Bachelor Jake Pavelka, swimsuit model Gia Allemand resolved to set aside her "stand-offish" attitude as she fell harder for Jake, and told him she was "falling in love" with him during their date. But the effort was too little, too late, and Jake sent her home, keeping Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi as his final two.As she rode to the airport after the devastating rejection, Gia recorded her Bachelor "Diary of the Departed," and said this isn‘t the first time she‘s been disappointed: "I finally put my wall down, and I finally open up, and this is what always happens: I get hurt." Read more »
Darker tales of superficiality, selfishness and stupidity continue to pop up about rumored Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi, 23, casting more doubt upon whether she has the "heart of gold" Jake Pavelka claims to see on the show.In Us Weekly‘s latest cover story, "Vienna‘s Double Life,"  the mag dug up ex-friends,acquaintances and former co-workers to dish all aboutVienna‘s questionable character. The overall consensus? An ex-boyfriend by the name of Brad Allen sums it up nicely:"[Vienna Girardi] is really fake. Both her body and her personality." Read more »
Next week on The Bachelor, the claws are coming out as Jake Pavelka faces the women he rejected in the Women Tell All special, and the women face each other after each has seen what the others said about her on TV.This reunion is sure to be an explosive event you won‘t want to miss, and I expect nothing but drama and catfights to keep me entertained. Having said that, there are three major events I want to see on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, which airs Monday, Feb.22 at 8pm on ABC. Read more »
Former Bachelor contestant Ali Fedotowsky spoke to the media this morning about her controversial flip-flopping on the show (she left for work reasons, and then unsuccessfully asked Jake for a second chance) and her feud with rumored winner Vienna Girardi. Months after the series wrapped filming, Ali sounded calm and gracious, even when discussing the man she‘ll "always have love for," and the other women he may end up marrying.There‘s no doubt that "girl next door" Ali was the breakout star of this Bachelor season (besides Vienna, of course, who has gained fame for more odious reasons) and after gaining the support of America, she seems perfectly poised to look for love again as ABC‘s next Bachelorette. But is that a road Ali wants to go down again? Check out her full interview from this morning to see what she thinks about the rumors.  Read more »
Gia Allemand wasn‘t exactly the best match on paper for Bachelor Jake Pavelka. She: a New York City swimsuit model with a taste for expensive shoes and professional athlete boyfriends. He: a plaid-wearing Texas church boy whom we recently caught wearing--gasp!--puka shells.But Gia and Jake proved that sometimes opposites really do attract, and her sweet personality and beautiful face got her all the way to Jake‘s final three before Jake gave her the ol‘ cowboy boot.Gia spoke to the media this morning about her heartbreak after leaving The Bachelor, her thoughts on this season‘s villain and front-runner Vienna Girardi, and the rumors that fellow ex-contestant Ali will take up the Bachelorette torch next season. Read more »
Whether it‘s from Ali, Gia, or another bachelorette, we‘ve heard a lot of nasty things about Vienna Girardi, one of Jake Pavelka‘s final two on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. All of a sudden, however, unexpected character witnesses are saying more and more nice things about this season‘s vixen. It makes me wonder if Vienna‘s bad rep is just the result of The Bachelor producers‘ crafty editing. Read more »
Check out these three exclusive sneak peeks at The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special, which airs Monday at 8pm on ABC.All the controversial bachelorettes return to face Jake and each other, including Michelle, Rozlyn, Elizabeth, Ella, Ali, and Gia.In the following clips, Valishia confronts Rozlyn, Kathryn confronts Jake, and Ali confronts her own guilt over her treatment of Vienna. Read more »
We‘ve finally reached the point of our Bachelor journey where Jake Pavelka catches up with some of the most controversial bachelorettes this season before he makes his final choice. Fifteen eliminated contestants reunite one last time on national TV to dish out the dirt and tell their side of the story in The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special. Read more »
Jake Pavelka is "ecstatic" about his final Bachelor decision, even though his "heart cried out" for frontrunner Ali Fedotowsky after she left the show.Jake spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the last legs of his Bachelor journey, which ends next Monday night (March 1) in a dramatic two-hour finale on ABC. Jake will have the help of his family to decide which of his final two is the ultimate wife material: Vienna Girardi, the controversial party girl from Florida, or Tenley Molzahn, the sweet former Disney princess from Oregon.But even though he claims to be in love with both Vienna and Tenley, part of Jake clearly still has feelings for Ali. He tells ET of the night Ali left The Bachelor: "That night, when she left, she was ahead of all of the other women,"he says. "I can‘t tell you if she was going to be ‘The One,‘ but, thatnight, if somebody had said, ‘Gun‘s to your head. Pick a girl,‘ itwould‘ve been her."Jake won‘t confirm whether he is currently engaged to the Bachelor winner, or even if there is a Bachelor winner. But, says Jake, "I am ecstatic with the decision that I have made, because I have to live with it. Now,whether it‘s the right decision for any of the other women, or anybodywatching, I don‘t know, but, it puts me in a really good position tolive my life, and I‘m really happy that I stayed true to myself."Watch the video interview below for more from Jake about the upcoming Bachelor finale: Read more »
Sure, the Winter Olympics is in its final week, but American Idol expands to five hours for the first performance shows of the season.The Top 24 will be singing for your votes tomorrow, but the Bachelor women reunite tonight to dish about dating Jake.  This weekend, Jennifer Lopez is scheduled to make a bootylicious appearance on Saturday Night Live.For the full scoop and latest updates, check out the links below. Read more »
Next Monday (March 1) pilot Jake Pavelka will choose his future wife in the dramatic two-hour finale of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.This season of The Bachelor garnered more viewers than ever thanks to its compelling drama, and some of the show‘s charismatic competitors to date--a few of whom would be perfect candidates for ABC‘s open and imminent Bachelorette position for next season. ABC loves to recycle former contestants into reality kings and queens, and they have three lovely options for The Bachelorette coming out of this season of The Bachelor, all of whom fell hard for Jake and left empty-handed.The question is: who‘s the best potential Bachelorette? Read our take, and then decide for yourself!  Read more »
Wedding bells are ringing for the fifth time for Lorenzo Lamas, father of former Bachelor contestant Shayne Lamas who confirmed her dad‘s engagement news to Us Weekly. The 52-year-old actor, best known for playing Lance Cumson on Falcon Crest and Hector Ramirez on The Bold and The Beautiful, is set to tie the knot with 23-year-old model girlfriend Shawna Craig. Read more »
Tonight‘s The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love: The Women Tell All was as full of fluff as the title was of colons and subtitles. But among the endless quibbling, highlight reels and picture-in-picture reaction shots, there were a few standout moments that actually, you know, told us something. Including the fact that Bachelor Jake has a hard time remembering the difference between self-deprecating and self-defecating. (So he better stay away from comedy open mic nights! Ba-dum-ching!)Before you accuse me of too much filler, here are the seven interesting things that happened during the 120-minute Bachelor Women Tell All special. Enjoy! Read more »
There is a distinct correlation between the number of colons included in a TV show title, and the amount of drama one can expect to see on that show.Which surely means that tonight‘s The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love: The Women Tell All special will be the. Most. Dramatic. Reality TV Reunion. EVER!But what drama will ensue when one Bachelor, one ever-smiling host, and 24 spurned women reunite for one night of uncensored (read: totally censored) airing of grievances about their publicly broken hearts? Which women will horrendously mutilate themselves as an expression of their pain over Bachelor Jake Pavelka? Who will get eaten alive? Who will cry? And who will die?The world‘s sassiest psychic and BuddyTV‘s resident Non-Prophet, Sarah East, holds the answers to these burning questions below. Tune in to ABC‘s The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love: The Women Tell All tonight (Monday Feb.22) at 8 pm to see Sarah‘s premonitions come to pass. Read more »
It looks like ABC caught on that their two-minute Bachelor outtake reel was the most entertaining portion of last night‘s excruciating Bachelor: Women Tell All special, because they‘ve posted the video online for all to enjoy over and over again.My favorite clip has to be Jake‘s puzzled question about the difference between "self-deprecating" and "self-defecating," because I‘m a word nerd who also enjoys poop jokes. But there are plenty of other great moments in the video (which you can watch below to your heart‘s content) that reveal many of this season‘s Bachelor ladies were funny, kooky, and able to laugh at themselves. If only we‘d seen more of these moments during the episodes! Read more »
Those of us who didn‘t attend last night‘s The Bachelor: Women Tell All when it filmed a few weeks ago missed out on half the drama that happened on stage but never made it to air.Luckily, People sent their gossip hounds to document the drama, and provided us with more scoop from the Special. Here‘s what you didn‘t see go down on TV:  Read more »
Ali‘s unexpected departure and Gia‘s failure to open up to Jake were just some of the highlights featured on last night The Bachelor reunion episode. You can read more about the 7 Interesting Things That Happened on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Special here. But the one that took the spotlight was undeniably the elephant in the room: Rozlyn Papa! Read more »
During The Bachelor: Women Tell All, divorced mom Valisha Savage, 32, said that she and Rozlyn Papa, 29, became friends during the show, and shared little "chats" with the infamous staffer with whom Rozlyn is accused of having an inappropriate relationship. Even after waking up in the middle of the night and discovering Roz was nowhere near her own bed, Valishia told the audience that she always believed Rozlyn and the producer were just friends.That is, until the Women Tell All. When Ella and Jessie came forward with more damning stories of physical intimacy between Rozlyn and the staffer, and Rozlyn‘s adamant denials rang false, Valishia told Roz, "I just don‘t think I believe you anymore."Now, Valishia tells Us Magazine, she‘s back on the other side, and will vouch for Rozlyn‘s innocence. Read more »
In next week‘s Bachelor finale, Jake Pavelka will choose between his final two women, Vienna Girardi and Tenley Molzahn. Rumors have been swirling since the beginning of the season that Jake chooses troublemaker Vienna in the end, but recent interviews with a coy and seemingly depressed Pavelka have led audiences to wonder whether Jake asks either woman to stay with him. Did Jake choose Vienna when they filmed their final Rose Ceremony in November? And, if he did, are they still together at the After the Final Rose special, which filmed this week, and will air immediately after the Bachelor finale?Blogger Reality Steve, who first revealed Jake‘s final choice as Vienna, has once again mined his ABC-insider sources for the answers to these questions.Spoilers after the jump.  Read more »
With only one week left before The Bachelor concludes, it‘s time to shift our focus on its sister reality TV dating franchise. Right now Tenley, Gia and Ali are seemingly vying for that coveted spot of The Bachelorette and after Monday night‘s The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special the competition just got a little tougher. Since Tenley is still in the running on The Bachelor and since she wasn‘t on the reunion show, I won‘t dwell on her strengths as a plausible contender for The Bachelorette. You can find out Which Brokenhearted Bachelor Babe Would Make the Best Bachelorette here. Instead, I‘m focusing on Gia and Ali, the two women who undoubtedly got in fans‘ good graces during The Women Tell All episode. So who do you think scored more Bachelorette points? Read more »
Check out more deleted scenes and funny outtakes from this season of The Bachelor, narrated by host Chris Harrison and Jake Pavelka.In the two Bachelor videos below (deleted from the Women Tell All special) Chris and Jake recall some of the goofier moments during his dates, including the time that he left a group of women on a carnival ride until they were ready to throw up! What a gentleman. Read more »
Here‘s something for all you non-spoiler loving Bachelor fans. If you haven‘t been following all the hullabaloo this season or if you still refuse to believe the rumors surrounding next week‘s finale, then weigh in as I discuss Jake Pavelka‘s options on the final episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Read more »
In a press release previewing Monday‘s (March 1) Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finale, ABC reveals that they have already selected their next Bachelorette, and America will learn her identity during the Bachelor: After the Final Rose Special, which airs immediately after the Bachelor season finale.The release also hints that Jake‘s final two, Tenley and Vienna, will have very different interactions with Jake‘s family when they meet during Monday‘s finale--and not to Vienna‘s advantage. Will Jake choose her (as he is rumored to do), even after his own mother takes issue with her "brutal honesty and confrontational style"?Check out the release below for more hints at the exciting Bachelor season finale. Then tell me: Is there any way Ali Fedotowsky is NOT the next Bachelorette whom ABC will introduce on Monday? Read more »
After gathering to film The Bachelor: Women Tell All special last week, many of Jake‘s most memorable bachelorettes answered the big question for Entertainment Tonight:Team Tenley or Team Vienna?Their answers may surprise you. Check out answers from Ali, Gia, Michelle and more, and then tell us your final allegiance before Monday‘s Bachelor finale: are you Team Tenley or Team Vienna?  Read more »
After arguably the--imagine this in Chris Harrison‘s voice--most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever, Jake Pavelka is getting ready to reveal his final choice. His leading lady. His lifelong co-pilot, with whom he will fly high on the wings of love... for at least a few months or so."This is the hardest decision I‘ll ever have to make," says Jake as he holds two rings in his hands in the latest sneak peek of The Bachelor finale.Will Jake choose "sugar" in the form of Tenley Molzahn, or will he choose the "spice" that is Vienna Girardi? Check out the sneak peek, and find out the exciting conclusion when The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love season finale airs Monday night on ABC at 8pm. Read more »
Many thought that Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney will soon head for splitsville but this Bachelor couple proved their detractors wrong when they officially said "I do" on Saturday. The nuptials, which will be televised on March 8 on ABC, took place at the Terranea Resort on the coast of Rancho Palos Verdes, California where an estimated 300 guests witnessed Malaney walk down the aisle to the song "Over the Rainbow," performed by American Idol‘s Jason Castro. Read more »
Jake Pavelka‘s journey to find love is about to conclude tonight as he makes his final decision. Will he pick Tenley or Vienna? Will he get engaged or just take a chance at a relationship? Or will he pull a Brad Womack and reject his final two? All these questions will finally be answered in the season finale of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.  Read more »
