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The Apprentice returned to NBC tonight with its first ever celebrity edition.  Here‘s what went down:Donald Trump calls the celebrity contestants “fourteen of the most successful celebrities in the world.”  Bit of an overstatement, Donald?  I‘ll tell you this much, though – every time I hear the theme song by The O‘Jays, I get pumped.  That bass line is chill-inducing.  The show starts with the stars at the New York Mercantile Exchange, Trump explaining how each on of the celebrities are commodities.  They‘re all playing for charities, but you knew that already.  The teams are divided by sex, male versus female.  Omarosa speaks out immediately that she wants to be Project Manager.  The teams head back to the Trump Tower to decide who will be the first PM.  Read more »
Let‘s give Donald Trump, Mark Burnett and NBC the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps they didn‘t see the possible loopholes in the system.  Maybe they didn‘t consider the fact that casting celebrities meant that they‘d use their celebrity as shamelessly as they could to complete seemingly menial tasks, like selling hot dogs.  Last night‘s premiere episode of The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition was very, very weird and I really don‘t know what to think about it.  It‘s going to be important to see how next week‘s episode goes, see if the producers implemented any safe guards to get the contestants to shy away from using their fame instead of their cunning.  Read more »
Every week on BuddyTV, former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman will share her unique insights on the current season.  Find out what happened in last night‘s boardroom from someone who has actually been there.Oh poor Tiffany Fallon. It really sucks to be the first one sent home. So where did you go wrong? Let me count the ways. And none of them involve sales figures. Read more »
Perhaps you‘ve never heard of Tiffany Fallon.  If you don‘t "read" Playboy or aren‘t a super fan of Rascal Flatts, most people‘s first encounter with Fallon was on The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.  Tiffany was the 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year, and next month will be the Playboy cover girl once again.  Also, she is currently expecting her first child, due in May, with her husband, a member of country band Rascal Flatts.  Her ejection from The Celebrity Apprentice was rather dubious, more a result of Omarosa‘s board room prowess than any fault of Fallon.  Tiffany stopped by to speak with us at BuddyTV about her time on the show.Below you will find the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
On last week‘s premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice, Trump welcomed "fourteen of the most successful celebrities in the world".  His words, not mine.  Believe me.  He divided the pseudo-celebs into two teams, men vs. women.  The men name their team Hydra while the women go with Team Empresario.  Stephen Baldwin leads Hydra while Omarosa stepped up for Empresario.  Teams had to sell the most hot dogs in order to win.  The women lost and Trump booted Playmate Tiffany Fallon.The hate/hate relationship between Omarosa and Piers continues this week as he kicks off tonight‘s episode by calling her a mutant while she calls him an alcoholic.  Bring on the battle of the crazies! Read more »
Alec Baldwin is the the greatest Baldwin we‘ve ever known.  And, frankly, it‘s not even close.  He‘s had the best career, is the most talented, had the highest profile marriage (to Kim Basinger), never had a drug problem (seemingly every other Baldwin did), and is still chugging along, currently one of the stars of the great 30 Rock.  There is no reason for a star like Alec Baldwin, then, to slum it on a series like The Apprentice, even if it is a Celebrity Edition.  However, Alec will be a guest star on The Celebrity Apprentice this Thursday, and there are two distinct reasons: 1) 30 Rock and The Apprentice are both on NBC and, 2) his little brother Stephen Baldwin is a contestant on the show.  You‘ve got to support your family, right? Read more »
Every week on BuddyTV, former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman will share her unique insights on the current season.  Find out what happened in last night‘s boardroom from someone who has actually been there.Maybe she just doesn’t speak English? That is the only explanation I can muster up for Nadia Comanenci’s quiet attempt at self-defense in the boardroom last night. That and this entire show is bananas. And I’m not just referring to those ridiculous yellow outfits Team Womyn wore in the boardroom.  Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice is infectious.  I don‘t know what it is.  I couldn‘t stop making fun of it before the season started but, man, it‘s more enjoyable than any recent season of The Apprentice I can remember.  There‘s something bizarrely intoxicating about watching quasi-celebrities band together and give silly tasks their full and unwavering effort.  It doesn‘t hurt that Gene Simmons, god among men, is very much involved.  Gene is as dominant a presence as you‘ll ever see on reality television.  He‘s just The Man.  Tonight saw Hydra and Empresario create Mobile Printing Stations for Kodak, in order to highlight the company‘s new line of printers.  Also, Alec Baldwin made an appearance, seemingly only to make fun of brother Stephen.  Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice is three episodes in and I think we can all agree that, even if the show is a bit of a train wreck, it‘s an entertaining one.  The series continues its best ratings in years.  Given how atypical Celebrity Apprentice is compared to past editions, we at BuddyTV decided to invite some former contestants to come and discuss the Celebrity Apprentice.  Thus was born the BuddyTV Apprentice Round Table.  Our first edition, recorded today, brought back three fan favorites from The Apprentice: Los Angeles – James Sun, Carey Sherrell and Derek Arteta.  We all got together on a conference call and, simply, discussed The Celebrity Apprentice, their reactions to the overall idea, and what their thoughts were on the season thus far.  What we got was some nice inside information, some genuine insight and a whole lot of unwavering opinions.  Below you will find the full mp3 audio of the round table discussion. Read more »
