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Sarah Brice and Charlie O‘Connell have been listed as one of The Bachelor‘s success stories since their time on the seventh season of that show.  But, as we reported in our recent Rewind of that season, rumors have been circulating lately that the two had broken up, even though Charlie‘s brother Jerry stated the contrary after his own summer wedding.But it is, in fact, apparently true - they are yet another couple to head to the breakup column for The Bachelor‘s overall track record.  So who gets custody of the dog? Read more »
On the premiere episode of The Bachelor, the women tried to make a lasting impression on Brad Womack.  The problem is that some made a good impression and some made a bad one.  I guess that made Brad‘s job easier, as he had to get rid of 10 of them on the first night.  Now, 15 remain to compete for Brad‘s affections and they‘ll stop at nothing to get what they want.  I‘ll have live thoughts throughout the hour.Let the dream dates begin!  The date box arrives and the first women heading out for a day at the races include: Erin, McCarten, Kristy, Mallory, Hillary, Jade, and Deanna.  They immediately throw some jabs at each other and get competitive.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, one woman suffered an injury that took her out of the dating game.  The first group dates are held and some went to great lengths to impress Brad.  One woman ran around topless on her date.  The bachelor shared a few kisses, handed out some roses, and broke a few hearts.  All in a day‘s work.For the first group date, the women spent a day at the races.  Erin, McCarten, Kristy, Mallory, Hillary, Jade, and DeAnna were invited.  Brad handed out cash to the women so they could bet on the horses but they were more concerned with impressing Brad. Read more »
It‘s episode 2 of The Bachelor: Operation Lone Star Stubble and we are starting to get a better sense of what Brad Womack and the women are like.I‘m still finding Brad to be not-too-bad of a Bachelor. One thing is looking to be a development: unlike last season, it‘s the women‘s physical friendliness – not The Bachelor‘s – that is making for some cringe-worthy moments. He‘s had a couple of kisses and held hands with the girls, but he doesn‘t appear to be forcing an unnatural level of physical affection, and in fact sometimes seemed to discourage it when some of the women pushed a little harder. Read more »
One is tempted to say Michele Leavy had the ultimate adding-insult-to-injury experience on this season of The Bachelor. After suffering a fall down the stairs that resulted in a concussion, she also did not receive a rose from Brad Womack, and was sent home. Since this was only the second episode, though, and since she hardly spent any time with Brad at all, it seems less a rejection as some really poor timing.The 30-year-old from New Jersey recently discussed her experience with the show, and exactly what happened right before her frightening accident. Read more »
Ever since I saw the preview for tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, I have been excited about it.  Brad tests the women to see just how well they know him.  How does he do this?  By sending his twin brother in to socialize with them and see if they spot the difference.  Will someone fall for Brad‘s sneaky trick?  Who‘s going home without a rose?  We‘ll see what happens and I‘m here with live thoughts during the show.  Post your thoughts, too!  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, Brad puts the women to the test by sending his twin brother into a cocktail party to see who can spot the difference.  Most of the women realize the switch but a few remain clueless.  One group heads to the circus while another sets sail with Brad.  Hillary gets her own date with Brad, but it doesn‘t go how he planned.  Three women are eliminated.Host Chris Harrison kicks off the night by dropping off the first date box for Stephy, McCarten, Jenni, Lindsey, Sarah, and DeAnna.  The girls find out they‘ll be heading to the circus.  Brad gets the girls a luxury box and everyone gets to be in the greatest show on Earth. Read more »
It is very challenging to make picks at this stage of the game in The Bachelor. Due to the fact that there are so many players on the field, the women who get the most screen time can change from week to week. Whether or not this represents their actual level of interaction with The Bachelor himself is hard to gauge, but we will once again read the tea leaves left by the editors.And it might just be me, but did it seem to be a chemistry-free week for The Bachelor? Maybe it was just what made it into the show, but all of his interactions seemed even less natural than normal. It seemed like every encounter we saw was Brad talking about someone‘s romantic past or someone‘s plans for her own romantic future, or else some kind of conversation about how the two were interacting as opposed to simply interacting. Read more »