Tenley or Vienna?This question will haunt Jake Pavelka during tonight‘s Bachelor finale, but he‘ll get some much-needed advice from his family, who will join Jake in St. Lucia to meet, grill and judge his final two. And they don‘t hold back!Check out four sneak peeks of tonight‘s finale (courtesy of E! Online) and be sure to follow along tonight as I live-recap the dramatic Bachelor conclusion here at BuddyTV, starting 5pm EST. Read more »
As tonight‘s Bachelor finale approaches, viewers prepare to watch Jake hand out his final rose, and wonder: will Jake put a ring on Vienna Girardi‘s hand, as the season‘s spoilers indicate? Will he defy the spoilers and ask Tenley Molzahn to be his bride? Or will Jake reject both women at his final Rose Ceremony?One thing‘s for sure: Bachelor Jake sure is speaking cryptically about tonight‘s conclusion, alluding to neither love nor marriage in his present, though he hopes for it in the future.Is Jake throwing us off his happily ever after, or is his search still on for his perfect mate? Read his latest People interview and place your bet... and then tune in tonight for The Bachelor finale to find out! Read more »
Now that the Olympics are over and we‘re back to regular programming, there‘s lots to take in this week. For starters: Jake takes his pick, Jim and Pam have a baby and Oscar night‘s comedy duo are just a few reasons to tune in. Also of note: American Idol‘s Top 10 contestants perform on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, for those of you following the young hopefuls every inch of the way.  Read more »
It‘s the day we‘ve been waiting for, Bachelor fans, foes and frenemies: the much anticipated (and possibly ill-fated) Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finale, in which Jake will introduce his final two ladies to his family, choose his bride-to-be in a romantic rose ceremony and ride off into the sunset on a flying carpet, because that is the only aircraft left for him to pilot on TV.Ready to wade through three Bachel-hours of romantic cliches and waterfall swimming sessions to see who will become Mrs. Pavelka (maybe), and who will leave St. Lucia alone and painfully humiliated (definitely)?Of course you are. Who wouldn‘t be? Read more »
Jake Pavelka may have chosen Vienna Girardi on The Bachelor but that doesn‘t necessarily mean that a fairytale ending is the cards for the recently engaged couple.  Because if history has taught us anything, the chances of actually seeing couples produced on the ABC reality TV dating franchise walk down the aisle are pretty slim. The only exceptions thus far are Trista and Ryan Sutter from The Bachelorette season 1, and recently hitched Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney from The Bachelor 13.   Read more »
When it came time to propose to his final choice on The Bachelor, Jake chose to listen to his heart, and not the public opinion, by asking Vienna Girardi for her hand in marriage.See photos of Jake‘s romantic proposal to Vienna.Below, check out two of Jake‘s most deciding moments from last night‘s Bachelor finale and two touching deleted scenes.Read the full recaps of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finale and After the Final Rose.First, watch as Jake brings up a touchy subject with Tenley, and then scares Vienna by returning her promise ring. Then check out Tenley‘s "Diary of the Departed" after getting rejected by Jake in the final rose ceremony. Finally, check out what Jake‘s dad had to say when his son asked for advice before the big decision.  Read more »
Whether you were clapping your hands or shaking your fists at Bachelor Jake Pavelka as he proposed to his chosen co-pilot, Vienna Girardi, during last night‘s Bachelor finale, you were likely left jaw-dropped by the surprising announcement that immediately followed:Jake will join this season‘s line-up of celebs on Dancing with the Stars, which returns March 22 to ABC. Read more »
As if in response to remarks that he‘d rather bathe in the spotlight than with new fiance Vienna Girardi, no-nonsense Bachelor Jake Pavelka tells The Insider that he‘s not doing Dancing with the Stars to stay in the public eye."It actually just fell in my lap," says the pilot, who yesterday started following Melissa Rycroft‘s golden path of Bachelor to Dancing with the Stars fame. Not only did Melissa take advantage of her crossover potential in DWTS season 8, she milked it for all its worth and now she co-hosts the show alongside Tom Bergeron. Read more »
Unless you‘ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, then you‘re already aware that Ali Fedotowsky, one of the frontrunners who competed for Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, will star on the sixth season of The Bachelorette. The official announcement was made by host Chris Harrison during Monday‘s After the Final Rose special, where Fedotowsky expressed her joy and enthusiasm in getting her second shot at love. Read more »
After being able to publicly declare their love for the first time since he proposed in November, happy Bachelor couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi spoke to the media yesterday about everything from wedding plans, to Jake‘s upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars, to the scandalous tabloid stories that have plagued Vienna since early January.See photos of Jake‘s proposal during the Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finale.Whether you think Jake picked the right girl or not, one thing is clear from this couple‘s bubbly, glowing interview: they are very much in love, and the bad press hasn‘t come close to tearing them apart--instead, it only brings them closer together.  Read more »
A soap star, an Olympic athlete, a football player, a recording artist, and an infamous TV personality. Each type has taken home a mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars.And each type, among many other strong contenders, is represented in this season‘s Dancing with the Stars celebrity line-up!Dancing with the Stars returns to ABC on March 22, and the celebs and their professional partners are already busy toning up and getting down in preparation for their big debut.But before we see them strut their stuff, make a wager using only your gut:Who‘s your pre-season favorite to win Dancing with the Stars season 10?  Read more »
Jake Pavelka came on The Bachelorette season 5 hoping to find love in Jillian Harris but failed capture her heart. He then got his second chance at love when he became the star of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love where he finally met his future wife in Vienna Girardi. But now that the 31-year-old pilot has been cast on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, many are wondering if all Pavelka really wants is to extend his 15 minutes of fame. Read more »
As Bachelor Jake Pavelka looked into her eyes and told her he wasn‘t in love with her, viewers might have expected fan favorite Tenley Molzahn, the sweet and fragile divorcee from Newberg, Or., to break down, get angry, or even ask for another chance.Instead, Tenley held her head high and thanked Jake for showing her "what she could have," saying that--even though her heart was breaking--it felt good to know she was capable of love again.In a conference call with the media earlier this week, Tenley remained positive about her Bachelor experience, and has high hopes for her future--in life and in love. And she‘s not the only one. Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris said of Tenley‘s heartbreaking exit this season, "Although I am sad for her, I don‘t worry for her, because she is a class act. Someone that sweet, gentle and positive will only have good things coming her way." Read more »
Apparently the answer to that question isn‘t "everyone," because Warner Brothers Interactive and Ludia, Inc. are gearing up to release The Bachelor: The Videogame for Wii and DS. The game will replicate the reality romance experience that has made The Bachelor a success, right down to the competitive catfights and shirtless romps on the beach....Fun?Clearly, I‘m not their target audience, so I‘ll let Warner Bros.‘ press release sway you with all the game‘s compelling features: Read more »
Just like most of the eliminated contestants on The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi got their chance to grace The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday to shed light on their controversial love story and managed to spill a few details about their time after filming of the 14th season wrapped up.Post-Finale Bachelor Interview: The Happy Couple, Jake and Vienna Read more »
History has a way of repeating itself on The Bachelor franchise and the parallels couldn‘t be more obvious. Last season on The Bachelorette, Ed Swiderski left the show because of his job but returned to win Jillian Harris‘ heart, while Bachelorette contestant Jake Pavelka was eliminated but returned on the show to warn Jillian about contestant Wes Hayden, who allegedly had a girlfriend. And then after Ed proposed to Jillian on the Bachelorette finale, rumors started to surface about his sexual affair with another woman.  Read more »
Mixed are the reactions of Dancing with the Stars fans on the most recent batch of contestants on the ABC show. The usual rants are there, the most popular of which insists that some of the chosen ones are hardly "stars" as the title and premise of the show insinuate. Then there‘s the "she‘s overqualified" proposition, which, you have to admit, makes a lot of sense.Vote: Who‘s Your ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Pre-Season Favorite?The overqualified tag is the least of astronaut Buzz Aldrin‘s concerns. But the 80-year-old tells that Dancing with the Stars fans shouldn‘t take him for granted. Not only did he take Arthur Murray dance instruction in "the earlier years," he also went to many formal dances in his years at West Point. Read more »
Family, friends and past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants all witnessed Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney declare their love for one another last weekend and now the happy couple is inviting you to watch this new chapter of their love story. Tonight at 8pm, ABC will be airing The Bachelor: Jason and Molly‘s Wedding special, in which viewers can get a glimpse of the first ever Bachelor couple wedding, from the wedding planning and rehearsals, to the festivities of the big day. Read more »
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So much planning goes into a wedding--especially one on national television. But there‘s one thing no wedding planner has control over: the weather.BuddyTV Presents: Jason and Molly‘s Wedding AlbumJust as the media firestorm couldn‘t stop Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney from rekindling their romance after he famously rescinded his proposal to Melissa Rycroft on The Bachelor, last weekend‘s storm clouds couldn‘t stop the couple from walking down the aisle, and wet camera lenses didn‘t stop ABC from airing the gorgeous ceremony on their Bachelor: Jason and Molly‘s Wedding special tonight. See Behind the Scenes photos from Jason and Molly‘s WeddingFamily, friends, and the millions of viewers who watched as Jason and Molly‘s love bloomed on The Bachelor, and who couldn‘t wait to see their public turmoil turn into a "happily ever after," got their wish tonight as Molly made Jason a bachelor no more, and the two exchanged heartfelt vows that celebrated their strength, kindness and love for each other. Relive Molly‘s Greatest Moments on The BachelorRead Jason and Molly‘s wedding vows below. And stay tuned for more BuddyTV coverage of the wedding highlights, including the most romantic moments. These vows definitely qualify for that list.  Read more »
Two hours just wasn‘t enough time to capture all the delightful intricacies of Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney‘s wedding, which aired on ABC last night as a culmination of their journey from hated Bachelor couple (after Jason proposed to and then unceremoniously dumped Melissa Rycroft) to Bachelor success story.Luckily, the network released two deleted scenes from the special. Check out the videos for more words of love and wisdom from Molly and Jason‘s Bachelor family, and burning questions about babies from their real families.  Read more »
Jake Pavelka has quickly become a tabloid staple ever since he proposed to contestant Vienna Girardi on The Bachelor. While his stint alone on the ABC reality dating series has sparked a lot of controversies, it‘s nothing compared to the drama he‘s experiencing whenever the cameras aren‘t rolling.  Read more »
Will Bachelor season never end?Last week, reunited Bachelor couple Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney tied the knot on national television, and the week before, newest Bachelor Jake Pavelka chose his bride in Vienna Girardi. And, of course, now Jake will remain on our screens as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off March 22. (Not to mention Bachelorette Jillian on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this Sunday. Yeesh!)The Bachelor madness will continue this Monday, March 15, when ABC‘s news program 20/20 spends two hours looking "Inside The Bachelor" for the "Stories Behind the Rose" through exclusive interviews with past Bachelor stars including Melissa Rycroft, Reid Rosenthal, and Bob Guiney. Hosted by 20/20‘s Deborah Roberts and Chris Connelly, the special will also revisit some of the most shocking and memorable moments of the series. It will even air during The Bachelor‘s regular time slot: 8-10pm on ABC.We seriously question whether a reality dating show qualifies as "news," or is worthy of a 2-hour investigative report, but even so: we can‘t help denying that, after seeing the promo video for the special (below), we‘re still excited to watch it! Will you tune in for 20/20‘s "Inside The Bachelor" on Monday, or are you on Bachelor detox until newly crowned Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky starts her love-search this May?  Read more »
Now that The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love is officially over, ABC takes viewers behind the closed doors of the Bachelor/Bachelorette mansion for the lowdown on what really goes on behind the network‘s most popular reality dating franchise. Deborah Roberts and Chris Connelly serve as anchors for the two-hour special 20/20 edition entitled Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose, along with special correspondent, Melissa Rycroft, a former contestant on The Bachelor 13. Read more »
Tonight on ABC, 20/20 will air their exclusive look at The Bachelor franchise, Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose, taking viewers behind the scenes of the reality romance show and talking to past stars Melissa Rycroft, Andrew Firestone, and Brad Womack, among many others.PHOTOS: Bachelor Stars Spill for 20/20: ‘Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose‘ Below, take a peek at another 20/20 exclusive: the audition tapes from the headline-makers of the most recent Bachelor season. Watch as Ali Fedotowsky (ABC‘s next Bachelorette), Rozlyn Papa, Gia Allemand, Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka all try to woo over ABC‘s producers for a shot at looking for love on TV. Clearly, their arguments were convincing. Plus: Melissa Rycroft gives Entertainment Tonight a sneak peek at her own audition tape from her infamous Bachelor season.  Read more »
With one more week to kill before the premiere of the new season of Dancing with the Stars, ABC decided to treat Bachelor fans with a two-hour 20/20 special that promised to focus on the inner ropes of the network‘s most popular reality dating franchise. Sadly, Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose hardly qualified as "news," because it didn‘t reveal anything new. If anything, it only made this viewer realize just how fabricated everything is on The Bachelor.  Read more »
