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Tonight The Bachelor returns for its tenth season, with "An Officer and a Gentleman." Will Lieutenant Doctor Superman Andy Baldwin live up to all his hype? We‘ll have to watch and see. And of course, the show starts at a weird time, following a one-hour-and-forty-five-minute Dancing with the Stars, so we might as well catch the first fifteen minutes. Of course, the number-one reason to watch tonight is that the girls know that ten of them are not even going to make it through this first episode, and that desperation (combined with a little alcohol, in some cases) makes for some pretty entertaining watching. Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 04/02/2007 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Meet the Bachelor, meet the ladies! The booze flows, roses are handed out, tears are shed. Episode Highlights: We meet the Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, and are repeatedly told that he is The Perfect Man. We very briefly meet the twenty-five ladies, and Andy must whittle them down to fifteen. As the evening progresses, the women begin to make their personalities known – and this is not always a good thing.  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 04/09/2007 Episode Rating: **(2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: From mechanical bull-riding to a mini-triathlon, it‘s an active couple of first group dates for The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman.Episode Highlights: Andy Baldwin breaks the group into two for the group dates. Some girls struggle to stand out from the crowd. Stephanie Tipper, the first girl to receive a rose last week, continues to make the connection with Andy.  Read more »
Two episodes into ABC‘s latest season of The Bachelor and Andy Baldwin hasn‘t made a whole lot of fans.  After hyping their newest Bachelor as the best available human male on the planet, his on screen actions have left a lot to be desired.  If you tuned in last night, you witnessed a number of cringe-worthy moments involving Baldwin‘s touchy-feely ways. I‘m not going to criticize Mr. Baldwin for trying to get busy during filming; it‘s what The Bachelor is supposed to do. Read more »
Alexis Young, one of the three women eliminated on this week‘s episode of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman, says she‘s okay with Andy‘s decision not to keep her around for another week."It became rapidly apparent we weren‘t the perfect match and I‘m fine with that," said the 26-year-old attorney from Southlake, Texas. When asked if the reason she was eliminated might have had to do with her "conservative values" and the fact that she‘s a virgin, she said she wasn‘t sure. Read more »
1. He agrees with everything all the girls say. I guess that helps the show; all the girls seem convinced they‘re a perfect match, because no matter what they say Andy seems to say "me too!" Is he really that impressed or is he just afraid to disagree? He seems really insincere to me, but that‘s clearly not what the bachelorettes are seeing. I have to say, I‘m finding it really entertaining the way they each seem to think he‘s so into them.  Read more »
I‘ve decided that The Bachelor is like Survivor. They may not have two tribes, but you can believe the women are strategizing to get each other booted out. Look at last week‘s incident where Stephanie tried to get Alexis to admit to being a virgin.  So let‘s look at the previews for tonight‘s episode. Tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor promises more excitement; as you‘ve probably seen on the previews, the bachelorettes are heading for a "Bachelor boot camp" complete with drill sergeant. Of course, this is actually another competition. It‘s like an immunity challenge on Survivor, see, with a rose going to the winner instead of an immunity idol. Bevin gets injured, but isn‘t she in luck? Andy just happens to be a doctor, in case you haven‘t been paying attention.  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 04/16/2007 Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Spills and thrills!  One lady takes a tumble, others take the fast track and one gets left behind on an aircraft carrier on this episode of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. Episode Highlights: The women continue to experience Andy‘s world: in this case, Bachelor Boot Camp. Boot Camp is harder on some than others, and one woman leaves the event in an ambulance. Andy has two group dates and one two-on-one dates, and he continues to learn more about the women. Read more »
Peyton Wright, a 24 year-old Sorority Recruiter who currently resides in Dallas, Texas, was left standing alone on the deck of an aircraft carrier after a very emotional and dramatic two-on-one date with Andy Baldwin from The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman. BuddyTV participated in an exclusive media teleconference call with Peyton this morning to hear what she had to say about her experience being on the show… Read more »
