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Season 13 of The Bachelor is merely the latest link in the chain of spurned lovers from previous seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette coming back to find love after great disappointment. Brad Womack rejected DeAnna Pappas who rejected Jason Mesnick. Let us not forget also the grandmommy of all the rejects, Trista Rehn Sutter, who spawned the Bachelorette series, and the only one so far to have had a successful marriage, incidentally. (Jason Mesnick claims that he is happily engaged right now to the woman of his dreams, but I‘ll believe it if it lasts at least two months after the season ends.) Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:Jason doesn‘t wait long to bestow his first kiss, but in a shocking first, five bacehlorettes won‘t even get a date before the next rose ceremony, on  ABC‘S The Bachelor, Monday, January 12.R&B Superstar Robin Thicke‘s Private Performance Sends Sparks Flying Between Jason and One Lucky Lady. Read more »
Last week on the premiere of The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick pared down 25 hopeful ladies to 15. Tonight, things steam up for the remaining contestants as Jason continues his search for his future wife. His strategy this episode: catching the women off guard, hoping to get to know them without all the "stuffy" formalities of their initial encounters.Translation: Tonight on The Bachelor... there‘s a pool party! And as you‘d expect, when the clothes come off, the claws come out. After the jump, you‘ll find 40+ photos and FOUR juicy little video clips from Monday‘s episode of The Bachelor. Read more »
This is my first season ever watching The Bachelor. I guess I started watching it because I figured that there must be a reason why it has lasted for 13 seasons. Maybe someday we will be watching The Bachelor ∞. The thing is, I don‘t get it. I‘m sure that a ton of ink has already been spilled on the subject of whether or not one can actually find love on a reality show like The Bachelor, but since I‘m new to the show, allow me to indulge in this oft-discussed issue.Beginning in last night‘s episode, the bachelorettes have begun to show their true competitive natures. They preen and pluck and squeeze themselves into tight, little dresses (the better to show off their décolletage), all in the hopes of catching Jason Mesnick‘s eye and getting invited out on a date. Instead of hoping to "get lucky" in the traditional, bump and grind sense, these ladies dream of receiving a single red rose, signifying an invitation to continue to fight for his attention and, ultimately, his hand in marriage. Read more »
Jason Mesnick has already started his quest for love in the 13th season of The Bachelor, which premiered on January 5.  After getting his heart broken by DeAnna Pappas in the second season finale of ABC‘s The Bachelorette this past summer, the 32-year-old a single father from Seattle tries to narrow down his search for love from 25 women to the one that will capture his heart.  Hoping to lend an additional helping hand, soap stars Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms will treat Jason and six women to a behind-the-scenes look at long-running drama General Hospital. As Jason and the ladies visit the Los Angeles-based General Hospital set, Anderson (Damien Spinelli) and Storms (Maxie Jones) will be coaching the women in the fine art of screen kissing.  The women will also get the chance to act out their secret fantasy with Jason. Read more »
Sharon Stabell, a 32-year-old teacher from Batavia, New York, was one of the three women eliminated this week on The Bachelor. She is memorable for being the contestant who quit her job to go on the show.Fortunately, she has gotten a new job, teaching 8th and 9th grade Spanish in Rochester, New York. She spoke today with members of the press in a conference call to talk about her time on the show and what she has been up to since leaving The Bachelor. Read more »
A Canadian Youtube user has posted a video using promotional clips of The Bachelor to figure out who the final winner is. Only two episodes into this season of The Bachelor, we‘re nowhere near seeing Jason Mesnick‘s final decision on air. But the finale (which includes an engagement) was taped weeks ago, and now the ABC video editors are probably kicking themselves for all their promotional clips making liberal use of the final proposal. No doubt aboot it: the spoiler video is, as the man puts it, “proof I have too much time on my hands.” But that doesn‘t mean we‘re not interested…Read on to see the video spoiler (maybe) showing the Winner of The Bachelor 2009! Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:Stephanie‘s touching reunion with her child, a charity group date that raises body heat and an exciting Las Vegas getaway culminate with one nervous bachelorette running out of the rose ceremony on ABC‘s The Bachelor, January 19. Pop star Kate Voegele Sparkles in a Private Performance for Jason and One Lucky Bachelorette. Read more »
The first elimination on The Bachelor every season is always a tough one. With first impressions counting for everything, this season’s Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, had to cut 10 of the original 25 women who were there to seek his heart. Among the eliminated was Jackie Hickey from Dallas, Texas. Even though she only got the chance to appear in one episode of The Bachelor before begin sent home, she was still a memorable contestant. A wedding planner by trade, she was the one who admitted that she had already planned her own wedding to Jason Mesnick. She also received the third most votes from the other women for whom they thought should be sent home, and she got not a little bit drunk at the opening cocktail party.Jackie Hickey participated in a conference call with members of the press to dish about her time on the show. Read more »
Only three episodes into The Bachelor, and already some of the bachelorettes competing for the heart of Jason Mesnick have begun backstabbing each other in a true display of their personalities. Thankfully, the bitchy ones still seem to be outnumbered by the good-hearted, sincere ones, but it‘s still early yet.The way I see it, there are at least four, if not more, drama queens in the house: Natalie, Lauren, Megan and Erica. Natalie and Erica were eliminated last night, but don‘t let that lull you into complacency. I‘m sure there will be many more displays of out of control histrionics on The Bachelor soon enough.Let‘s take a closer look at each member of the Bad Girls‘ Club. Read more »
Kari Fajen, the 27-year-old advertising executive from Lee‘s Summit, Missouri, was one of the three women eliminated from The Bachelor this Monday. Today, Kari spoke with members of the press in a telephone conference call today to reflect on her experiences on the show.Kari was left roseless after the Rose Ceremony on Monday night. In her exit interview, she said that she came to show to fall in love with Jason, but mused that perhaps things would have turned out differently if she had let herself be more open and flirty with Bachelor Jason Mesnick. If she got a chance to do it over again, “I think I would have been more creative [in selling myself],” she said, citing Jillian‘s hot dog theory as a creative way to get noticed. Read more »
If we‘d remember, professional snowboarder and Colorado native Jesse Csincsak was chosen by DeAnna Pappas in the final episode of The Bachelorette‘s fourth season, beating out Jason Mesnick, who is now the star of his very own The Bachelor season. In a development in what seems to be a relationship musical chairs, People reported recently that Csincsak spent the weekend skiing in his hometown of Breckinridge with yet another product of The Bachelor franchise - Holly Durst, a suitor on The Bachelor: London Calling. Read more »
Natalie Getz, the 27-year-old human resources recruiter from Chicago became the first bachelorette to go home immediately after a one-on-one date on this season of The Bachelor. Her competitors were not sad to see her go, some even cheering her departure, which started a domino effect that resulted in backstabbing and high drama.Natalie spoke to BuddyTV today about her experience on the show. She talked about how her date with Jason Mesnick really went, what she thought of the other women on the show, and what she‘s up to now. Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release: A group date to ABC‘s General Hospital sets the women‘s daydreams spinning, a stressful singing contest decides the only one-on-one date, and a high stakes two-on-one date ends in tears, on ABC‘s The Bachelor, Monday, January 26. Read more »
Several major U.S. TV networks have agreed to paying more than $4 million to settle two lawsuits claiming wage rule violations for workers on many popular reality shows such as Trading Spouses and The Bachelor.The suits claimed the networks violated wage and hour laws with their reality show employees, who consistently work more than 80 hours per week without overtime, and claimed to have been denied meals and forced to falsify their time cards. More than 400 staffers were part of the class-action cases which began close to 3 years ago, and some of them stand to gain tens of thousands of dollars in back wages.The suits coincided with the larger effort by the Writers Guild of America to gain a labor contract for creative workers behind all unscripted TV series, which would include American Idol, Survivor, and many more popular shows. Read more »
It’s been a whirlwind of activity at Bachelor-central: after only four episodes of the 13th season, we already have our final five, down from 25. They are Jillian, the Canadian hot dog enthusiast, Melissa, the formerly large-bosomed pinky ring wearer, Molly, the self-proclaimed good kisser who may or may not have given it up in a tent, Naomi, the sulker, and Stephanie, the widow who looks way older than she really is. These five women are all competing for Jason Mesnick’s heart, and they are all beginning to fall madly for him.Now, I’m going to need some help from all you readers and fans of The Bachelor out there. This season is the first time I have ever watched the show so I’m not familiar with past contestants. But, is it just me, or are these women all kinds of crazy? Is this kind of behavior just par for the course on The Bachelor? Read more »
Dealing with exes is just one of those things that are awkward for most people.  But DeAnna Pappas, star of The Bachelorette‘s fourth season, is brave enough to make a surprise visit on the show where she once got her heart broken.  In one of the previews, it is revealed that the 27-year-old reality TV star will make an unexpected return to The Bachelor season 13. Pappas, who first appeared in The Bachelor 11 but was yet rejected by bachelor Brad Womack, got another chance at love when she was given the opportunity to star on The Bachelorette.  She chose Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick and was set to marry him on May 9, 2009 but the couple eventually broke up in November 2008.  Mesnick, on the other hand, got his second shot at love as The Bachelor‘s current love searcher. Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:With hometown dates looming, Jason tries to discover the bachelorettes‘ true feelings for him, inviting the final five women to his hometown of Seattle, on ABC‘s The Bachelor, Monday, February 2. Read more »
Now that she is “impartial” after being cut off from The Bachelor, 25-year-old lacrosse coach and single mom Megan Parris says she‘s now doubting the whole premise of the show, especially the process by which the ABC reality show makes its romantic coupling.“I will say that after that happened, I really began to question the whole process and the genuity [sic] of it,” Parris tells ET.  “I really began to question whether he was really there for love or um, something else.” Read more »
Nikki Kaapke has always felt a special connection with single dad Jason Mesnick.  Unfortunately, her failure to open up and inability to exude confidence has led to her downfall on The Bachelor 13. As one of the recently eliminated contestants on the reality dating series, the 29-year-old administrative assistant from Blue Island, IL looks back at her time with the bachelor and opens up on what she regrets as well as what she would have done differently.Like other hopefuls on The Bachelor, Nikki tried her best to win Jason‘s heart from the moment she laid eyes on him.  Things were going great for her until she learned that she would be going on a two-on-one date with Stephanie, a 34-year-old medical marketing representative and single mom from Huntsville, AL. Since then, her confidence caved and her insecurities kicked in. Read more »
If anything, says Shannon Bair, her experience with The Bachelor and limited time with Jason Mesnick made her realize how much she missed her ex-boyfriend of five years.“We are back together and stronger and happier than ever!” says Bair, who was eliminated during the fourth week of competition on the January 26 episode.  “I followed my heart and realized I had left it back in Kansas City.” Read more »
Stephanie Hogan, the 34-year-old single mom from Huntsville, Alabama, left her four-year-old daughter Sophia at home to go and find love on The Bachelor. Stephanie will be remembered for being the classy, mature, beautiful woman who made a true connection with Jason Mesnick. Unfortunately for her, it was more of a platonic connection rather than a romantic one, and she was sent home this week, right before the all-important hometown dates.Stephanie participated in a conference call with members of the press today to talk about impressions of Jason Mesnick and the connection she made with him. Read more »
Nikki Kaapke, the 29-year-old administrative assistant from Chicago, was eliminated two episodes ago on The Bachelor.  I spoke to her during the week of her elimination, but I have not had a chance to publish it until now.  My apologies for the delay.Nikki will probably be remembered as the one who cried a lot.  She had a panic attack when she had to write and perform a love song for Jason Mesnick.  To me, she seemed like was much more reserved than many of the other women, unwilling to open up to Jason until it was almost too late.  However, when speaking to her, I found her to be very talkative and entertaining, and it seems that she has really grown from her experience on The Bachelor. Read more »
After The Bachelor Jason Mesnick admitted that his date with her remained to be his favorite so far, single mom and medical marketing representative Stephanie Hogan said that after she was eliminated from the show, she realized she rather be friends with Mesnick.“I had my reservations,” Hogan, 34, says, “just because I felt Jason and I connected on emotional levels and mentally and with our children, but as far as passion of when you walk in the room and he just absolutely overwhelms you, do I think I did that for him?  No.” Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:Jason takes an emotional rollercoaster ride, crossing the country to join the four remaining bachelorettes in their hometowns and finding himself on the hot seat with their families and friends on ABC‘s The Bachelor, Monday, February 9. Read more »
Before I begin this aftergasm, I must admit that I think my opinion of which bachelorette Jason Mesnick will choose has been greatly influenced by the bored Canadian blogger who, at the beginning of the season, narrowed in on Melissa as being the eventual winner of The Bachelor. All throughout the season, I‘ve watched as Jason seems to be falling in love with this stunning 25-year-old brunette from Dallas, Texas, but for the life of me, I really can‘t say why.Full disclosure: Before I go on to explain my anti-Melissa position, I must make it clear that Jillian is my favorite bachelorette in this season of The Bachelor. Notwithstanding her penchant for choosing suitors based on their hot dog topping of choice, I noticed her amongst the gaggle of 24 other women right from the get-go. She is outgoing and fun to be around, and almost all of the eliminated bachelorettes whom I have had the chance to speak to have specifically singled her out to be one of the sweetest and most fun women on the show. All that said, I‘m hoping that she doesn‘t actually win The Bachelor, but I‘ll get to that a bit later. Read more »
Jason Mesnick eliminated yet another bachelorette this week on The Bachelor but taking Naomi Crespo off the competition seemed like a less complicated decision given that none of the other remaining contestants had as many ups and downs as his date with the 24-year-old flight attendant from Carlsbad, CA. "My date with Naomi was a real roller-coaster ride... almost literally," Mesnick wrote in a blog entry following ABC‘s Monday night broadcast of The Bachelor. Read more »
During the Rose Ceremony in the last The Bachelor episode, it was Naomi Crespo who got the boot.  Jason Mesnick assured her that it had absolutely nothing to do with her and her wacko family (yeah, right) and that it was mostly because they are in different places in their lives.  To her everlasting credit, Naomi saw right through the television façade and admonished Mesnick that he should‘ve told her the truth.ET reports that the 24-year-old flight attendant Naomi apparently had more to say about her ouster from the ABC reality show, evidently trying to rationalize what happened. Read more »