Now that Gene Simmons is gone from The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, is the show going to be worth watching?  As long as Stephen Baldwin is prominently involved, the answer is yes.  On Thursday‘s all new episode, Hydra and Empresario are going to be competing in some sort of Broadway ticket selling task, and the stars have come out in full force.  Well, quasi-stars, at least.  The teams have to sell tickets to the Broadway smash hit Spamalot, which is the musical by Eric Idle based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Thanks to NBC, we‘ve gotten a hold of some preview videos from the episode and they don‘t disappoint.  You can watch two of the videos below.  If you have any interest in Bob Saget, Piers Morgan wearing a King Arthur costume or Stephen Baldwin‘s unique brand of insanity, please watch.  Read more »
Now that Gene Simmons has left the building on The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, the unparalleled star of Apprentice is now Stephen Baldwin.  By all accounts (and as displayed in these first four episodes) Stephen is a ridiculous human being.  From his constant slap fights with Piers Morgan to his spilling of the coffee last week, he is an unstoppable fountain of unintentional comedy.  He can‘t be fired.  Don‘t ever fire Mr. Baldwin, Donald.   In other news, Empresario attempted to end their losing streak at three in a row this week.  Will they succeed? Read more »
Today, we held the 2nd edition of our Apprentice Round Table at the BuddyTV World Headquarters and, once again, a good time was had by all.  Last week, we had the three man trio of James Sun, Derek Arteta and Carey Sherell stop by and discuss some of the over-arching issues regarding The Celebrity Apprentice.  This week, we welcomed three alumni of The Apprentice: LA in the form of Jenn Hoffman, Surya Yalamanchili and Carey Sherell, plus Lee Bienstock from season 5 of The Apprentice.  The discussion this week mostly focused on last night‘s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, which saw the female team Empresario lose for the fourth straight week and softball player Jennie Finch fired.  Check out the full mp3 audio of the Round Table below. Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice will air a special two-hour episode this Thursday, from 9pm to 11pm.  Unfortunately for The Apprentice (and NBC and Donald Trump), this Thursday‘s  episode will receive the lowest ratings the series has received all season.  I‘m no psychic and I don‘t have a flex capacitor, but I‘m fairly certain in my prediction.  You see, this Thursday, in addition to The Celebrity Apprentice, the season 4 premiere of Lost will air.  The premiere will air at 9pm in direct competition with The Apprentice.  Up until now, The Apprentice hasn‘t competed against much of anything.  Lost‘s premiere comes amid extensive hype from ABC and, with the writers‘ strike ongoing, it‘s just about the biggest TV event we‘ve seen in a few months.  That being said, the preview videos make Thursday‘s Apprentice out to be another fun episode, mostly thanks to America‘s newest comedy duo of Stephen Baldwin and Piers Morgan.  Read more »
This was unexpected.  NBC announced today that The Celebrity Apprentice has been picked up for a second season, and that this second season will premiere in January of 2009.  Notice I didn‘t say The Apprentice was picked up for an additional season - it‘s going to for sure be another celebrity edition.  The Celebrity Apprentice has been a surprise success since it‘s premiere earlier this month, though it has to be said that some of this success should be attributed to a lack of worthy competition.  This will change Thursday when The Celebrity Apprentice competes against the season four premiere of Lost.  The Apprentice was effectively canceled by former NBC president Kevin Reilly last summer after a succession of lackluster-in-the-ratings seasons, but when hotshot new president Ben Silverman was hired to replace Reilly one of his first orders of business was resurrecting the franchise with the celebrity twist.  Good decision, it appears.   Read more »
Things took a very bizarre turn tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice.  Now, in-fighting among teams is not a new phenomenon on The Apprentice.  But, when it comes from somewhat well-known celebrities, it can be a little weird.  The fact that tonight‘s celebrity in-fighting came about because of some espionage gone bad, it gets even weirder.  Tonight‘s episode was at times both hysterical and pathetic.The episode begins with Omarosa hoping, desperately, that Carol Alt will be fired instead of Jennie Finch.  When Carol comes back from the boardroom, Omarosa is shocked and disappointed by the result.  Vinnie gives the $50,000 check he got for winning the last task to his ex-wife, whose husband recently died from pancreatic cancer. Read more »
