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If we all thought rock star Bret Michaels is playing for charity on Celebrity Apprentice season 3, we didn‘t consider the fact that he may be eyeing another prize entirely.  The Poison frontman is apparently smitten with his boss‘ daughter, Ivanka Trump, which could certainly mean trouble in the boardroom.Read: Bret Michaels Hints at Celebrity Apprentice EliminationWe wouldn‘t dare imagine that the 47-year-old musician will be turning this season into another tacky Rock of Love competition.  After all, this is the sophisticated and striking Ivanka Trump we‘re talking about.  Still, Bret Michaels admits that he couldn‘t help ogling the lady sitting across him from the table. Read more »
It‘s one down for the men‘s team on The Celebrity Apprentice tonight, as Donald Trump fired project manager Sinbad.  On the second episode of the third season, the comedian was given the boot for their task, which was to handle the relaunching of Kodak‘s ad campaign.Read: The Celebrity Apprentice Preview of Episode 2Sinbad led Rock Solid to defeat as he ordered them all to make a storefront photo gallery for Kodak Moments.  The end certainly wasn‘t a picture perfect one for him and the rest, as they failed in their mission. Read more »
Maybe the world has had it with celebrities after all. The Associated Press reports that Donald Trump has decided to reboot his NBC series and reintroduce the regular version of The Apprentice. He‘s bringing back 14 ordinary men and women who are in search of a job, instead of relying on rockstars and athletes for entertainment.Read: Donald Trump Prefers the Original ApprenticeLast Wednesday, Trump and the network announced that the regular Apprentice might be airing this fall. With the economic crisis still plaguing the country, both parties believed this to be a step towards progress. Read more »
The magic of Harry Potter, nor his loyalty, wasn‘t able to save Rod Blagojevich tonight on Celebrity Apprentice. The former Illinois governor was recently eliminated from the series not only because he didn‘t know how to use a cellphone, but because he basically lay down on the boardroom‘s butcher table and sacrificed himself.Find Out What Happened on the Harry Potter ChallengeWe‘re not making Rod Blagojevich sound like some Muggle martyr, especially when such acts are rare in Donald Trump‘s contest. What happened was, he was assigned as project manager for the men‘s team and let them down. Read more »
Muggles take on the challenge for Celebrity Apprentice tonight, as the stars are assigned to take on a Harry Potter-themed task. Tonight is proving to be one fun competition, especially since they‘re taking us for a ride in Universal Studios Florida. Too bad Darryl Strawberry had to miss this.Darryl Strawberry Kisses Celebrity Apprentice GoodbyeOn the fourth episode of Donald Trump‘s competition, teams Rock Solid and Tenacity are told to create a display introducing a new theme-park attraction. It‘s called "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter," and they need to have a certain magic to pull it off. Read more »
For those who witnessed the third episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, you may have noticed a note at the end of the installment. That hour was dedicated "in memory" of D‘Marco Ray, who worked on the show‘s sound department for the series‘ current season.Read: Darryl Strawberry Quits Celebrity ApprenticeHe had also been known for his efforts on a number of other shows, such as being a sound supervisor for Project Runway: All-Star Challenge. D‘Marco Ray Smith died of kidney cancer earlier this year, which is why Donald Trump‘s reality competition offered a brief tribute. Read more »
To be able to secure a place on Donald Trump‘s crew, this season‘s contestants of Celebrity Apprentice must succeed with a task involving security. Now that the teams are equally matched in number again, who will trot to victory?Read: Project Manager Sinbad Fired from Celebrity ApprenticeOn tonight‘s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, the two groups are assigned to create a four-page advertorial for a new product ensuring personal security. Rock Solid and Tenacity compete for two different companies and try to please both. As usual, it isn‘t as easy as they‘d like to believe. Read more »
Without even waiting to hear "You‘re fired!", baseball player Darryl Strawberry took a step back and decided he no longer wanted to be part of Celebrity Apprentice. Unable to handle being bossed around, he asked Donald Trump if he could leave the competition.Read: Donald Trump Revives Regular ApprenticeOn the third episode of the competition, the teams were tasked to make a four-page advertorial for two security systems - Norton and Life Lock. Both were launching a new online identity theft prevention product and had the Celebrity Apprentice group help them out. Read more »