On The Bachelor, Amber Alchalabi has been playing up her connection with her young students, telling Andy that she missed them and it was hard to be away from them. But as it turns out, the parents of her students say she’s exploiting them, as well as saying she missed an important testing period, leaving them to cope with an uncredentialed substitute teacher.Amber teaches fourth grade at Colony Bend Elementary in Sugar Land, Texas. The students and parents were told that Amber took a month off to take care of her sick aunt. (The bachelorettes are always instructed to give their friends and family a cover story, as part of a confidentiality agreement to keep the winner a secret until the finale of The Bachelor airs.) Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Andy and the bachelorettes jet off to Lake Tahoe. The show has visited Lake Tahoe before, in season one, and this trip includes a return to the Black Bear Inn seen in that episode. Tonight’s episode promises more drama and tears than ever, as a third of the remaining women are sent home at the end of the night.Four women get to go on a casino date with Andy, and one of them has a breakdown as she tries to get ready on time. One of the four will get to have a “sizzling late night date alone with Andy in his hotel suite.” You can bet the others will be wildly jealous.  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 04/23/2007 Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Road Trip!  Or, more accurately, Private Jet Trip!  Andy takes the ladies to Lake Tahoe for a couple group dates and one one-on-one.  The claws come out as the competition for The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman continues.Episode Highlights: Andy has two more group dates: one is filled with some melancholy ladies in need of cheering up; the other, gossipy ladies in need of calming down. Amber becomes the target for some rumors and innuendo and Andy is not sure whom to believe. Bevin‘s frustration over her injury gets her down, but some of the girls don‘t believe it‘s genuine.  Read more »
Although Sarah Stone got the final rose on The Bachelor: Paris, and subsequently “pledged” to pursue a relationship with Travis Stork, a 35-year old emergency room doctor, she actually fulfilled her word only this time she’s pursuing a platonic relationship with him. She said, “It wasn‘t just about love and falling in love and breaking up. It wasn‘t like that. We got there and immediately clicked. Travis and I had an immediate connection. We had an amazing time in Paris, and just to come back, it all kind of just fell apart… We were really excited about coming back and starting a relationship. I just don‘t think we realized how many people would actually care. He and I share a wonderful experience together... I don‘t know how I can get rid of him. Everywhere I go, everyone‘s like, ‘Where‘s Travis?‘" Read more »
Producers of ABC’s The Bachelor are looking for next season’s group of bachelorettes as well as the next Bachelor. Open casting calls are being held May 6 in Los Angeles, as well as in Chicago on May 18 and 19, in Atlanta May 19, in Nashville May 19 and 22, in New York City on May 19 and 20, and in Austin, TX on May 20.Next season of The Bachelor will be “shooting out of the country,” at least according to the bachelorettes application form, and the rules say applicants need a passport and the ability to travel to Europe. Any guesses? Read more »
“I’m gonna get in my million-dollar car – and I’m gonna bring two million dollars worth of diamonds.” On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman, one of the Bachelorettes gets to go on a Cinderella date with Andy, another gets to go on a wine-tasting evening with him, and the remaining four work on a charity project. And two of the women decide to go where they’re not supposed to.The six girls who are left are Amber, Bevin, Tessa, Tina, Danielle, and Stephanie W. By the end of the episode, he’ll have to narrow it down to four – next week each of these four will take Andy to meet their families. Read more »
Once again, it‘s time for us to take a look at the most recent episode of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman, and decide who is right woman for Andy Baldwin to spend the rest of his life with.  We are all, of course, just the right people to make that decision because we‘ve been able to watch at least about fifty minutes of edited footage.  How could we go wrong?  Here are my picks for this week for Ring (the girl I think is the best match) and Fling (the girl who should have gone home but didn‘t).  Take a look and then weigh in with your own expert opinion! Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 04/30/2007 Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview:  With only one Rose Ceremony left on The Bachelor: An Office and a Gentleman before Andy starts heading out to meet with the women‘s family, the pressure is on to make a real connection.Episode Highlights: Andy has a group date and two one-on-ones; he continues to try to draw out two of the more reserved women - Stephanie and Tessa - with mixed results. Bevin has a secret she needs to share with Andy, but can‘t seem to find the right time to do so. The group of six women is whittled down to the four whose families Andy will now visit.  Read more »
If it is possible to find love by participating in a reality show, then surely it‘s possible to play matchmaker for people based on viewing ninety edited minutes of their interactions, right?  Well, we‘re going to anyway.Each week, after The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman airs, I will make my highly-scientific and logically-sound recommendations as to Ring (the lady I think is the best match based on what we have seen so far) or Fling (the lady he should have booted this episode).  With this episode, it‘s down to nine women, so we are starting to get a real sense of their personalities and motives. Now is as good a time as any to start playing matchmaker.  Read on for the picks.... Read more »