Andy Baldwin from last season of The Bachelor has made the news over the past few months for his participation in various sporting events such as charity rides or Ironman triathlons. Some commenters have wondered how he managed to fit this all into his military career. Some people – a few with their own loved ones in the military – have commented that it seemed unfair that he was able to spend so much time participating in these events while others are deployed away from home.If a recent report is accurate, however, it looks like Andy is, in fact, subject to the same requirements of duty as other members of the armed forces. A source has reportedly said that he will be deployed to Iraq in January of next year. Read more »
Solisa Shoop was definitely one of the more attention-grabbing women recently sent home from The Bachelor. Whether she was going for a topless dip in the ocean or offering herself up as a body shot to Brad Womack, she was portrayed on the show as being a free spirit. Some viewers found it a little confusing when this was edited as a somewhat jarring contrast with a conversation she had with Brad about her morals and values that stem from her religious belief.Solisa recently opened up about her experience on The Bachelor, and tried to clarify a little bit of what we saw from her time on the show. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, two rivals go out on a date with Brad, but only one will come home.  Cue the dramatic music!  Jealousy starts to get the best of the women and they take it out on Jenni.  Many of the women are brought to tears, and why shouldn‘t they cry and fight?  They‘ve known Brad five minutes, they‘re entitled!   At least there‘s never a dull moment.  Time for some live thoughts and I‘m here for the hour so post what you think, too! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, the girls were split up over three dates.  Six would go on a group date.  Two would head out with Brad, but only one would come home.  And one woman would get to spend a very special one-on-one date with Brad.  On the dates and at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, many women get emotional and Brad is left with a tough decision, eliminating three women throughout the night. Read more »
Last night‘s The Bachelor episode was, to me, pretty illuminating. There are a few girls I have been on the fence about and based on this episode, I might finally be willing to make a commitment to a real Ring or Fling decision on each.The episode was, also, pretty aggravating. Partially due to the behavior of the participants, partially due to the structure of the show itself. But I will grit my teeth and get through it.To the picks! Read more »
On Monday night‘s episode of The Bachelor, Jade and her rival DeAnna were chosen to go on a two-on-one date with Brad.  Only one woman would be coming home.  Unfortunately for Jade, that woman wasn‘t her.  Other than a few moments here or there, she never really had the one-on-one time with Brad that was necessary to form a strong connection.  A 24-year-old boutique sales worker from Nashville, Jade always spoke her mind and stayed true to herself on the show.  Today, BuddyTV interviewed Jade where she talked about her feud with DeAnna, Brad‘s connection with Jenni, and whether or not she‘s found the right person for her.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
All week long, The Bachelor promos have aired, telling us that we‘re in store for the biggest meltdown in the history of the show.  Seriously?  I mean, there have been some pretty big meltdowns.  Hillary‘s seems like it‘s going to make this episode worth watching tonight, not that I needed any incentive.  I‘ve spent the week trying to figure out what could have triggered it but the wait is over and it‘s time for live thoughts.  Remember to keep refreshing throughout the hour and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, Brad headed out on three separate dates with the remaining six women.  He was able to have two different one-on-one dates as well as a group date.  The only roses given out were at the ceremony.  When Hillary got eliminated, she couldn‘t take it and had the mother of all meltdowns.Bettina was the first to find out she‘s be having a one-on-one date with Brad.  The two headed out for a picnic by the water.  The attraction between them seemed genuine but they only exchanged kisses on the cheeks while on a gondola ride. Read more »