It promises to be a picture-perfect night on Celebrity Apprentice, as the contestants take on the task of launching an ad campaign for Kodak.  Surely you‘d think these celebrities know what they‘re doing; they‘re used to being in front of the camera.  Unfortunately, The Donald wants them behind it and doing business.Meet the Celebrity Apprentice 3 CastOn tonight‘s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, the stars will be building a storefront in order to re-introduce the "Kodak Moments" ad campaign.  Again, they have to woo their customers using their celeb status.  That is, if people actually recognize most of them. Read more »
Another season of Celebrity Apprentice has begun, and that means more of those two trademark Trump words: "You‘re fired!"  The teams are divided into men vs. women, and now that the premiere has passed one of them had to be eliminated.  The first to hear those words on the third installment of the competition is a female, comedienne Carol Leifer.Read: BuddyTV‘s Celebrity Apprentice 3 PredictionsTasked to manage and earn money for a diner, Seinfeld writer Carol Leifer just wasn‘t up to the challenge.  She didn‘t get along well with the rest of the contestants, and was even a black sheep in her own team.  Read more »
It‘s back to the boardroom tonight on Celebrity Apprentice, as the ladies take on the gents for the third season.  We‘ll be meeting some pretty interesting (and clashing) personalities on the 2-hour premiere, which always makes for good reality TV conflict.Read: The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Cast Reveal StrategiesThe men have decided to name their team Rocksolid, which we can most likely attribute to Poison frontman Bret Michaels.  Meanwhile, the females took on the moniker Tenacity for their team.  They also get to choose project managers, but this time The Donald‘s already ready with a twist. Read more »
Greeted with millions of audiences for the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice last Sunday, Donald Trump was more than pleased with the results.  He wasn‘t all that surprised to see that the public continues to tune in to the show though, since it is after all studded with the rich and semi-famous.Meet the Cast of Celebrity Apprentice 3But not everyone believes in the star power of its contestants.  There are those who believe in the Donald instead.  One such supporter of the Trump boss is, of course, himself. Read more »
Blago is out of the game, which is too bad because he‘s missing the real game on tonight‘s Celebrity Apprentice. The remaining contestants are out to sweat it all out, as they‘re tasked to create a deodorant commercial for a couple of athletes.Find Out How Rod Blagojevich Was Fired from Celebrity ApprenticeOn this recent installment of Donald Trump‘s contest, team Rock Solid and Tenacity are faced with former NBC players Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen. They‘re all ready to help the groups come up with an ad for Right Guard, but somehow things go wrong instead. Read more »
With all this quitting going on in Celebrity Apprentice, one can‘t help but wonder if the contestants really wanted to be there in the first place. On the recent episode of the series, two stars left the boardroom - one gave up, the other was fired. What‘s more, a couple celebs even missed the entire task due to more pressing matters.Find Out What Task the Celebs Dealt WithIt was revealed that Sharon Osbourne was sick while the assignment was being done, so she opted to stay out of the competition temporarily. Meanwhile, her teammate Cyndi Lauper decided that hanging out with President Obama in Washington, D.C. was far more important than working for Donald Trump. Read more »
Tax Day is upon us once again--the last day for filing tax returns to avoid penalties. And that means the stress levels are likely to rise as you rush to beat the deadline. The whole process is definitely frustrating, but it doesn‘t have to be. After all, there are people in this world who are far more annoying than taxes--and many of them are on TV. Here at BuddyTV, we‘ve listed our picks for TV stars who make tax time a slightly more enjoyable proposition than watching them.Don‘t see your least favorite star here? Sound off in the comments below! Read more »
The celebrities are going country tonight on Celebrity Apprentice, even though the boardroom probably can‘t accommodate a bunch of animals. Although, doesn‘t the place already have those from time to time?Check Out Which Apprentice Star is More Annoying Than TaxesOn tonight‘s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, our stars will brainstorm to create image makeovers for two country music artists. Emily West and Luke Bryan will be giving themselves up to the hands of our remaining contestants, who will hopefully put aside their egos to help their fellow man. Read more »
