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Donald Trump is doing another season of The Celebrity Apprentice simply because he wants all those “dollars out there” to go to the people that need it: charities. Right. This season looks like it‘ll be ridiculous. The men‘s team consists of Herschel Walker, Andrew Dice Clay, Brian McKnight, Tom Green, Dennis Rodman, Clint Black, Scott Hamilton, Jesse James. The women‘s team has Annie Duke, Natalie Gulbis, Melissa Rivers, Brande Roderick, Khloe Kardashian, T-Boz, Claudia Jordan, and Joan Rivers. They‘re all playing for their respective charities.The season begins when Donald Trump‘s helicopter lands on the USS Intrepid. Last season the charity that won was the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. He introduces each of the contestants, informs them that they‘ll be split into two teams: the men vs. the women, and then sends him on their way to Trump Tower. Read more »
Last time on the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, the women were triumphant in the cupcake sale challenge, outselling the men by tens of thousands. Annie Duke alienated the women’s team, Brande Roderick, and Tom Green and Jesse James were surprisingly effective leaders for their respective teams, and ultimately Andrew Dice Clay got the boot for his big mouth. Tonight, after coming so close to being fired, Dennis and Hershel return to the rest of the group. Hershel says that he does not want to go back to the boardroom, because he doesn’t like to lose. Clint worries that the men’s team won’t respect their project managers in the future, and Tom realizes that you can’t trust anyone, even your teammates. Read more »
Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the women won their second challenge in a row. It’s clear that although the women’s team has some strong personalities (Melissa, Annie, and Brande), they work together well and always get the job done. The men have just as many strong personalities and the project managers never seem to be able to wrangle the men together to finish a job. If the problem persists, I can’t see the men’s team lasting long.This upcoming week, the women elect Brande as project manager and the men elect Tom Green. I have a sneaking suspicion that the men might be trying to throw Tom under the bus after last week. The challenge will be selling wedding dresses and gender stereotypes tell us the women will easily be winning this one. I could be wrong, but I expect the women to take a three-week sweep. Check out the clips below to see if you agree. Read more »
Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice, KOTU fell apart again. Scott Hamilton and Tom Green went head to head in the boardroom and Tom Green volunteered to be the next project manager for the men. Scott was fired.Khloe Kardashian, the project manager of the previous challenge, delivers her $20,000 check to Robert Shapiro for the Brent Shapiro Foundation. She admits to having difficulties with drugs and alcohol in the past and wants to help teach children about the dangers.Donald Trump meets them at St Bartholomew‘s Chapel to tell the contestants they will be selling wedding dresses. Each team has 125 dresses and whoever makes the greatest profit wins. The men elect Tom Green as project manager and the women chose Brande Roderick. Read more »
That‘s right, just three weeks into the season and Donald Trump has already fired Tom Green from the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Although I never expected him to win, I definitely expected his comedic relief to last at least half of the season. Granted his antics weren‘t gut busting, but his presence added some personality to the otherwise boring men‘s team.In the first episode, Tom came out swinging hard. In the cupcake challenge, he convinced Tony Hawk to come down and contribute $1000 and then Donny Deutch gets there with two minutes remaining, and gives a check for $10,000 for one cupcake. Tom Green came through at the last minute. In the second episode, Tom seemed to struggle with his focus and professionalism. This wasn‘t really a surprise, but the men‘s team didn‘t appreciate his unproductive nature. In last night‘s episode, Tom tried to take on the role of Project Manager but got swept up into the appealing life of Dennis Rodman and once again lost focus.So he didn‘t have a fabulous run in terms of the challenges. So what if he only had two famous friends help him in one challenge? Maybe it wasn‘t as funny as we thought it would be to see Tom Green in a dress. The fact remains that Tom Green was the biggest personality on an otherwise boring men‘s team this season. Read more »
Brande Roderick led her team to victory this week on The Celebrity Apprentice. The women‘s team beat the men in every way possible. They got along well, their store was beautiful and they raised a lot more money. Roderick was a surprisingly strong competitor from the start and every player is starting to take her very seriously.Although she initially clashed with Annie Duke, things have been smooth sailing for Roderick and the women‘s team. They‘ve won three weeks in a row and show no signs of stopping. She alludes to the fact that the men‘s team might win once before the teams get shook up. I also gather that Brande and Melissa Rivers will be on opposite teams once the change happens, but as of right now, that‘s purely speculation. Check out the audio/transcript of the interview below to find out who Brande thinks are her biggest competitors and what the rest of this season has in store for us Read more »