The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman’s Andy Baldwin has made public that he has already proposed to his “chosen” woman during a guest appearance on the television program The View.Baldwin disclosed Friday when co-host Barbara Walters raised if he has already asked his girl to marry him. Co-host Rosie O’Donnell commented, "You‘re not allowed to say because that‘s part of the show, right?" Read more »
Last month we brought you the news about Amber Alchalabi’s Sugar Land school parents being upset about her being on The Bachelor, and Amber’s possible disciplinary charges from this incident. Alchalabi missed 22 school days in February to tape episodes of The Bachelor, and parents complained both that they were “lied to” about her reasons for being absent, as well as about the timing of her absence, during TAKS testing. As well, the show taped part of next week’s episode in the school, which prompted more complaints about the show’s lack of moral values. Now, it turns out, there’s been a further development. Colony Bend Elementary School principal Tammie Carpenter was reassigned to another school, and demoted to assistant principal, due to her part in the incident. Following this news, Ms Carpenter resigned, effective this June.The Bachelor hopeful Amber spoke out about Carpenter’s resignation this week.   Read more »
Finally, we’re down to only four bachelorettes, which means it’s that time on The Bachelor: Andy’s going to visit the hometowns and families of Tessa, Danielle, Bevin, and Amber. Let’s look at each one and be judgmental about their chances, shall we?  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 05/7/2007 Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Andy travels cross-country to meet the families of the four final ladies.  From some families, he gets a warm welcome, but from another - not so much.  And from one woman‘s family, he gets nearly no welcome at all.Episode Highlights: Bevin finally talks to Andy about her previous marriage; his reaction is a little unexpected. Tessa‘s family proves to be less easily-charmed than all the women. Andy has a great time at Amber‘s school, but her family visit doesn‘t go as planned.  Read more »
This week, things got even more serious for Andy Baldwin and the four final ladies on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman.Andy took a trip to the hometowns of each of the ladies, and met, for the most part, the women‘s families.  He was able to gain additional perspective on their backgrounds and potential compatibility. And so are we!  So, with the new information we gained this week, it should be even easier to know who is the right person for our Andy, right?  So who is my pick this week for Ring, the woman I think he should end up with?  Read more »
Now that The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman is down to just three bachelorettes, Bevin Powers, Tessa Horst, and Danielle Imwalle, tabloid newspapers and spoiler websites are reporting that one of the remaining women has let slip that she’s the winner of the show and received not only the final rose but a marriage proposal from Andy Baldwin. Want to know who it was? Read on!   Read more »
With the finale for this season of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman coming soon (the last episode will air May 21st), there continues to be a lot of chatter around the track record of the show.  So far, the program hasn‘t exactly been a rousing success when it comes to finding lasting love for its Bachelors.  Weird, isn‘t it?  You would think it would be easier to find your soulmate from a group hand-picked by a television network for the purpose of creating entertaining television.Trista Rehn - now Sutter - might not have any lasting romantic success herself during her time on The Bachelor.  But her popularity on that show led to her landing her own series - The Bachelorette - where she met Ryan Sutter.  The two married in a lavish (televised, of course) ceremony in December of 2003, and seem to continue to be going strong, announcing a new happy development in recent months. Read more »
Tonight on The Bachelor: Officer And A Gentleman, Bachelor Andy Baldwin takes the three remaining women to Hawaii, where Andy currently lives. Possible overnight dates are in store for Bevin Powers, Danielle Imwalle, and Tessa Horst. First, Andy takes all three of the bachelorettes to Pearl Harbor, where he works, to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. Andy wants them to understand everything that is involved in being the wife of a Navy officer, which can be difficult at times.Next, they each get an individual date with Andy on the island of Kauai. Tessa gets to spend the day on a zip-line adventure in the jungle, followed by a romantic moonlit evening date with champagne and a cozy hammock.  Read more »