What is "news"? Is it the relevant, insightful reporting and analysis of topics that affect our lives and our world? Or is it the drawn out, jazzed up re-purposing and presentation of tidbits about long-forgotten pop culture stars, presented by "journalists" who use words like ‘haterade‘ and ‘verklempt‘?If you answered "I think it‘s that first one," well it‘s time for you to make an appointment with the eye doctor, because if you were seeing 20/20, you‘d know that finding out how many women Bob Guiney slept with in 2003 is most certainly news, and "Did that one British Bachelor, I forget his name, get orthodontic work so that American women would kiss him on TV?" is a question that definitely needs delving into.Luckily, 20/20, ABC‘s premier newsertainment series, was there to answer these tough questions and more in their "Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose" special last night. And, boy, did I learn a lot, and have so much fun learning it, too. "I hope you‘re not allergic to roses," host Chris Connelly literally said on air. Hahaha, somebody give this guy a Pultizer right now, because I am not allergic to roses, but I think I might be allergic to hard-hitting journalism. I feel a knowledge coma coming on!Anyway, here are the 9 most important lessons I learned from the 20/20 "Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose" special.  Read more »
The mystery woman who claims to be Jake Pavelka‘s ex-girlfriend and who recently gave an interview on Island 106‘s That Guy Kramer radio show, has already been identified as Tanya Douglas. Read Back: Trouble in Paradise for Jake and ViennaBut for the first time since the cheating rumors involving the most recent Bachelor star surfaced, Douglas decided to speak out publicly in an exclusive interview on Inside Edition today. Read more »
After two hours of learning very important lessons about the past Bachelor stars during 20/20‘s Inside The Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose: Yes, We Seriously Want You to Consider This as News infomercial special this Monday, ABC‘s next Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, popped her head into the show for a minute to show us her new pretty dresses and tell us about her perfect man.But First: Get to Know Ali Fedotowsky"I am looking for a guy like the character Tom from (500) Days Of Summer. He is my dream guy!" said Ali, who left The Bachelor to keep her job at Facebook, only to quit that job when ABC came calling with the Bachelorette gig. More Bachelorette Details: Ali Fedotowsky Looks for Love Beginning May 24Later this month, Ali will meet the 25 guys who will compete for her love, but will any of them be able to live up to her Joseph Gordon-Levitt-lofty standards? What does it even mean to be like "Tom" from (500) Days of Summer? Let‘s investigate. Read more »
ABC may have officially named Ali Fedotowsky as the next Bachelorette but that hasn‘t stopped Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi from revealing her top choice. When one of her Twitter friends raved about fellow contestant Gia Allemand by saying, "she was a sweetheart on the show! she should‘ve been the new bachelorette!...not Ali," Girardi replied and concurred. Read more »
The premiere of the sixth edition of The Bachelorette is still about two months away, but ABC is wasting no time promoting the reality dating franchise‘s next love searcher, Ali Fedotowsky. Evidently, the former Bachelor contestant from Jake Pavelka‘s season is currently filming her quest, and we have the promo photos to prove it. Read more »
While Jake Pavelka is flaunting his moves on Dancing with the Stars, his ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas is busy dishing out dirt about the former Bachelor star. The latest bombshell? He‘s just faking it!In an interview with Life and Style, Douglas revealed the real reason why Pavelka joined The Bachelor and what led her to believe that he‘s just faking his love for Bachelor winner and fiance Vienna Girardi. Read more »
We‘ve seen a glimpse of Ali Fedotowsky as the star of The Bachelorette but we haven‘t stumbled on any scoop about the sixth season until now. The former Bachelor contestant, who competed for Jake Pavelka‘s heart last season, was recently spotted in New York City filming in Central Park and the Minskoff Theater, home to Disney musical The Lion King, according to the Examiner. Read more »
First it was Trista and Ryan Sutter, then came Molly and Jason Mesnick‘s wedding. But now it seems that another couple from The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is planning to walk down the aisle, although not surprisingly they didn‘t find love on TV. Read more »
The Bachelor--and its darn roses--just won‘t leave Jake Pavelka alone. Concerned that the controversial decision might cost him votes next week on Dancing with the Stars, he insists to TV Guide that he did what felt right for him. Tenley, he added, was "absolutely, positively" not the girl for the "60-years-down-the-road kind of relationship" he was looking for.Don‘t forget to catch: Is ‘Bachelor‘ Star Jake Pavelka Faking It? and ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Roundup: Who is Nicole Scherzinger Scared Of?"I think both of them are equally as important," says the 31-year-old commercial pilot, whose Viennese waltz in the kick-off scored 20 from the judges, good enough for the fifth spot. "Also, she talked about her ex-husband a lot. People ask me if it‘s editing, but no, she really did. And that‘s fine. I‘m glad she could talk to me about it, but she just needs some time for Tenley. Read more »
Tonight on Dancing with the Stars, it‘s all about stories. Some were told with overflowing emotion (Niecy Nash and Louis van Amstel) while others were paltry attempts at a story (she‘s blindfolded, he leads the way. That‘s a story?).‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Live Recap: Tell Us a StoryJudging from last week‘s elimination, America couldn‘t care less if a contestant is compared to a shopping cart being pushed around (Kate Gosselin) or if it looked like he forgot to take off his moon boots (Buzz Aldrin). In other words, skills can only go so far on Dancing with the Stars, and lack of skills can surprisingly take you, well, far. Confusing. The week 3 leader board is after the jump: Read more »
Suddenly, it all makes sense. After repeatedly denying that he wants more than 15 minutes of fame on Dancing with the Stars, Bachelor star Jake Pavelka makes yet another decision that suggests otherwise. Read more »
ABC has just released its summer schedule, which consists of several returning reality series and a couple of new shows.  The network kicks off the new season with the return of Ali Fedotowski as she looks for love on The Bachelorette on Monday, May 24, followed by the second season of True Beauty on Monday, May 31 and a special two-hour blind date-themed episode of Wipeout on Tuesday, before its third season premiere on Tuesday, June 22.  Read more »
The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finale just ended, and now it‘s time for the After the Final Rose special, in which Bachelor host Chris Harrison catches up with the rejectee, the happy couple, and next season‘s Bachelorette. Let‘s get right down to it.  Read more »
Last night‘s Bachelor finale was anything but surprising to most fans of the ABC reality TV dating series. Several months ago, it was already rumored that Jake Pavelka will end up with Vienna Girardi--- an ending that didn‘t exactly please viewers, whether during the season or after the show. As expected, BuddyTV Bachelor fans wasted no time in expressing their opinions about Jake‘s decision to choose spicy Vienna over sweet Tenley and here‘s what they have to say: Read more »
The Bachelor may be over but for Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, the public displays of affection aren‘t. The recently engaged couple was spotted Monday night getting hot and heavy in West Hollywood, just outside of Teddy‘s where they celebrated Pavelka‘s debut on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
It‘s amazing how much dirt you can dig up on one person just after appearing on a reality show. Case in point: Vienna Girardi. She‘s not exactly everyone‘s favorite Bachelor winner but she remains the center of attention, no thanks to her colorful past which includes naughty photos, a bitter ex, an expensive boob job, and now an alleged drug lord. Read more »
It was an all-around dreary night on Dancing with the Stars. Most couples just failed to wow the stern judges, who are all too willing to dispense those 5‘s and 6‘s. Even perennial crowd-pleasers Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough‘s rumba fell flat.‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Recap: It Takes Two Scores to Tango There were a few surprises, though, including improvements--and we use the term loosely here--from the "less talented" of the contestants. But before we go to Kate Gosselin, let‘s take a look at the leader board. Remember, the judges gave two scores for the couples‘ rumbas and tangos, one for technique and another for performance: Read more »
It‘s been a very busy week for The Bachelor-Bachelorette franchise even though Jake Pavelka‘s season has already ended while Ali Fedotowski‘s run as ABC‘s next love searcher hasn‘t even started. For starters, there‘s much buzz surrounding the sex tape scandal of season 14 contestant Rozlyn Papa. Then there‘s also news about Jake wishing he could have set up Ali with one of his friends, and Jillian Harris‘ advice for Jake and his fiance Vienna Girardi. Last but not the least, two former Bachelor contestants have found love and have recently announced their engagement.  Read more »
Three couples take center stage in this week‘s Bachelor news roundup and one of them is rumored to have secretly tied the knot. Keep reading to learn more about the latest updates on the Bachelor circuit.  Read more »
Movie night on Dancing with the Stars left a lot of fans satisfied, mainly because Jake Pavelka went pants-less for a few seconds and Nicole Scherzinger showed everyone who‘s the real one to beat on the show. Oh, and because Kate Gosselin got the boot.But before we go to the news bit about Maksim Chmerkovskiy dissing Jake Pavelka, weigh in on why America is not showing Pamela Anderson the love she so deserves and check out Kate Gosselin‘s not exactly popular journey on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
It‘s down to seven couples tonight on Dancing with the Stars, and with Kate Gosselin out of the running, the competition can really kick off. This week, the seven celebs will dance either the samba or the Argentine tango, in addition to a swing dance marathon. And in something that promises to be very entertaining, the celebs will also design the costumes for his/her team‘s number.‘Dancing with the Stars‘ News Roundup: Chad Gets a Pedicure, Kate Gets GrilledWho‘s dancing what this week? Read on to find out! Read more »
It‘s really a competition now on post-Kate Gosselin Dancing with the Stars. The seven couples took on the energetic samba and the passionate Argentine tango (not to mention a good old swing marathon).According to your votes, it‘s Jake Pavelka who should be packing his bags to finally spend some quality time with Vienna ... and the leaderboard agrees. So we ask YOU:Is Jake Pavelka the worst dancer left in the competition at this point? Read more »
While some people think that The Bachelor Pad is yet another dumb reality series, most people will probably still tune in to see what this train wreck of a show is all about. And from what we‘ve heard so far, this might just be the craziest installment in Bachelor-Bachelorette history. Of course, that all depends on which past contestants will be joining. Read more »
No, they are not together and it appears that any chance of reconciliation isn‘t in the cards for Bachelor star Jake Pavelka and Ali Fedotowsky, former Bachelor contestant-turned-Bachelorette star. However, what‘s clear is that they both still support each other and wish nothing but the best as they move on with their respective careers. Ali, who chose work over love and failed to win back Jake‘s heart the second time around, has put her emotional Bachelor exit behind her. Now she‘s choosing love over career as she kicks off The Bachelorette on May 24. Read more »
ABC has released their first taste of what‘s in store this season on The Bachelorette, which premieres Monday, May 24. With so much traveling ahead of her, this season might as well have been called Where in the World is Ali Fedotowsky? Good thing she‘s wearing those sneakers!The Bachelorette Season 6 Spoilers: Another Scandal BrewingAs we wait for more info and photos of Ali‘s 25 eligible bachelors (which the network promises will come along shortly, and we‘ll make sure to get it up ASAP when it does), check out the highlights of ABC‘s press release about the season premiere and the exciting upcoming dates, which include two private concerts, an onstage visit to a landmark Broadway musical and an olive oil wrestling match.  Read more »
In about two weeks from now, The Bachelorette returns with Ali Fedotowsky, the front runner on Jake Pavelka‘s season who left The Bachelor and chose her career over love. She now hopes to find love among 25 men though, judging from the rumors and spoilers that have been making the rounds these days, it looks like her journey is nothing short of controversial. WARNING: After the jump, spoilers about The Bachelorette season 6 are revealed, courtesy of Reality Steve. Take note, however, these are not confirmed by the network so read at your own risk. Read more »
I already watched the first episode of The Bachelorette starring Ali Fedotowsky, and gave you my take on the premiere (or as much of it as I could, anyway) and about the many men who will compete for Ali‘s heart this season.Well, now it‘s time for you to meet wrestler Justin, aka "Rated R," one of Ali‘s more controversial suitors. And don‘t let those crutches fool you: any guy willing to use the word "jabroni" in front of the girl he likes does not deserve your pity.  Read more »
It‘s that time again! After screening the first episode of this season of The Bachelorette, I‘m back to kick off the season with some hints, sneak peeks and bits of analysis for the upcoming season 6 premiere. Spoiler Update: ABC will reveal the identities of the 25 men sometime this week, and until then it‘s not my place to spoil your surprise. I don‘t know who gets eliminated during the May 24 premiere, and I will not reveal who gets the First Impression Rose. But here are other more juicy tidbits to tide you over until this season‘s premiere (or at least until we get the pictures and info about Ali‘s 25 eligible bachelors!). Read more »
In this sneak peek video of the upcoming Bachelorette premiere, newly-minted Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky raves about how her 25 prospective husbands are so "interesting, smart and funny" that they‘re "better than she could ever imagine." At least in their first impressions.The Bachelorette: Watch This ‘Rated R‘ Season Premiere Sneak PeekBut did she speak too soon? In his quest to stand out from the pack, blond baritone "Shooter" tells Ali the origin of his nickname, and the move definitely doesn‘t come across as too "smart":  Read more »
The Bachelorette won‘t return for its sixth season until May 24 but, as expected, we‘re already bombarded with a lot of rumors and speculations about Ali Fedotowsky‘s search for love. So far, ABC has given us a taste of what‘s in store this season through press releases and several video clips featuring contestants Justin, aka "Rated R," and Kyle. BuddyTV‘s Meghan Carlson has also been given us a rundown of the season opener while Reality Steve has been generous with spoilers.Warning: Major spoilers are revealed after the jump. Take note, however, that these spoilers are not from the network so read at your own risk.  Read more »
Meet Ali Fedotowsky‘s new dream guy, Kyle. He‘s a mountain man from Colorado who enjoys hunting, skinning the animals he hunts, mounting those skinned animals he hunts on his walls and ... more hunting. Go ahead: name an animal, and he‘s probably shot it. No, don‘t actually bother naming them! Because he‘ll name them all for you in this clip.Will Ali be the latest trophy Kyle takes home to his cave--err, house? Tune in to the premiere of The Bachelorette on May 24 at 9pm on ABC to find out!  Read more »
UPDATE: Check out PHOTOS of Ali‘s bachelors in our Meet the Men Slideshow.No photos just yet (but soon!), but for now, check out the names, ages, occupations and hometowns of the 25 guys who will try to win Ali‘s heart starting May 24 on The Bachelorette. Read more »