Every week on BuddyTV, former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman will share her unique insights on the current season.  Find out what happened in last night‘s boardroom from someone who has actually been there."It‘s a terrible world!"Those were the words straight from Donald Trump‘s mouth right after firing Jennie Finch. And he is so right. This now makes 3 out of 4 episodes in which an Impresario member is fired simply for general suckiness, rather than for doing something specifically wrong. Last week Gene Simmons was fired with purpose, but Jennie Finch was simply out-bitched by the claw wielding clan we call Omarosa, Nelly, Carol and Marilu. Frankly, I wasn‘t sad to see her go. Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice aired an epic two hour episode last night and, surprisingly, it turned into the most enjoyable episode of the season.  The focus shifted from the actual task at hand to the plight of one Vincent Pastore, who turned himself into a character from The Sopranos (or the producers of The Apprentice would like you to believe).  A grand espionage/sabotage scheme was concocted by Piers Morgan and carried out by Pastore.  But, as such wild schemes go, things got complicated.  To discuss these Apprentice events, we brought together our third BuddyTV Apprentice Round Table.Joining us this morning were four The Apprentice: LA alums – Carey Sherrell, Nicole D‘Ambrosio, Jenn Hoffman and Derek Arteta.  You can find the full mp3 audio of the Round Table below. Read more »
Every week on BuddyTV, former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman will share her unique insights on the current season.  Find out what happened in last night‘s boardroom from someone who has actually been there.First, I must point out something I noticed in the closing credits: Cast wardrobe furnished by Bebe, Ann Taylor, Levis…etc. WTF? The celebrities have a wardrobe stylist, hair services, make-up and catered meals? People assume all Apprentice contestants are well taken care of, but we barely had food and water let alone free catering and a team of stylists. No wonder they all looked so good and we all looked like crap. Nely Galan looked particularly awesome last night. Love your pants, sister! Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice has proved to be a successful experiment for NBC and Donald Trump.  When judging the merits of this new brand of The Apprentice, I think it‘s wise to forget all previous editions of the series.  Celebrity Apprentice is its own beast.  The show relies on the larger than life personalities of these pseudo celebrities.  This was never more apparent than in last Thursday‘s episode, which quickly morphed from an episode about the teams‘ given task to a full-on character saga, involving espionage and double-crossing.  In the end, poor Vincent Pastore dug himself too deep of a hole and just gave up.  Perhaps Piers Morgan was more deserving of a firing, but Trump isn‘t an idiot.  He knows that Piers provides all sorts of drama by just being there and being himself.  In one singular clip of the next episode provided by NBC, we can see how imperative his presence is, especially when mixed with the altogether undeserved posturing of a woman known only as Omarosa. Read more »
The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition is coming off last week‘s two-hour extravaganza and there was no way tonight was going to equal the entertainment value of last week.  One of the reasons is that, this week, Stephen Baldwin was absent for most of the episode.  He had a speaking engagement at a church and showed up only at the tail end of the hour.  I missed Stevie B.  He brings all sorts of intentional and unintentional comedy to Celebrity Apprentice.  This week, Empresario and Hydra were given the task of creating a living window display for Serta Mattresses. Read more »
Every week on BuddyTV, former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman will share her unique insights on the current season.  Find out what happened in last night‘s boardroom from someone who has actually been there.Permission to speak? Thank you, Lennox.So that was pretty must the most ridiculous firing in the history of the show. The whole episode was pretty much stupid, from the constant battling between Omarosa and Piers (shut up, both of you), to the obvious foreshadowing of Lennox’s demise, to Stephen Baldwin’s increasingly weird hair. Read more »
Omarosa‘s involvement with The Celebrity Apprentice was always a bit of a sham.  No matter how low-level the celebrities were that NBC cast for their new season of The Apprentice, it didn‘t hide the fact that Omarosa, under no circumstances, should be called a celebrity.  You can‘t be a celebrity if all you‘ve ever done is appear on a reality show.  Sorry, it just doesn‘t work that way.  However, Donald Trump and NBC saw the value in bringing someone in for Celebrity Apprentice whose behavior they could accurately predict.  They knew Omarosa would mix it up, get into fights, act bitchy and make good television.  If you don‘t want some information for Thursday‘s Apprentice episode to be spoiled, read no further.!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Read more »