On the last episode of The Bachelor, we found out the final three women who will go on to compete for Jason Mesnick‘s final rose: interior designer Jillian, sales representative Melissa, and department store buyer Molly.  It looked as if Mesnick wasn‘t exactly enamored with all of Naomi‘s family‘s weirdness. Meanwhile, as the conclusion to this season‘s The Bachelor draws nearer and nearer, ABC reports that a special episode entitled The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, Part 2 (following The Bachelor: After the Final Rose) will look back into the season and at the same time treat fans to a couple of updates: on the happy couple and the women Mesnick didn‘t choose.  Finally, viewers will get to see for themselves whether or not this season really deserves the accolade as the show‘s “most successful season” in recent years. Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:It‘s a romantic whirlwind for the final three bachelorettes, as Jason sweeps them away for fantasy overnight dates in New Zealand, on The Bachelor, Monday, February 16. Read more »
There‘s probably a reason why Jason Mesnick‘s is turning out to be one of the most popular season of The Bachelor in the history of the ABC reality show.  ET Online reports that the single father of three-year-old Ty is not on the show “for helicopter rides” or partying four or five days a week.  He is in it for the long haul, something a lot of women will predictably like."I am here to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.  This is real," he says.  "My life is more settled in a lot of ways,"The Cleveland, Ohio, native is also not shy in admitting that he has indeed found a woman on this season‘s The Bachelor.  According to him, he is looking for a woman who has a real curiosity about the world, who loves life, and can find passion in life‘s smallest moments. Read more »
The powers that be who are responsible for The Bachelor really gave it their all for last night‘s episode, the season‘s seventh. They flew Jason Mesnick and the top three bachelorettes, Jillian, Molly and Melissa, half way across the world to New Zealand, where they pretty much got a dream vacation. Jillian and Jason got to tour the mountains and valleys on a helicopter. Molly and Jason bungee jumped off of a bridge with one of the most amazing views in all of New Zealand. And finally, Melissa and Jason got to enjoy some quality time in Winston Churchill‘s boat.I‘m sure Jason Mesnick enjoyed himself on all these dates, and who wouldn‘t? But I‘m betting that he enjoyed spending three consecutive nights with three different women in three lavish hotel suites a lot more. Talk about a fantasy! (Although, what gives? How can you talk about a “fantasy” suite in New Zealand not make any mention of hobbits or, at the very least, elevensies? Oops, I think I‘ve just outed myself as a complete nerd.) Read more »
BuddyTV is all about incisive and honest reporting about the issues that really matter to us today, issues of importance, issues that will continue to haunt us until the end of time. Issues such as: who is hot and who is not?Inspired by Dunder-Mifflin‘s fair and balanced Hilary Swank Hot or Not discussion, we have a new, weekly-ish feature in which two BuddyTV writers take opposing sides of the Hot or Not debate. We enjoyed a smashing success with our first battle, Hot or Not: Sarah Jessica Parker, in which Oscar Dahl and Debbie Chang debated the appeal of this talented but equine actress. Dahl bested Chang in this first battle, but undeterred Chang has challenged another.This time, the subject of our discussion is Jason Mesnick, arguably the most appealing Bachelor in the show’s 13-season history.This time, the subject of our discussion is Jason Mesnick, arguably the most appealing Bachelor in the show‘s 13-season history. Read more »
Previously on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick got shirtless as often as he could, and narrowed the field of potential wives from 25 down to just four. After visiting the final four women in their hometowns, he kicked Naomi Crespo to the curb. There are only three women left. Tonight, everyone takes a dream vacation to New Zealand.The episode opens in Seattle, at Jason‘s pretend houseboat. He says in an interview that he doesn‘t know yet which of the three is his choice. He also says that it‘s incredibly difficult to say good-bye to his son Ty again, and yet, here he is, leaving his boy for a quick jaunt to the other end of the world. Read more »
Previously on The Bachelor, the final five bachelorettes went to Seattle to visit Jason in his pretend-houseboat (that is to say, it‘s a real houseboat, but probably not his since he actually lives in Kirkland, across the lake from Seattle). But this week on The Bachelor, the positions are reversed: Jason gets to visit the homes of Jillian, Melissa, Naomi and Molly.The Bachelor begins with Jason saying good-bye to Ty once again. Poor kid. He‘s probably all disoriented, having to pretend to live in a houseboat and say good-bye to his dad for long stretches of time. Read more »
Previously on The Bachelor, Molly did the walk of shame, Shannon picked her nose, and Nikki lost a head-to-head battle against Stephanie. At the Rose Ceremony, Jason Mesnick, that cad, decided to break all the rules and not give out the final rose.And tonight on The Bachelor, everyone goes to Seattle! Yay! I‘m so excited about this because, as you may or may not know, BuddyTV is based in Seattle, one of the best cities in America, and I‘m totally going to be distracted by trying to identify local landmarks during these two hours. Read more »
Previously on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick had a super romantic date with Natalie, but he didn‘t feel a strong connection with her and sent her home. The claws came out at the Rose Ceremony during which some women turning against each other. There are nine women left on The Bachelor, and the whole beginning of the episode shows us exactly what we will be seeing in the next two hours, practically ruining the surprise. For example, Molly gets a one-on-one date that lasts throughout the night, if you know what I mean.Chris Harrison opens the episode by telling the women that this week, there will be a one-on-one date this week, a group date, and a special two-on-one date in which only one woman will get a rose. To help Jason decide who gets the one-on-one, the women must write and perform an original love song, and he‘ll pick his favorite. The women only got 30 minutes to write it, and everyone rushes to write their songs. Molly‘s going the funny route, Stephanie‘s going the cheesy Josh Groban route, Shannon writes a rap song (just like Jason wrote for DeAnna Pappas when he was on The Bachelorette), and Nikki just freaks out. She has a panic attack because she is terrified of singing and she can‘t let go and be silly like some of the other women can. Read more »
Previously on The Bachelor, Lisa, Sharon and Raquel got the boot, and Jason had four kisses with four women.This week on The Bachelor, there will be one more group date and two one-on-one dates. Again, not all of the women will be going on a date. Chris Harrison informs everyone that Stephanie has the first one-on-one date, and she celebrates that she finally gets some face time. She gets into the limo to meet him, while voiceovering that it‘s her daughter‘s birthday today. Seriously, we‘ve all seen the previews for this episode, so we know that the little girl is going to show up on the date. But I guess we‘ll pretend that we don‘t know that yet. Read more »
Previously on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick got his heart ripped out by DeAnna Pappas. But he‘s getting over it by choosing his next wife among 25 lovely ladies. Last episode, he gave out 15 roses for the 15 women who are still in the running toward becoming his little boy‘s stepmother.In case you missed last week‘s two-hour premiere, Jason was confused by Renee who makes vision boards, a little bit scared but flattered by Shannon who knows every single detail about his life, and he gave Nikki, with the tremendous cleavage, the First Impression Rose. Also, Megan got voted out by her competition, but in a mildly shocking twist, that just meant that she got a chance to stick around for another week. Read more »
Hoo boy! The Bachelor has made it to its 13th season. Let‘s hope, for Jason Mesnick‘s sake, that 13 is a lucky number.Now, before I get started with my recap, I have to explain to y‘all that I took a trip to the ophthalmologist this morning, and my eyes are still dilated. So, my judgment regarding the attractiveness levels of the Mrs. Mesnick Wannabes might be questionable. Read more »
I won‘t lie. Jillian Harris, the spunky restaurant designer from Vancouver, British Columbia, is the best thing that has ever happened to The Bachelor franchise. In a sea of insecure and shallow bimbettes, Jillian is sincere, goofy, un-self-conscious, smart and beautiful. A veritable breath of fresh air.Jillian participated in a conference call with members of the press today, and during it, I found her just as sincere and honest as she has been portrayed all along in this season of The Bachelor. Read more »
Can you believe it‘s almost time for the finale of The Bachelor? Jason Mesnick, the handsome single dad from the Pacific Northwest, has narrowed the field of 25 eligible women down to just two, Molly and Melissa.  We‘ve watched each of them through this incredibly strange journey, from the first meet and greet, to hometown dates, and finally to spending the night in fantasy suites.So, will it be Melissa, the 25-year-old sales representative from Dallas, or Molly, the 24-year-old department store buyer from Grand Rapids, Michigan?You know what it‘s time for: a Team Melissa versus Team Molly face-off!Who‘s more compatible with Jason? Read on, and you decide! Read more »
As this season of The Bachelor inches closer and closer to its closure, you have probably been bombarded with promise after promise that this season‘s ending is the most shocking one to date, or something to that effect.  Now that brand new spoilers have come out, it does look like the final few episodes of The Bachelor is indeed explosive, especially the After the Final Rose special set to air on March 2.Take note, however, that these spoilers are never confirmed by ABC, Jason Mesnick, or anything or anyone reliable.  These rumors are based on emails between Melissa and Jason, which a friend of Melissa‘s allegedly leaked out.  Read at your own risk.Major (potential) spoilers. Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:Jason faces the women he rejected and the claws come out, as 15 jilted Bachelorettes confront the handsome single dad, on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, Monday, February 23 on ABC.Trista and Ryan Sutter and Charlie O‘ Connell and Sarah Brice Return to give an update on their lives. Read more »
We still have to wait one more week before we can find out which bachelorette, Molly or Melissa, becomes the 13th winner of The Bachelor with Jason Mesnick. But tonight, we get to revisit the eliminated women from earlier in the season in the two-hour special, "The Women Tell All."Stay with me all night as I provide you with live thoughts. Also, post your own in the comments section below! Read more »
Unless you‘ve been living under a rock these past few days, then you‘ve probably heard about what‘s to come on The Bachelor 13.  Ever since a blogger, who calls himself Reality Steve, dropped a bombshell to this season‘s unexpected twist, fans have gone crazy over the conspiracy theory that has seemingly stained the image of single dad Jason Mesnick.  If you still don‘t know what I‘m talking about, you can read more about it in this spoiler article.  But that‘s not all. Lorilee Craker, a writer from Grand Rapids Press, says the proposed speculation makes sense in part. Warning: Possible spoilers ahead! Read more »
BuddyTV interviews Jesse Csincsak, the winner of season 4 of The Bachelorette.As you all know, Jesse Csincsak is Jason Mesnick‘s erstwhile rival for the attentions of the DeAnna Pappas. We figure that he has a unique perspective on the whole reality TV dating thing. Plus, since he got to know Jason pretty well during The Bachelorette, we consider him to be an expert consultant on all things Jason Mesnick.BuddyTV had the chance to catch up with Jesse to ask his opinion on this season of The Bachelor. We asked him about his new relationship (with a Bachelor eliminee from a previous season) as well as his speculations on which of the Final Two Jason would be better off with. Of course, we couldn‘t resist asking him about the huge spoilers for the end of this season. Read on to hear what he had to say! Read more »
Here‘s a juicy bit of gossip for reality television fans to chew on. Everyone knows the story of real-life Sleepless in Seattle single dad, Jason Mesnick, who applied to be on The Bachelorette in the hopes of finding a new mom to complete his ideal family. But here‘s what you might not know. Jason‘s original first choice wasn‘t to appear on The Bachelorette. He wanted to be on Survivor: Gabon. One can imagine an alternate universe where Jason survived Tribal Council votes instead of rose ceremonies. He would have lived in a lean-to shelter under constant rainfall instead of at The Mansion. Forget about the time he had to compose a song and sing it for Deanna. Instead he would have had to rip big hunks of meat off of a roast with his teeth and spit it in a bucket. The team with the heaviest bucket wins. Not everything would have changed. Either way he still probably would have gone on a helicopter ride. Well, as long as he didn‘t get eaten by wild animals first! Read more »
House and 24 teamed up for Fox to beat ABC‘s two-hour special The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Monday night, even with the explosive twists that will allegedly surround the final few episodes of the show.  Eleven million tuned in to see the suitors of Jason Mesnick, well, tell all. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) reeled in 14.6 million viewers on the first hour, while Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) attracted 11.6 million.  The Bachelor‘s ratings, in fact, was a mere million over a repeat of CSI: Miami.If reports are to be believed, Jason will propose to Melissa on the final rose ceremony, but only to retract the proposal, dump her, and end up with Molly.  In fact, right after the ceremony, Jason was reportedly having weekend trysts with Molly while Melissa‘s thinking that the two were still together. Read more »
The Bachelor is about to come to a close with only one rose left and two bachelorettes.  Will Jason Mesnick choose Melissa Rycroft or Molly Malaney?  Rumors have already flooded the internet as to who wins Jason‘s heart but we won‘t know for sure until Monday, March 2 at 8pm, followed by The Bachelor: After the Final Rose at 10pm on ABC.  Meanwhile, Jason has already gotten one important decision out of the way: the engagement ring. Just like previous seasons of The Bachelor, Jason had three rings to choose from, including a marquis, a pear-shaped and oval-cut diamond.  According to People, Jason was torn between the marquis and oval-cut sparkler, but ultimately chose the marquis. Read more »
I‘m sure we‘ve all read the spoilers by now, so we know that Monday night‘s season finale of The Bachelor is going to be SO HUGE. In fact, ABC promises us that it‘s so nice, they‘ll do it twice, and they‘ll bring us a second “After the Final Rose” special on Tuesday night.Jason Mesnick is down to the final two women, Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft. He‘s bringing over his family to New Zealand to help him decide but I still don‘t really know what to expect. Luckily, I‘ve rounded up some preview clips of the two-hour episode for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:It‘s one of the most romantic and dramatic nights ever on ABC, on the season finale of The Bachelor, Monday, March 2.Jason makes his momentous and heartfelt decision. DeAnna Pappas pays a surprise visit to Jason that impacts his final decision.  And immediately following the season finale, the story comes to an unexpected and shocking conclusion on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. Read more »
All eyes are on Jason Mesnick ever since he fell short of winning The Bachelorette when DeAnna Pappas chose Jesse Csincsak over him.  And as the star of The Bachelor, his life has become an open book even more, with fans and critics digging up every morsel of information they can to learn more about this Ohio native. But before witnessing his love escapes on The Bachelor, we already know quite a bit about his background.  He‘s moved to Washington at the age of 8 and received his B.A. in psychology at the University of Washington.  He‘s also an account executive in estate and legacy planning, and a divorced single father who has raised his three-year-old son, Ty, since 2006. But up until now, little is known about the former Mrs. Jason Mesnick.  Luckily, we‘ve stumbled upon some information about her for all you curious Jason fans out there.  Oh, and she has a music video too! Read more »