Previously on The Celebrity Apprentice, the women’s team won again. The men’s team realized that Dennis contributes more when he has a vodka cranberry in hand. Tom Green was fired due to his lack of leadership skills.This week, we pick up right where we left off. Dennis comes into the room to meet the rest of the contestants. Clint Black tells the men team that they all need to work harder on submitting to their project manager. I spot some Trump Vodka in the back. Nice. Clint Black tells Dennis Rodman that if he was his employee, he would have forced him to bring a doctor’s note. Read more »
Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice, Dennis Rodman freaked out on Clint Black, quit for part of the day and then was shunned when he tried to come back. Yet Dennis is still here. On the women’s side, Claudia Jordan led the women to their first loss and was sent home.The team waits in the loft as Khloe Kardashian, Melissa Rivers and Claudia Jordan are in the boardroom. Brande notes that Melissa will be back with them first because there’s no way Donald Trump would send her home. When Melissa and Khloe return, Melissa tells the group that Claudia got very personal with her. Joan Rivers is livid, but there’s not a whole lot she can do since Claudia was sent home. Brian McKnight tells us that he hopes Dennis can work with them this week so that they can nail down their second win. Read more »
Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice our celebrities ran 5 rooms in the Loews Regency Hotel. Dennis Rodman took over as project manager for the men and managed to walk out on his team. When the women won their third challenge, Donald Trump was forced to fire Rodman.Right after the boardroom, all the contestants discuss Dennis departure and drinking problems. Hershel Walker notes that there are only four men left but maybe without Dennis’ antics, they’ll be able to win.Tionne Watkins gives her check to Phil Oliver, the founder of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia. She’s the national spokesperson for Sickle Cell disease.Donald Trump announces that he’s going to switch up the teams. Kotu will be Joan Rivers, Natalie Gulbis, Khloe Kardashian, Hershel Walker, and Clint Black. Athena will be Jesse James, Melissa Rivers, Annie Duke, Tionne Watkins and Brande Roderick. Brian McKnight is currently missing at a concert so Donald announces he’ll decide where Brian goes when he returns. Read more »
Here are the current standings for The Celebrity Apprentice Fantasy TVThe Celebrity Apprentice Fantasy TV Leaderboard:1. sherrieRichards2 7250 points2. littlenspunky2 7250 points3. spnf214 6750 points4. PamMcNeely2 6750 points5. SaraLohndorf2 6000 points6. EH5580 6000 points7. superdean31 5500 points8. joerj11 5250 points9. littlelee 5250 points10. AlisonF11 5250 points Read more »
Though Khloe Kardashian has been gaining attention on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she became even more notorious for being the seventh contestant fired from the reality series The Celebrity Apprentice.  In a shocking turn of events, Donald Trump revealed that he had just learned about the starlet’s past DUI arrest and decided that it was one reason for her to leave the show.  Audiences might think it unfair that Khloe’s DUI was the sole cause for her elimination, and the reality TV celebrity agrees.  Following the incident, Khloe Kardashian wrote on her blog: “So as I‘m sure you‘ve all heard, The Donald fired me off of Celebrity Apprentice last night. It wasn‘t because of my work ethic, it wasn‘t because I was slacking -- it was because of my DUI, one of the biggest mistakes I‘ve ever made that I will forever regret.” Read more »
Last Sunday on The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump threw everyone for a spin when he fired Tionne Watkins and Khloe Kardashian. Neither firing had anything to do with their business skills or the tasks. It’ll be interesting to see how the celebrities respond considering some of the legitimacy of the game has been thrown out the window.Official NBC Press Release: This week, teams must design and build an in-store display unit and packaging for LifeLock, a company that provides identity theft protection. One team is pushed to the brink as deadlines loom, and one of their celebrities falls ill. A last-minute design flaw finds the other team struggling to correct their display. In the end the executives choose a winning presentation and Trump fires another celebrity. Read more »