Delegating tasks is one of the responsibilities a leader has, but Bill Goldberg took that a bit too far on tonight‘s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. He was chosen as project manager for Team Rock Solid, but he was eventually fired from the boardroom. Why? Because shockingly enough, Rock of Love‘s Bret Michaels did most of the work.Check Out What Challenge the Celebs Dealt WithIt was expected that he knew more about being a musician than Bill Goldberg, who was assigned to manage the situation. The wrestler wasn‘t up to the task, which was creating an image makeover for Emily West and Luke Bryan, two country music stars. Read more »
It‘s too bad there are only two men left on Celebrity Apprentice, because tonight‘s challenge will definitely require some muscular strength. But because the numbers aren‘t working well for the teams, the Donald has come up with new ones. We don‘t mean our remaining celebrities got replaced or anything, just mixed up. Well, more than usual.Find Out What Last Week‘s Challenge WasThere will be a reorganization of team members for Rock Solid and Tenacity tonight, despite the uneven distribution of people. But it you put Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis in a bunch, then that evens out the 3:4 ratio. Read more »
After the announcement that Poison frontman and reality TV star Bret Michaels suffered from a brain hemorrhage, we‘re going to need some good news. But the only update we have so far is the fact that the Celebrity Apprentice contestant is still hanging on. According to the Rock of Love star‘s Facebook page and official website, Bret Michaels is still in critical condition and has been told to remain in the ICU. The statement released revealed that tests are still being done to get to the bottom of the problem. Read more »
On a surprise twist of Celebrity Apprentice tonight, not one of the stars was eliminated from the competition. This doesn‘t really have anything to do with recent reports regarding Bret Michaels‘ condition though. The teams just did such a good job that they were both safe from The Donald‘s wrath.Find Out What Tonight‘s Apprentice Challenge WasTenacity and Rock Solid finally proved themselves on the recent challenge for Celebrity Apprentice, which was to create a 24 Hour Fitness class. The teams worked well, considering how they got a reorganization of members and all. Perhaps Men vs. Women just wasn‘t meant to work out in this show. Read more »
Current Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Rock of Love star and Poison front man Bret Michaels is in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage last night, according to People. The magazine reports that the rocker was rushed to the hospital after suffering from an excruciating headache. Doctors discovered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of his brain stem). A source told People that Bret will likely be "touch and go for the next few days," as doctors try to discover the cause of the hemorrhage and treat its effects.   Read more »
Well, what else would you expect from Donald Trump?The business mogul and host of The Celebrity Apprentice is taking aim at The Amazing Race, saying that the CBS reality show does not deserve its Emmy wins.  Read more »
Rock star and Celebrity Apprentice competitor Bret Michaels is still in critical condition following a brain hemorrhage, and while fans around the world wait for word from his doctors, his Boardroom friends are all standing behind him.Since Michaels was first hospitalized, Donald Trump and the other contestants on this season of The Celebrity Apprentice, currently airing Sundays at 9pm on NBC, have all shown their support for the Poison frontman.  Read more »
Since news broke out of musician Bret Michaels‘ brain hemorrhage, friends and fans of the Celebrity Apprentice star have prayed for his recovery. Now, reports have it that his condition has improved from critical to stable. However, he is still undergoing tests. According to his representatives, it was discovered that the Poison frontman has been diagnosed with a side effect of the disease. People reports that this might lead to Bret Michaels having seizures, meaning he‘d still have to remain in the intensive care unit until this passes. Read more »
Even though everyone was safe from those two dreaded words of Donald Trump last week, the game is back on for tonight‘s Celebrity Apprentice. The teams will have to face each other yet again, but it sounds as though betrayal is imminent for one group. Can these celebrities actually put aside their egos and trust issues, just to work together? Episode 7 Recap: Stars Safe from Elimination Knowing how they‘ve been acting on the previous Celebrity Apprentice episodes, it‘s unlikely. Even The Donald can‘t just shove his ego to the side. He even put down The Amazing Race recently, just so he can come out on top.Check Out What Trump Had to Say About The Amazing Race Read more »