The internet has been abuzz this week with a potential spoiler for The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. It’s hard to tell lately what is real and what is not: some folks suspect fake spoilers are leaked to help generate suspense and surprise when things don’t turn out the way the predictions went. That said, for this week’s edition of Ring or Fling, I’m just going to make my recommendations based on the information within the show itself, as I know some people don’t like spoilers and want to wait to watch the show itself to see the outcome. (These are also probably the kind of people who were always able to wait for dessert. If you’re like me, and like to know as soon as possible the outcome of things, you can read BuddyTV’s coverage of the spoiler here.) But for my unspoiled opinion about things, click through to find this week’s picks and to leave your own thoughts on who is the right gal for Andy Baldwin.  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 05/14/2007 Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Now it‘s the women‘s turn to see Andy in his natural habitat as all three women head to scenic Hawaii for a series of illuminating overnight dates on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman.Episode Highlights: Tessa continues to warm to Andy, but is it too late in the game? Andy has some questions for Bevin after her recent revelation about her previous marriage. Andy continues to have concerns about Danielle‘s past and whether or not she‘s ready to move on.  Read more »
BuddyTV had the privilege of participating on a press teleconference call less than an hour ago with the bachelor himself, Andy Baldwin, star of ABC’s The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman. On Monday, May 21st, Andy returns home to Pennsylvania to share his experience with his family and to ask them for guidance in making one of the most difficult decisions of his life – choosing between the two remaining women on the two-hour season final of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman. Andy of course wasn’t able to tell us who he chose in the end; we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out. But here’s what he did say… Read more »
After the New York Post reportedly revealed the winner of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman earlier this month, fans have speculated on whether this rumor could possibly be true, as the source was not exactly known for its reliablility. Now it turns out that ABC themselves may have released a spoiler during a video presentation at the upfronts in New York this week. Many news outlets, including the New York Times, are reporting that it is indeed a spoiler for the end of the currently-running tenth season of the series.Read on for more details. Read more »
With the finale of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman airing tomorrow, most of the attention right now is focused on the final love triangle of Bevin Powers, Tessa Horst and Andy Baldwin.But let’s not forget the season started with twenty-three other women as part of the story as well. And as couple of them noted, all of the women together in the house could seem like “high school.” So what better way to look back on some of the stand-out women than through the old high school standby: The Yearbook “Most” List? Over the next few days, we’ll take a look at some of the “Most” memorable women from this season. They made the show much more entertaining even if they didn’t make it all the way into Andy’s heart.First up, Most Likely to Succeed. Read more »
If all the rumors surrounding tomorrow’s The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman finale are true, one woman – either Tessa Horst or Bevin Powers – may indeed have found true love through television (for now, at least) with bachelor Andy Baldwin. The woman who receives a final rose beat out several determined competitors; Andy might have been a little awkward and goofy, but his combination of good looks, solid military background and prestigious career as a physician wowed the ladies. So much so that it appeared those external qualities were the ones that sealed the deal for most women. In interview or conversations with each other or their families, they seemed to more often repeat that list as his positives attributes rather than say, his personality or sense of humor. Clearly, he is a genuinely likable guy, but it was those other elements that most impressed them (or at least what ABC chose to focus on in their editing). Danielle Imwalle asked her family, “When else am I going to meet a guy like that?” and her sentiment was echoed by several other women as well. Read more »
Tonight is the night that Andy Baldwin makes his final selection between Tessa Horst and Bevin Powers on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman.One woman could be made very happy, but one woman might be left heart-broken.  However, she is not alone.  She has the company of the twenty-three other women that Andy had to work through to get to this point.  Here is Part Two of our look back at some of the women who might not have gotten that rose, but at least they got some screen time. Read more »
Tonight brings the season finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman. Will this be the last time we see Andy Baldwin? No, because tomorrow (Tuesday, May 22) ABC has a special called The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. (Why are they putting that up against American Idol’s finals? Why, to push their own Dancing with the Stars results show out of Idol’s way, of course.)But tonight, The Bachelor’s Andy goes home to Pennsylvania to seek guidance from his family. As well, both of the remaining women will get to meet his family. Tessa gets to join them for lunch, then Bevin for dinner. Will Andy’s family offer him more insight into either of them?  Read more »
 The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman had its finale Monday night, but the fate of Tessa Horst,  Bevin Powers, and Andy Baldwin had been making the rounds online as a spoiler for several days now.Once again, a finale has the lingering shadow of a spoiler hanging over it, but there were certain elements to this one that created the question if this wasn’t all engineered in the first place. Read more »