C-h-m-e-r-k-o-v-s-k-i-y.B-a-c-h-e-l-o-r-e-t-t-e.With these tough spelling challenges under their belts from other gigs, it seems like the perfect fit that The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and ESPN reporter (and Dancing with the Stars semi-finalist!) Erin Andrews will team up to host this year‘s Scripps National Spelling Bee on Friday, June 4. Andrews will report and Harrison will host live from the event in Washington, D.C., where 273 of the nation‘s best young spellers will congregate for the three-day event.The coverage will air on both ESPN and ABC and will span both semi-final and final rounds. ESPN‘s live telecast is scheduled for June 4 from 10am until 1pm ET. The final championship rounds of the National Spelling Bee, hosted by Harrison, airs Friday, June 4 from 8 to 10pm ET on ABC.  Read more »
With only a week left before Ali Fedotowsky makes her debut on The Bachelorette, things have been quite eventful as far as news and spoilers are concerned. In this week alone, we learn about Ali‘s major insecurities, teasers on the season 6 ending and of course, more spoilers on Ali‘s men. Read more »
It‘s the home stretch on this season of Dancing with the Stars, and while not a lot of fans are surprised by the final three couples, it‘s still an exciting finale to watch: Psychic Meghan predicts it‘s a Nicole-Evan showdown with the Olympian eventually winning. What do you think?Chad Ochocinco‘s ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Season in ReviewIn this Dancing with the Stars roundup: Erin and Maks become less discreet with their supposed romance, Eliza Dushku gives Vienna a stern warning, and guess who Derek Hough is eying for his partner next season? Read more »
To tie off their tumultuous year on reality TV, former Bachelor Jake Pavelka and his fiance Vienna Girardi will return to the Dancing with the Stars stage during Tuesday night‘s finale for a special dance to their anthem, "On the Wings of Love." Of course they will.Vienna tells E! Online, "I‘m very nervous. Jake‘s been telling everyone that I‘m a really good dancer, but I‘m really not. The expectations are too high for me."Oh, Vienna. You and I both know that‘s not true. People‘s expectations for you couldn‘t be lower!What else is coming up on this week‘s two-night Dancing season 10 finale? Read on to find out! Read more »
Ali Fedotowsky begins her search for love tonight as The Bachelorette kicks off its sixth season by introducing the 25 men who will compete for her heart. And based on the press release and previews, it looks like the new season features an interesting mix of backgrounds and a lot of colorful personalities. Get to know Ali‘s men HERE. Read more »
At some point during the last season of The Bachelor, Jake was serving up so much cheese and whine that I just couldn‘t not top it off with some healthy helpings of actual wine: and so The Bachelor: On the Wings of FUN! Drinking Game was born. Well, it‘s that time again. The Bachelorette premieres tonight, which means groups of ladies and sexuality-confident men will gather across the nation to watch as 25 earnest(ly ridiculous) men attempt to woo new Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, and those dedicated Americans want (nay, NEED!) an interactive game that will keep them in on the action of reality romance while also dulling the requisite brain-ache that comes with two straight hours of second-hand embarrassment.Want the pre-show scoop? Here‘s everything you need to know about The Bachelorette Season 6 Premiere.I have that game. This IS that game, and it is awesome. So let‘s all play it together! (And by "together," I mean you in your living room with all your friends, and me alone at my computer while I recap. Sniff.) Please, honor my stoic recapping solitude by busting out this game for every episode and making it a true Bachelorette PARTY! every Monday night.Behold, The Bachelorette: Ali-coholics Anonymous Drinking Game:  Read more »
Welcome back, Bachelorette-heads! It‘s been a long year since we lost the infectiously peppy Jillian Harris as our Bachelorette and traded ‘er in for the -- let‘s just say, divisive -- Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. If you vowed last season to never watch again, and yet here you are, wrapped up in the drama before it‘s even really begun, take heart: you are not alone. Dull the pain, enhance the joy: play the BuddyTV Bachelorette Ali-coholic Drinking Game!But this is the best possible kind of relapse. We‘re starting semi-fresh with last season‘s short-straw-drawer, Ali Fedotowsky, who‘s looking for her shot at fame, pretty dresses, fantastical dates and, oh yeah, LOVE. The promise of ample absurdity this season, despite the even ampler spoilers (you know where to get ‘em), is just too good to resist. And, spoilers be damned, together we will milk this Bachelorette season for as much fun as is humanly possible. Or die (inside) trying. What else were you going to do this summer -- read? (Oh wait, I guess you‘re doing that right now. Way to go!) In a whirlwind of sappy intro videos, romantic tokens that would make even Hallmark gag, and 25 guys who share about five first names, tonight‘s premiere was all about first impressions, second chances and -- for eight of the 25 -- swinging for a third strike before the cocktail party‘s even over.  Read more »
The sixth season opener of The Bachelorette didn‘t really break new ground, but I‘ve got to hand it to the producers for giving us such an eccentric group of bachelors to root for and poke fun at--at the same time. In the first episode alone, we witnessed some pretty weird antics from some of Ali‘s suitors, including a pee-pee dance, a cubic zirconium ring proposal and a flip off the top of the limo. But those are actually pretty tame compared to the other things we saw on the show, which really makes you wonder the things men will do just to get a girl‘s attention. Here are my picks for worst first impressions of the night:  Read more »
Check out these videos, courtesy of ABC, for more from The Bachelorette season 6 premiere, including:The always-depressing "Diaries of the Departed" with the eliminated menA deleted scene that explains why one of those guys got eliminatedTwo highlight videos from Monday‘s episodeAn interview with the Bachelorette herself, Ali FedotowskyReady to move on to Week 2? Check out these photos from the upcoming Monday, May 31 Bachelorette episode in which Ali and 12 of the guys hit the beach ... some in shorter swimwear than others! Read more »
The competition heats up as the 17 remaining bachelors take advantage of every opportunity to score points with Ali Fedotowsky on the second episode of The Bachelorette season 6. Tonight, one contestant interrupts another bachelor‘s time and tries to control his urge to kiss Ali in front of all the other men while another contestant confronts the other bachelors for calling him "dangerous" behind his back.Catch Up on Last Week‘s Recap: Rated R For Ridiculous  Read more »
As we move on to the second episode of The Bachelorette, we learn just a little bit more about this season‘s bachelors and see how they fare in Ali‘s heart. There are a couple of guys who came out on top tonight (the winners) while there are others (the losers) who just don‘t have what it takes to win the viewers over or possibly Ali‘s heart. Here are my picks: Read more »
Tonight on The Bachelorette: Ali takes two guys on exciting individual "rose or goes" dates, and twelve guys go on pants-off beach photo shoot -- for charity.17 guys remain after last week‘s premiere, and only 14 will continue through to next week. Who will make the cut?For the short and sweet version of tonight‘s episode, check out our picks for the Winners and Losers of The Bachelorette Week 2. For the fantastically drawn-out version, keep reading! Read more »
It‘s been a very busy week for The Bachelor-Bachelorette franchise with all the news and interviews surfacing on the internet. Gia Allemand has a new love,  Jesse Csincsak spills some beans behind Ali Fedotowski‘s dates and host Chris Harrison weighs in on the Ali‘s suitors. More on this week‘s Bachelor roundup after the jump. Read more »
Things are about to get a little more interesting as The Bachelorette moves on to its third episode. Not only will there be fierce competition among the 14 remaining contestants, some secrets will also be revealed. More details about tonight‘s installment after the jump.  Read more »
A couple of weeks after Nicole Scherzinger swept the floor with the competition on the last season of Dancing with the Stars, the contestants seem to be doing their own thing post-DWTS. From bagging a role in a  production of Rent to trying to save baby seals in Russia, they sure are keeping themselves busy.Reminisce: Highlights from the ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Season 10 FinaleThe post-DWTS plans and activities/shenanigans of Nicole Scherzinger, Derek Hough, Erin Andrews, Chad Ochocinco, Pamela Anderson and Aiden Turner are after the jump! Read more »
Rumor has it that Bachelor Pad -- the new Mike Fleiss late summer series that pits past Bachelor(ette) contestants against each other in a Survivor/Big Brother competition (with a little romance thrown in because hey, it‘s still The Bachelor) -- started filming today in Los Angeles.Which Bachelor stars moved into the Pad to compete for cash? Two similar lists from sources outside ABC may reveal the identities of the 20 contestants: Read more »
Hey, Bachelorette buckaroos! Before I get into tonight‘s man-meaty episode, a little shop talk: instead of slaving over a lengthy recap every Monday night after two hours of rose ‘n romance reality television, I‘m moving to a short-and-sweet, high-and-low night-of piece (which I‘m calling Bachelorette-Bites -- and when the show is particularly painful, we can take out that hyphen), and your full, snark-filled recap will come in the am. The change frees me up to tweet to my cold, dead heart‘s content with you all during the show (hit me up at @BTVBachelorette!), not to mention gives me a full night‘s rest to dream up all my amazing jabs about the guys! It‘s really a win-win-lose. (Where you and I both win, and the guys on The Bachelorette lose. As they should.)So that‘s that. Now, your Bachelorette bites for the night: Who cried? Who died -- of embarrassment? Who got sent home and who, against all odds and his own efforts to look as terrible as possible, stayed? Read more »
Another episode of The Bachelorette has aired and that means it‘s time for another round of this weekly column, The Winners and Losers of The Bachelorette.  Tonight‘s episode is all about the men going that extra mile just to impress Ali Fedotowsky. Some bachelors have stepped up and went beyond the perimeters of the mansion to impress Ali while others have been given opportunity to connect with her but failed to take advantage of their time. So who screwed up and who totally came out on top? Check out my picks after the jump. Read more »
The third episode of The Bachelorette season 6 has certainly left viewers with mixed feelings about Ali Fedotowsky‘s suitors. While some have emerged as winners, others have made themselves look like losers. Here‘s my take on last night‘s episode and here‘s what other reality stars have to say: Read more »
Last night on The Bachelorette, Ali invited the Barenaked Ladies to put some of the guys through a jealousy exam as she groped and kissed them, and some of them did not pass. Meanwhile, Roberto got one step closer to making Ali fall for him, and Justin became the official pariah of the house.Want the full rundown? Read our recap: The Bachelorette: ‘Mr. Jekyll ... and Hyde?‘Check out videos of two key moments from last night‘s episode of The Bachelorette with Roberto and Frank, plus after-interviews with her three eliminated guys, and one deleted scene showing a whole different side to lawyer Craig. Read more »
Well, that was two-hours of straight-up awkward, wasn‘t it?Last night on The Bachelorette, we saw a wide range of traits in Ali‘s remaining suitors, from Jonathan‘s debilitating anxiety about kissing to Justin‘s self-sabotaging sneakiness--both attracting the ridicule of the other guys, and both resulting in lonely man-tears. The Awkward Train really left the station when Hunter got his one-on-one date with Ali, but it wasn‘t all bad: Roberto, Chris L. and Kirk managed to make a connection with the Bachelorette without making anybody--us, Ali, the other men--recoil in disgust. That‘s a win in the Bachelorette book!Speaking of books: Yes, I know it‘s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But Ty doesn‘t--though that didn‘t stop him from making the reference!For the condensed versions of last night‘s Bachelorette episode, check out these exclusive BuddyTV offerings:‘Bachelorette-Bites‘: Jonathan Cries, Justin Gets CrucifiedThe Winners and Losers of Bachelorette Week 3 For the full details and color commentary, read on! Read more »
During Monday night‘s edition of The Bachelorette, confirmed bachelor Ken (of "Ken and Barbie" fame) popped in during commercial breaks to drop some leopard-printed, ascot-donning knowledge bombs on us about love and dating. Because that‘s why we all watch The Bachelorette--to LEARN!Below, check out his romance tips for the Bachelorette contestants (and all hopeful bachelors everywhere). After the videos, I share my own helpful pointers for the guys. Because they need all the help they can get, apparently. Read more »
By now, you‘ve either read Reality Steve‘s spoilers for this season from top to bottom, or you‘ve build for yourself the most impressive Bachelorette-blinders in the world, given that you‘re still here at my Bachelorette page, reading an article that starts with "Spoilers."Related: Partial List of Bachelor Pad Contestants RevealedIf you fall into the latter category, may I just say: Bravo. And also: be warned, I am about to discuss those spoilers as though it ain‘t no thang, because they‘ve been out for a good month, and they play into our actual topic at hand: Astrochicks just released the names of the four final Bachelor candidates, citing their source as a woman who recently applied to be on next season. See the identities of the men (all from Ali‘s current Bachelorette season) and get ready to talk your likes, loathes and theories about their chance at becoming The Bachelor:  Read more »
Hunter Wagner, the 28-year-old internet account executive from San Antonio, TX, started off strong with Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky thanks to his quick wit and a cute ukelele serenade. But things went downhill in Week 3 when Hunter, sans ukelele, had a low-key, low-chemistry one-on-one with Ali that clued her in that she saw this sweet but reserved Texan more as a friend than a fiance.Read the Recap: The Bachelorette Week 3: ‘Mr. Jekyll ... and Hyde?‘Hunter spoke to the media this morning about his experience on The Bachelorette, how he felt about Justin "Rated R" Rego stealing his date-thunder and why his one-on-one with Ali ended up being so awkward. Here‘s what he had to say. Read more »
Ex-Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant Jake Pavelka will jump the fence from ABC to Lifetime this summer, at least for a day. Pavelka has clinched a guest role on Drop Dead Diva that seems (perhaps literally) made just for him. People reports:"Pavelka will guest star as Toby Davlin, a suitor on Finding the One, a dating show whose producer is being sued for "intentionally inflicting emotional harm" when Toby spurns one bachelorette for another."Jake begins shooting his scenes on June 18, and his episode, called "Good Grief," is slated to air on August 22. Read more »
As if we haven‘t seen enough singing and guitar playing guys on The Bachelorette, this week‘s episode ups the ante by featuring even more suitors serenading Ali Fedotowsky. And it doesn‘t necessarily add points in her book. So whose song flopped, and whose lines successfully won Ali‘s heart? Check out my picks after the jump. Read more »
Want to know what reality stars from The Bachelorette have been up to these days? Check out their tweets--which range from their reactions about this week‘s episode of The Bachelorette to little updates about their latest projects. Read more »