Dirtbag.  Jerk.  Bastard.  These are just some of the names being given to Jason Mesnick, the seemingly nice single father who turned out to be arguably the most loathed Bachelor of all time.  In a nutshell, he proposed to Melissa Rycroft in the finale but broke up with her on national TV to get back with previously dumped Molly Malaney during the “After the Final Rose” special.  But viewers weren‘t the only ones shocked by this season‘s twist. The Bachelorette star Trista Sutter, who was an avid fan of The Bachelor this season, also couldn‘t believe how everything unfolded. “I am still just blown away that anyone could do that. I mean, first of all, to propose to one person when you say you‘re in love with two people, that just seems not necessarily right to begin with,” Sutter said.  “I just feel horrible for Melissa.  No one deserves to go through what she went through.” Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff at Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories about your favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model. .By Susan Young, Humiliation is the word of the week around reality land.And we haven’t even gotten to tonight’s premiere of America’s Next Top Model, where Tyra Banks delights in digging up every sensitive moment in those pretty girls’ past. Remember the “tell us about how you were sexually abused?” moment last cycle? Seems like Tyra just can’t get the separation of Model Show vs. Talk Show idea. Read more »
The Bachelor is a bachelor no longer: Jason Mesnick has now settled down, among much controversy over whether he made himself undesirable in the process of becoming ineligible. But never fear. Even with Jason tarnished in our eyes, there are plenty of manjoyable celebs who are sexy, sweet, and still on the market. We’ve got ‘em all, from the single young stallions to the guys who might never settle down. Take a look at our picks for the 50 hottest bachelors on TV!  Read more »
As if one "After the Final Rose" special weren‘t enough, we have another one tonight!The Bachelor just concluded its 13th season last night, and tonight, we check in on the how Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft are doing.I‘ll be here all night long with my thoughts.  Keep me company by posting your thoughts below! Read more »
This season of The Bachelor has turned into some kind of weird phenomenon that is seriously blowing up the blogosphere. No kidding, like, a jillion-bazillion people are searching for news, any news, about The Bachelor on Google right now. See for yourself. It‘s insane.Probably, those of you who are reading this article right now saw the season finale and the “After the Final Rose” last night and are just shocked beyond belief about what you just saw. While watching it, maybe you thought to yourself, “Did I just see right? Did Jason Mesnick really dump Melissa Rycroft right there on that couch, on national television, breaking off their engagement?” Then, a moment later, perhaps your jaw dropped as Jason asked Molly Malaney, Melissa‘s runner-up, for another chance? Holy, mother-Chucker! Read more »
There are some choice words I have in mind to say to and about Jason Mesnick, but since I don‘t want to sully this publication with the unsavoriness of my sailor‘s vernacular, I shall type what I am thinking into the American to British Translator:Jason Mesnick is an effing plonker who needs to go feck himself. This bugger should be ashamed of himself. He‘s a blooming tom tit head. He is a total toss-pot chevy chase, if I ever saw one. Also, my German is a little rusty, but I just have to add that Jason Mesnick ist ein Scheiße-Hauptarschloch. Read more »
Jason Mesnick has apparently found “the one.”  That‘s according to the 32-year-old account executive who popped the big question to 25-year-old Melissa Rycroft on last night‘s The Bachelor finale only to dump her for 24-year-old Molly Malaney in the first part of After the Final Rose special.  But that‘s just the stinging truth viewers will have to accept especially now that Jason is certain that he has found the person he wants to marry."I have found the one. I am in love, without a doubt. I do see her as the one I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with," Mesnick told People in a Friday report.  "Everyone has been through ups and down in their life, and there are no guarantees when talking about love.  I am living proof. I got married before and thought I‘d be with her until death do us part, but we all know how that worked out.  That said, I am very much in love and very hopeful." Read more »
Click Here to Read The Bachelor 13: Season Finale Live Thoughts>>Because two hours isn‘t possibly enough time to show all the complicated relationships that arise from The Bachelor, there is an extra special "After the Final Rose" special that we have the pleasure of watching.It has been six weeks since the taping of the Final Rose Ceremony.  As we all know by now, there is no studio audience because there are some really big things that are going to go down.Keep me company with your thoughts throughout the hour! Read more »
Click here to continue reading The Bachelor 13: After the Final Rose Part 1 Live Thoughts>>Tonight on The Bachelor, we‘ll finally find out which eligible bachelorette Jason Mesnick will choose. Will it be Melissa Rycroft, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Or will it be Molly Malaney, the fast food-loving golf nut from Michigan? Or will it be some linear combination of both that will blow our minds? I‘m hoping for the latter.Stay with me through tonight‘s two-hour finale, as well as the one-hour "After the Final Rose" special. I‘ll try to keep you entertained with my thoughts throughout; you can share your thoughts in the comments section below, as well! Read more »
If you haven‘t heard by now, the ending of this season of The Bachelor has been one of the most shocking yet. Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft in New Zealand in the season finale, only to break up with her on camera six weeks later for her primary rival, Molly Malaney.Jason and Molly, the ostensibly happy couple, were supposed to take questions today, the day after The Bachelor 13: “After the Final Rose” Part 2 aired, in which they reported that things have been just peachy with them during the six weeks since “After the Final Rose” Part 1. However, due to “last minute schedule changes,” neither Jason nor Molly was able to participate in the press conference, and executive producer of The Bachelor, Mike Fleiss, filled in instead. I wonder if “last minute schedule changes” is code for “didn‘t want to face public scrutiny.” Read more »
If it was intense TV drama that The Bachelor showrunners are looking for, then they‘ve got it.  15.5 million people watched Jason Mesnick pick Melissa Rycroft in New Zealand during the show‘s season finale Monday night, its highest ratings in five years. Meanwhile, two million more tuned in for the After the Final Rose special where Mesnick subsequently ripped Melissa‘s heart and stepped on it with glee for a grand total of 17.5 million, leading ABC‘s victory for the night.The Bachelor handily trumped the premiere of Jimmy Fallon’s debut in the late night slot, as well as CSI: Miami, 24, and Two and a Half Men, perennial ratings leaders. Read more »
The Rock of Love Bus celebrity has gotten word of what Jason Mesnick did on this season of The Bachelor, and he doesn‘t sound happy about it.  Bret Michaels faced the press to give his two cents on the matter, as well as point out what Mesnick might have done wrong.  “He definitely better hide his car,” Michaels said, “because it‘s about to get keyed.”  Is Bret Michaels sympathizing with The Bachelor‘s Melissa Rycroft?  Perhaps.  The Rock of Love star underwent the same experience in the first season of his show, when his soulmate Jess, dumped him.  Read more »
As the fallout from ABC‘s shocking The Bachelor finale continues, Melissa Rycroft, Jason Mesnick‘s fiancée whom he dumped on national TV, appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show this morning and confirmed that the personal communication between the two reality stars circulating online is, in fact, real. “So these emails that are circulating around all over the place, are these real emails?” Degeneres asked Rycroft.“Unfortunately,” Rycroft said. Read on for the full transcript of the emails. Read more »
Previously, we reported that the sensational finale and the consequent special of The Bachelor reeled in a record number of viewers – in fact its biggest audience in five years.  In a nutshell, 15.5 million people saw how Jason Mesnick pick Melissa Rycroft in New Zealand only to dump her and pick Molly Malaney six weeks (or several minutes) later.  The thing that irritated a lot of people, however, is how Mesnick brazenly did it all in front of the camera.Perhaps to save face, Mesnick is now claiming that Melissa knew all about the doomed status of their short-lived engagement way before the cameras started rolling for the After the Rose Special.  He adds that Melissa chose to play along, so he, for his part, doesn‘t regret a thing. Read more »
As the 8pm premiere of Dancing with the Stars inches closer and closer, Access Hollywood reports that now the infamous dumpee from The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft, will replace Access Hollywood host Nancy O‘Dell, who had to leave Dancing with the Stars because of injuries.  Country singer Jewel also reportedly made an early exit from Dancing with the Stars due to injuries and will allegedly be replaced by The Girls Next Door star Holly Madison. ABC has yet to confirm the news, saying that an official announcement will be made on the show‘s premiere tonight.  O‘Dell suffered a twist to her right knee during rehearsals and has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus, while Jewel has suffered fractured tibiae in both legs. Read more »
Despite only having a few days to practice, ex-fiance Jason Mesnick predicts that The Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft should have no problem going all the way on Dancing with the Stars this season."I know she has danced her whole life, and she must be excited for the opportunity. I hope and think she will win it all,” he told Extra. "I am so excited for Melissa." Read more »
The smoke has barely cleared after the whole fiasco that is The Bachelor finale and the subsequent After the Rose Special, and it seems that all the parties involved are keen on picking up the pieces and moving on.All three recently appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to voice out their side of the story.  Melissa Rycroft appeared to not have any qualms about making a public appearance, while Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney practically expected to get a major beating from the audience the second their faces were on sight.  Honestly, I was expecting – nay, hoping – for at least some jeers but none came. “It‘s not that kind of show,” Ellen reasoned. Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff at Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories about your favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model.By Susan Young, Film.comNot to go all X-Files and Watergate, but I believe I’ve uncovered one of the great contemporary conspiracies in our troubled times: ABC orchestrated the whole Bachelor blowup just to get some extra punch in their new season of Dancing with the Stars.Before you shut the door in my face, consider the fact that ratings for all series are down and the networks are battling for their lives. Read more »
It seems that Melissa Rycroft has found closure amidst The Bachelor fiasco that has recently plagued the media.  Love searcher Jason Mesnick proposed to Rycroft during The Bachelor finale but was later dumped for runner-up Molly Malaney on national TV. During The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, Melissa felt backstabbed and called Jason a “bastard” after learning that he was still in love with Molly, even though he had repeatedly told her that Molly wasn‘t the reason for their breakup.  Subsequently, Jason endured plenty of lashing and mocking from fans of The Bachelor.  On the other hand, he spent last week expressing his regret over the public display of rejection. Read more »
While many are annoyed at Jason Mesnick, there are a few people who still defend his "change of heart. " One of them is Sheena Stewart, a contestant on The Bachelor season 11, who made it to the final four and even got a hometown visit but was eventually dumped by Brad Womack, who ended up rejecting both final women in the finale. This may come as a surprise to many Bachelor fans given that Stewart already got her dose of reality TV agony from Womack.  She even admitted that her heart felt like “it got ripped in half” after he eliminated her from the competition.  On the other hand, Stewart has an idea of what Mesnick is going through “because she knows reality TV makes people do strange things.” Read more »
Taking into account some recent developments, it looks like Melissa Rycroft‘s now infamous dumping on the latest season of The Bachelor was a huge blessing in disguise after all.  Not only did she get unprecedented support from people about the incident (while Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney were portrayed as backstabbing villains), she landed a belated spot on yet another ABC show Dancing with the Stars, and, judging from the ratings, helped make the transition on ABC‘s Monday night lineup as fluid and successful as possible.As if that weren‘t enough, Us Weekly reports that Melissa hasn‘t exactly been pining over Jason weeks after the televised dumping.  Melissa revealed that she has been dating long-time friend and insurance agent Ty. She first mentioned Ty, which ironically is also the name of Jason‘s four-year-old son, on a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Read more »
Now that The Bachelor has ended its 13th season, it‘s time to begin the search for eligible men and women who are ready to find love on TV.  If you have the charm, style and personality to be the next reality TV star, then come to ABC‘s casting event on Thursday, April 23 at The Talbott Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.  Casting starts at 5pm until 9pm.This marks the first casting event following the 13th season of The Bachelor which saw love searcher and single dad Jason Mesnick proposing to Melissa Rycroft only to dump her for runner-up Molly Malaney during the After the Final Rose special. Read more »
After admitting that she had indeed found a new boyfriend after Jason Mesnick infamously dumped her on national television, The Bachelor‘s Melissa Rycroft is proudly saying that her new man, long-time friend and insurance agent Ty Strickland, had been very “devoted” to her and has promised to watch all her Dancing with the Stars performances.Rycroft, 25, is on the ABC reality show as a last-minute replacement for Access Hollywood host Nancy O‘Dell, who suffered an injury while practicing before the show‘s March 9th premiere. Read more »
The lady who was one elimination away from being part of that infamous Bachelor love triangle featuring Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft, and Molly Malaney promises to turn the heat up as she stars on The Bachelorette. OK! Magazine reports that a source hinted on the possibility that Jillian Harris, who finished third on the recently concluded season of The Bachelor, is bent on being a female Jason Mesnick when she starts pitting guys against each other on May 17. Read more »
Megan Parris‘ on-screen drama and potty-mouth tendencies were apparently the result of bad editing on The Bachelor. The 25-year-old lacrosse coach and single mom from Sewickley, PA sure brought the fireworks upon arriving at The Bachelor house, but got the boot in the fourth episode of the ABC reality dating series, which found two dozen women competing for love-searcher Jason Mesnick.  While she has no hard feelings about being eliminated on the show, she remains upset about her lasting image as a foul-mouthed crybaby."It wasn‘t me.  It was not at all indicative of who I am as a person.  It was complete misrepresentation of who Megan Parris is," Parris told  "It‘s really hurtful. After I watched the first episode, I literally wanted the earth to swallow me.  They made me feel like they were going to make me out to be America‘s sweetheart.  I went into the experience completely naive and trusting and vulnerable.  I let myself get completely manipulated." Read more »
A month after the Bachelor finale that shocked a lot of people, we know that Melissa Rycroft is doing quite well, wowing audiences with her dancing skills on Dancing with the Stars and dating someone new.  On the other side of the love triangle, the happy couple who broke her heart and gained widespread condemnation – Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney – says they are, well, happy.Jason and Molly told People that they spent their post-Bachelor “courtship” by getting to know each other off-camera.  A highlight of the stage, they say, is Jason‘s visit to Molly‘s hometown in Milwaukee, which they spent introducing him to her friends, taking romantic strolls along Lake Michigan, and barbecuing. Read more »