Not everything is as it seems.  Especially when it comes to reality television.  A series like The Apprentice is ruthlessly edited and, with so much available footage, the producers can tell whatever story they wish to tell.  Trivial matters can be turned into major plot points.  Important sub-plots can be completely removed.  One unfortunate moment can inform a person‘s on-air characterization for an entire season.  We know that in solo interview segments, contestants are led to say one thing or another.  For this reason, I‘ve learned to try and withhold judgment on a person‘s true character on reality shows.  It‘s unfair to base your opinion of a real, live person based on the whims of manipulative editors.  This is why Omarosa is giving me such a hard time on The Celebrity Apprentice. Read more »
It was the Piers Morgan and Omarosa show again tonight which, you know, is fine by me.  The Apprentice thrives on the contestants mixing it up with each other and, really, that‘s the only reason that Omarosa is on the show.  I don‘t often get angry with people on reality shows, but some of Omarosa‘s behavior tonight was downright offensive.  I know there are legions of Omarosa apologists out there, but I don‘t know how you can defend her after tonights episode.  Tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams sold carriage rides in Central Park. Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice is still going strong and last night, even if nothing really ended up happening, brought the requisite drama.  The ugly feud between Omarosa and Piers Morgan escalated to heights that I‘m guessing no one could have anticipated.  Most everyone I‘ve discussed the episode with was downright appalled by Omarosa‘s behavior and the personal attacks she waged on Piers Morgan.  It seemed to come out of nowhere (she said awful things about Piers family, his kids and their relationship with Piers) and it was ugly and somewhat difficult to watch.  To discuss these events, four contestants from The Apprentice: LA joined us for the fourth edition of the BuddyTV Celebrity Apprentice Round Table - Jenn Hoffman, Carey Sherrell, Derek Arteta and Nicole D‘Ambrosio.Below you will find the full mp3 audio of our round table discussion. Read more »
Every week on BuddyTV, former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman will share her unique insights on the current season.  Find out what happened in last night‘s boardroom from someone who has actually been there.I can barely bring myself to write anything about the latest episode. What would be the point? Here are some things we know about The Celebrity Apprentice, thus far. Read more »
We‘ve seen this before, but not with celebrities.  On Thursda‘;s brand new episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump sends the eight remaining contestants to the QVC headquarters in Pennsylvania.  There, the two teams each have to create a ten-minute infomercial to sell some sort of mystery product.  Perhaps infomercial is the wrong term, since they‘ll be doing the presentation live.  Regardless, the two teams will be put to the test, forced to perform on live television.  Donald and The Apprentice clearly owe the people at QVC something, because I didn‘t even know the channel still existed.  Don‘t people do their shopping on line these days?  If I‘m watching QVC and I see a product that entices me, the first thing I‘d do is go on the internet and find a better deal for that product.  Read more »
On The Celebrity Apprentice last week, Donald Trump opted not to fire anybody.  It was the first time that had ever happened on The Apprentice and will probably be the last.  I agreed that it was a near impossible decision on who to fire, but don‘t kid yourselves – if this were a normal season of The Apprentice, someone would‘ve gotten the ax.  The problem with these celebrities is that they‘re way too nice – no one will throw anyone else under the bus.  This week, Hydra and Empresario flew to QVC headquarters and gave a sales presentation on live television. Read more »
With only seven contestants remaining on The Celebrity Apprentice, things are getting what I would say if this were a normal season of The Apprentice instead of The Celebrity Apprentice.  I‘ve been getting the feeling all season that the motivations of the celebrities are twofold: 1) Don‘t get fired, 2) Maybe win some money for their charity.  Not that there‘s anything wrong with those two things, but I don‘t get the sense that any of of the contestants are desperate to win the whole thing, except for maybe Omarosa.  This being the case, there isn‘t as much late-season momentum as their tends to be on other reality series.  Tomorrow‘s all new episode of Celebrity Apprentice (titled “The Money Shot”) sees Empresario and Hydra create a Dial Soap ad campaign for Redbook Magazine.  Read more »
The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition is set up for unfair tasks.  Just by the mere fact that different celebrities bring varying expertise to the table, it‘s obvious that, depending upon the task, some teams will have an immediate leg up.  Such was the case tonight.  The task involved creating a photo shoot for a soap company.  One team had legendary super model Carol Alt, the other team didn‘t.  Now, this wasn‘t an entirely insurmountable situation, but c‘mon – Carol Alt is a stunning woman and tonight‘s Celebrity Apprentice came down to placing Carol in front of the camera and letting her do her thing.  Read more »