On last week’s The Celebrity Apprentice, Khloe Kardashian and Tionne Watkins were tossed out of the boardroom.Fast forward to this week, and Joan Rivers isn’t any happy that Clint Black is still around.  Brian McKnight gets moved to Athena after his no-show last week, and we get to this week’s task: the teams must design a package and store display for Lifelock, a company that fights against identity theft.  Brian is Athena’s project manager, while Natalie Gublis is heading up KOTU.With George and Ivanka watching their every move, the teams meet with Lifelock execs, and want them to focus on “protection, confidence and security.”   Annie Duke does the asking for KOTU, while Joan and Clint get too uncomfortable. Read more »
Previously on The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams had to design a fashion show featuring Ivanka Trump‘s line of jewelry. Piers Morgan from last season came back on the show, and tonight, two celebrities will be fired.Tonight‘s episode opens in the board room. The remaining celebrities are making idle chit chat when Ivanka and Piers Morgan walk in. Piers is intensely and Britishly disappointed that the apprentices aren‘t working busily.  Read more »
Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice, Melissa Rivers clashed with Brande Roderick and Annie Duke. Joan Rivers attacked Annie Duke in order to stick up for Melissa. On the second task, Herschel Walker lost for Kotu and was fired.This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, Athena watches as Clint Black refuses to hug Herschel Walker as he leaves. Jesse James notes that Clint‘s playing the game by being a jerk. Or maybe he‘s just a jerk. Jesse James goes to his charity, Long Beach Education Foundation to give them his check. He actually comes into the auto shop and works with the kids. Jesse makes a good point when he says that it‘s his neighborhood and you can‘t fix the world‘s problems until you fix the problems right on your doorstep first. Read more »
Anyone who caught last night‘s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice saw the celebrity meltdown of the century when the Rivers women finally went off the deep end. When team Athena lost, Brande, Annie and Melissa were called into the boardroom. When Brande started to bring up the amount of money she raised, the tables were turned and Donald Trump decided to fire Melissa Rivers. Melissa then stormed out of the building with her mother in tow.Things seemed to be going okay for Melissa in the boardroom. She hadn‘t really stuck her foot in her mouth but she hadn‘t made any good points either.  When Jim spoke up to tell Brande he didn‘t feel any passion from her, Brande lets it all loose. She firmly tells them that they‘ll lose a ton of money if they fire her because she has proven she can bring in the money. I felt the intensity in her conviction from my living room couch. I‘m guessing everyone in the room felt it too. Read more »
Last week we saw Joan Rivers walk out after Melissa Rivers got fired.  Perhaps that was too much drama for one‘s liking, but hey, that‘s what The Celebrity Apprentice is tasked to supply.  And we‘re getting another round of (probably) just that come next year.  NBC has announced that it‘s picked up the reality show, currently airing on Sundays, for a third season, slated to air in Spring 2010.For those who aren‘t aware, the series pits sixteen celebrities against each other, as they try to make the most out of their business savvy and wide network of contacts to accomplish tasks and win prizes for the charities they support--else they get the distinction of getting Donald Trump‘s "you‘re fired!" line. Read more »
Anybody remember what happened to Dennis Rodman before he was fired in The Celebrity Apprentice?  I honestly actually don‘t--maybe it‘s because of what Joan and Melissa Rivers did last week.  As long as I can recall, he was becoming pretty erratic, and was fired when his team lost, although I remember Donald Trump saying he would fire him regardless of the result.  It was pretty, I don‘t know, weird or something.So, as the teasers back then suggested, did he go to rehab?  Turns out, not exactly.  Rodman, as we all know, has been suffering from a drinking problem, and since then family and friends were trying to convince him to admit himself to an inpatient facility.  Even his former coach, Phil Jackson, tried to convince him to do just that, but alas, it didn‘t work. Read more »
Yeah, I know, the our last recap said last week‘s The Celebrity Apprentice--the one where Melissa Rivers got fired, and Joan Rivers followed her in exasperation--is episode number nine.  Turns out, it‘s the tenth.  I hate double-episode numbers.  It makes me lose track.  Not to mention I almost didn‘t make it to the television screen in time, but I flicked the channel just to see Brande Roderick getting all serious to the camera about the Rivers flare-up.  "Game on," she says.  Then, the opening titles.  Money, money, moooney... Read more »
It‘s Joan Rivers vs. Annie Duke on tonight‘s epic 3 hour Celebrity Apprentice finale showdown. The two will be competing in one last challenge and then Donald Trump will take it to the boardroom and name someone the next Celebrity Apprentice.Who will win? Joan in all her strength and stamina or Annie with all her planning and plotting? Who deserves to be The Celebrity Apprentice? Stay tuned here as we watch the finale live.  Read more »