Shayne Lamas is following the footsteps of disgraced but now risen Melissa Rycroft.Lamas, 23, who won the last season of The Bachelor (Bachelor: London Calling), will star in her own reality show less than a year after she ended her engagement with Matt Grant.  In the same way Rycroft is now one of the frontrunners in fellow ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars, Lamas will be the focus of an upcoming E! reality show. Read more »
Melissa Rycroft is certainly one hot commodity.  After being dumped by Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader has become an instant celebrity overnight with numerous offers trailing her wherever she goes.  And it seems that Dancing with the Stars isn’t the only one interested in the former bachelorette. According to Star magazine, Playboy editor Hugh Hefner, who also stars on The Girls Next Door, has offered Rycroft $500,000 to appear nude in the infamous men‘s publication. Read more »
Jason Mesnick certainly caused a lot of ruckus as his season of The Bachelor, the 13th of the series, ended earlier this year. He started out his life of reality stardom as one of the hopefuls vying for the hand of DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette, and although he didn’t win her heart in the end, he managed to capture the hearts of viewers all over America. And how could he not? He’s got a winsome smile, he’s a devoted family man raising his 4-year-old son Ty, and his earnestness and good looks are really hard to ignore.But public opinion of Jason Mesnick certainly has changed since the season finale of The Bachelor, when he proposed to former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Rycroft. Without the probing stare of the cameras, he and Melissa fell out of love with each other just as fast as they fell in love. As you all know, he went on air for the “After the Rose Special” and broke up with Melissa, citing his love for Molly as the reason. Since that night, Jason and runner-up Molly Malaney have become a couple, and Melissa has learned how to ballroom dance on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Public sympathy plus her natural dancing ability have quickly turned Melissa Rycroft into an instant celebrity.  As mentioned previously, the former Bachelor contestant turned Dancing with the Stars participant, has reportedly been offered $500,000 to pose nude in Playboy.  But that’s not all.  As someone who is pulled from anonymity and catapulted immediately into the national media spotlight, Rycroft has become a favorite, not just by ordinary fans but other celebrities as well.In the past several weeks, the Dancing with the Stars front-runner has been literally embraced by everyone from waitresses to American Idol’s Randy Jackson. Read more »
Megan Parris, who remains upset about her lasting image as a foul-mouthed crybaby, isn’t the only one who has something to say about The Bachelor’s 13th season. While the former contestant has ranted on how the reality dating series portrayed her, former Bachelor Matt Grant shares his opinion on the show’s star: Jason Mesnick.“This guy kind of committed suicide,” Grant told People at The 23rd Genesis Awards in Beverly Hills Saturday. “He’s a nice man.  I’ve met him quite a few times.  But I think he should have gone about it differently.” Read more »
Does love really come in all shapes and sizes?  That’s what FOX is trying to prove with its new inspirational dating competition series called More to Love.  This new reality show follows a similar premise to The Bachelor, especially since it is executive-produced by Mike Fleiss, who is also the man behind The Bachelorette.  But instead of the dashingly brawny hunks and the slender women, the program features an average single guy with a big waist and an even bigger heart as he tries to find love among confident and secure plus-size women. "This is the first dating competition show in television history that reflects what most real single men and women look like, which makes it instantly relatable to the vast majority of people in the dating pool," Mike Darnell, president of alternative entertainment for FOX, said in a statement. Read more »
Amid the brouhaha from the tumultuous Jason Mesnick-Molly Malaney-Melissa Rycroft love triangle on the most recent season of The Bachelor, there’s at least one couple that’s proving it can work.  People confirms that Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter from the first season of The Bachelorette have welcomed their second child, a girl, on April 3."Mom and baby are doing great," says a source close to the couple, adding that Blakesley Grace Sutter weighed 6 lbs., 2 oz., and measured an impressive 19 inches at birth.Catch the Exclusive Video Interview: Jason Mesnick of ‘The Bachelor‘ Part 1 here. Read more »
Canadian interior designer Jillian Harris, 29, the second-runner up on last season‘s The Bachelor with Seattle native Jason Mesnick, will soon have her turn handing out the roses. Today ABC announced that the fourth installment of The Bachelorette, with Harris as the love-seeking lady, will premiere with a two-hour special episode on Monday, May 18 at 9 p.m.Per the formula, Jillian have her choice of dozens of men lining up for her attention, and will try to narrow them down to her potential prince charming.  Read more »
The Bachelor 13 may have wrapped up but that doesn‘t mean that Jason Mesnick has completely lost touch with his fans. Most recently, the single dad has decided to launch, a website dedicated to help single parents across the country. When I decided to check out, it wasn‘t working for some reason.  Perhaps there was a technical error or the website is not yet operational. But Jason did confirm this new project on his Facebook page, along with some updates about Bachelor runner-up Molly Malaney, whom he chose after dumping winner Melissa Rycroft.  Read more »
On May 18, Jillian Harris will get her shot at love as ABC kicks off the two-hour special premiere of The Bachelorette season 5 beginning at 9pm. But that‘s all for show. At this very moment, the 29-year-old restaurant interior designer may have already met her ideal match as she currently films the reality dating series in which she chooses from among a group of the country‘s most eligible bachelors.Harris, an instant fan favorite from the most recent edition of The Bachelor, tried to capture the heart of single dad Jason Mesnick. In the end, however, Jason still questioned whether their chemistry would last over time and sent her home. Four weeks after the controversial After the Final Rose episode, in which Jason Mesnick brutally dumped winner Melissa Rycroft for runner-up Molly Malaney, the filming of The Bachelorette began with Harris as the new season‘s love searcher. Read more »
AirTran Airways gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "love is in the air" as it gives tickets to The Bachelor‘s Molly Malaney to explore her new romance with season 13 love searcher Jason Mesnick. Molly Malaney, a resident of Milwaukee, was one of the 25 bachelorettes who competed for single dad Jason Mesnick‘s heart on The Bachelor. She became a runner up after Mesnick decided to pick and propose to Melissa Rycroft. However, Mesnick broke up with Rycroft during the "After the Final Rose" special in order to be with Malaney.  Read more »
Ever since Jason Mesnick dumped fiancée Melissa Rycroft for runner up Molly Malaney in The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special, it hasn‘t been an easy ride for Molly and Jason. Many are still convinced that love wouldn‘t last for the single dad and the department store buyer. And while a long distance relationship is difficult enough to sustain (Jason resides in Seattle and Molly lives in Milwaukee), it‘s even harder to deal with constant public scrutiny. But it seems that luck is on their side. As reported previously, the people at AirTran Airways are backing up The Bachelor couple by giving free airline tickets to Molly for her to visit Jason in his hometown of Seattle. And amidst rumors that they are about to part ways due to some turbulence in their relationship, Jason and Molly‘s romance remains stronger than ever.  Read more »
Update: Jillian Harris is confirmed as the next Bachelorette. Want the latest Jillian news? We‘ve got you covered:Memorable Jillian Moments from The Bachelor 13>>Jillian Harris Busy Filming The Bachelorette>>Jillian Harris, The Bachelorette, Gets a Premiere Date>>The Bachelorette Jillian Harris Promotional Photos>>In every season of The Bachelor, there‘s always someone who stands out among the rest of the hopefuls despite the fact that she didn‘t get the final rose.  More often that not, that woman catches the attention of producers and is given the opportunity of a lifetime to star on her own reality dating series as The Bachelorette.  Will that be the case this season? While it‘s too soon to tell, there have been speculations that Jillian Harris, the 29-year-old interior designer from Alberta, Canada who was recently axed on The Bachelor 13, will become the next Bachelorette.  After all, it‘s happened before.  Trista Rehn, the runner-up date from the first season of The Bachelor, was given the chance to choose a husband among 25 bachelors in the first season of The Bachelorette.  Subsequently, the following seasons of The Bachelorette starred Meredith Phillips, Jen Schefft and DeAnna Pappas, who were all eliminated contestants on The Bachelor but were given a second chance at love. Read more »
Considering the low success rate of reality TV couples nowadays, it‘s hard to imagine a happy ending for Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick, a product of The Bachelor season 13, in which love searcher Jason proposed to Melissa Rycroft and then later dumped her for runner-up Molly. There are a lot of things that could go wrong in their relationship, including the difficulty of sustaining a long distance affair (Jason resides in Seattle and Molly lives in Milwaukee) and dealing with constant public scrutiny. But it seems that the Bachelor couple has surpassed all that. Now, they‘re even more at home with each others‘ family.  Read more »
30 guys, 1 hot Canadian gal, and a steamy summer full of romance and heartbreak... That‘s right, it‘s time for The Bachelorette 5 with Jillian Harris, and BuddyTV invites you to play along with Jillian as she hands out the roses in our Bachelorette Fantasy TV League!  Read more »
Jillian Harris is quite used to being in the public eye. After getting her heart broken by Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor 13, cameras are now following her on The Bachelorette where she‘s hoping to find love among 30 suitors. While she‘s pretty much an open book, there are still some things the 30-year-old Canadian would prefer to keep to herself - and that includes her steamy hot tub scene with MesnickIn case you missed the most recent season of The Bachelor, the hot tub scene, which apparently made Harris‘ father‘s jaw drop, was one of three close encounters Mesnick shared with the final bachelorettes on The Bachelor. Following the hot and heavy make-out session, Mesnick later sent Harris home to choose between Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney. Read more »
Viewers are about to witness Jillian Harris as she begins her journey to find love on The Bachelorette, premiering Monday, May 18 on ABC. The former Bachelor 13 contestant will be the first in the reality dating franchise‘s history to have 30 suitors vying for her attention but she assures fans that she‘s "not here to date and mess around." She‘s actually hoping to find the person she‘s going to spend the rest of her life with and that‘s a very serious matter for the Canadian beauty.  Read more »
Like most people, I‘ve swore off watching reality dating shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It‘s the same formula anyway: a bunch of women vying for the affections of one guy or vice versa. It‘s a little pathetic when you think about it because most of the men and women who come on the show are quite attractive and could easily find love elsewhere. And aside from the premise, which I think is becoming a bit stale, there‘s also that fat chance that the reality TV couple would just breakup after the cameras are done rolling. Read more »
It‘s finally here! The Bachelorette returns tonight for its fifthseason, with a lady whom many of us grew to love last season on TheBachelor, and who will definitely keep this season from getting boring:Jillian Harris, the spunky 29-year-old Canadian decorator with thatcrazy hot dog theory (Remember? Guys who use mustard are keepers). Well, Jillian is cuter and pluckier than ever since Jason broke herheart when he sent her home, choosing Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroftas his final two. She‘s relatively realistic about the dangers oftrying this whole love-on-TV thing again, but hey, why not? She‘s notafraid of getting hurt, if it brings her closer to finding love.  Read more »
Last night, Bachelorette Jillian Harris met her THIRTY eligible bachelors, and sent home 10 of them after a drama-filled meet and greet party. Debbie Chang (our resident The Bachelor expert) and Meghan Carlson (The Bachelorette commentator) discussed the highs and lows of the premiere, including: Who are our favorites (and least favorites) of the 20 who remain? What‘s up with that creepy foot fetish guy? Who‘s there for "the right reasons" (and who isn‘t)? And what kind of straight, single guy watches The Bachelor, anyway?After the jump, listen to the podcast in full mp3 audio form, and tell us: who are your favorite guys this season on The Bachelorette? Read more »
We all know how things ended on The Bachelor 13. Single dad Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft and then dumped her to be with runner-up Molly Malaney. It was indeed a sad and controversial chapter that played out on national television. Gradually, however, the distinguished participants of the reality dating show were able to move on: Melissa joined Dancing with the Stars where she came in third place and has moved on to the arms of another man, while Jason and Molly‘s relationship has seemingly endured all odds. As for fan favorite Jillian Harris, who came in third on The Bachelor, she‘s now looking for love as the new star of The Bachelorette. In spite of everything that‘s happened, Jason believes that it all worked out for the best.  Read more »
Do you like free stuff? Think you know who‘s going home this week on The Bachelorette? To increase the stakes for all our members playing along with Jillian in the BuddyTV Bachelorette Fantasy TV League, BuddyTV has a special prize for the league winner: a $150 gift certificate to! So if you haven‘t joined the Bachelorette Fantasy TVleague already, it‘s not too late! Do it now for your chance to win!It‘s still anybody‘s game. There are still 15 eliminations to go, andplenty of points to be made.Not sure who will get sent home this week? We‘ve got you covered: Read more »
Producer Mike Fleiss has yet another reality series to add to his credits. After wrapping up arguably the most controversial season of The Bachelor and having just premiered the fifth season of its spin-off, The Bachelorette, Fleiss is once again trying to capture a new brood of viewers with Hitched of Ditched, which just premiered Tuesday night on The CW.   Though it probably has the same cheesy-reality drama ring to it, Hitched or Ditched offers something different from the reality dating shows Fleiss is known for. The concept of the one-hour series is to feature long-term couples who are nominated by friends who believe it‘s time for the couple to either tie the knot or break up.  Read more »
This season‘s Bachelorette, Jillian Harris--who will knock her pool of eligible bachelors down from 16 to 12 men tonight on The Bachelorette (8 PM, ABC)--stopped by Live with Regis and Kelly (with guest host Pat Sajak) this morning to chat about her experience so far looking for love on TV... and how her whole "be spontaneous" campaign with the guys may have backfired in Episode 2."The thing is, I kind of dug myself my own grave in front ofthese guys, because I told them that I‘m fun and spontaneous, and do things...just be yourself, don‘t try to be perfect. So there was one guy who ran out onthe beach in a speedo, which I think is kind of funny." Read more »
Last time on The Bachelorette: Jillian spent one-on-one time with rose-receiving Wes and Jake, saved Juan from the other guys‘ wrath, and sent home Brian, Mathue, Simon, and Julien.Tonight: A Western-movie group date, a flying-high trip with Ed, a speedy date with Sasha, and things between volatile David and sneaky Juan heat up even more.Chris greets the dudes in the bunkhouse and tells them there will be two individual dates and a group date this week, and reminds them that roses equal safety, and individual dates that don‘t get an immediate rose go home... immediately. Read more »