On Sunday night‘s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, yet another athlete was eliminated from the competition, no matter how many Olympic medals she had. It was Summer Sanders who landed the job of project manager for Tenacity, and was subsequently fired from her post. Check Out What Challenge the Stars Last FacedThe celebrities were tasked to create three radio commercials lasting for 30 seconds each, with their client being Clockwork Home Services Inc. Two executives from the company were called in as judges for the results. Read more »
Poison frontman and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Bret Michaels has reportedly been released from the Arizona hospital he was being treated in. People reports that he‘s on the road to full recovery, despite his doctor proclaiming that he‘s "still very sick right now."Find Out What "Minor Setback" Bret Michaels FacedAs the celebrity was discharged from Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix earlier, a televised press conference was held by his neurosurgeon. Bret Michaels‘ doctor, Joseph Zabramski, spoke to the crowd and praised the Rock of Love star‘s fighting spirit, and his luck. Read more »
We‘re an episode away from the much-awaited finale of Celebrity Apprentice, and they‘re still making changes. Well, to the challenge anyway. Tonight, a renovation is in store for the remaining contestants as the Donald brings in real estate to the table.Summer Sanders Eliminated Last Week on Celebrity ApprenticeOn this installment of Celebrity Apprentice, there are only five stars left. It‘s only appropriate, since they‘ll be turning a two-bedroom suite into a five-star luxury. But of course, they have to keep in mind the budget and the time they‘re given. Read more »
Donald Trump‘s hair buddy was finally fired from Celebrity Apprentice last Sunday, and it was ironically because of true colors. On the latest installment of the competition, the celebrities were given the task of redecorating a luxury apartment. The singer, unfortunately, wasn‘t able to pull through with what she was assigned.Find Out More About the Recent EpisodeCyndi Lauper was under the direction of project manager Holly Robinson Peete, who had trouble with the musician‘s work ethic. Their personalities clashed, highly affecting the outcome of Tenacity‘s efforts. Read more »
Three contestants will be hearing the dreaded phrase from Donald Trump tonight on Celebrity Apprentice, as the penultimate episode of the season airs. The teams will find themselves divided at last, since it‘s every star for himself this time. Find Out What Happened Last WeekOn these first moments of the two-part finale, the remaining five contestants will be facing the interview of their lives. Or their doom, depending on how they compose themselves. They won‘t be facing their usual boardroom buddies though, because two special guests will be joining them. Read more »
There are only two contestants left to battle it out with tea on the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, when five kicked off the episode. Donald Trump surprised us all once again, because he immediately began the latest installment with an elimination.Check Out What Task The Celebs Recently HadThe boss called the remaining contenders to the boardroom and asked all of them why they thought they deserved to stay. They were also asked about who they‘d fire. Read more »
It‘s down to two contestants on Celebrity Apprentice, and it looks like one of them really is more popular than the other. He‘s apparently that likable, that even his competition can‘t help but praise him. Previously on Celebrity Apprentice: Three Stars FiredStill, it‘s probably because Bret Michaels has pulled through and recovered from the hemorrhage he suffered from in April. His fans supported him all throughout, not to mention his Celebrity Apprentice co-stars. But now, it‘s a different game they want him to conquer: Donald Trump‘s. Read more »
It‘s business unusual on Sunday‘s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, because Donald Trump will be choosing the winner for this season. How? By tea-ing off, of course. Are You Rooting For Bret or Holly?The final two contestants will go head to head, showing off what they‘ve done with the task assigned to them. They were told to create a new flavor of Snapple tea, in addition to a print ad and a commercial. Well, we‘ll see who makes it work on the concluding episode of Celebrity Apprentice 3, presented from the Skirball Center in New York City. Read more »
Donald Trump couldn‘t have chosen a more deserving winner in the final episode of The Celebrity Apprentice 3. Was it rocker Bret Michaels or former 21 Jump Street actress Holly Robinson Peete? Find out after the jump. Read more »
Having been named Donald Trump‘s newest Celebrity Apprentice has been quite an achievement for Bret Michaels. It‘s certainly proven how strong of a competitor he is, which isn‘t surprising seeing as how he‘s survived so much. Check Out Bret Michaels‘ Celebrity Apprentice Highlights Read more »