It‘s been quite a lot of drama, and it almost felt like it wouldn‘t happen--walkout, anyone?--but Joan Rivers was crowned the winner of the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice.She beat out poker player Annie Duke on the three-hour live finale that aired Sunday night.  It wasn‘t an easy win, though: the finale challenge--which had the remaining two contenders raise money for their respective charities by selling Cirque du Soleil tickets and providing a pre-show VIP party--saw Annie way ahead in earnings than Joan.  While Annie also won props for integrating her charity well with the challenge, Joan took home points for attracting bigger celebrities and integrating another sponsor, Kodak, into the fore better. Read more »
"Oh goodness," I told myself after doing the episode recap for the penultimate episode of the recently concluded The Celebrity Apprentice.  I wasn‘t worried about Donald Trump‘s decision to have bitter rivals Joan Rivers and Annie Duke face off in the final task, really--I had that coming, simply because they‘ve been dominant the past season, for better or worse--but more because it was a three-hour finale.  Can I really sit through three hours of that?But that‘s not really the issue.  Besides, I ended up knowing who won in the end anyway.  It was a hard-fought battle, if you‘ll still call it that, and after business slowly gave way to personal vendetta (and lots of money raised for charity), a winner was named: it‘s Joan.  And, well, like everybody else here, I don‘t think it‘s a good decision. Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories aboutyour favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model.By Susan Young, Film.comThe Celebrity Apprentice closed out the spring reality season with a controversial decision. Donald Trump fired Annie Duke, the person with all the right business qualifications, in favor of Joan Rivers, the older candidate who perhaps had her charity priorities in better order. Read more »
So here are one of those moments when, after you read it, you initially go, "what?" followed by "why?" and, finally, ended with an "oh well".  That, or it‘s funny.  But let me do a proper introduction here--just when you thought the Annie Duke-Joan Rivers feud on The Celebrity Apprentice is over, well, think again.The star poker player announced that she will hold a charity tournament today, at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, where she will go up against twenty Joan Rivers impersonators.  Now that‘s a page lifted from what the real Joan Rivers did in the final task... Read more »
After its initial announcement last month about the shows it would pick up, today NBC revealed its official 2009-2010 schedule and also made several official cancellations.My Name is Earl and Medium are both gone, though there are possibilities that both shows could be picked up by rival networks.  For My Name is Earl, it‘s especially difficult since the season ended with a cliffhanger.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »
Welcome, once again, to "What the Frock?" where we question the stylistic sanity of our favorite TV actresses.This sunday were the BET Awards, and many stars brought their fashion A-game to the red carpet, where the talk of the day was the tragic loss of Michael Jackson, which cast a dark but deserved shadow over the proceedings. Claudia Jordan was not one of those stars. In fact, she brings to mind a joke:Q. What do you get when you cross one former Celebrity Apprentice contestant, a little girl‘s bedskirt, and an over-active Bedazzler gun? Read more »
The 27-year-old daughter of The Apprentice‘s Donald Trump and wife Ivana is getting ready to tie the knot.  Despite her father‘s success, Ivanka Trump has definitely established herself in the industry.  As a businesswoman, socialite and fashion model to boot, there‘s no doubt plenty of bachelors would be lining up for her hand in marriage.Unfortunately for any other aspiring suitors, Ivanka Trump has already chosen one man for herself.  She recently announced her engagement to Jared Kushner, the owner of The New York Observer.  In the trendiest way possible, the heiress revealed the news on her Twitter account. Read more »
Celebrity Apprentice star Ivanka Trump tied the knot to Jared Kushner, publisher of the New York Observer, at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., on Sunday, officially putting a lid on their three-month engagement. According to People, the couple wed before 500 friends and family members in a private ceremony.  Read more »
After 16 years of filming Late Night with Conan O‘Brien, tonight the redheaded funnyman begins his new gig as the host of The Tonight Show. He‘ll be joined by Will Ferrell, musical guest Pearl Jam, and will have former Late Night co-host Andy Richter by his side once more.In anticipation of his Tonight debut, many of Conan‘s celebrity friends--including 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin, Apprentice host Donald Trump, and others--offered words of encouragement and advice to O‘Brien, who will have all of America watching to see how he makes the gig his own.As O‘Brien recently told the New York Times, "There‘s an opportunity toput my stamp on this show. I‘ve got an ego, and I want to do my Tonight Show." Read more »