Despite previous reports that the beleaguered Bachelor couple Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney has already reached a rocky stage in their relationship, according to E! Online, there‘s hardly any trouble in paradise, as the two, plus Jason‘s son Ty, were spotted doing some R and R on a Caribbean beach.Jason and Molly, who gained widespread censure on the last season of The Bachelor for a blindside that involved winner Melissa Rycroft, was at the grand opening of the Italian Village at Beaches Turks and Caicos resort. Rycroft recently bagged the second-runner up spot at the last season of Dancing with the Stars.  She became a quick replacement for an injured contestant mere days after the hullabaloo that shocked the television-viewing public. Read more »
Trouble in paradise this early for the happy couple?Just a little more than a month after the Bachelor finale that shocked a lot of people, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney are reportedly experiencing some turbulence in their relationship.  Jason and Molly, who just last month bore the brunt of intense fan backlash after Jason dumped the show‘s winner Melissa Rycroft for its runner-up Molly, are scheduled to fly to Jason‘s hometown in Seattle this coming Easter weekend where she will supposedly break the news.Catch here: Exclusive Video Interview: Jason Mesnick of ‘The Bachelor‘ Part 1 Read more »
On the next episode of The Bachelorette (Monday, June 8 at 8 PM on ABC) Jillian goes home to Vancouver with the 13 remaining bachelors. In a true Canadian adventure, Jillian invites a group of the men on a competitive curling date, but only the winning team gets to join her for a romantic sunset cruise around the city of Vancouver. Check out this sneak peek video of the curling competition, which gives a big hint (Spoiler Alert!) at which team ends up victorious... and thus gets more time with The Bachelorette! Read more »
"My father would kill me!" gushed Melissa Rycroft, in reference to rumors that she was doing Playboy, which she described as the craziest rumor she has ever heard about herself. The jilted Bachelor reject turned Dancing with the Stars second runner-up said posing for the men‘s magazine would mean her father won‘t look at her the same way again.Some months after the crazy Bachelor special that featured her ex-fiancé and  star Jason Mesnick blowing her off in national television for runner-up Molly Malaney, Rycroft tells Us Magazine that she had no idea she would be able to bounce back this fast and this way. Read more »
Besides that creepy foot fetishizer, Tanner P., it‘s the hottest water-cooler gossip among Bachelorette viewers this season: what‘s the real story behind the hatred between bachelors Juan and David? Sasha Petrovic, the 27-year-old oil and gas consultant from Tiki Islands, Texas, was uniquely poised to answer such a question this morning, after his shocking elimination aired on Monday night. Sasha wasn‘t around first-hand for the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, where the beef between aggressive David and skeazy Juan came to a head, but he did have an insider‘s opinion on the feud, including the group‘s concern that Juan might be... a "spy"?!"The whole house was against him. It was like instantaneous. Everyone was on it, but David just hates the guy," said Petrovic.Why? Read on for Sasha‘s take on the battle of the bachelors. Read more »
We already know that on tonight‘s episode of The Bachelorette, 10 guys go on a curling date in Vancouver while 2 guys compete on a 2-on-1 helicopter excursion, and 1 special guy, Kiptyn, gets a kayaking adventure and intimate dinner with Jillian. Now ABC has us asking... is Kiptyn unstoppable?And the bigger question remains: Which guys have girlfriends?!Check out their latest promo for tonight‘s Episode 4: Read more »
Last time on The Bachelorette: We said goodbye to Brad, Tanner F., and Sasha (who, in his interview, ended up sounding like kind of a douchebag. Go figure.) We also witnessed the crazy feud between David and Juan blow up, when David called Juan a "cheese ass."This week on Episode 4 of The Bachelorette: A one-on-one date, a two-on-one date (one rose, one stays, one goes), and a 10-guy group date. And... somebody has a girlfriend back home. But more on that later.First, the guys learn that they‘re going to Vancouver to meet Jillian, and from there it will be a Canadian tour, then home town dates, and then some trips abroad... so no more bunkhouse. They pack. Crazy Dave whines about not yet getting the one-on-one time he needs to grope and offend Jillian. We‘ll get there, too. Read more »
Who will be the next Bachelor? We won‘t know for sure until ABC gives an official release and since casting is still underway for the new season of The Bachelor, learning about the identity of the new love searcher could take awhile. One thing we do know, however, is that Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun won‘t be coming onboard. According to WISN‘s Stephanie Sutton, The Bachelor had already made Braun an offer to star in the new season of the reality dating series. Unfortunately, Braun the Bachelor won‘t be happening as the 25-year-old athlete already said "thanks, but no thanks" ---much to the dismay of female Milwaukee fans.   Read more »
Last night on The Bachelorette,  Tanner the Pedi-phile dropped a bomb on Jillian‘s achey-breaky heart: some guys have girlfriends at home and/or are on her reality TV dating show with hidden agendas! And while she shouldn‘t have been shocked by this second revelation, given that it IS a reality TV dating show where all of them get liner notes in the morning like, "Michael: Drink 5 redbulls before breakfast ," or "Tanner: Talk about how you want to lick the toes 5 times today," or, "David: Get drunk and be yourself today." What I‘m trying to say is, it‘s kind of fake, you guys. We all know this. And the idea of a guy coming onto the show with a hidden publicity agenda is neither new nor shocking... unless he wins. Then we would be LIVID. But he won‘t, and you know it. The fame blame game is just a familiar pitstop on the rocky road of drama to the requisite happy ending. Jillian will pick someone genuine, and Wes‘s single will never hit the Country Top 40. You know this, too, because you have ears. Read more »
One of the "bad guys" finally went home on last night‘s episode of The Bachelorette. I‘m referring to David, a 27-year-old trucking contractor from Ohio, who froze and chocked up upon meeting Jillian Harris in the premiere episode and who later received the First Impression Rose. But not all first impressions last. Before we celebrate David‘s dismissal, check out The Bachelorette‘s fourth episode recap in this article.  Read more »
Somehow Trista Sutter has emerged as one of the authority figures when it comes to reality TV dating. Perhaps it‘s because she‘s no stranger to reality TV. She‘s been on The Bachelor‘s first season where she became runner-up to winner Amanda Marsh, has starred on the first season of The Bachelorette where she picked Ryan Sutter and has appeared on Dancing with the Stars. But more importantly, she and husband Ryan are the only ones who have actually walked down the aisle and created a family. Not surprisingly, the former Bachelorette has been asked by to weigh in on the new season featuring love searcher Jillian Harris, who came in third place on last season‘s The Bachelor.  Read more »
In a conference call with the media, eliminated Bachelorette contestants Juan Barbieri, 35, and David Good, 27, spoke separately about their bad blood, which blew up in Week 3 when David‘s dislike for Juan (for his repeated offenses against "the Man Code") turned into a heated, hostile yelling match between the men. Now, despite their continued differences of opinion on many matters, the men had one common point to make: the whole thing was blown waaay out of proportion. Read more »
Recently, well-known Bachelor blogger Reality Steve began stirring rumors that on this season of The Bachelorette, more phoniness was going on than even we could imagine. (And that‘s a lot of phoniness.) In short, he claims that an unknown number of men were offered money to act single (and unlike their real selves) on the show, and that in the premiere episode of the season, recently eliminated contestant David Good, 27, was told by producers to act shy and starstruck when he met Bachelorette Jillian Harris, and that multiple takes of their first encounter were filmed--signifying that Jillian must be "in" on at least part of the fakery going on around her. In a conference call with the media, David claimed that the shy guy act was actually his idea, and just part of his strategy to make an impression: Read more »
Jillian Harris may still be stunned by the revelation that some of her suitors may have girlfriends but she‘s determined not to let it ruin her strong feelings for the remaining 10 men on The Bachelorette. Will she get to the bottom of the "girlfriend mystery"? Find out tonight at 8pm on ABC.When we last saw The Bachelorette, Jillian invited the 13 bachelors to her hometown of Vancouver where they engage in a competitive curling date. Kiptyn was the lucky man who received an intimate one-on-one date and a home-cooked meal back at Jillian‘s place. Unfortunately, the festivities were cut short when Tanner revealed to Jillian that some of the men supposedly have girlfriends back home, throwing the rose ceremony into turmoil. In the end, Mike, Juan and David the maniac were eliminated.  Read more »
Jillian Harris has clearly moved on as the star of the fifth season‘s The Bachelorette where she will supposedly find love among 30 suitors. However, most people still associate her as the "hot dog theory" girl who got dumped by Jason Mensick on the 13th season of The Bachelor. Thus, it‘s only natural for people to ask whether Jillian would take back Jason if asked for another chance. When TV Guide posed this hypothetical scenario to the Canadian beauty, Jillian answered truthfully: She probably would! Read more »
We didn‘t get to the bottom of the girlfriend mystery just yet but things got a little more interesting on The Bachelorette last night. In a sort of unexpected twist, one bachelor decided to choose his career over love, adding more insult to Jillian Harris‘ already wobbly self-esteem.If you missed it, you can read a recap in this article.  Read more »
Melissa Rycroft is ready to conquer yet another ABC program. This time, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant, who came in third place last season, will be joining the cast of the breakfast television news and talk show, Good Morning America. This marks Rycroft‘s fourth TV gig. She made her debut on CMT‘s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team in 2006 and then later joined the 13th season of The Bachelor where love searcher Jason Mesnick asked her hand in marriage only to dump her on national TV for Bachelor runner-up Molly Malaney. The 26-year-old reality TV starlet was asked to replace Access Hollywood‘s Nancy O‘Dell on Dancing with the Stars‘ eighth season after Nancy withdrew due to a knee injury. She was paired with Tony Dovolani and finished third behind Gilles Marini and eventual champ Shawn Johnson. Read more »
Jason Mesnick may have earned a bad reputation when it comes to love but he‘s still a pretty good dad. The Bachelor star, who is still going strong with runner-up Molly Malaney by the way, is going to host a Father‘s Day fun-athlon on Saturday, June 20, from 11am to 2pm, at Bellevue Downtown Park.This should be an enjoyable affair for the whole family, according to the former Bachelor‘s website, Jason‘s Place. Activities for dads and kids include a piggyback run and a gummy worm push-up contest, just to name a few. Moreover, there will be appearances by the Mariner Moose and players from the Seattle Seahawks, while free Nike gears will be given to the first 150 people to register at the event.  Read more »
Coming up this Monday on The Bachelorette: The pressure mounts as Jillian must decide which five men will have theopportunity to take her home to meet their families. But first, theremaining eight bachelors are treated to an exclusive private trainride on the famed Rocky Mountaineer, traveling over 650 miles acrossthe Canadian Rockies with breathtaking stops along the way. Roses areup for grabs on two crucial individual dates and one group date.After the jump, check out 4 clips from the Week 6 episode, including one that I know lots of our Bachelorette lovers will enjoy: it‘s a full-on JAKE moment! Woohoo!Oh yeah, and just when you were beginning to forget the fetish (JK, I know you‘ll never forget) Tanner got creepy with Jillian‘s toes again. (All together now: "AHHHHH!") Read more »
The pressure intensifies as Jillian Harris decides which five men will have the chance to take her home to meet their families. But before the crucial hometown dates, she must first take the remaining eight bachelors to a Canadian cross-county train ride, tonight at 8pm on ABC.When we last saw The Bachelorette, Jillian brought her suitors to her favorite Canadian vacation spot, the resort town of Whistler, to find out if there are bachelors who have girlfriends. You can read the full recap here. Basically, Ed opted for his career and left the show while a brokenhearted Jillian eliminated Mark.   Read more »
Last week on The Bachelorette: Jillian came no closer to finding out "who has the girlfriend," even though Tanner vowed again to warn her against Wes. Ed left of his own accord (so they say...) for work reasons, and Jillian sent Mark home. Tonight, the questions of Wes‘s fidelity and good intentions rise to the surface, and 3 more men get tossed from the train of love. Woo woo! All aboard! It‘s Bachelorette time! Read more »
Jillian Harris has made yet another shockingly poor decision when she sent home Jake, Robby and Tanner P. (well, not so much) last night on The Bachelorette. If you missed the episode, you can read a recap in this article.  Among the axed bachelors, however, Jake arguably stands out as the best catch. He‘s a pilot, he‘s sweet, he‘s smart and he‘s good looking ---he‘s the ideal guy and Jillian seems to be aware of it. The only problem is that Jillian can‘t handle perfection. Read more »
Jillian Harris, who remains unaware that Wes just wants his 15 minutes of fame, is snuggling with the enemy. That seems to be everyone‘s opinion and Trista Sutter, the original Bachelorette, couldn‘t agree more. She‘s already given her views before on some of the bachelors this season and now, she‘s eager to make more comments on Jillian‘s most controversial suitor as someone who‘s been there.  If you missed Monday‘s episode, you can read a recap here. But if you‘re a fan of The Bachelorette, then you‘re probably already revolting on what Wes said as his true colors came out.  Read more »
On Monday‘s episode of The Bachelorette, slimy musician Wes stayed in the game while dreamy pilot Jake was sent packing... and millions of American women could be heard, in unison, screaming at their TV screens: "NOOOOO!"As her season winds down and she gets closer to choosing a mate, Bachelorette Jillian seems to be learning the hard way that decisions just get tougher as the competition for her heart dwindles. Read more »
Jillian Harris has moved on to star on The Bachelorette, while Melissa Rycroft has moved on to Dancing with the Stars, where she came in third place last season, before landing a spot on the breakfast television news and talk show, Good Morning America. They‘re obviously very different but they do have something in common: both have been dumped by Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor. With Harris and Rycroft both basking in the limelight, Mesnick believes that ABC had an agenda for him and his bachelorettes on the show.  Read more »
Coming up this Monday on The Bachelorette:The stakes are high as Jillian leaves her Los Angeles villa for anexciting, emotionally-charged journey across the country to visit thefinal five men‘s hometowns. Her bonds grow stronger with some of thebachelors, but she is severely tested by some of the families andquestions her connections to Jesse, Kiptyn, Michael, Reid and Wes. Andnothing can prepare her for what happens when an infatuated Jakereturns to warn Jillian that Wes is the bachelor with the girlfriend.In one of the most dramatic confrontations in "Bachelorette" history,the two men face off right in front of her. Finally, one heartbrokenbachelor returns to try and win Jillian back, but is it too late?Whoa. That‘s a lot to do in one episode! Luckily, we have a whole two hours to get to it all. That‘s longer than most movies that I like to watch! (Yes, Disney musicals.)After the jump, 4 clips from Monday night‘s episode, including a sweet Reid moment with his dad, a Parent Trap scenario with Michael, Kiptyn‘s parents‘ patented Lasagna Test (it‘s like the Hot Dog Test 2.0), and the beginning of Jake‘s confrontation with Jillian about Wes! Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of The Bachelorette is deemed extra special for many reasons. Not only will the crucial hometown dates take place but this installment also marks the highly anticipated return of fan favorite Jake while an inconsolable bachelor comes back to plead for a second chance at love.Last week, Jillian Harris took the remaining eight bachelors to a Canadian cross-country train ride, and in the end, she eliminated Jake, Robby and Tanner P. If you missed the episode, you can read the recap here. Read more »