Because if they do, this episode of The Bachelorette would win them ALL. Forever and ever. There is just too much awesome to cover in our Bachelorette bites tonight, but never fear, because tomorrow‘s full recap will include every ... single ... excruciatingly uncomfortable ... moment. And song. And Jonathan facial expression. And terrible tattoo. Tonight, we must simply try to navigate, process and understand what it is that we just saw. Oh, the horror. Oh, the (in)humanity. Oh, The Bachelorette -- you are SO GOOD this season!Let‘s run down the highs, aka Kasey (Get it? Because he is hiiiigh if he thinks that tattoo was a good idea) and lows, aka Jonathan (Haha, get it again? He‘s short) of tonight‘s episode, Bachelorette week 4, when Ali took the guys to the Big Apple, and together these 11 men out-crazied all the bums in New York City: Read more »
Last night‘s episode of The Bachelorette was the best ever. Like, they might as well just shut the whole thing down now, because it will never get any better than that two-hour horror-and-delight-mixed-together-in-a-delicious-schadenfreude-cocktail. It‘s now the morning after, and I am STILL drunk on the potency of Kasey‘s terrible, terrible decisions. So, before the hangover kicks in and this show gets back to being about looooove, let‘s recap week 4 of The Bachelorette 6 with Ali Fedotowsky, the episode henceforth to be known as Mike Fleiss‘s Magnum Opus of Uncomfortable. But first: let‘s avoid redundancy, yes? Last night I spilled my gleeful beans about the highs and lows of the episode in my wee recap, Bachelorette-Bites: Do They Give Out Emmys for Awkwardness? So be sure to read that, but only if you enjoy having FUN. Now, it‘s time for a different sort of recap. In honor of the poor, helpless, pathetic and hilarious fallen weatherman, in this recap we are going to play a little game called, "And how did that make Jonathan feel?"And the game starts ... now.  Read more »
Usually, the two-hour running time of a Bachelorette episode is about 1.9 too many hours, given the amount of substantive action that happens on this show. But last night‘s Bachelorette episode, which I have boldly (and rightly) proclaimed to be the best Bachelorette episode ever made, could have been two more hours long, and I would have loved it, as long as those two extra hours were mostly made up of Kasey transcribing his brain-crazy into spoken words, and Jonathan transcribing his into facial contortions. We will never get those two extra hours, but at least we have these Bachelorette Youtube clips from ABC to prolong our love just a little bit longer. Check out a deleted scene starring Kasey, the weekly Diaries of the Departed starring Jonathan and Hot Jesse, and two key moments from last night‘s episode, including the one you‘ll want to play over and over again: Kasey‘s song. Plus: next week, the men write poems about their feelings and recite them to Ali. And, as the sneak peek below illustrates, it‘s just as forced and awkward as you‘d expect. Read more »
So, in the grand scheme of all the Bachelorette craziness this week, apparently there was still enough room left for this to become a thing (via TV Squad):"Viewers at home may have noticed that, for much of his hike, Justin was seen wobbling down the street on his right foot, with his left leg elevated in a cast. But just as he made his way up the driveway, the camera briefly showed him using his left foot instead. To add more confusion to the mix, in the next shot, Justin was shown using his right foot again as normal."As you astute viewers at home will recall, TV Squad is referring back to Bachelorette Week 3, when Justin "Rated R" Rego, the "entertainment wrestler," cripple-walked to Ali‘s house without an invitation. And now there‘s a CONSPIRACY afoot! (Get it? A-foot.) Did Justin fake his foot being broken? Is he dumb enough to forget which foot he pretended to break? IS EVERYTHING ON THIS SHOW A LIE? Well, to that last question, yes, but to the other stuff, duh, no. Read more »
For this rumor‘s resurgence, as with most things in life, I blame Ryan Seacrest.This morning on his radio show, Seacrest spoke with ABC honcho Steve McPherson about the possibility that Kate Gosselin might ever be The Bachelorette. He told the Seamonster it was a "great" idea. Then Ryan talked to Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, who popped his head up from out of his swimming pool full of gold coins long enough to tell Ryan, "I guess it‘s kinda interesting. I‘ve never thought about it. Seriously, It would have to be a special edition of the Bachelorette. I wouldn‘t want to jump the shark."Let‘s not even get INTO that last part where Mike Fleiss pretends his show hasn‘t always lived high up in the TV-air, forever mid-jump of the proverbial shark, but let‘s instead get to the meat of the matter: Kate Gosselin will not be The Bachelorette. Ever. These men are just saying things for the sake of saying them, and for the sake of untrue gossip column rumors to pop up with their names inside them, so they can get their self-referential Google Alerts on their iPhones later, and smile. So everyone (including you, MSNBC, who are usually too good to take anything that Life & Style says seriously) just needs to calm down.  Read more »
Read no further if you don‘t want to hear spoiler straight-talk about this season of The Bachelorette and its final outcome, courtesy once again of one Reality Steve and his reliable (so far, anyway) inside sources.So: Who does Ali Fedotowsky choose?Here‘s what Steve says he knows:  Read more »
This week‘s episode of The Bachelorette brings the nine remaining bachelors to Iceland where some of them earn a place in Ali‘s heart while others find themselves walking on thin ice. So who scored some points and who‘s out on the cold? Check out my picks after the jump. Read more »
The latest shocker on The Bachelor might as well be the most predictable news on ABC‘s reality dating franchise. According OK! magazine, last season‘s love searcher Jake Pavelka and fiance Vienna Girardi have called it quits-- officially putting an end to their short-lived engagement.  Read more »
Want to know what reality stars from The Bachelor-ette are talking about tonight? Check out their tweets--which range from their reactions about this week‘s episode of The Bachelorette to the controversial breakup of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi.   Read more »
This week on The Bachelorette, Ali and her final nine traveled to Iceland to explore the icy sites ... and each other‘s souls. (Ha, ha. RIGHT.) Anyway, it was really boring. At least after last week‘s tattoo-terrorizing, weatherman-weeping magnum opus of uncomfortable. Two more guys saw the ugly end of the rose (the thorns) and seven got one step closer to marrying Ali--or at least flying to a more temperate climate. Here‘s what went down: Read more »
I hope you put the kiddies to bed early and turned the lights down low, because with its freezing cold temperatures, adventures on glaciers and in underground caves, mold horror stories, doctor visits, emotional breakdowns by crazy men, and so many warm bodies entirely covered in bulky Gor-Tex snowsuits and furry hats, last night‘s episode of The Bachelorette in Iceland was almost TOO SEXY for TV! Iceland? More like STEAM-land, am I right?I‘m doing things a little differently today, because last night‘s episode was, for all its overwhelming sexiness, pretty uneventful. So:For the episode recap, check out Bachelorette-Bites: Of Ice and Men.To relive all of last night‘s sexiest moments, read on!Honorable Mention, at right: We got to come along when Justin "Rated R" Rego decided to get his smelly foot-cast off, and watch as the doctor pried it off his leg. Thanks, ABC!  Read more »
Clearly, I already covered all the big notes from last night‘s Bachelorette episode in my episode recap, Of Ice and Men (sorry, John Steinbeck!) and my list of the 10 Sexiest Moments in Iceland (so many snowsuits, SO LITTLE TIME!), but there are also some important questions that the show left unanswered, such as:What happened in Kasey‘s past relationships that made him this way? (BTW, if you were ever in a past relationship with Kasey, please leave a comment with a way to reach you. We should talk.)How do you say "fair white maiden" in Icelandic?And what designs does Chris N. think Kasey should cover up his stupid tattoo with?Luckily, ABC has released these Bachelorette Youtube videos that answer all these questions, and more! Read more »
After confirming her breakup from Bachelor fiance Jake Pavelka just yesterday, Vienna Girardi has already sold her story to Star Magazine, in which she reveals the reasons behind the split. (Apparently the reason "We met on The Bachelor" just isn‘t sufficient anymore.)And, in another shocker in this already shocking tale, all of the reasons are Jake‘s fault and make him sound like a terribly confused man:"We haven‘t been intimate in months now. More than four months. At first his excuse was that he was fasting. The second excuse was that he didn‘t feel like it. And the third excuse was that he said that he felt that I wouldn‘t understand that he wants to wait until marriage, even though I told him I‘d support him. Then the last excuse was that we fight so much that I push him away. I was like, really--which excuse is it? I literally have been living six months with this guy who won‘t be intimate with me!" Read more »
I doubt I‘m the only one who hoped that The Bachelor‘s Jake and Vienna would announce their break-up in a dignified, mutually respectful way, independently retreat to their homes to recover, and leave it at that. If we can‘t believe in love on The Bachelor, can‘t we at least believe in basic human decency and the triumph of a person‘s last remaining shard of dignity over the temptation of money and publicity? No, of course we cannot! That‘s not allowed in Bachelor land. And I‘m a dreamer and a fool for thinking so. But I‘d rather be a dreamer than a ... whatever Jake and Vienna are these days.I just wanted to get that out of the way before we put on our acid-repellent brain-boots and once again sift through the toxic pool that is the Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Bachelor break-up with this basic, purely curious question in mind: what is going on here?To make the "he said/she said" sifting a little easier, here is a side-by-side comparison of Jake and Vienna‘s tabloid covers and claims about their controversial break-up: Read more »
In his conference call with the media this morning, now infamous Bachelorette reject Kasey Kahl, who got a wrist tattoo (but not a rose) claimed that he tries to stay away from the blogs--which is probably a good idea, given how much fun I had making fun of him during his time on The Bachelorette.All jokes aside about his improv pop songs, heart tattoos and many tears, Kasey had an admirably positive attitude about his whole Bachelorette experience, despite his humiliating send-off on an Icelandic glacier. What does he think of his Bachelorette-inspired tattoo now? Is he back in the dating game? Who‘s the best guy for Ali?Here‘s what Kasey had to say: Read more »
Ahhh, the weatherman! Whether you read that as a sigh of joy or sign of terror, and whether you loved or hated to watch Jonathan Novack‘s over-emotional antics this season on The Bachelorette (if you read my recaps, you know that I skew to the extreme "love" side) there‘s no denying that the by-day newscaster had a definite presence on screen.And good thing, too, especially for us weatherman-lovers: Jonathan will be back on ABC starting August 9 on Bachelor Pad, alongside fellow Bachelorette season 6 cast members Craig McKinnion and Jesse Beck. Forecast: Drama!Also of note for Jonathan-lovers in Los Angeles: the weatherman‘s contract is up at his news station, and he‘s gearing up to move to L.A. to look into entertainment reporting and revive his stand-up comedy act. (The Bachelorette is sure to have given him plenty of material.)This morning, Jonathan took time to talk about his roller-coaster of a Bachelorette experience, from shooting a swimsuit calendar to kissing Ali in a music video. Here‘s what he had to say. Read more »
Breaking up with someone is never too easy but breaking up in the world of reality TV makes everything even more complicated. Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, the latest Bachelor couple to join the list of reality relationship wrecks, have been dishing their dirty laundry in public through magazine interviews ever since the public learned about their split this month. Catch up on the "He Said, She Said" fiasco here.  Read more »
No doubt about it: The Bachelorette word of the week is "wrestler."This Monday on The Bachelorette, it‘s the day all of us spoiler-readers have been waiting for--Ali learns about entertainment wrestler Justin "Rated R" Rego‘s girlfriend back home.And how does she learn about this shocking news? From her former Bachelorette competitor, Jessie Sulidis! (Who will also appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor Pad, in case you‘re curious.)Watch the drama unfold in the clip below.Plus, more wrestling fun: Check out another sneak peek of Monday‘s episode in which four of Ali‘s guys take on professional Turkish olive oil wrestlers for their chance to win some one-on-one time. Read more »
Now that Ali has trimmed down her pool of suitors to seven on The Bachelorette, it‘s getting more and more difficult to decide which ones are right for her, which ones aren‘t and most especially which ones are there for the wrong reasons. But predicting the winners and losers of tonight‘s episode, however, proves to be quite easy and predictable.  Read more »
The majority of the night‘s Bachelorette excitement and water-cooler material came at us in the first 10 minutes, when Ali kicked Justin "Rated Rrrrrrridiculously Stupid" Rego out on his handicapable ass--an epic scene that I covered in detail in last night‘s Bachelorette-Bites: Istan-Bull$#!* (Geography pun! You‘re welcome for that, by the way) and where I fully expect you to go read, weigh the facts and do a little soul-searching about whether The Bachelorette or Justin is more to blame for his looking like a ‘roid-rageous fame monster on national TV. These are the important issues of the day (just kidding, please go read about the oil spill when you‘re done here), and these are the questions that keep me up at night (kidding again, last night I was actually up wondering whatever happened to Rick Moranis and how I might convince him to come back to me). Anyway The Bachelorette is no longer a "Rated R" zone, but that doesn‘t mean that last night‘s episode wasn‘t up to its exposed belly button in skin, steam and sex. Oil rubs! Bathhouse massages! The viewing of carpets! These are all things that happened, more or less. Let‘s make fun of them now, OK? Read more »
How hydrated are you after last night‘s Bachelorette episode? I mean, you spent the whole day at the water cooler discussing what went down with Justin "Rated R" Rego, right? "I couldn‘t possibly drink another tiny paper cup of this lukewarm office water, but I must, because seriously Carol, did you hear those voice mails?" That‘s you, being the pop-culture-savviest girl (or guy!) at work.Maybe not, but that doesn‘t mean you don‘t want to relive the divinely uncomfortable moment when Ali confronted Justin about his many love-lies, and then he tried to make his escape down the stars, through bushes and over fountains just to avoid talking to her. And now you can. Plus: Check out more Bachelorette videos from last night‘s episode in Turkey, including a deleted scene with my favorite--NOT--Frank, that whole olive oil wrestling fiasco, and--bonus!--the first promo for ABC‘s Bachelor Pad. Read more »
This week on The Bachelorette, Ali took the seven remaining guys to Istanbul, Turkey, where the usual happened (dates, make-outs, someone got sent home without a rose). But that‘s not the real story of the night. The real story is WHOA, HOW BIG OF A JERK IS JUSTIN? The biggest and the jerkiest, it turns out! (As if having a career as an "entertainment wrestler" didn‘t give that away in the beginning, and that his perma-smug-face didn‘t give it away every minute after that.) But Ali needed convincing, and boy, did she get it. This edition of Bachelorette-Bites is dedicated to the country of Canada. I‘m sorry that this guy is your native son, and I promise to not hold it against you: Read more »