Is it just me or do you also feel like either this is the most obvious The Bachelor ever or we are being set up for a very weird out-of-the-blue twist?Based on the episodes leading up to this most recent one, it seems like one story has been quite clear. Before I get to that though, I want to just take a moment to say how distasteful I found the whole build-up to the Hillary “Meltdown” and think that the producers of The Bachelor really went a little too far with this one. Read more »
On the most recent episode of The Bachelor, one woman gave us one of the most memorable exits of all time.  Brad spent a good majority of the episode trying to convey the message to Hillary that he only thought of her as a friend.  She didn‘t listen and thought he had romantic feelings for her.  When she didn‘t get asked to stay at the rose ceremony, she got emotional.  The tears didn‘t stop and outside, she worked herself up into hysterics.  Today, a brave Hillary faced the media in a press conference to talk about her memorable appearance on this season‘s The Bachelor. Read more »
Fans of Trista have had the chance to follow her story through her initial appearance on The Bachelor, her courtship and engagement to Ryan Sutter on The Bachelorette, her televised nuptials, and most recently, reports about her pregnancy and the birth of her son Max.While – other than that initial rejection on The Bachelor – usually new details about Trista‘s life are happy ones, now as she adjusts to life as a new parent, she is dealing with one of the more mundane realities of motherhood: losing her baby weight. She recently talked to Us Magazine about her frustration with the lingering extra pounds and her efforts to lose. Read more »
This was certainly an interesting week for reality television.  On Monday, Hillary lost her mind when Brad eliminated her on The Bachelor.  Tuesday, Neil pulled one of the dirtiest moves in The Biggest Loser history.  Wednesday, Ebony decided she‘d had enough and quit America‘s Next Top Model and on Thursday, it seems the only way players can get ahead in Survivor: China is to throw challenges!  Remember the good old days, before people figured out how to manipulate the reality tv system for more camera time or a leg up in the game?  Let‘s take a look back at this despicable week of reality television. Read more »
It‘s bad enough the first time you meet your significant other‘s family.  It‘s quite another to do it four times on national television while everyone you ever knew gets to watch.  Yikes.  Such is the case on tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor as Brad travels to Kansas, California, Georgia, and Washington DC to meet the families of Jenni, Sheena, DeAnna, and Bettina.  While he enjoys some good times, he also has to endure more than one awkward moment.  When Bettina‘s family disapproves of Brad, will it be the thing that tears them apart?  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and give your opinion on who Brad should get rid of! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, Brad visited the hometowns of the four remaining women to meet their families and get a taste of their home life.  He hit it off with some families and experienced awkward moments and downright rude, unwelcoming behavior from other families.  By the end of the night, he had narrowed it down to three women, which he will take on romantic, overnight getaways next week.  Read on to find out what happened when Brad went home to meet the families! Read more »
Finally, now things are getting a little more interesting.For the past few weeks on The Bachelor, Brad Womack‘s reaction to the women has – to me – told mainly one story: his attraction to Jenni. Although there were definitely other angles that were being edited into the story, just from his reaction alone, it seemed like everything was very obvious. Read more »
It‘s getting down to the wire on The Bachelor and soon, Brad is going to ask one of three women to share their life with him.  This past week, four women were able to take Brad to their hometowns to meet their families.  Brad had the best time with DeAnna‘s large Greek family, feeling like he fit in perfectly.  While visiting Jenni, he  discussed the idea of a long distance relationship with her.  Things were as bad as anyone could imagine when he spent time with Bettina‘s disapproving family.  Still, he kept her around and instead, chose to eliminate Sheena.  As it is every week, someone goes too far, gets too eager, and has a desperate moment which ends up being her demise.  This week, though, we can‘t fault Sheena.  We CAN fault her mother, though. Read more »