There‘s no question that the celebrities on The Celebrity Apprentice are treated better than the contestants on previous seasons of The Apprentice.  For one, the celebrities do not have to sleep together in the same room or building.  Every night, they go home to their hotels or apartments and get precious time away from their teammates.  That has to be good for the state of mind.  I wonder if this ability the celebrities have to remove themselves from the game is responsible for the relative lack of fireworks in the board room or on the various tasks.  The celebrities (Piers and Omarosa aside) are all incredibly nice to each other in the boardroom – they refuse to throw each other under the bus.  Just something to ponder.  Earlier today, we held another BuddyTV Celebrity Apprentice Round Table discussion, with Jenn Hoffman and Nicole D‘Ambrosio from The Apprentice: LA. Below you will find the full mp3 audio of the Round Table discussion.  Read more »
On Thursday‘s upcoming episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, we will see the ultimate showdown.  That‘s right, it‘s Omarosa versus Piers Morgan.  They will compete as opposing Project Managers and it would appear likely that one of the two will be fired by Mr. Donald Trump.  And, frankly, it‘s about time.  With all the ruckus these two have created over the course of the season, it‘s remarkable that both are still alive on The Apprentice.  I‘ve been saying over and over again that Omarosa has deserved to be fired on numerous occasions this season, but through her sheer ruthlessness she‘s managed to stick around. Read more »
Previously on The Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump continued his trend of randomly picking names out of a hat to fire people. This time it was Tito Ortiz‘ time to go because Omarosa successfully avoided responsibility at every turn.Now we‘re down to the final six, and the statistics are fascinating. After nine competitions, Piers Morgan and Lennox Lewis each have seven wins, by virtue of staying on Hydra the whole time. Trace Adkins has six wins, Stephen Baldwin has five, and the two remaining women, Carol Alt and Omarosa, each have just three wins. What‘s more, two of Carol‘s wins came when she was project manager. Meanwhile, Omarosa has lost twice as project manager. Therefore, if I come across as biased against Omarosa, it‘s not that I dislike her, it‘s that the statistics indicate she has absolutely no right being here. Read more »
Omarosa. Just the name conjures up a vast array of feelings for me.  From the moment that the cast for The Celebrity Apprentice was announced, I couldn‘t believe that Omarosa was brought in as a contestant.  First of all, no matter how you define the word “celebrity,” Omarosa isn‘t one.  Admittedly, her presence on the first season of The Apprentice was part of what made the show such a hit in its early seasons.  But, was that enough reason to put her on a show with real celebrities?  Probably not, but it turned out to be a shrewd, if shameless, move by Donald Trump and Mark Burnett.  Omarosa did exactly what they wanted her to do: create conflict.  Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice has been a success for NBC.  The Apprentice was supposed to be a dead franchise, remember.  But, thanks to the writers‘ strike and the gimmicky celebrity premise, the reality series returned with its most successful season in years and earned an early renewal for another celebrity edition, which will premiere next season.  As we know from Dancing with the Stars, these celebrity reality shows like to find certain types of contestants and re-cast each season in a repetitive manner.  On Dancing with the Stars, there are always a couple of athletes, always the random barely famous hot chick, and the funny old guy.  They even cast Beverly Hills 90210 cast members in consecutive seasons.  This got me to thinking about how NBC will cast the next celebrity edition of The Apprentice.  It‘s been such an unexpected success that I doubt Trump and team will stray too much from this season‘s formula.  So, I‘ve come up with a complete bizarro cast for the second edition of The Celebrity Apprentice. Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice was a flawed competition from the very beginning.  Most of the given tasks have been predicated on who had the most high-powered contacts that could swoop in and hand over thousands of dollars in checks.  The easy way to get around this loophole, of course, is to simply forbid the teams from calling their rich friends.  Tonight on The Apprentice, Donald Trump finally made the game fair by not allowing the contestants to call any of their contacts.  The task tonight involved creating and selling a sandwich for Quizno‘s. Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice has been an entertaining television show despite itself.  I had no intentions of enjoying the series – the idea seemed a desperate attempt at reviving a dead show.  However, The Apprentice ended up returning with a vengeance and, for the most, it‘s because Donald Trump and NBC got lucky.  I know Trump has said on numerous occasions that he was overwhelmed with requests by celebrities who wanted to participate on The Celebrity Apprentice, but that‘s probably a downright lie – just look at the caliber (or lack thereof) of celebrities who were eventually cast.  They got lucky because of the cast they did end up with, and the way they ended up interacting with each other.  The newly fired Stephen Baldwin was a big part of this. Read more »
The two-hour second-to-last episode of The Celebrity Apprentice airs this Thursday and I could not care less about it‘s outcome.  That‘s not saying I‘m not looking forward to the episode.  I am, but not because I‘m invested in who eventually wins.  Now that Omarosa is gone, and four worthy Apprentice contestants remain, my rooting interests have become muted.  Since The Apprentice is now being played for charity, viewers aren‘t really rooting for specific people.  To root for a contestant is to root for a charity and, by extension, to root for one charity is to root against three charities.  That‘s not something I‘m interested in.  What I am looking forward to is all of the fired Celebrity Apprentice contestants returning to help the two finalists in one last task.  Read more »