Last week on The Bachelorette, Jillian sent home Robby, Jake, and Tanner after a train ride through Canada. Now Jillian has 5 of her original 30 men left, and it‘s time for her tovisit their hometowns and meet their families. This is always aninteresting episode, because you get to see where everyone comes from.And then inevitably realize that 10 minutes with their folks isn‘t really enough bywhich to judge this 2-dimensional reality character you don‘t reallyknow anyway, and also that all of the families of everyone on TheBachelor(ette) are polite, charming, slightly demanding upper middleclass people itching for grandchildren so badly that they‘re willing toproject their dinner rituals on national TV. Let‘s see if thisbatch holds true to form. Read more »
Just when you thought Jillian Harris will finally send the right guy home, she makes yet another stupid decision--- the worst decision so far ever since she became the Bachelorette.  In last night‘s rose ceremony, she gave Wes the fourth and final rose, in spite of Jake‘s warning that Wes has girlfriend named Laurel. Thus, The Bachelorette‘s resident bad boy has managed to weasel his way into the final four. If you missed last night‘s episode, you can check out the recap here.  Read more »
It‘s been a whirlwind year for Melissa Rycroft: first, engagement to the latest Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, and the subsequent drama and tabloid fame when Mesnick infamously dumped Rycroft and went after runner-up Molly Malaney. Now, after a successful run to third place on Dancing with the Stars and landing a new gig hosting Good Morning America, Rycroft has another reason to celebrate: the former Bachelor contestant is engaged to boyfriend Tye Strickland, who proposed last Friday.Rycroft officially annouced the engagement Tuesday on Good Morning America."Sometimes the stars align and the clouds part and everything works out the way it should," Rycroft said. Read more »
If there‘s one thing that stood out during last night‘s Bachelorette, it‘s the very apparent lesson that the producers learned since last season‘s Mesnick debacle: contestants as villains are all well and good, but when the Bachelor(ette) looks like the bad guy (or girl)? That, my friend, makes for a good story. And great TV.All one need do last night was survey Twitter during the 2-hour episode to see the evidence that Jillian is slowly starting to surpass Wes as the season‘s Big Bad. It was one thing when she was hearing vague rumors about a contestant having a girlfriend. We called her "naive," maybe even "clueless," sure. But who could really blame her then for keeping him around without any hard proof? That was then. Now, after our beloved, all-American hunk Jake, forsaken in last week‘s episode, triumphantly returned to tell Jillian that Wes "definitely" has an at-home honey, only to watch her turn around and give Wes a rose anyway, it‘s pitchfork-raising time in Bachelorette-ville.  Read more »
Coming on the heels of the news that Melissa Rycroft got engaged, the cameras will once again focus on Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney as they appear on Good Morning America--- the breakfast television news and talk show where Rycroft serves as a special correspondent. "Molly & I will be on Good Morning America on Thursday. Check it out!" Jason Mesnick wrote on his website Jason‘s Place.  Read more »
For three weeks now, the main drama on The Bachelorette could be summarized thus: does Wes, or doesn‘t Wes, have a girlfriend back home?During Monday night‘s episode, recently eliminated contestant Jake returned to tell Bachelorette Jillian that the rumors about Wes were true, and he even knew the at-home honey‘s name: Laurel.Wes continued to deny the accusations, while Jake stuck to his guns. Ultimately, Jillian believed Wes, and gave him a rose.People Magazine spoke with Laurel Kagay, 29, who said she was shocked to hear her name come up, and at the accusations being made.  Read more »
Michael Stagliano, the 25-year-old breakdance instructor whose heartfelt exit interview during Monday night‘s Bachelorette left many women swooning (and thinking, "Nice guys really do finish last!"), spoke with the media today about his experience on the show, and still had only nice things to say about the object of his then-affections, Jillian Harris. And, to many viewers‘ surprise, only nice things to say about his competitor, Wes Hayden, who is sparking more than a bit of anger on and off-screen amidst some nasty girlfriend rumors."I‘ll stand by him," said Michael. "I think he‘s a good guy."Read on for more from Michael, including... Could he and brother Steve ever pull an "Ikki Twins," and be the first twin Bachelors? He‘s open to it... Read more »
The drama continues!A quick recap: during Monday night‘s Bachelorette episode contestant Jake Pavelka (right) returned after being eliminated to warn Jillian that fellow love-seeker Wes Hayden (left) already had a lover to go home to. Wes denied it. Jillian believed Wes and gave him a rose.Wes has continued to deny the rumors, as well as accusing the show producers of taking quotes out of context and giving him a "bad edit."Today, his accused girlfriend, Laurel Kagay, also denied Jake‘s claims. Undeterred, today Jake stuck to his guns in a conference call with the media, saying, "I know 100 percent without ashadow of a doubt that he and Laurel are together." Read more »
With all the drama surrounding love searcher Jillian Harris, Wes Hayden and his alleged girlfriend Laurel Kagay, eliminated Bachelorette contestant Jake Pavelka has become quite a celebrity these days. Not only is he the guy who opened the can of worms and told Jillian about Wes‘ shady intentions, but he‘s also the guy whom fans are rooting for to be next Bachelor.  Read more »
As BuddyTV reported previously, The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick and runner-up girlfriend Molly Malaney appeared yesterday on Good Morning America where Melissa Rycroft serves a special correspondent. The much-awaited TV appearance was Mesnick and Malaney‘s first together in nearly four months.  Prior to the interview, Good Morning America flashbacked to the drama that unfolded on the season finale of The Bachelor where Mesnick proposed to winner Melissa Rycroft and later dumped her for runner-up Malaney. The clips were heavy to look at for Mesnick and Malaney since the couple are now trying to put the unpleasant past behind.  Read more »
First, let me just celebrate Wes‘ long overdue departure. It was pretty obvious that the chemistry between Wes and Jillian had diminished by week 8 and it was quite apparent that he was the one going home by the end of the Rose Ceremony. And in spite of knowing all that, I still opted to stick around and take pleasure as he went completely off the rails while Jillian realized that she‘s been had and finally sent the country singer home. If you missed last night‘s episode of The Bachelorette, you can read a recap here. Read more »
Well, it finally happened. You knew the (vicariously) living nightmare couldn‘t last forever. Jillian sent Wes home, and he "admitted" to having a girlfriend (according to some interpretations of his final back-seat interview, that is). First came some masterful editing from the Bachelorette crew: "The first guy ever on The Bachelorette to make it to the top four with a girlfriend," Wes said. But that sounds like the end of a sentence to me, not a full statement of guilt. After the season we‘ve had of many dupes from the producers (including that false promise of an impotence issue), feel free call me naive, but I‘m still not entirely convinced that this soundbite (more like "Frankenbite," as the type has been called lately) isn‘t just the partial, boozed up ranting of a guy who loves to get a reaction, however negative. Who was constantly baited by producers and camera crew for contextually flexible statements that made him look like the dirtiest dog on the block. And who went along with it, because this is a man who will say anything, however hurtful, selfish, and technically false, to be remembered. Think I‘m defending Wes? Think again. I‘m just trying to be precise about exactly why I can‘t stand him. Some soundbites are really beyond the defense of a "bad edit." Like: "My acting days are over. I‘ve already done everything I need to do."  Read more »
Wes Hayden has been the bone of contention for sometime now on The Bachelorette and hearing the rumors and allegations week after week surrounding his alleged girlfriend and intention to promote his career on the show have only made matters worse not just for the country singer‘s reputation but Jillian Harris‘ as well. And now that the bad boy is definitely gone, Jillian breaks her silence and admits that Wes‘ elimination was long overdue.  Read more »
There‘s always another side to the story. Wes Hayden has been labeled a "jerk," a "douchbag," and a "snake," among other names after viewers witnessed his eighth-episode stint on The Bachelorette in which he was accused of going on the show for the wrong reasons and having a girlfriend back home. However, the 32-year-old musician claims he‘s just a naive victim of deceptive and outright false editing.After being eliminated from The Bachelorette Monday night, Wes spoke to the Bobby Bones Show Tuesday morning and decided to clear his name once and for all.  Read more »
The final three men go to the romantic paradise of Maui, Hawaii for steamy fantasy overnight dates with Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette, tonight at 8pm on ABC. Unfortunately, one of the dates does not go according to plan, leaving Jillian wondering if this relationship will ever work out or not.When we last saw The Bachelorette, Ed, Kiptyn, Reid and Wes traveled to Spain where Jillian got to know them a little bit better. Questions were finally answered as Jillian tearfully confronted her worse fears and sent Wes home. You can read a full recap in this article. Read more »
Last week on The Bachelorette: Kiptyn, Reid, Ed, and You Know WHO joined Jillian in Spain, and after a long game of "one of these things is not like the other," she gave the controversial cowboy the BOOT.Tonight, a special rhyme for you, from me: Aloha means "hello" but also "goodbye." Tonight, both meanings, Jill needs to apply. Reid, Kiptyn, or Ed: which guy to deny? Whomever‘s bedroom time goes awry! Is it Reid who can‘t do the deed, Kiptyn who‘s not equipped-tyn, or Edward whose fortunes sour bedward? Find out tonight on The Bachelorette, where the only thing ‘real‘ is your TV set! Read more »
Last night‘s Bachelorette was not the most emotional episode ever but it did excite me for several reasons: All dates led to the fantasy suit where one man couldn‘t get his soldier up, and in the end, Jillian finally chose Kiptyn and Ed as her final two suitors before sending home yet another bachelor. It was tough to watch Reid leave since he was a pretty decent guy to begin with and he actually made her laugh ---something Jillian is looking for in someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Unfortunately, Reid fell short of Jillian‘s expectations.If you missed arguably "the most awkward date in Bachelorette history," you can read Meghan Carlson‘s recap. Read more »
ABC really knows how to draw out a romantic drama. Last night, Jillian Harris picked her final two paramours on The Bachelorette,sending home spectacle-wearing hottie Reid in a surprising RoseCeremony in Maui. But we‘ll need to wait until after next week‘s ‘MenTell All‘ special, she‘ll head to the Big Island of Hawaii for more funin the sun with Kiptyn, 31, a business developer from Encinitas, CA andEd, 29, a technology consultant from Chicago, IL.Which guy is right for the quirky Canadian ring-seeker? Check outeach man‘s "greatest hits" this season, and decide for yourself! Read more »
Melissa Rycroft may be a whiz when it comes to the dance floor but she‘s at a loss when it comes to planning her wedding to Tye Strickland. It‘s a good thing that her wedding plans are falling into place for the 26-year-old reality TV starlet, thanks to her fiancé‘s hands-on attitude.  "Tye is planning more than I am," the former Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant confessed to People Monday night at the Verizon Wireless Matt Leinart Foundation Celebrity Bowl at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood.  "At this point, I‘m probably the worst bride in the history of brides." Read more »
Many thought that Reid was going to be Jillian Harris‘ choice in the end or that he‘d make it to the final two at least, but things didn‘t work out as planned. The man who obviously had chemistry with Jillian and made her laugh was sent home Monday night on The Bachelorette, leaving Jillian with her final two suitors. But before fans focus their attention to Ed and Kiptyn, the Canadian love searcher shares her sentiments on Reid‘s elimination. If you missed the episode, you can read a recap in this article. Basically, Jillian eliminated Reid because "we‘re at different places in our lives" and he kept his emotions bottled up inside even though he defined everything she was looking for in someone she wants to marry.   Read more »
Wes Hayden has been accused of everything, from coming to The Bachelorette to promote his music career to having a girlfriend back home. He‘s been labeled as the show‘s resident bad boy and has now become arguably the most hated contestant in Bachelorette history. In spite of everything, Wes claims that he has no hard feelings toward love searcher Jillian Harris and fellow contestant Jake Pavelka, who further tainted his reputation by letting the cat out of the bag. Read more »
Call them what you will: cycles, tropes, cliches, platitudes, proverbs, stereotypes, old familiar tunes. Whatever your word for "that same old s**t"... this season of The Bachelorette has held true to form for the series. Despite the (hollow) promises in promos for any new and exciting drama about girlfriends at home, foot fetishes, and one man‘s anatomical "failure to launch," looking back on the season, these "twists" have been all but straightened out by the predictable cycles that make up our Bachelor(ette) bread and butter: jealousy, extreme sports, tears, competitive masculine posturing, helicopter rides, and, of course, laughter and (the unrealistic expectation of) love.  Read more »
It‘s down to Ed and Kiptyn on The Bachelorette and fans aren‘t the only ones voicing out their personal pick for Jillian Harris. DeAnna Pappas, who was exactly in Jillian‘s shoes a year ago, has also weighed in on who she thinks the Canadian love searcher will choose in the end. If you‘ve been reading all the spoilers surrounding The Bachelorette finale, then you already have an idea of who Jillian will pick as the fifth season‘s winner. The rest can find out as ABC airs the two-hour season finale on Monday, July 27 at 8pm ET/PT on ABC, followed by The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special on Tuesday, July 28 at 10pm ET/PT. Read more »
Before Jillian makes her final decision on The Bachelorette, she will first have to face 13 eliminated bachelors on "The Men Tell All" special, where some of the most memorable contestants from season 5 return to confront each other and Jillian one last time on national television while they dish the dirt and tell their side of the story.Who will emerge from the flames unscathed? And who will take the spotlight as the villain? Find out tonight at 8pm on ABC. Read more »
Tonight at 8 PM, a week before the finale episode of The Bachelorette will air, Jillian Harris and 13 of her rejected suitors will return to answer questions about their tumultuous season on the ABC dating show.The men in attendance include: Mark, Jake, Michael, Brian, Tanner F., Tanner P., Robby, David, Jesse and Juan, among others. Notably, contestants Reid Rosenthal (who made it to the final three) and Wes Hayden (final four) will not be in attendance. Check out two sneaks at tonight‘s special. The first comes from ABC, with a sneak peek at cutie Michael Stagliano (final six) telling Jillian how thankful he is for his experience on the show, despite a broken heart.The second video comes from E! Online, who were there at the ‘Men Tell All‘ taping to get even more dirt on the past season from the contestants. Read more »
Worried tonight‘s Bachelorette "Men Tell All" special will be light on the special-ness, and heavy on snooze-fest? Host Chris Harrison--you know, that guy who gets paid to say "Only one rose left this evening, gentlemen"--has some groundbreaking news for you: this is going to be THE MOST DRAMATIC REUNION in Bachelorette history! (Sound familiar?) And he‘s just as surprised as we are about that.Harrison told People Magazine, "I wasn‘t expecting much from these guys because usually by the time wedo the reunion show, the guys have said their piece and they‘re done.They don‘t usually hold on to anger like the women do."But not the men of this season. Ohhh, no. Said Harrison, "it got out of hand in a hurry. They got aggressive from the moment westarted rolling and it became like high school or a fraternity house." Read more »