This week in the world of reality television wasn‘t the most exciting but a few things kept us glued to our seats.  On Monday‘s The Bachelor, Brad battled it out with Bettina over her disapproving family and ran for the hills when Sheena‘s mom tried to plan their wedding.  Tuesday, Neil dropped 33 pounds on The Biggest Loser and the blue team continued to control the game, sending home red team member David.  Wednesday, the CW network decided we need a 30 minute clip show of America‘s Next Top Model (which we didn‘t).  Thursday, Jaime got played, or so we were led to believe, on Survivor: China.  Here‘s a look back at this week‘s reality tv highlights. Read more »
Sheena Stewart was not the ultimate winner for Brad Womack‘s heart on this season of The Bachelor, but she did come away from the show winning over many viewers. Generally, appearing on a reality show is a risky endeavor, and no matter how nice or normal someone seems to be to the majority of viewers, there seems to always be some segment of the audience who just can‘t stand that person or who attributes some sort of negative motivation to their actions.With Sheena, however, most comments about her personality on BuddyTV at least have been remarkable in being nearly uniformly positive. Between her own composure and a gentle edit by the producers, other than her brief tumble on the stairs, she emerged with a pretty positive image from the show. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, Brad is down to three women and takes each one on overnight dates in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Each woman tells Brad they‘re falling in love with him and it will sure be awkward when one of those women is sent packing.  The show got started late tonight thanks to an extra long Dancing With The Stars but no worries.  We‘ve got live thoughts throughout the hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, Brad took the woman on individual overnight dates in Mexico.  Each women accepted the fantasy card suite and told Brad how they were truly feeling.  A tough decision laid ahead for Brad as the dates wore on, as he had to send one woman home.  Here is how tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor played out.Brad had his first date in Cabo San Lucas with Jenni.  The two went swimming at the dolphins which proved to be both a fun and unique experience.  Afterwards, he pushes to find out how she is feeling about him but she has a hard time finding the words.  She chooses to show him instead, in the fantasy suite. Read more »
This week‘s The Bachelor took us from three down to two. It didn‘t seem to be a major surprise; after the disastrous home visit with Bettina, it appeared very unlikely that Brad Womack would be taking her to the final two. The editing over the past few weeks has been building up to this. Midseason, Jenni‘s lead over the other girls seemed assured, and DeAnna‘s poor attitude about the other women was getting a lot of screen time, put her in a negative light. Over the past few episodes, though, she‘s been portrayed much more positively, and many who had previously been rooting for Jenni now find themselves torn…just like Brad must be!! See how clever those editors are? Read more »
This week on ABC’s The Bachelor, Brad took the women on overnight dates in Mexico. He was able to spend some quality time individually with Jenni, DeAnna, and Bettina. Brad and the women did everything from swimming with dolphins, to sailing, to dune buggy racing. Each date ended with a romantic meal and Brad’s offer for each woman to spend the night with him in his fantasy suite. Of course, each woman said yes. Saying no would probably guarantee them a plane ticket home. You have to at least wonder if every woman said yes for the right reasons. As always on The Bachelor, each week, one woman reduces herself to a single desperate moment to hold onto Brad. This week’s winner is none other than frontrunner Jenni. Read on for more details behind Jenni’s desperate act this week. Read more »
Brace yourself, America. The Bachelor is casting for the next season. It…just…keeps…happening.And of course, it‘s not just The Bachelor – all reality shows are hot tickets right now. People have been waiting for years for the reality trend to die down. Anything is possible, but the writers‘ strike just reinforces how valuable reality programming is to the networks. It‘s the fast food of the TV world: cheap, quick and people gobble it up. Reality haters might want to prepare themselves for the idea that reality shows might now be a permanent fixture on the TV landscape, like a sitcom, soap opera or police drama.But back to The Bachelor. Casting has already started across the country as we enter in the final weeks of the current season with Brad Womack. Read more »