Tonight’s finale for The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman begins the way most reality finales begin: with a review of the past season. But, to their credit, the review is mercifully short and focuses just on the two final women, Tessa Horst and Bevin Powers, and their experiences with Andy Baldwin so far. With all the spoiler news out there, maybe they decided to dispense with the usual total season review. After the recap, which focuses on Bevin’s true heart contrasted with Tessa’s reasonable doubts, it’s time for the women to meet Andy’s family. It’s Tessa’s turn first to meet with the family – Andy’s mom, dad, sister, grandma and grandpa – back in Pennsylvania. Read more »
There’s no point any longer in making any guesses as to whom Andy Baldwin will pick to receive the final rose on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. (Unless, of course, you are on the West Coast when this is published, and have been diligently avoiding all spoilers, in which case, do not click through if you still want a surprise!) Tonight’s episode tied up those loose ends and so now all that’s left to do is be the equivalent of a Monday morning quarterback and see how well we think Andy chose. So what is the final verdict? Did Andy make the best possible choice or do you think he will come to regret his decision? Read more »
All right, folks, get ready. While tonight might be a happy night as Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst reunite after The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman finale, he’s going to have to – once again – run the gauntlet to get to Tessa. First, three of the women from the show make an appearance to talk about their experiences with host Chris Harrison. We have Amber Alchalabi, Stephanie Tipper and Danielle Imwalle who are back and not looking too thrilled about it.  Read more »
Now that the After the Final Rose reunion show for The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman has aired, we can assume (if we are optimists) that Andy Baldwin’s search for love has ended. But as ABC’s pleas for new Bachelor nominations that aired at the end of the show reminded us, some other lucky and/or crazy fella is about to look for love via a nationally-televised reality program. This season of The Bachelor started off a little rocky but wound up attracting a lot of fans. Even with that, though, there are some things the show could improve upon for the next season.  Read more »
This week’s post-finale episode of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman, took care to note that the engagement of Tessa Horst and Andy Baldwin was yet another success for The Bachelor series, like Bryon Velvick and Mary Delgado from Season Six, Sarah Brice and Charlie O’Connell from Season Seven, and Trista and Ryan Sutter from The Bachelorette.But it’s a little early to be calling the couple a success, since they have only been able to be a public couple for less than a week now. The question is: will they last? Read more »
Many a heart was broken this season on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman, but it’s not the end of the world for the ladies not selected by Andy Baldwin. All of the women are beauties and have positive attributes going for them.  As Andy made each of his eliminations, many viewers would comment about what a mistake he had just made letting go of such a great catch. Some would also remark that they thought that woman would make a great Bachelorette and should get her own show. We haven’t heard that ABC has plans to pick one of this season’s women to have her own show, it never hurts to speculate! It’s like fantasy football, Bachelor-style. So who would you pick? Read more »
Jesse Palmer, star of The Bachelor season five, reportedly retired from his professional football career last Thursday, May 24.Palmer, a 28-year old native of Toronto, Ontario, was best known as a pro football quarterback and one-time reality television star on The Bachelor. He appeared on the reality dating show in the spring of 2004, in which he had the opportunity to choose among a group of single women. In the end, he presented his final rose to Jessica Bowlin. Instead of proposing marriage to the 22-year old Californian law school student, he decided to offer her with a one-way ticket to join him in New York. However, his relationship with Bowlin went down the drain as the couple announced a mutual break-up not even a month after The Bachelor aired its final season 5 episode. Read more »
After the media blitz the two have endured following the finale of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman, last Friday, Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst were finally able to return to Hawaii…to meet with more media.In a press conference held at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider on Waikiki Beach, Andy and Tessa wore leis, talked about their experiences on The Bachelor, and revealed some of their future plans. Tessa also sported her diamond engagement ring, which she was forced to keep under wraps for the two-month interim between the end of the taping and the airing of the show. Read more »
Andrew Firestone, star of ABC’s reality series The Bachelor season 3, ended his bachelor days as he proposed to Serbian model Ivana Bozilovic. According to Us Weekly, Firestone and Bozilovic dated for two years prior to Bozilovic’s acceptance of his marriage proposal. She said, “[Firestone] is a lot more down-to-earth than I pictured him.” An engagement party has been scheduled in two weeks. Read more »