I have a theory, Bachelorette fans: How you view the "Men" or "Women Tell All" special during each corresponding Bachelorette or Bachelor season says a lot about you. And not just as a TV watcher. But as a human being. Where do you fit in?Group A: Think of it as a jolly way to relive your favorite and never-before-seen moments from the season? You‘re a glass-half-full sort of person who tries to see the silver lining in even the darkest storm clouds. People tend to find your constant optimism constantly annoying.Group B: Consider it a freebie week, when you can catch up on other business (favorite shows, that puzzle in the den, your self-google alerts, etc.) while casually flipping back during commercials to make sure you haven‘t missed anything? Wish someone would edit the ridiculous two-hours down to a 1-minute highlight reel so you didn‘t have to bother? You‘re an efficient opportunist for whom The Bachelorette is a guilty pleasure in an otherwise hectic and hollow life. You pretend you don‘t care, but you love this show, though you probably watch in secret to avoid shame from friends and coworkers. And so you can play your personal Bachelorette drinking game, no questions asked.   Group C: Take to the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, txting, and/or your real life friends‘ faces to moan about what a waste of time that "Men Tell All" is, who does ABC think they‘re fooling, you‘re too busy for that junk, though you continue to tune in every year with the slightest shred of a hope that some morsel of intriguing commentary or shocking revelation will come your way, leading you to question your own masochistic and naive nature when that hope is brutally dashed each season? I feel your pain, I really do, and you may be right. But you‘re better off relocating to A or B, my C-guys. If you can‘t beat them (or bring yourself to change the channel) then you might as well join them, right? I think they sleep better. Fewer ghosts of reasonable expectations. Wherever you land, here you are. You‘re here to chat about "The Men Tell All" special edition of The Bachelorette, which means you must care what these Men have to Tell us, after All. Let‘s make the most of it, and approach this like adults, yes? And if there‘s anything I‘ve learned in my so-far brief stint as a real adult, it‘s this: if you lower your standards far enough, you‘ll never be disappointed. The Group A and B folks know what I‘m talking about.Here we go. "The Men Tell All." If you‘re entertained, ironically or not, consider it a win. Read more »
Rumors continue to plague The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick and girlfriend Molly Malaney even though they‘ve tried to find peace away from the cameras. After Jason was spotted this week with former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas, rumors started to surface that the former couple are now dating.Deanna and Jason first met in the fifth season of The Bachelorette. Deanna, who first appeared on The Bachelor but was yet rejected by Bachelor Brad Womack, chose Jesse Csincsa over runner up Jason, who went on to star on The Bachelor 13 where he proposed to Melissa Rycroft only to dump her for runner-up Molly.  Read more »
And then there were three...again. It seems that we are back from where we started a week ago---when Jillian was still mulling over who to choose between Kiptyn, Ed and Reid. Even before rumors surfaced the internet that Reid would be coming back on The Bachelorette, viewers knew somehow that Reid still has some unfinished business with Jillian after hearing him say "If I could reverse things, I would" and last night‘s preview of the finale hinted just that.  Read more »
Last night‘s "Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette certainly laid to rest some issues remaining from the season, allowing long-gone contestants like David, Juan, Jake, and Tanner F. to get their final say about what turned out to be a very controversial season of the seminal dating show. Though Wes wasn‘t there to defend himself, ABC certainly made their opinion clear on the matter: snakes make for great ratings, until they vow to fight back. Then it‘s just best to keep them as far away as possible.Of course, the whole two hour special is just an elaborate way to promote and delay the finale episode of The Bachelorette next Monday, when Jillian will choose between Ed and Kiptyn... and Reid! That‘s right, anyone who caught the promo for Monday night‘s Hawaiian drama caught surefire, visible proof that Jillian‘s third choice would be making one last attempt to win her over... ring in hand. This development promises to befuddle the Canadian love-seeker, who dismissed him because she thought he wouldn‘t commit. Read more »
There were two people missing on Monday night‘s The Men Tell All special: Reid and Wes. We all know Reid‘s story ---he allegedly had a "prior engagement" but will obviously return in next week‘s Bachelorette finale to make a confession and possibly propose to Jillian. Wes, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Host Chris Harrison has already explained that the show‘s resident bad boy declined to appear on the Tell All episode. But it appears that Wes has another side to the story. Read more »
Judging from the strict secrecy surrounding details about the outcome of next Monday‘s Bachelorette episode, host Chris Harrison might actually be telling the truth when he called it "the most dramatic finale EVER." But in a media conference call this morning, that didn‘t stop reporters from asking Jillian Harris to spill about her probable engagement and final three choices: Ed Swiderski, Kiptyn Locke, and Reid Rosenthal. The Bachelorette obliged... as much as she could, anyway.Despite the intense drama of this season, and lots of negativity from fans and the media, Harris was chipper and optimistic as ever. One thing she COULD tell us? "I‘m on top of the world right now!" But Harris also made sure to stand her ground in two controversial arenas: Wes doesn‘t deserve the negative media firestorm he‘s now in, and David "Man Code" Good needs a "reality check" when relating to women.After the jump: the transcript of Jillian‘s talk with the media, including more about her overall experience as The Bachelorette and what the future holds.  Read more »
Jillian Harris has remained tight-lipped when it comes to the results of The Bachelorette, but she‘s hinting that there will be a very happy ending. Still, that‘s not to say that the Canadian beauty will end up getting engaged. In a media conference yesterday, Jillian answered as much as she could without of course spilling any details that would spoil the big finale. After host Chris Harrison called the season ending "the most dramatic finale ever," Harris repeated, calling it "very dramatic, unfortunately." So after going through the whole interview, as well as her blog, the possibility of Jillian pulling a Brad Womack seems possible, if not pretty plausible. Read more »
The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick and his girlfriend Molly Malaney have already given viewers an update on their "stronger than ever" relationship during Monday‘s The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All episode. Next week, it‘s Melissa Rycroft‘s turn to dish on her love life. According to ABC, Rycroft, whom Mesnick proposed to last season but was later dumped for runner-up Malaney, will be returning on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose to speak her piece. She‘ll be joining host Chris Harrison as she spills the details on her whirlwind celebrity life, her love life, her new job as a Good Morning America correspondent and as one of the top three contestants on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Next Monday night, the cloudy skies on the big island of Hawaii won‘t keep Bachelorette Jillian Harris from having two different and "perfect" nights with her final two suitors, Ed Swiderski and Kiptyn Locke. At least that‘s what 3 new sneak peek clips from ABC seem to suggest, showing Jill going on a surfing excursion with Kiptyn and a waterfall adventure with Ed. The bikini-clad Bachelorette certainly looks in love... with two different guys!But it‘s not all fun and romance. The final clip reveals that this final decision promises to be the toughest one yet. After the jump, 3 sneak peeks of The Bachelorette finale episode, to air Monday night at 8 PM on ABC. Plus, Jillian‘s interview with Good Day LA this morning, and a clip of Jill on Jimmy Kimmel.  Read more »
This is it, folks! We‘re now down to the final two suitors and in just a few weeks, we will finally know who Jillian Harris will choose on The Bachelorette. Will we see Jillian‘s fairytale ending come true? Or will it be one of those controversial endings that fans would be chatting about around the water cooler the following day?If you like suspense, stop reading any further. What I‘m about to tell you may ruin your enjoyment of watching what might be a great season finale. Take note, however, that these finale spoilers are not confirmed by the network and are just rumors or speculations at this point so read at your own risk.Final Warning: Bachelorette Finale Spoilers Ahead!!! Read more »
It‘s not easy being on Jillian‘s shoes right now. She‘s left with two guys (actually there are three, including Reid) and soon she must make a life-altering decision by the end of tonight‘s Bachelorette finale. While one bachelor may outweigh the other, both Ed and Kiptyn have distinct characteristics that have captured Jillian‘s heart. And at this point, it‘s anybody‘s game. For the past several weeks, Bachelorette fans have been candidly expressing who Jillian should pick. Now, it‘s Jillian‘s turn to weigh in on the final two. Read more »
Unless you‘ve been living under a rock these days, then you‘re well aware that tonight‘s Bachelorette episode will find Jillian making a momentous decision that will change her life. Will she pick Ed or Kiptyn? Or possibly Reid? One thing‘s for sure, unexpected twists are bound to happen as Jillian continues her love adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii where her mom, dad, grandma and cousin arrive to assist her with one of the toughest decisions of her life. It‘s the big finale after all, and it‘s one of the most dramatic nights ever on ABC.The Bachelorette finale kicks off with Jillian inviting her final two suitors, Ed and Kiptyn, to the Hawaii to meet her family. As expected, the bachelors attempt to win Jillian by pouring their hearts out one last time. But Jillian‘s family is more cautious this time around so they grill both Ed and Kiptyn about their intentions and their feelings for Jillian. Read more »
I feel like I‘ve written this sentence 80 times in the last week: Who is Jillian going to choose, Ed Swiderski or Kiptyn Locke? Or Reid Rosenthal?Tonight, Bachelorette viewers will finally find out! (Maybe.)ABC released another preview for the finale episode, which airs at 8 PM tonight, and promises high drama as Jillian decides whose proposal (if any) to accept. We also have a sneak peek at Ed‘s meeting with Jillian‘s mom, and two retrospective looks back at Kiptyn‘s and Ed‘s respective love stories with Jillian.All four videos after the jump. Read more »
Say what you will about Wes Hayden (oh, I know you will!) but despite his web of lies, his now-infamous country song (meant to woo Bachelorette Jillian) does contain a gem of truth: love really DOESN‘T come easy, you guys. And tonight, on the Bachelorette finale, Jillian‘s rough and rocky televised journey through the Tunnel of Love will finally end. Who will join her on the other side? Well, that‘s what we‘re here to find out, isn‘t it? And you don‘t want to go through the climax alone. So it‘s a Bachelorette finale comment party up in here!!! This is a place for you to air your fears, theories, reactions and questions before/during/after the episode. To get the ball rolling, I‘ve compiled all our Bachelorette poll results from the past week: Read more »
It was a long road for Jillian Harris, who had to deal with 30 men vying for her affection at the beginning of The Bachelorette, including a suitor named Wes whose shady intentions gradually unfolded before our very eyes. But besides the increase in the number of men to choose from, there were a lot of other "twists" this season which made it more difficult for the Canadian beauty to narrow down her search for true love: Eliminated bachelor Jake returned to warn Jillian that Wes has a girlfriend, while Ed decided to leave the show for his career but eventually returned because he couldn‘t stop thinking about Jillian. And last but not the least, there‘s Reid, who got the boot two weeks ago but decided to return at the very last minute, literally, to profess his love.If you‘re like me, and you‘ve been reading all the spoilers, then you already know who Jillian chooses between Ed, Kiptyn and Reid even before the Bachelorette finale. Still, the idea of how it all goes down, as well as seeing Jillian‘s reaction as she chooses one man while she rejects the other two, was too intriguing to miss. So like many curious spectators, I watched in anticipation and witnessed Jillian as she said yes to the man she loves. Read no further if you don‘t want to be spoiled!!! Read more »
You guys, I‘m so happy that it‘s FINALLY the last episode of The Bachelorette, I can‘t even muster much snark here. To be fair, though, I really do like the two final guys--Ed and Kiptyn--so too much making fun just feels malicious, anyway. And now that all the proclamations of love are coming out... it makes a girl feel like a Scrooge if she‘s not willing to play along, even during the FINALE. So it‘s a pretty straight-up recap tonight. I trust in you to bring the snark in your comments. I, for one, am going to suspend my disbelief and go with the fairytale version. At least until tomorrow night‘s "After the Final Rose" Special (10 PM). Okay, enough small talk--WHO‘S THE GUY? Ed, Kiptyn... or Reid?(Want to skip all the mushy stuff and just see who won? I got you. Here.) Read more »
Want to know which guy Jillian picked during tonight‘s finale of The Bachelorette?Is it...-Ed Swiderski?-Kiptyn Locke?...or rumored returner, Reid Rosenthal?(Read the FULL EPISODE RECAP here.)FIND OUT, AFTER THE JUMP! Read more »
Last night viewers watched as Jillian Harris rejected two potential suitors in her pursuit of final choice Ed Swiderski. As they each departed their final confrontations with the Bachelorette, Reid Rosenthal--who returned after being eliminated two weeks ago to tell Jillian he loved her--and Kiptyn Locke, who had intended to propose, shared their heartache in ABC‘s weekly "Diary of the Departed."Reid especially had some rather harsh words for Jillian‘s choice, saying, "I think she made a huge mistake. Huge. Like... she‘ll see. I don‘t know if it‘s going to take a month, if it‘s going to take two months, she‘s going to find out." Reid later added, "I fear that she did what I typically do, and she was thinking too much. [...] Ed?!" [Expletive]Watch Reid and Kiptyn‘s "Diary of the Departed" after the jump. Plus: video of Ed‘s proposal during The Bachelorette finale! Read more »
While most fans are pleased with The Bachelorette‘s happy ending (you can read full recap here), some fans are still dwelling on the men Jillian didn‘t choose. I‘m specifically referring to Kiptyn Locke and Reid Rosenthal, Jillian‘s final two suitors who have both earned quite a lot of supporters amidst this whole Bachelorette ordeal.  Read more »
Now that the cat‘s out of the bag (or, rather, ring‘s out of the box...) about which guy Jillian chose as her one-and-only, Bachelor viewers have quickly turned their speculation skills on the next season of the reality dating show, which is slated to begin filming within months. After three previous cycles of contestants-turned-love-seekers (Deanna, Jason, and Jillian were all rejected on past seasons), it‘s highly likely that ABC will once again choose a spurned Bachelor from Jillian‘s cast-offs to try his hand at finding love again as their title character prince charming. If ABC continues to go with their traditional methods, that also means it‘s likely the network will announce the lucky (or unlucky, if you ask some) guy at tonight‘s "After the Final Rose" Special, when host Chris Harrison will catch up with the happy couple (Jillian and Ed), plus allow rejects Kiptyn and Reid to confront Jillian.  Read more »
It‘s hard to juggle love and career at the same time but Ed Swiderski has managed to do so. According to Ed‘s father, Edward Swiderski Jr., the winner of The Bachelorette season 5 is still working as a technology consultant at Microsoft Corporation --- the job he had previously left the reality dating series to save. "He still has his job," Edward Swiderski Jr. told his local Monroe News newspaper following ABC‘s Monday night broadcast of the finale. Read more »