Any man who wants to be ABC‘s The Bachelor certainly has to go through a lot during his season.  One of the worst parts of being "the chosen one" is facing all the women you decided to dump on national television and answer their cries of "Why me?!"  I‘m sure it‘s enough to make many men want to run and cower in a corner.  Brad is quite a brave man, facing these rejected women tonight.  As a viewer, I‘ve been waiting all season for this, particularly to see what Hillary has to say.  It‘s time for some live thoughts and ABC promised a good episode, so I‘m going to hold them to that! Read more »
Tonight, The Bachelor aired their special, The Women Tell All.  On the episode, host Chris Harrison relived some of the most memorable moments this season with the rejected women.  Some were put in the hot seat and some were only given a moment to answer a quick question.  Eventually, Brad came out to face the women himself and answer a few tough questions.  The women placed their bets on Jenni and DeAnna as Brad gets ready to tell the world who he fell in love with after next week‘s season finale airs.  Here‘s a look back at what happened tonight on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All! Read more »
Last night, all of the ladies of this season of The Bachelor (with the exception of final two Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft) gathered to dish and take their spot in the “Hot Seat” with host Chris Harrison. The Brad Womack (and one last fake-out from twin Chad) joined the ladies as they got the chance to confront him about this season.We didn‘t really get any new dish, but did get some additional perspective on some of the women from this season. Here are some initial reactions. Read more »
Now Jenni Croft fans, don‘t start limbering up your commenting fingers; we‘re not playing favorites here. Today, we‘re going to take a look at why Brad Womack and DeAnna Pappas would make a good match as the ultimate couple on The Bachelor, but we‘re just going in alphabetical order. Tomorrow, come right back and we‘ll make for the case for Ms Jenni.But for today, it‘s DeAnna‘s turn to play Queen of Brad‘s Heart for a Day. Read more »
Next week, it‘s the finale of this season of The Bachelor, and so we now know who the final two are in the running for that last rose: DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft.Yesterday, we took a look at DeAnna and Brad Womack, and reviewed some of the elements that make them a good match.And so what about the other woman in the running for Brad‘s heart, Jenni? Why is she a potential good mate for the sexily scruffy Texan?  Let‘s take a look at Jenni and how she and Brad might work as a couple.  What does she have working in her favor? Read more »
Well, it was quite a busy week in reality television this week!  On Sunday‘s The Amazing Race, Nicolas seemed perfectly content to let his 68 year old grandfather pole vault across a bog.  Hilary and McCarten showed their ugly sides on Monday‘s The Bachelor reunion special.  On Tuesday‘s The Biggest Loser, Amy was sent packing and no one seemed to mind.  Wednesday, time ran out for Ambreal on America‘s Next Top Model, and she was eliminated for a second time.  On Thursday‘s episode of Survivor, another showmance was squashed when Courtney‘s companion Frosti became the 3rd member of the jury.  Here‘s a look back at this week in reality television as we focus on those who might want to check their attitudes. Read more »
Back at the beginning of the season, ABC touted Brad Womack at the “hottest” and “sexiest” man ever to take the role of The Bachelor.And he certainly has turned out to be one good-looking dude, with killer abs and a perfect smile. Despite this, though, and despite the addition of a topless beach run, body shots and “the worst meltdown in The Bachelor history,” it seems like his physical heat hasn‘t quite managed to translate into the same burning interest as it did with some previous seasons of The Bachelor. Read more »
Last night‘s finale of The Bachelor was one for the ages. After spending the entire season getting to know 25 lovely ladies in order to find the one he wants to be with forever, Brad Womack finally narrowed his choice down to the final two: Jenni Croft, the Phoenix Suns dancer, and DeAnna Pappas, the former bartender from Georgia. Fans of the show were shocked, shocked, shocked when in the final moments of the show, Brad decided not to propose to either of them. In fact, fully 76 percent of almost 2000 BuddyTV readers were surprised that he didn‘t make a choice, and they were quick to post comments as well. Read on to see how BuddyTV readers felt about The Bachelor finale. Read more »