All the Bachelor and Bachelorette news that‘s fit to print, but unfit for individual consumption:Watch out, Canada! Justin "Rated R" Rego wants to be a cop. "In the next year or so I‘m actually looking to be a police officer," he told ET Canada. "I‘m slowly studying it ... that‘s something I truly am passionate about and I definitely want to get into." What words would you use to describe a great police officer? Honor, integrity, courage, respect, commitment ... yeah, you better be studying up, Justin. Also seemingly forgetting those damning romantic voice mails that ABC played as he exited the show, Justin told ET that un-girlfriend Jessica was just "somebody that I always wanted in my life cause she‘s a great person." Guess that‘s why they were making out in public last week. Read more »
Last week, Reality Steve told us Ali chooses no one in the upcoming Bachelorette finale and goes home alone.Now, Us Weekly claims that Ms. Fedotowsky not only chooses a guy from her final two in Tahiti, but she‘s currently engaged to him.To make matters more confusing: InTouch reports that Ali is kinda, sorta dating an entirely different guy back home.We‘ll have to wait until the latest Us Weekly issue comes out to see whether the mag‘s claims of a "confirmed" proposal are all that confirming. All Us will say at the moment is that its unnamed sources say that Ali "is planning a West Coast wedding in early 2011," and "she‘s already thinking about the details."Which guy proposed? Spoiler-fiends shouldn‘t be surprised by this answer:  Read more »
Guess Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco didn‘t find his true love in Dancing with the Stars partner Cheryl Burke, because he‘s taking a page from The Bachelor and looking for love on TV in his new Vh1 show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. Chad‘s taking the spirit of the competition to a whole new level, throwing out the normal dating rules and forcing his ladies to duke it out in a dating tournament, complete with an ever-changing roster and bracket system. And, just like pro football players, these girls aren‘t afraid to hit hard and get ugly--and some of them are seriously padded, ifyouknowwhatI‘msayin.Watch the super-trailer for Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, which premieres Sunday, July 11 at 9pm on Vh1.  Read more »
So much Bachelor gossip, so little time!Well, that‘s not quite true. With two hours of ABC airtime every week and the wonders of social media, there‘s plenty of time for bad-mouthed Bachelor contestants to get their stories out.And Vienna Girardi and Justin ‘Rated R‘ Rego are doing just that. Below, check out each of their defenses against their recent Bachelor scandals. Do the stories hold up? Read more »
The self-proclaimed "bullsh*t-detector" of this season on The Bachelorette, lovable lawyer Craig Robinson made it all the way to Turkey before Ali regrettably let him go for their lack of romantic chemistry. He may have ultimately gone home roseless, but Craig got one gratifying gift before he left the show: He got to watch as Ali finally kicked out the guy he‘d pinned as a bad egg from night one--Justin ‘Rated R‘ Rego, the two-timing entertainment wrestler, and the hot topic of the week in Bachelor-land.Craig answered plenty of questions about Justin in his conference call with the media this morning, as well as about his own Bachelorette experience: Was he expecting his elimination? How does he feel about Ali now? And is he set to give up his day job for a career as an olive oil wrestler? Here‘s what he had to say: Read more »
Tonight on a very special episode of The Bachelorette, the producers proved what we‘ve known all along: This show doesn‘t need to be two hours long. After gracefully cramming Ali‘s sleep-inducing (oh, excuse me, "fairytale") adventures into about an hour--more like 40 minutes if you don‘t count commercials and gratuitous teasers--The Bachelorette and Chris Harrison treated us to that much-anticipated Jake and Vienna interview, in the same way that John Wilkes Booth "treated" Abraham Lincoln to a bullet in the head, or the Cloverfield monster "treated" New York to the bottoms of its monster-feet. But worse: "Wait, before you bash my head in with your big, nasty monster feet, can you please define the word ‘undermine‘ and then talk about the merits of various bedroom furniture organizational methods, please, oh please, Mr. Cloverfield monster?" And the Cloverfield monster is like, "DON"T INTERRUPT ME!" and then stomps. What a treat for EVERYONE!What I‘m saying is that the fight--in what turns out to be this relationship‘s only imitation of an actual relationship between two actual human beings--was a huge bummer for everyone involved.  Read more »
The final five, Roberto, Kirk, Chris, Ty and Frank, all went to Lisbon, Portugal for a romantic getaway with Ali, who was forced to decide which four suitors will be moving on to the home town dates. Though a lot of drama was promised this week on The Bachelorette, most of it came from Chris Harrison‘s highly anticipated interview with Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, who are living proof that finding fairytale love on TV could turn into a devastating nightmare. You can check out the highlights of the episode in Meghan Carlson‘s Bachelorette-Bites. Meanwhile, let‘s identify the winners and losers of the night.  Read more »
For some reason, everyone (myself included) seems totally shocked at what terrible people Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi turned out to be. It‘s like, "Wait, hold on. You‘re saying that the constantly shirtless (and sometimes pantsless) guy who cried his way through The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars and the self-proclaimed ‘spoiled princess‘ whom he proposed to on national television aren‘t dignified, respectful and honest people? GET OUT. But how can I ever trust again?"The many ways in which Jake and Vienna were able to fool each other, themselves and THE WORLD (Haha, sure) with their uniquely horrific, endlessly bastardized version of "love" was the real story on last night‘s episode of The Bachelorette, but there was also another story: A story so dull that you probably fell asleep and had a dream about paying your taxes that was more interesting and suspenseful. A story so predictable that I could have written this recap before the episode even aired. And that story goes like this: Ali went to Portugal, where she got super-drunk and talked about feelings until even the sky started to cry, begging her to stop, and then she broke a honky‘s fragile heart. The End.Just kidding! I‘m full of those. (Kiddings.) Get ready for some more: Read more »
And then there were two. (Successful Bachelor couples, that is.)Jillian Harrison, 29, and Ed Swiderski, who met and got engaged on The Bachelorette season 5, have announced their split."I love him and I‘m really sad, but I have to look out for me," Harris told Us Weekly.Swiderski, 30, sounded more open to a reconciliation--at least some point down the road: "We‘re both kind of resetting. Jillian isn‘t happy and I‘m definitely sad about the whole thing, but we‘ve got to work through some things on our own if we decide to move forward." Read more »
In an ever-changing world, it‘s strangely comforting to know that some things, even if they are trite and stupid and aggressive and needless (all rolled into one!) things, will always stay the same.I‘m talking, as you can tell by the headline (unless you are a reality TV contestant, in which case we can assume you‘re a little slow), about how, no matter what they‘re competing for and whom they‘re competing against, reality TV competition contestants will always say "I‘m not here to make friends." It‘s a rule.Last year, blogger Rich FourFour noticed this rule and compiled the supercut to top all supercuts: an "I‘m Not Here to Make Friends" montage for the 2008 TV season. For reality TV fanatics (that‘s me) and general fans of awesomeness alike, it was a game-changer. They even did a little segment about it on This American Life. (That‘s legit!) And then he made another one for the 2009 season. These reality stars just cannot keep from saying how not there to make friends they are, and, in turn, these videos just cannot keep from being hilarious. Read more »
Southern boy and country crooner Ty Brown learned that he wasn‘t Bachelorette Ali‘s prince in Portugal, leaving the show before he could take her home to meet his family in Nashville, TN. Ty spoke to the media on Thursday about his time on this scandalous season of The Bachelorette, from the infamous wrestler drama to his awkward two-on-one date with fellow love-seeker Frank. Here‘s what Ty had to say about Ali, the other guys and his "traditional" background that so interested The Bachelorette: Read more »
On Monday‘s episode of The Bachelorette, Ali visits each of her final four guys--Chris, Kirk, Roberto and Frank--in their hometowns to get a glimpse at their friends, families and backgrounds.Check out four sneak peeks at her visits--they‘re nothing too crazy, except, uh, the "thousands" of dead animals that have been brought "back to life" in Kirk‘s basement!Plus, bonus for the ladiesssss: See Chris being adorable (per usual) and Roberto in a baseball uniform. The only thing NOT to love about these videos is Frank (also per usual), who is clearly trying to force something between himself and Ali that just isn‘t there. GO HOME, Frank! Oh wait, you‘re already home. STAY HOME, Frank! Read more »
Meeting your significant other‘s parents can be stressful. The small talk, the smiling, the straddling of the thin line between "being yourself" and coming across as a "total weirdo." (Oh, just me? OK then.) Now, imagine doing it four times in the course of a week, with four different families who all know you‘re two-timing (or more like four-timing) their beloved baby boy, and have been dumping dudes left and right for several weeks, and might dump their son next. And doing it all on national television. FUN!I guess what I‘m saying is that I can see why Ali had a drink in her hand for almost the entirety of tonight‘s Bachelorette episode. Now it‘s time for the high and low points of tonight‘s episode, which the show conveniently broke up into the first and second hours of the episode! "Save the worst for last!" That‘s ABC‘s motto. Read more »
If you‘ve been following my weekly round of Winners and Losers of The Bachelorette, it‘s pretty obvious which three of the four remaining suitors will move on to the next round and which one will go home tonight. Though what transpired this week is nothing unexpected, each of the hometown dates reveals something new and different about the bachelors and their families, and whether or not Ali can see past the horrors of taxidermy and parental interrogation.You can check out the highlights of the episode in Meghan Carlson‘s Bachelorette-Bites. Meanwhile, let‘s identify the winners and losers of the night. Read more »
If you‘ve read even one article by me about this season of The Bachelorette (thank you!), you know about my distaste for a certain guy named Frank. All valid, qualifying arguments about the misleading nature of reality television editing and the inherent artificiality that cause otherwise good people into acting in unnatural, unflattering ways aside ... I. Do. Not. Like. Him. And, as part of my job as a television writer, it is my duty to judge, analyze and then tell you, in all my uniquely ridiculous and hyberbolic ways, how much I do not like him. I feel that I have done that. Mission accomplished. And then some. That said, I know some of you like Frank. And I respect your opinion, because when it comes down to it, this is still a silly reality television show. About people we don‘t know. Who are collectively chasing a fantasy that we all know probably won‘t work out. In ways that in no shape or form resemble genuine human existence. So go ahead and like Frank as much as you want. Like him so much that you love him and marry him and have all the babies with him. In your mind. Because subjectivity, and ambiguity, and most of all, who cares. Right?Well, it‘s confession time: I still care, despite, and maybe even because of, my ardent attempts to not care. Consistent blogging: It makes you care about stuff! (Good slogan work, Meghan.) Anyway, all this serves to explain the complex, potent blend of emotions that comes over me as I watch the sneak preview of next week‘s Bachelorette episode, which you can see below.Disdain. Anger. Anxiety. Boredom. Satisfaction. Hunger. Purple. All these emotions I feel about Frank‘s wishy-washy ways. But most of all: Vindication. Not because I now think Frank is some terrible, evil person. (I can find him arrogant and obnoxious and deluded and blow-hard-y and still think he‘s not an inherently bad person. Like Shrek said, "Onions, layers, and so forth.") But because I said he was "shifty" from the start, and if this clip doesn‘t illustrate a dramatic SHIFT in the trajectory of this season of The Bachelorette, I don‘t know what does:  Read more »
You can tell a lot about a person by their parents: morals, traditions, a vague approximation of what their skin will look like in 30 years. Which is why, instead of judging the Bachelorette boys by their own actions last night (oh, we did that, too), we should also judge by the closest glimpse we‘ve got of what they‘ll be like as husbands: their dear ol‘ dads!Luckily for Ali‘s final three--Roberto, Chris and Frank--"dear" was just the right word to describe their proud pops. Each could easily qualify as a "#1 Dad," but which papa most won me (and you!) over when he welcomed Ali into his home? It was a tough call, but this totally arbitrary point system helped me pick out the primo patriarch from last night‘s Bachelorette episode:  Read more »
In this week‘s edition of Bachelorette-Tube, we get a deleted scene of Ali and Chris back home in Cape Cod, two key moments from the week‘s home visits, and the last words from poor Kirk, who brought Ali back to Wisconsin to meet his family (and his dad‘s taxidermy subjects) and then ended up getting "stuffed" as a result.Plus: Did you see the sneak peek from next week‘s episode of Frank being Frank-ish? What a frankin‘ Frank, if you know what I mean. Check it out below. Read more »
The folks over at Zap2It got the chance to catch up with Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky backstage at the KTLA morning show today, and got her to talk about tonight‘s big drama-maker: Frank dumping her for his ex-girlfriend. And while she says she was "devastated" to hear that he‘d left his heart in Chicago and strung her along while he figured that out, she also wouldn‘t put Frank in the same category as across-the-board jerk-face Justin "Rated R" Rego:"I still have a lot of respect for Frank. A lot of warm feelings towards him."I guess I shouldn‘t be surprised to hear Ali‘s kind words for Frank now that it‘s been months since he unceremoniously dumped her in Tahiti, given how fondly she‘d regarded him up until their breakup. (Feelings I do not share. No, not one bit.) And given how this show isn‘t actually real, so the feelings that she and Frank shared were more akin to the fleeting attraction you might have to a stranger in a coffee shop than actual "love." And especially given that she had two other hunks into whose arms she could readily run after Frank "broke" her already portioned-out heart. Why shouldn‘t she have warm feelings for him? It‘s silly to hate someone you barely even know, especially for doing pretty much the exact same thing you‘ve been hired to do, over and over again, on national TV. (Dump and humiliate people in beautiful, exotic locales.) And especially when you‘ve got two other Ken dolls waiting in the wings to comfort you. When he broke the news, she probably didn‘t simply yell "NEXT!" and grab a mohito because it‘s in her ABC contract that she has to pretend to care about these people. Them‘s the rules. Read more »
Bachelorette contestant Kirk DeWindt first won over Ali with his smooth acting skills during their steamy music video scene, and then he pulled on her heartstrings with the story of a mysterious mold infection that almost killed him. After traveling around the world with Ali and her other guys, it took a visit to Kirk‘s hometown of Greenbay, Wis., for Ali to realize that while her feelings for Kirk were strong, he wasn‘t the one she was looking for.Kirk spoke to the media this morning about his whirlwind Bachelorette experience, his thoughts on Ali and the remaining three men vying for her love. Here‘s what he had to say: Read more »