For the first half of tonight‘s The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, Donald Trump held interviews and an extended boardroom in order to immediately fire two of the final four contestants.  It seemed like an arbitrary way to go about the last two firings – it happened in one night, right after the previous firing of Stephen Baldwin.  After that, the two finalists began preparing for their final task – a star-studded celebrity auction.  We‘ll see the auction go down next week in the two hour Celebrity Apprentice finale.  Read more »
The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition aired its penultimate episode last night and Donald Trump‘s behavior was peculiar.  The first half of the episode was devoted to firing two of the final four contestants in an entirely arbitrary fashion.  Trump brought in two “experts” (aka NBC employees) to interview each of the finalists.  He listened to them on who to keep and who to fire after the interviews, and then went totally against their advice. I can‘t blame him (Piers Morgan needed to be in the final two), but why even have interviews if you‘re going to completely disregard the results?  Read more »
The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition finale (coming Thursday) is not just merely a battle between a reality TV show host and a country music singer.  No, it is a battle of ideals, of world views, between good and evil, between the Old World and the New World, between rural and urban, between facial hair and non, between sarcasm and blunt truth.  Trace Adkins, country music star, versus Piers Morgan, reality TV host.  One British, one American, one arrogant and crass, the other modest and kind.  You can understand why Donald Trump wanted these two men to duke it out on the season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice.  While Carol Alt or Stephen Baldwin would have been worthy entries, they stood for nothing, they represented nothing.  With Trace Adkins and Piers Morgan, an epic struggle is upon us. Read more »
The live two-hour finale of The Celebrity Apprentice went by smoothly tonight, and the main reason is that they didn‘t spend too much time in the live studio.  Most of the episode was like any other Apprentice episode, and focused mainly on the taped final task.  The competition between Trace Adkins and Piers Morgan went as expected – Piers made the most money (by a long shot) and Trace came out looking like the nice, tactful guy he is.  People like Trace and Piers gets things done.  Who did Donald Trump choose, then, as the first Celebrity Apprentice?   Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice ended its season last night, and the results were a pleasant surprise.  Not just last night, I suppose, but the entire season.  My expectations were considerably low coming into the season.  My affection for the original Apprentice format was mostly due to the dominant persona of Donald Trump and his willingness to tear apart wide-eyed contestants.  On the network reality television landscape, The Apprentice was the rare show where one man wielded all of the power.  Trump acts as the judge, jury and executioner.  Every other reality competition series employs at least some aspect of democracy in its eliminations.  On The Apprentice, Donald Trump often fires people arbitrarily and it makes great television.  My worry coming into The Celebrity Apprentice was that having people of high regard and some semblance of fame involved would soften The Donald, not allowing him to ruthlessly execute his will at every board room.  While this turned out to be somewhat true, it didn‘t end up standing in the way of my my enjoyment.  This is because The Celebrity Apprentice was a completely different series compared to the previous incarnations.  Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice has come and gone, but before we lay it to waste and wait for The Celebrity Apprentice 2, we thought we‘d discuss this past season with a few former Apprentice contestants.  Yes, our Celebrity Apprentice Round Table is indeed back after a mini-hiatus.  Joining us today for the discussion were Lee Bienstock, Carey Sherrell and Jenn Hoffman.  The discussion ranged from the production of last night‘s episode, the merits of the charity aspect of the show, and the decline in true competition this season.  Listen to the full mp3 audio of our discussion below. Read more »
The Celebrity Apprentice ended its surprisingly successful season with a two-hour final that garnered huge ratings.  The Donald Trump led series had its highest rated finale since the fourth season of The Apprentice and twice the total viewers as the last season‘s finale for The Apprentice: Los Angeles.  This stunning rebirth of the franchise is great news for Trump and NBC, which now has a seemingly reliable reality franchise to fall back on once a year.  In his NBC upfront presentation yesterday, NBC head Ben Silverman spoke about how they resisted the temptation to air two Celebrity Apprentice editions next season (one in Fall and one in the Spring) after seeing the ratings for the finale.   Probably a good decision, but it brings up an interesting question: Does The Celebrity Apprentice have staying power?  And, how much of its success had to do with the writers‘ strike? Read more »