And by that title, I am referring to the show itself, rather than Brad Womack as The Bachelor.While some viewers have noted dissatisfaction with the show, a  good deal of the reaction to last night‘s episode has been focused on the man at the heart of it. Was Brad a cad for stringing women along all the way? Or did he do the right thing if in the end, he wasn‘t truly feeling a spark with either of the women, despite the positive qualities he could see?But what about the show itself? Has the show also, essentially, brought its viewers along that same rose-strewn path as Brad did DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, only to leave them without anything? And come to think of it, hasn‘t the show done that several times? Is The Bachelor one of those “toxic bachelors” that plays into romantic fantasies but – with rare exceptions – ultimately can‘t deliver a lasting commitment? Read more »
On tonight‘s season finale of The Bachelor, Brad Womack had a tough choice to make.  After weeding through all the women that he didn‘t have a connection with, he was left with two special women.  On the one hand, he had Jenni Croft, an energetic Phoenix Suns dancer with whom he had a connection with from the very beginning.  On the other, he had DeAnna Pappas, a former bartender from Georgia with whom he developed a very special relationship with over time.  In tonight‘s episode, Brad introduced the women to his family and made a shocking final decision.  If you think you know how this one ends, think again!  Read on to find out who Brad chose on the season finale of The Bachelor. Read more »
On this season of The Bachelor, Brad Womack had an opportunity most men would kill for: date 25 beautiful, intelligent women in the hopes of finding the one to spend the rest of your life with.  In his interviews prior to the show‘s premiere, Womack had stated that he is looking to find a serious relationship and settle down.  Now, he is down to the final six women and swears that he has found his soulmate.  Yet, rumors on the internet tell a different story.  Was Brad still hung up on his ex when he entered filming for season 11 of The Bachelor?  Read more »
Tonight, ABC airs the finale of The Bachelor.  It‘s been an interesting season from Morgan‘s webbed toes to Hillary‘s meltdown.  Brad dated the good (Sheena), the bad (McCarten), and the ugly (we‘ll let you be the judge).  Now, he is left with Jenni and DeAnna but before making his final decision, he‘ll bring each girl home to meet his family.  I spent most of the season thinking he‘d choose Jenni but tonight, I think it‘s going to be DeAnna.  Still, I‘ve been going back and forth all day long.  Jenni or DeAnna?  DeAnna or Jenni?  It‘s time to find out and I‘m here with live thoughts, updating throughout the hour.  Read on to find out who Brad chooses! Read more »
On Monday night‘s finale of The Bachelor, Brad Womack will be bringing home the two final women to meet his family. In one corner, we have 25-year-old realtor, part-time bartender and Southern gal DeAnna Pappas. In the other, we have 27-year-old Wichita-based, Phoenix Suns dancer, former Miami Heat Dancer and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Jenni Croft. Will Brad choose Jenni, with whom he‘s had some obvious chemistry since the beginning, and who, despite her focus on her career which might keep them apart, has worn her heart on her sleeve? Or will he go for DeAnna, the more demure beauty with whom he seemed to have some initial sparks, and whose warm family visit seemed to really hit the mark with Brad?There are some rumors floating around about what will happen on Monday night‘s episode. There usually are around he finales of shows like The Bachelor, and it‘s always hard to know what‘s the real story and what‘s just ideal speculation.  So you have to take it all with a grain of salt, but if you are the kind of person who enjoys the possibility of a spoiler, click on through for some possible scoop. If not, move on by and wait for the real story on the finale show! Read more »
On last night‘s season finale of The Bachelor, Brad Womack shocked the country by deciding to send both Jenni and DeAnna home.  He had picked out an engagement ring and said how excited he was but, in the end, couldn‘t go through with it.  Brad left both women heartbroken and BuddyTV readers fuming.  Tonight, thanks to his contract, he has to face the women and answer some tough questions.  I couldn‘t be more excited to see him squirm and see how he‘s going to explain himself.  It‘s time for live thoughts so keep refreshing and vent away, readers!  Read more »