Tonight on The Bachelorette, Ali traveled to Tahiti for some steamy hut-loving with her final three guys. And things were getting serious. The only thing she packed more of than bikinis were feelings. But there was just one problem: Frank was busy getting busy with his ex-girlfriend, and instead of going on their scheduled sailing date, Frank sailed into Tahiti and crushed Ali‘s spirit with a SHOCKING revelation (if you don‘t have the Internet) that he was in love with his ex (now ex-ex) Nicole. BOOM goes the die-inside-nomite! (I‘m sorry. That joke was terrible.)And, speaking of terrible, I bring you my picks for the winners and the losers of tonight‘s Bachelorette episode in Tahiti (I‘m guessing YOU can guess who is definitely classified as a loser):  Read more »
Last night on The Bachelorette, Ali and Chris went hunting for pearls on the coast of Tahiti, which then prompted the Bachelorette to weave the following analogy:"Being here with Chris looking for pearls, sort of reminds me of our relationship: It was slow to develop, but you just wait and give it some time and you wind up with something beautiful."Ali, you are so profound. Your words are like a tapestry of wisdom woven from the fabric of the sun.Why don‘t The Bachelorette story editors let Ali wax poetic more often? Probably because then she would come off as TOO smart, and then the boys wouldn‘t like her anymore. But, luckily, we know what Ali the poet would say about all the other fun activities she did in Tahiti this week: Read more »
Unfortunately for us, there‘s no "Diary of the Departed" this week on The Bachelorette, probably because Frank said just about all he needed to say before, during and after his extended dumping of Ali. But don‘t worry, because we‘ll definitely get to hear more dramatic, superlative platitudes ("What I do today will change everything," "I prepared myself for the worst, and it was 100 times worse than that," etc.) when Frank returns for the "After the Final Rose" special in two weeks.So, while you‘re not making up your own cheesy pearl metaphors or bashing on Frank like it‘s your job (Oh, right, it IS my job! Cool.), why not check out these ABC Bachelorette YouTube videos, including a deleted scene that catches Chris and Ali--prepare to be shocked--dancing with the Tahitian natives? Because if there‘s one thing that this season of The Bachelorette needed, it was MORE DANCING. Read more »
It‘s almost that special time again, that magical evening full of laughs, tears and secrets that tragically comes only twice a year--The Bachelor(ette) Men [or Women] Tell All Special! Oh, happy day! How will I ever sleep before next Monday night?ABC has issued a press release teasing us about all the "explosive" gossip and "shocking" scandals that the "most memorable bachelors of this season" (except Justin and Frank, but thankfully including Kasey and Jonathan) will reveal when they reunite. On the docket for the Chris Harrison-hosted television event of the summer: Read more »
We‘re sure to see sparks fly when The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All airs tonight on ABC, but sparks of a different sort reportedly flew between two stars behind the scenes. People reports that third runner-up for Ali‘s affections, Kirk DeWindt, caught the eye of former Bachelor contender and Bachelor Pad contestant Jessie Sulidis, who appears on tonight‘s special to talk about her role in exposing Justin ‘Rated R‘ Rego‘s lies during the current Bachelorette season.Kirk will reportedly let Frank have it (even though Frank won‘t be there) for taking his spot in Tahiti, but it sounds like he‘s already fully moved on from Ali--right into the arms of Jessie. People‘s source says that Kirk and Jessie "met at the Men Tell All, then went to the afterparty and exchanged numbers -- and a kiss." Since then, "they have been talking."Oooooh. Talking! "He‘s driving up to Canada this weekend to see her so they can get to know each other," says the source. "Everything is hush-hush right now because they don‘t know what will come of it." First of all: They didn‘t do a very good job of keeping it "hush-hush," now did they? And could the secrecy attempt be related to the fact that Kirk is still in contention for a job as the next Bachelor? Read more »
To give viewers a different perspective on The Bachelorette season 6, Ali‘s suitors reunite one last time before she makes her final decision next week. Much like previous seasons, this week‘s "The Men Tell All" episode dishes out on the juicy revelations and the most unforgettable moments of the season, though, unfortunately but not surprisingly, it doesn‘t feature two of the most controversial contestants this season: Justin R. and Frank--who both turned out to be losers of the night despite of their absence.  So who else looked like a fool and who totally came out on top? Here are my picks:  Read more »
The time has come. She‘s traveled the world with them. She‘s met their parents. She‘s even shared the closed-door "Fantasy Suites" with them. Now Ali‘s Bachelorette journey must come to a close, and she must choose between her final two guys: Chris or Roberto? Roberto or Chris? Or, as is a popular spoiler opinion this season, neither? We‘ve all got our theories about which guy Ali will choose, but our question at hand here is which guy SHOULD she choose? In other words: If you were Ali, who would you choose?Much like the ever divisive "Team Edward vs. Team Jacob" Twilight debates, I expect that for every die-hard Chris or devoted Roberto fan, there are a handful of you who would love to chicken out and proclaim, "Can‘t I just choose both?" Hahaha--NO. As Dumbledore said in a totally relevant (or, at least, just as realistic) Harry Potter situation, "Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy." (Oops, a Twilight AND a Harry Potter reference? Cover up your nerd-dom, Meghan, it‘s grossing out the readers.)In other words, don‘t be a DUMB-bledore. It‘s time to (wo)man up and make a choice. So CHOOSE WISELY: Read more »
Melissa Rycroft has announced she is pregnant with her first child with husband Tye Strickland."It‘s the most wonderful surprise in the world," Rycroft Strickland, who is due in February, tells US Weekly. "It‘s such a blessing."The former Bachelor star and Dancing with the Stars contestant, now with a new gig as co-host of ABC‘s Bachelor Pad (premiering August 9) married Strickland in December. It‘s hard to believe that as recently as early 2009, Rycroft was embroiled in a very messy, very public breakup with then-Bachelor Jason Mesnick. It‘s safe to say that with her busy work schedule and happy home life, those days are long behind her. Rycroft joked about her big year when she announced the news this morning on Good Morning America."Apparently Tye and I wanted to see how many life-changing events we could fit into one calendar year, from getting engaged, married, new job, and we are now pregnant."  Read more »
As Ali‘s Bachelorette season winds down, Bachelor fans have a new spin on the franchise to look forward to: Bachelor Pad kicks off August 9, and the premiere episode will certainly set the sexy, competitive tone that the show seems to be going for.Check out two sneak peeks at the series premiere two Mondays from now: In the first, the original 19 Pad residents play a tricky game of Twister that quickly turns dirty as their already exposed body parts get twisted. Juan at least admits and embraces the distractions.Then, speaking of tricky, check out the chemistry between housemates Natalie and Jesse B. as they try to balance their attraction, game strategies and ever-refilling champagne glasses.Want more Bachelor Pad sneak peeks? Check out official episode 1 photos of the Twister Game, a romantic beach date for four and the cast introductions at their new Pad. Read more »
In a press release promoting next Monday‘s Bachelorette finale, in which Ali will choose between sensitive hunk Roberto or other sensitive hunk Chris (the fan favorite up in here), ABC teases that this finale will lead to a "shocking outcome," and "for the first time ever, an unexpected turn of events leaves her risking it all for love," continuing fan and spoiler speculation that Ali may indeed leave Tahiti having chosen neither man as her future husband.Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who‘s always willing to stoke the fires and promote each season‘s finale as the "MOST DRAMATIC EVER," is doing that job well once more, this time in an interview with E! Online, in which he says that this season‘s finale is "different than what our fans have seen in years past," and that it is not necessarily a happy ending for Ali."People will be surprised. Whether it‘s good or not, Ali‘s happy with it and she‘s sticking by it. It‘ll be interesting. I really just want to sit back and watch the fan reactions, what the comments are and how they feel it all played out."Are ABC and Harrison trying to play us for fools, and Ali actually will end up engaged to Roberto or Chris? (I mean, these two are probably the two hottest and best liked finalists in Bachelorette history. Wouldn‘t she be a crazy woman to pass up both?) Or do these hints actually say what we think they do--that Ali ends up alone? That would certainly explain why we don‘t see either guy at the final rose ceremony in this Bachelorette finale preview, though Ali sounds oh so in love:  Read more »
Tonight‘s the night! It‘s the finale we‘ve been waiting for, and the one Ali‘s been dating for: When she‘ll have to decide between her final two guys, Chris or Roberto--or go home solo.We may not know what‘s going to happen, but we do know that The Bachelor(ette), especially on a finale, works on a strict and well-known formula of "last chance dates," tearful kisses and serious gazes across gorgeous landscapes. Whether you‘ve stuck it out through the whole season or are just joining us to find out the outcome, whether you‘re Team Chris or Team Roberto, and whether you give a care or couldn‘t care less who Ali picks, we all deserve have some fun with tonight‘s three-hour Bachelor(ette) ABC extravaganza. And here‘s how: A "Let‘s Predict the Finale" party game! In the comments, place your bets on each of these seven unknowns for tonight‘s Bachelorette finale. I‘ll be keeping track of each item as I live recap the two-hour finale and one-hour After the Final Rose special. If your answers come closest to the truth, you will win a very special prize: The pride of being the Biggest Bachelor Nerd in all the land! (Very cool prize.) Read more »
It‘s tough to weigh in on the Winners and Losers on The Bachelorette simply because almost everyone in the finale won the crowd over--which doesn‘t often happen on this reality dating franchise. Ali was obviously left with two great suitors: Roberto, who is hot, sweet and nice, and Chris, a family man who is also attractive and genuinely down-to-earth. Let‘s face it, Ali wins no matter who she chooses and whoever Ali doesn‘t choose is her loss and our gain. But for the sake of wrapping up the season, let‘s weigh in on the winners and losers of the night from The Bachelorette‘s final episode down to the After the Final Rose special. Read more »
"The Bachelor: The Videogame" comes out today, and it is both stupid and terrible. Is it necessary to tell you that "The Bachelor: The Videogame" is both stupid and terrible? No, I imagine you could have predicted that simply based on its name.Is it necessary to tell you how and why "The Bachelor: The Videogame" is both stupid and terrible? Oh goodness, yes. As it is sometimes considered cool to spend hard-earned money on things that are stupid and terrible in an ironic form of self-entertainment (the old "so bad it‘s good" reaction to veritable garbage), you might think a video game that is based on a ridiculous reality show that is based on unrealistic fairy tales would fall into that category. But this is not one of those "so bad it‘s good" things. It is one of those "so bad it‘s so, so, so, SO bad" things. If I could sum up this review in one word, it would be this: DON‘T.But here come lots more words, because the ways in which "The Bachelor: The Videogame" is both stupid and terrible are the most entertaining things about this game.  Read more »
After finally seeing their proposal air on TV and getting their engagement out in the open, Bachelorette Ali and her new man Roberto stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to talk about what life‘s been like for the past three months, plus what they have planned for the future.You can always leave it up to Jimmy to ask the funny tough questions, like how did Roberto like watching Ali make out with all those other guys? And what kind of "weird stuff" have they been doing in seclusion all these months?For engaged couple cuteness that borders on overdose, watch for when Ali and Roberto chat about the the weird quirks they‘re learning to love about each other: Read more »
On tonight‘s Bachelorette finale, Ali (to quote Chris Harrison) "broke the rules again" when, after introducing both final men to her family and going on a romantic Last Chance Date with Roberto, she let go of Chris before his final date and the Final Rose Ceremony. (Read the full Bachelorette live recap for all my color commentary on tonight‘s two-hour finale.)But for a woman who broke the rules, Ali came out smelling like roses, and got everything she wanted: the man of her dreams, a beautiful proposal and no dumping (and therefore no tears) on the day of her engagement. She even managed to keep the love and respect of Chris, who thanked her for letting him go and sparing his feelings before the big day. That‘s called "breaking the rules"? Maybe Mike Fleiss and his Bachelor minions should change the rules.During tonight‘s The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, Chris Harrison spoke with Ali, her new fiance Roberto and Chris about those final days in Tahiti, and it was all smiles and hugs--even from Chris, who may not have "cemented those feelings" with Ali like he hoped in Bora Bora, but who certainly cemented his place as America‘s #1 choice for the next Bachelor. Read more »
I was totally ready to kick off tonight‘s "shocking" Bachelorette finale live recap with an energetic little rant about how in previous seasons we knew exactly what was going to happen, but that this time around all our spoilers have been conflicting and rather confusing. And that even though the spoilers were frustrating and often quite stupid this season, the lack of a definitive answer to "Who does Ali choose?" was rather refreshing and actually made me more excited to see how this finale would all play out. And then I was going to nostalgically note how much I missed that feeling of anticipation from previous seasons, and how it almost took me back to the good old days when I still believed that The Bachelor(ette) could produce a "happily ever after." (So, like, around season 2.)But then Reality Steve came out five hours before tonight‘s finale with an updated account of what his sources say will happen in tonight‘s finale, and it just makes so much sense and sounds so logical that I can‘t help but believe it. So, last ounce of anticipation (and intended recap introduction) ... gone. (If you haven‘t read today‘s spoiler, AND you haven‘t watched tonight‘s finale yet, I encourage you not to read it and let yourself be surprised. But, if you must, here it lives.)Anyway, whether I knew the ending or not, it makes no difference: I‘ve been here every step of the way since Ali and her 25 original doofuses started this journey, and I‘m sticking it out until Ali finds her man every last opportunity to make fun of them has passed. And tonight, I‘m doin‘ it LIVE--so join me in the comments with your thoughts, hopes, dreams, zings and random observations during tonight‘s Bachelorette finale. Read more »
Back in June, at the beginning of The Bachelorette season 6, blogger Reality Steve cited his inside sources as saying that Ali left her Bachelorette journey a single woman. Since then, so many competing spoilers have left us confused and wondering what would actually go down during tonight‘s finale. Now, the day of the finale, Steve made sure he got the last spoiler word in before ABC airs Ali‘s final decision, and he‘s changed his tune about what‘s to come for Ali‘s romantic fate. Better late than wrong, right?Want to be surprised by tonight‘s Bachelorette conclusion? Then stop reading. Want to know what Reality Steve‘s sources are saying now? Keep reading ...  Read more »