Trace Adkins has an incredible speaking voice.  It‘s part of his charm.  No matter how great you think Trace Adkins‘ personality is, the voice helps more than you might think.  On The Celebrity Apprentice, Trace was constantly praised for his personality and his good ideas.  He rarely spoke, but when he did, people listened.  The voice mattered.  However, despite his success as a personality on The Apprentice, does this translate into acting?  I can only think of one person who has made an acting career mostly because of their voice, and that person‘s name is Sam Elliott.  I like Trace, but he lacks the charisma and general badassery of Mr. Elliott.  Then again, Trace is a smart dude, and maybe the acting will work out for him.  We will soon find out.  Trace recently filmed an episode of The Young and the Restless, and will appear in two upcoming feature films.  Read more »
This is not a piece of news I ever expected to see.  At this week‘s upfronts for the Lifetime Network (yes, Lifetime has upfronts – I‘m as surprised as you) the big hullabaloo surrounded Project Runway‘s move from Bravo to the women‘s network Lifetime.  However, had Project Runway not made that move, the biggest news would have regarded Lifetime‘s newest soap opera, entitled Trump Tower.  Just because you may not believe me if I simply wrote it, here is the synopsis of Trump Tower from Lifetime president Susan Daniels: "Think Desperate Housewives in Trump Tower with the Donald narrating, and you get the idea of what we‘re after."  Read more »
We all know and understand that Donald Trump is a little bit crazy.  He‘s a larger than life personality, an egotist, someone who can make outlandish and contradictory statements on national television with a straight face.  That is why we like the guy.  It‘s easier to put up with someone‘s more dubious qualities if that person is entertaining in the process.  However, this latest piece of news regarding The Apprentice is an example of Donald Trump, perhaps, going too far.  Various sources are reporting that The Apprentice is considering casting O.J. Simpson on the next edition of The Celebrity Apprentice.  Some sources are reporting that O.J. Simpson is the one openly campaigning for a spot on the series.  Other sources claim that NBC does not have any intention of casting The Juice on The Apprentice.  What should one believe? Read more »
Though NBC hasn‘t released an official list of participants, the names of the participants for the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice are starting to trickle out one by one.  As expected, real-estate tycoon Donald Trump, who also serves as host and executive producer to the competitive reality series, has tapped a colorful mix of celebrities that will hopefully spice up the upcoming season. Read on to find out more about this season‘s Celebrity Apprentice cast. Read more »
Donald Trump is a peculiar creature.  He‘s at once a powerful business mogul and a larger than life personality.  He‘s also kind of a joke, but you get the sense that he‘s at least partially in on it.  He‘s an egomaniac and proud of it, flaunting his arrogance at every turn.  Who else would have the cajones to stay with that haircut while spending so much of their life in the public eye?  The second season of the surprisingly popular Celebrity Apprentice is still months away (it‘s returning at mid-season), but casting is, apparently, already under way.  The Apprentice‘s bastard cousin is considerably less serious than the original incarnation, and there‘s no greater example of this than in the casting.  We‘ve already reported about three of the rumored participants: former NBA player Dennis Rodman, ancient comedian/red carpet maven Joan Rivers, and former Playboy model Brande Roderick.  So, who else will compete for charity on The Celebrity Apprentice? Read more »
The latest participant to join NBC‘s The Celebrity Apprentice is Scott Hamilton, according to The New York Post.  The 50-year-old Olympic gold medalist, known for his originality and engaging on-ice personalities, will compete on the upcoming season of the competitive reality series that puts the spot light on high-profile celebrities who want to challenge themselves by playing the game to raise money for charity.  The second season of The Celebrity Apprentice is scheduled to begin taping on September 21 and is expected to air on Thursdays at 10pm after ER finishes its final season early next year. Hamilton is no stranger to the TV circuit.  The figure skater, who won four consecutive U.S. championships from 1981 to 1984 and our consecutive World Championships from 1981 to 1984, has been an ice-skating commentator for CBS and NBC, and has hosted FOX‘s Skating with Celebrities, which aired in 2006.  He has also done a lot of voice over work in Nine Dog Christmas, Frasier, and King of The Hill, and was most recently cast as a Sports Anchor in the 2007 comedy Blades of Glory.  Read more »
Earlier this month, we reported that Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis will be participating on the second season of Donald Trump‘s The Celebrity Apprentice, joining other high-profile celebrities such as Joan Rivers, Scott Hamilton, Dennis Rodman, Brande Roderick, Tony Danza, Petra Nemcova and Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ Khloe Kardashian, among others.  Recently, however, Francis‘ name has been dropped from the line-up of the business tycoon‘s reality series. According to the New York Post, Francis has been dropped from The Celebrity Apprentice amid concerns from sponsors, who are reportedly concerned about his recent legal woes, which included a 12-month stint behind bars on federal tax evasion charges. Read more »