Last night‘s "After the Final Rose" special promised fans of The Bachelor answers to all our questions: Why didn‘t Brad Womack make a decision? Why did he even buy a ring? Has he changed his mind about Jenni or DeAnna after the finale? Unfortunately, we didn‘t get very many answers to our questions, except that Brad stands by his decision not to propose to DeAnna. BuddyTV readers wasted no time in continuing their campaign of hate against the bachelor du jour. Well, mostly. There are a few on his camp sprinkled in here and there. Read on to see what everyone has to say about The Bachelor. Read more »
It‘s amazing that ABC was able to convince Brad, DeAnna, and Jenni to reunite on a special episode of The Bachelor after what took place on last night‘s finale.  There must be some pretty strict contracts that they signed because nobody in their right mind would have wanted to be on that stage tonight with host Chris Harrison.  Each of the two women had an opportunity to vent their feelings about what took place at that final rose ceremony.  They also were able to have a one-on-one conversation with Brad ... in front of the entire nation.  None of them have spoken in over 2 months and it‘s safe to say tonight was their last conversation.  Here‘s what happened on tonight‘s Bachelor special: After The Final Rose. Read more »
You know something has gone terribly wrong in The Bachelor universe when you find yourself unable to stop clicking back from the "After the Final Rose episode to A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila because you find more people on the latter show more human, likable and relatable. But that‘s what I found myself doing last night as I cringed my way through what could possibly be the most awkward "After the Final Rose" ever.Last night‘s episode appeared to be a complete failure for most viewers, as Brad Womack seemed unable to give any response that helped make things clearer for the audience or for the women. Read more »
Even if you don‘t watch The Bachelor, you know what happened on Monday night‘s season finale.  It would be hard not to know since the entire country is talking about it.  After making his way through 25 women, Brad finally settled on... NONE OF THEM!  He said goodbye to the first of his final two women, Jenni, after saying that he wanted more than what they had.  Then, he brought DeAnna in, letting her think that she had won his heart, only to turn her away as well.  He told her that he didn‘t love her and didn‘t want to marry her.  He broke both their hearts and seemed mildly apologetic about it.  Two days later, one question still lingers after reading everyone‘s reactions: Why is everybody so upset? Read more »
While many are still fuming over the Bachelor finale, where self-made entrepreneur Brad Womack opted not to propose to either DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft, one person who has gone through a similar situation has come to Womack‘s defense. “No one seems to be concerned about Brad‘s future -- except, maybe, the women he didn‘t choose,” Jen Schefft, the 2005 Bachelorette who turned down both of her final suitors, wrote on The Huffington Post.  “On the ["After the Final Rose"] show, they were still complaining that he didn‘t give them a chance, that they could have been happy together, and that his actions were unfair.  What would have been more unfair is if Brad wasn‘t honest with himself - or them - and continued a relationship [let alone proposed] when he felt it wasn‘t right.” Read more »
On Monday, ABC‘s The Bachelor came to a stunning conclusion when entrepreneur Brad Womack ended up dumping both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft.  However, it wasn‘t only the top two bachelorettes and the viewers who were in for the big surprise.“It was a shock to the whole staff,” The Bachelor creator and producer Mike Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly, claiming that he only find out about Womack‘s decision on the day the finale was filmed.  “When we knew how he wanted to play it, it was like a morgue around here.  Usually at the finale there‘s a happy couple afterwards and they‘re all drinking champagne.  This time when it happened the staff just freaked out.  Everyone shlumped back to their cars.  It was really dark.” Read more »
In May, former Bachelor Andrew Firestone got engaged to Serbian model/actress Ivana Bozilovic, and on Monday, October 1, Firestone‘s father and Santa Barbara County Supervisor, Brooks Firestone, spoke of the couple‘s engagement, stating the two plan to wed in the Spring.Brooks also expressed his approval of his son‘s fiancée, telling the Associated Press, “We love her. She makes Andrew behave." Read more »