The Bachelorette is finally over, but the real drama begins when the cameras aren‘t rolling. As Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski start their new life together, many curious fans and critics will be watching their every move and prying for updates on their relationship, whether it‘s going up or downhill. In last night‘s After the Final Rose special, the Bachelorette couple revealed that Jillian is moving in with Ed in Chicago this September and will likely be walking down the aisle in the next 12 months. While some viewers don‘t think that their relationship will last, there are still a lot of Jillian and Ed supporters who believe otherwise, including Jillian‘s girlfriends. Read more about the Bachelorette finale and ATFR Special:Bachelorette "After the Final Rose" Special Live ThoughtsWill ABC Reveal the Next Bachelor Tonight? Who Will It Be?Bachelorette Finale Recap: Jillian Gets Her Ring!Bachelorette Diary of the Departed: ‘Pissed Off‘ Reid and Heartbroken Kiptyn  Read more »
More often than not, we usually learn the identity of the new Bachelor right after The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special. But this season, ABC is taking its sweet time while viewers wait in anticipation. And though there are already several potential names in talks, including Jake and Kiptyn from The Bachelorette, there‘s also that possibility that the new love searcher will be someone new.   "I don‘t have the final decision, but I think it works when you have someone come back. You have that built-in, vested interest in that person. We‘re also taking the pulse of America. We have a poll on," The Bachelor host Chris Harrison told TV Read more »
Reid Rosenthal may still have feelings for Jillian Harris but that doesn‘t mean that the 30-year-old Philadelphia realtor isn‘t eager to move on. After all, it‘s been two months since he came back on The Bachelorette finale to profess his love for Jillian only to find out that she‘s already in love with Ed Swiderski."I thought I was the best guy for her," Reid told People. "I knew I wanted to spend tomorrow with her. I wasn‘t 100 percent sure we‘d get married in six months or a year if she‘d said yes. [But] I thought our relationship was 15 times better than the other two guys...When I saw her [at the After the Final Rose special], feelings came back. But everything happens for a reason. That‘s the way I think in life and just knowing that makes everything easier." Read more »
Jillian Harris came on The Bachelorette to find love and in the end, she chose to give her final rose to Ed Swiderski, who in turn popped the big question. Of course, she accepted his marriage proposal and soon, the happy couple will move in together and is expected to marry within the next 12 months. But it all seems too good to be true. Word on the street is that Ed was still involved with another girl during his stint on The Bachelorette --- a rumor that just won‘t die. Read more »
Just when you thought that cheesy romantic drama couldn‘t get any worse, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Ludia Inc. have decided to bring reality TV dating to a whole new level. The video game division of Warner Bros. and the leading producer of quality game show video games have made a deal to create and release videogames based on the hit reality TV dating shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, a franchise created by Mike Fleiss. If you‘re so engrossed on The Bachelorette that you savor every detail of the show, from the limousine rides to the first impression rose, then this new videogame is for you. Read more »
Jillian Harris may have disproved rumors surrounding her fiancé Ed Swiderski and his alleged "girlfriends" but that hasn‘t stopped critics from hitting The Bachelorette star with yet another accusation. When two women, Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen, surfaced the news claiming that Swiderski was still involved with them while he was pursuing Harris on the ABC reality dating series, Jillian reportedly felt betrayed and that her relationship with Swiderski is now shattered. But Harris asserts to People that she‘s "not destroyed! There‘s a little bit of anxiety that comes with this news, but I am absolutely not destroyed." Read more »
Since leaving The Bachelorette mid-season for vague work-related issues, Ed Swiderski has been subject to rumors that he was dishonest about his reasons for being on and leaving the show--rumors that should sound familiar to Bachelorette viewers this season, and can be summed up thusly: "girlfriend." After returning and proposing to an ecstatic Bachelorette, Swiderski is now facing blatant accusations from two women saying they dated Ed after he proposed, and that he‘s been lying to fiancee Jillian Harris for months now.An anonymous source recently told RadarOnline that an engaged Swiderski sent his ex Bethany Steffen, 24, emails and texts that were "more than platonic" and "sexy." Accusations from Lindsay Johnson, 29, claim that Ed was photographed with her at a wedding the weekend after he left filming The Bachelorette mid-season. Whether Swiderski attended the event as Johnson‘s date is unclear, but the accusation seems clear that this rendezvous, too, was "more than platonic."Jillian and Ed took to the airwaves this morning to rebuke the infidelity rumors. Read more »
The Bachelorette is over and as much as Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski would like to stay out of the limelight, sometimes the offers are just too good to resist.  After being bombarded with a series of controversies, the Bachelorette couple is now looking forward to have some fun as they participate on the ABC competitive series Wipeout."The only thing that we have both agreed to do together is to go on Wipeout on ABC. We really want to go on that because we feel like we‘ve just been through the wringer the last few weeks, so that would be a great way to lighten things up," Harris told  Read more »
The controversy surrounding Ed Swiderski seems to be getting out of hand. The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris has already slammed reports about her fiance‘s alleged girlfriends but that hasn‘t extinguished the rumors one bit. Last week, it was all about Swiderski sending racy text messages and emails to two different ex-girlfriends, Bethany Steffen and Lindsey Johnson, while romancing Harris on the ABC reality dating series. This time, it‘s all about Swiderski sleeping with one woman and trying to bed another days after proposing to Harris on national TV. Read more »
If there‘s one thing I appreciate about Bachelor/Bachelorette producer Mike Fleiss, a professional bait-and-switcher if there ever was one, it‘s that the man knows when to cut to the chase. "When the new season of The Bachelor premieres, look for ReidRosenthal, Kiptyn Locke or Jake Pavelka to be handing out the redroses," Fleiss told Entertainment Tonight. Okay, so he didn‘t tell us which of the three Bachelorette castaways will be wooing the woeful women on ABC this season, but at least he narrowed it down to the three guys we all assumed were the only worthy candidates anyway. Fleiss also commented on how this post-Bachelorette fiasco with Ed Swiderski‘s ex-girlfriends (and Bachelor scandals in general) affect the series: "What do you think? Booyah!" (Seriously. That‘s what he said.) At least there‘s one true love affair on this show: the executive producer and his ratings. Read more »
Jillian Harris, who initially considered herself lucky for becoming the Bachelorette and having her pick of 30 handsome guys, is probably kicking herself right about now. Even with that lovely ring on her finger, seeing her own face emblazoned on the latest tabloids with headlines like "How He Tricked Her" must make poor Jill... ill. Despite standing up more than once to defend Ed‘s accused indiscretions, the rumors against him have continued to snowball, this time with several other Bachelorette contestants piping in to claim Ed is a "shady" character who told more than one man that he had a girlfriend during filming. She claims she knew all about this mess (which we‘re getting all wrong, apparently), but public opinion on Swiderski is all but decided: he‘s a lying, cheating dirtbag. We‘re just waiting around for Jillian to finally listen, admit the truth, and break off the engagement. The two girls who raised accusations against Ed have provided facts and proof: specific, timestamped emails, photos and texts with Ed‘s name on them. In turn, Jill and Ed have defended themselves using only vague claims about trust and confidence. And the former Bachelorette shows no signs of breaking it off, despite the "evidence" mounting against Ed. It‘s all a little puzzling, and infuriating, after a whole Bachelorette season full of "he said/she said" nonsense. Why don‘t Jillian and Ed just come clean and wipe their hands of this mess? Ultimately, who‘s wrong about Ed: us, or his wife-to-be? We certainly don‘t know everything, and for whatever reason, Jillian is keeping mum about what, exactly, she knows. Still, there are a limited number of possible scenarios going on, and each has an obviously better way for Jillian and Ed to deal with it. Read more »
We all know it‘s bound to happen sooner or later. Almost every season on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise, an engaged couple breaks up whether it‘s because of irreconcilable differences, a third party or just bad gossip. And I‘m sure I don‘t even have to tell you why Jillian Harris‘ relationship with Ed Swiderski quickly turned sour. But in case you haven‘t been following this whole Bachelorette fiasco, it‘s all about Swiderski‘s alleged infidelity and sexual relationships with other women while he was on the Bachelorette. BuddyTV‘s Meghan Carlson has an interesting take on how The Bachelorette couple should have dealt with the rumors but I guess it all comes down to Harris dumping Swiderski.  Read more »
It looks like the fairytale romance is far from over for Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski. Unwavering amidst scandalous accusations against Swiderski‘s infidelity and lies, it‘s good to know that the Bachelorette couple is staying together to work through any problems. But there‘s another angle to this story and it‘s a perspective that comes from former Bachelorette star DeAnna Pappas, who put forward that money might be the motivator for Harris to stay engaged with Swiderski. Read more »
Move over Kardashians, there‘s a new reality TV family in town!It‘s been some time since we last saw Shayne Lamas, winner of The Bachelor: London Calling who was previously engaged to Matt Grant. She may not have gotten the happy ending she had hoped for (the couple broke up last year amidst a scandal that Grant allegedly wanted to marry Lamas for a green card and a rumor that Shayne had cheated on him), but that doesn‘t mean she‘ll be mourning her broken heart all year long. Actually, it already looks like she‘s recovered now that she‘s starring in her own reality series on the E! network.  Read more »
Melissa Rycroft may have tried to look for love on TV but she still believes in doing some things the old fashioned way. The former Bachelor winner and Dancing with the Stars third placer has just purchased a new house in Texas with fiancé Tye Strickland but is holding off living together until after they‘ve tied the knot. "It‘s very important to us to not leave our roots and family and friends," Rycroft explained. "We‘re gonna do it the old-fashioned way." Read more »
The Emmys are getting a viral, user-generated component this year asCBS is teaming up with Vaseline to sponsor "Breakthrough Performance ofthe Year," a category which allows viewers to vote for their favoriteTV moments of the year, with the top three and winner being revealed onthe primetime Emmy Awards telecast Sunday, September 20 on CBS.The number of things that are unbelievably stupid and wrong with thisdecision is astounding.  Even if you don‘t like the Emmys, you have toadmit that this decision is actively killing what little credibilitythe Emmys hoped to maintain. Read more »
When The Bachelor franchise reaches a certain period of maturity, what is there left to do? Throw in a bunch of personalities with a colorful romantic past? Dig up some rumors that will stir some drama and hopefully earn the show more ratings? Or rely on good old fashioned editing to spice things up? The Bachelor franchise has already been there and done that. However, one thing that hasn‘t been done is an all-star edition. Read more »
Sorry to disappoint Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski detractors but it looks like The Bachelorette couple has surpassed all the reality TV gossip and drama and are about to take a big step in their relationship. Finally, they‘re moving in!I was one of those people who had high hopes for Harris and Swiderski on The Bachelorette but after hearing all those nasty rumors about Swiderski‘s infidelity and lies, I admit that it made me doubt Swiderski‘s intentions. I also realized that maybe Harris should have picked someone else from the show. Reid? Michael? Anyone else but the jerk who‘s been lying to her all this time.  Read more »
If you‘ve ever watched a dating reality show, especially thehigh profile, marriage-goal-oriented ones--think multiple singles competing forthe love of one seemingly perfect mate, like Joe Millionaire, Farmer Wants aWife, and (of course) The Bachelor/The Bachelorette--the phrase has likelybecome a familiar, though still ambiguous, part of your vocabulary: "(s)he‘snot there for the right reasons." It‘s the all-encompassing term for any specious behavior on behalf of a contestantwho appears to harbor ulterior motives, however slight, other than fallinghead-over-heels, puppies-and-picket-fences, babies-and-bathtowels in love withthe star of the show.  And if the phrase gets spoken aloud about you--if anothercontestant accuses you of not "being there for the right reasons," especiallyto the person whose love for which you‘re competing... have your bags packed, buddy,because it‘s also the kiss of death for the next elimination ceremony, or atleast soon after. Read more »
Viewers of The Bachelorette may have been a little hard on Jillian Harris. Who could blame them? She‘s been making lousy choices week after week ---eliminating the good ones and keeping the bad guys in the running. In spite of all the criticisms she‘s been getting these days, the Canadian love searcher asserts that she‘s a smart girl."I also have to admit that it is hard reading all the comments, and how disappointed you all are with me for keeping Wes... I totally understand where you‘re coming from though and I know how frustrating it is when you wish I could have seen what you‘re seeing now (I feel your pain!)," Jillian wrote on her blog on People.  Read more »
It‘s been about two months since the last night‘s Bachelorette finale was filmed, so tonight our eyes will once again be graced with the faces of Jillian Harris, her main man Ed (at least he was two months ago...), and cast-off guys Reid and Kiptyn to see how everyone is holding up.  Join me here live to chat about the Special! So many questions are swimming in my head: Will there be twists? Will we find out who the next Bachelor is? Who‘s already moved on? Who‘s still amusingly bitter but pretending to be gracious anyway? Who‘s embarrassed because he wore "Sweatin‘ to the Oldies" green short-shorts on national TV? Et cetera. Read more »
It‘s obvious that Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski are head over heels for each other but some people think that moving in might be a little too soon for The Bachelorette couple. During the After the Final Rose episode, Jillian revealed that she‘s moving in this September with Ed in Chicago while Ed hinted on a wedding in the next 12 months. It may seem like a hasty decision, given that they‘ve only been together off-camera for two months, but the couple believes that it‘s the most sensible thing to do. Read more »
The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison has weighed in on a lot of issues this season, from controversial topics like Wes, the Men Tell All special and just everything connected to Jillian Harris‘ search for love. The show may be over, but Harrison still has something to clarify about the return of Reid--an "unexpected" move that many believe was scripted.Read more about the Bachelorette finale and the ATFR Special:Will ABC Reveal the Next Bachelor Tonight? Who Will It Be?Bachelorette Finale Recap: Jillian Gets Her Ring!Bachelorette Diary of the Departed: ‘Pissed Off‘ Reid and Heartbroken Kiptyn  Read more »
Jillian Harris is down to her final four men but before she gets closer to her final decision, she will first take her suitors on a whirlwind trip to Spain tonight at 8pm on The Bachelorette on ABC. Last week on The Bachelorette, Jillian traveled to join the five bachelors in their hometowns and found herself on the hot seat with some of their families. If you missed the episode, you can read a recap here. But in a nut shell, Jillian sent Jesse and Michael home, took Ed back and kept Wes in the running in spite of Jake‘s warning that he has a girlfriend back home.  Read more »