Now that Ali and Roberto are riding off into the celebrity sunset for their happily ever after, it‘s time for ABC to close the book on The Bachelorette and look ahead to their next TV fairytale in the making on The Bachelor. But first, the big decision: Which suitor from last season‘s Bachelorette would make the perfect prince charming as the new Bachelor?If you watched this season with the same fine-toothed chemistry comb and iron-fisted judgmental attitude that I did, it‘s clear that two guys stand head-and-shoulders about the rest when it comes to all the qualities we want in a Bachelor--looks, personality, back-story, sense of humor, and the ability to drive women to madness with one glance. Oh, and don‘t forget those pecs!No, I‘m not talking about Kasey Kahl, though a season of The Bachelor: To Guard and Protect Her Heart would be unquestionably amazing. I‘m talking about sweet, sensitive runner-up Chris L. and happy, hunky fourth-placer Kirk. Who‘s the right guy for the gig? Let‘s break it down in a side-by-side Bachelor showdown:  Read more »
After finally seeing their engagement revealed on national television during Monday night‘s romantic, rule-breaking Bachelorette finale, happy couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez spoke with the media about their engagement, the future, whether they‘d ever get married on TV, and which guy should carry the Bachelor torch next season.Check out what the future Mr. and Mrs. Martinez had to say, and then scroll down for photos of their first few days as a publicly engaged couple. Read more »
Bachelor Pad, ABC‘s answer to the question no one asked ("How can we make The Bachelor sillier and more scantily clad?") premieres tonight at 8pm. I had the chance to preview the two-hour episode that introduces the 19 former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who will compete for $250,000, and went into it thinking that my history of watching these characters on the Bachelor franchise is the only thing that would make this show even remotely watchable. Instead, I came out of tonight‘s episode with the need to tip my cap to executive producer Mike Fleiss once again, because whether you‘ve seen The Bachelor or not, I‘m willing to bet that Bachelor Pad will entertain you. Make no mistake: It will entertain you in the basest and most brain-barren of ways, and you may not like yourself much for it ... but it will entertain you. Here‘s why. Read more »
Don‘t kid yourself: You may have tuned in to the premiere of Bachelor Pad for the swimwear, but you got hooked on the drama. And with 19 former Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects fighting for money, looking for love and using sex as a weapon, there‘s plenty of insanity to go around.Here, we honor the craziest of the crazies in the weekly Bachelor Pad Padded Room-o-meter.  Read more »
Hey men! You know how it is when you‘re casually dating a girl, but she wants something more serious than you do, so you try to gently tell her that you should just be friends? But then you know how she inevitably takes what you said the wrong way, because she‘s crazy in love with you, and you‘re both on a reality show trying to win $250,000 and, oh yeah, she‘s also certifiably insane? And then you know how you‘re in a real pickle, because you either have to take back the truth you said so you don‘t lose your chance at the money, or you have to risk seriously pissing off a woman with crazy-eyes whom you literally cannot escape from because you‘re both trapped in a house with no phone and no way to get out? So you know how you just lie and apologize and hold her hand and become her bitch in the hopes she won‘t murder you out of love-madness? You know how it is. Such a common and relatable scenario. Women: Can‘t live with them, can‘t reason with them like human beings, am I right? Well, even if you can‘t relate, that‘s exactly what happened between Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth last night on Bachelor Pad, and the two scenes during the episode of Jesse saying rational things while Elizabeth cried just weren‘t enough. We need one more. Here it is. PLUS: Hear what the Pad‘s first casualties, crazy Michelle and jerk-face Juan, had to say about their eliminations. SPOILER ALERT: No self-awareness gained, no life lessons learned. Just as it should be on Bachelor Pad.  Read more »
If Bachelor Pad didn‘t tune you into the fact that being a contestant on The Bachelor or Bachelorette enters one into quite an exclusive social club, let this news do the trick: Three separate couples, all associated with the Bachelor franchise, have gotten engaged this week, including one set of twins, Michael and Stephen Stagliano, who are reportedly now hoping for a televised double wedding to their respective Bachelor star brides.Ironically enough given the purpose of the show, more love connections seem to take place off camera than on. Behold, the Bachelor wedding web at work:Michael Stagliano, who appeared on The Bachelorette 5 to compete for the affections of Jillian Harris, announced on Twitter today that he is officially engaged to Holly Durst, who lost out on Matt Grant‘s love during The Bachelor: London Calling. Michael‘s identical twin Stephen, who never appeared on the show as a contestant but did pop up during Michael‘s hometown visit with Jillian, also popped the question to former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas. Read more »
Ready to dash through your TV news of the moment in 300 words or less? Away we go!Brian Austin Green Moves into Wisteria LaneDavid Silver, how we‘ve missed you! Brian Austin Green has landed a spot on Desperate Housewives as Bree‘s (Marcia Cross) handyman. He can come fix up our house anytime. And it sounds like there may be a cat fight (cougar fight?) in the not-so-distant future over this hottie, as he also catches the eye of Renee (Vanessa Williams). [Ausiello]   Read more »
Those of you with high-def TVs are in for a real treat this evening, because you won‘t want to miss a single, vomit-inducing pixel of tonight‘s Bachelor Pad, when the remaining padders will compete in their second challenge: A good ol‘ fashioned pie eating contest. In this sneak peek, the ladies sit down, take off their shirts (as you must when consuming mass amounts of desserts) and get down to business on their pies of questionable flavor--and the result is the opposite of pretty. Funny thing about cleavage: It‘s somehow less attractive when you‘re heaving into a bucket with pie crust smeared all over your face.Below the clip, check out photos from tonight‘s messy Bachelor Pad episode, and another preview of Jonathan‘s speedo-tastic art experience. Read more »
OK, let‘s cut right to the chase, because after those two hours of Bachelor Pad, the last thing you need is for me to waste MORE of your time. Tonight‘s episode was the WORST! So much ... what‘s the word ... THINKING!When I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy the pure summer fun of Bachelor Pad to its fullest, on this blog, with all of you, my special Bachelor Pad buddies, did I think I was signing on for two painful hours of vodka-soaked psychobabble about "outsiders" and "alliances"? NO! I thought I was in for a series of PG sex scenes, ridiculously irrelevant "challenges" that test basic human brain functions, and a constant stream of hilarious English-language-butchering through the mouths of people who once thought that finding love on TV was a good idea and whose ideas just got worse from there. Those people don‘t need teams and strategies and alliances to be entertaining--in fact, they need just the opposite. Don‘t you see that forcing them to think goes against their inherent nature, and if they‘re busy thinking, they‘re NOT busy NOT thinking, and thus NOT making terrible televised choices?Maybe it‘s my fault for not fully understanding what Bachelor Pad even is (though I‘m pretty sure Bachelor Pad doesn‘t fully understand what Bachelor Pad even is), but I feel duped. No--worse. I feel Fleissed. I WANT MY DRUNKEN HOT TUB MASSAGE FOLLOWED BY SOMEONE CALLING SOMEONE ELSE A SLUT WHICH THEN INSTIGATES A POOLSIDE CRYING SESSION! (I do? Oh God ... I do.) AND I WANT THEM NOW! This is still (kind of) The Bachelor after all. This isn‘t Survivor! (Although I would love to see these people marooned on an island). Anyway, we might as well try to parse out whatever it is that happened tonight on Bachelor Pad. But I‘m not happy about it. Read more »
Ready for your daily dose of quick TV news in 300 words or less? Sure you are!Steven Tyler Signs Idol Contract ... According to Someone Other Than FOXWe just can‘t seem to get away from the never-ending American Idol judge rumor mill. The newest word on the street this week: Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler has finalized negotiations with FOX and is officially on board to be a judge on the 10th season of American Idol--this according to "a very-inside music source." FOX still says, "No comment." We‘ll believe it when we see him at the judges‘ table. [Eonline]Vampire Queen Still Seeking KingTrue Blood‘s Evan Rachel Wood, 22, and rocker Marilyn Manson, 41, have broken off their engagement--again. [People]  Read more »
Next week on Bachelor Pad, 15 scheming housemates remain in the quest for the $250,000 grand prize, but not everyone is focused on the cash. In this sneak peek from last week, we see just how hard Tenley is crushing on Kiptyn (can you blame her?) and, on the less innocent end of the spectrum, just how hard Gia is falling for Wes--and how hard he‘s working for her attention.Plus, see what this week‘s Pad cast-offs, Jessie S. and Craig M., have to say for themselves now that the Bachelor tribe has spoken. Read more »
ABC announced this week that instead of the usual pre-filmed announcement of the new cast of Dancing with the Stars, hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke will hold a live news conference, with actual reporters in attendance, on August 30 to reveal the dance show‘s season 11 cast. The broadcast--scheduled for August 30 during a two-hour episode of Bachelor Pad--will also include a Q&A with the cast, though it‘s unclear whether we‘ll see that portion on air or online the next day.I‘ll be the first to admit that we certainly do consider the cast reveal to be news around these parts. But a "news conference," Dancing with the Stars? That‘s how seriously you take yourself, glittery dance competition show that stars B- and C-list celebrities? Your ratings may give you license to pull such a stunt, seeing that they were at their highest last season (though we probably have Kate Gosselin to thank for that) but a news conference still sounds like a little much--unless, of course, you‘ve got at least one massively "OMG"-worthy celeb ready to pull out of your hat for season 11. Is that what you‘re trying to tell us with this scheduled pageantry--that you‘re about to unveil a truly unmissable cast of ballroom misfits?Which brings me to my point at hand. News conference or no--but especially because you‘re setting this season‘s tone with a news conference--the rumors that you are going to cast Bachelorette-no-more Ali Fedotowsky and her TV-found fiance Roberto Martinez are troubling. Casting these two on what could be--and what you seem to want us to think will be--your biggest Dancing season yet is just a flat-out bad idea, and a waste of two spots that would go to better use with pretty much any other star in them. Here‘s why. Read more »
Apparently all the romantic dates, communal sleeping arrangements, unlimited alcohol and mandatory bikini time haven‘t led to enough action on Bachelor Pad, so the producers are taking mouth-matters into their own hands with a kissing competition on tonight‘s episode.Ewww. But also: Eh. Not surprising. Just another day at the grown up summer camp that is the Bachelor Pad, right? Maybe next week they‘ll play Truth or Dare.Check out these sneak peeks at tonight‘s "challenge," when the men and women will take turns lining up and testing their tongue skills on a blindfolded lad or lass. The guy and girl with the most votes for best kisser wins the competition.And the prize for being the best kisser in the Pad? Oh, you didn‘t think the lip locks ended there, did you? Each winning guy and girl will earn the right to take three special guests of their choice on overnight dates to Las Vegas. Bow-chicka-wow-barf. After all that making out, I hope they bring a toothbrush. Read more »
Aaaand, we‘re back. Where last week‘s Bachelor Pad got mired in excruciatingly idiotic strategy sessions between the "insiders" and the "outsiders," this week‘s episode brought forth the elements we were all hoping for in the first place on this summer sleaze-fest: Crying. Romance. Rejection. Overnight dates. Massages. Topless parties. A kissing contest. (Once just an apt metaphor for the show concept, now a literal activity.) Back-stabbing. (Unfortunately not literal.) One person calling another person "the modern day Shakespeare" when he or she is so clearly NOT the modern day Shakespeare. Also, no speedos. Hurray!You‘re lucky I‘ve got nothing else to watch and no moral compass left to guide my hand on the remote, Bachelor Pad. But thanks for getting back to making me sick in a good(ish) way.  Read more »
Next week on Bachelor Pad, things will get even uglier between the remaining 13 contestants when they each fill out a survey asking them to name the dumbest, meanest and other-bad-things-est people in the house. (Check out photos from next week‘s episode: Bachelor Pad Episode 4: A Brutal Quiz, Bruised Egos.)Here‘s a sneak peek of the contestants as they struggle to name names (surprise, surprise, Tenley cries) and then guess who the majority picked for each category. Plus, watch a deleted scene after last week‘s Kissing Contest and see what Gia and Jonathan had to say after their eliminations from the Bachelor Pad. Read more »
All the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad news bites that are fit to give an e-rose to and invite back to your mind‘s Fantasy Suite so you two can "get to know each other a little better."Ali Talks ElopementAli Fedotowsky recently told People that she and her TViance (that‘s the word I just made up for "TV fiance") Roberto Martinez would love to avoid going through "all the motions" of wedding planning and just elope. Ali, you and I both know that ABC would be happy to go through all those motions for you. By planning a fancy schmancy TV wedding for us all to creepily, vicariously enjoy. Read more »
Tonight on Bachelor Pad: Hurt feelings over botched boob jobs and burgeoning new romances at romantic beach dinners. Two liars and jerks got sent home and a bunch of other liars and jerks are one step closer to going home at a later date. You know. The usual. Here‘s what went down in the PAD: Read more »
Last night on a special Labor Day edition of Bachelor Pad: Silly carnival games, sexual manipulation, gratuitous and ineffectual strategizing and about 600 mentions of "love" between the dysfunctional remaining couples. Just like every night on Bachelor Pad! God Bless America.But you still want to know all the ridiculous minutiae. Which is why you will read on: Read more »
You probably have at least one friendship that blossomed, if not entirely formed, out of a mutual love for a television program. Whether you‘re raving or ranting, watching TV with friends brings us all closer together. (Why do you think we call ourselves BuddyTV?) Well, for fellow BuddyTV writer Carla Patton (who‘s currently getting Real with the ‘wives and realizing America has not Got much Talent) and me, that special bond was forged in the fiery loins of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. The fights. The tears. The cheesy, unrealistic dates and dramatic, drawn-out rose ceremonies. And, most dear to our cruel, tandem hearts: All the second-hand embarrassment. Out of jaded jokes and genuine obsession, a friendship was born.Which is why it pains us so much--though I don‘t think my cynical recapping method has suffered all that much for it--that Bachelor Pad is just so, so, so, so terrible. Not "so bad it‘s good" bad. Just flat-out bad. We get no simultaneous joy from watching these pretty morons preen and ploy and plot against each other, all while weakly professing their watered-down love for one another. It‘s painful. It makes us angry. It hurts our Bachelor-loving, two-sizes-too-small hearts. Read more »