Donald Trump has extended an invitation to his boardroom once again.  The real-estate mogul has enlisted LPGA pro Natalie Gulbis for the sophomore season of his reality series The Celebrity Apprentice.  According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Trumo made the announcement while attending the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York City. Gulbis joins a growing group of celebrities that has previously been reported to be participating on The Celebrity Apprentice.  This group includes Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa Rivers, former NBA star Dennis Rodman, former Baywatch actress Brande Roderick and Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet Khloe Kardashian. Read more »
A couple of weeks ago, we gave you a rundown of colorful personalities that are rumored to be on the upcoming season of Donald Trump‘s The Celebrity Apprentice.  Although these names are just rumors at this point since NBC hasn‘t released an official cast list yet, some of the said contenders have actually confirmed their participation while some have denied their involvement on the realty series.  Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild, has recently dropped from the list amid concerns from the program‘s sponsors, who are reportedly worried about his recent legal woes, which included a 12-month stint behind bars on federal tax evasion charges.  Additionally, rumored Apprentice participant Heather Mills has also been “fired” before she ever set foot in Trump‘s boardroom. Read more »
Yesterday, we revealed the official list of celebrities who will be taking part in the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice.  One participant to take note of is Khloe Kardashian, the sister of the reality celebrity turned fashion entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian of E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashian.  The reality series is currently on hiatus and is set to return early next year, but the Kardashian sisters aren’t wasting time shying away from the limelight.  In fact, Kim recently participated in Dancing with the Stars, while Khloe is now set to be part of The Celebrity Apprentice.The 24-year-old reality celebrity recently spoke to OK! Magazine and admitted that she is looking forward to being part of the competition.  She said, “I am very excited for The Apprentice.” Read more »
When we published the list of celebrities who would be competing on the upcoming second edition of The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, a great many of you questioned the level of celebrities in the cast.  They are not A-list, not B-list, hardly C-list.  You aren‘t going to find any of them headlining a Hollywood film or starring in a TV show or on the cover of Us Magazine.  Though you may find it troubling considering that that the title of the series is The Celebrity Apprentice and the cast lacks famous people, I‘m here to reassure you.  As we saw last season, the lower you are on the celebrity totem pole, the more willing you will be to make a fool of yourself on national television.  The more people who make fools of themselves, the more enjoyable a viewing experience The Celebrity Apprentice will be.  George Clooney and Julia Roberts have a brand to uphold.  Tom Green and Andrew Dice Clay, at this point, do not.  Read more »
Oftentimes, one will hear the concept behind a proposed television program and think “Wow, that‘s a terrible idea.”  But, when that show actually comes into existence, your initial reaction will have been proven wrong and the show will either be surprisingly good or surprisingly popular.  The premise for Dancing with the Stars, for instance, struck me as inane and ridiculous.  I could not fathom anyone enjoying such a series.  Obviously, my instinct was wrong.  However, there are other times where you hear the premise for a television show and absolutely know that it‘s a bad idea.  There is no doubt.  This is one of those times.  Donald Trump is apparently teaming up with Queen Reality Bitch Omarosa (The Apprentice) for a dating show that will likely be hosted by Lady O herself.  If this show gets made and becomes popular, I will take it as a clear indication that the End Times are upon us and will retreat to an underground bunker somewhere in Northern Canada and spend the rest of my days eating Top Ramen and watching old episodes of Seinfeld on DVD. Read more »
Since the second edition of The Celebrity Apprentice is currently filming in New York City, a lot of rumors have made its way over to various media outlets.  The past few weeks saw a surge in information regarding the cast list of the new season even though NBC hasn‘t really declared an official list yet.  This week, another story came out as more behind-the-scene sightings surfaced. Warning: This article contains spoilers!!! Read more »
Donald Trump won‘t be the only one who has a show that features business-savvy contestants as they compete for a shot at fame.  50 Cent, also known as Curtis James Jackson III, has a new reality series on MTV that takes on a similar format to NBC‘s The Celebrity Apprentice, a show that initially featured hopefuls competing for a job with the real-estate mogul and then eventually featured celebrity contestants working towards a greater goal as they raise over a million dollars for their various charities throughout the season.However, the rapper‘s new series, 50 Cent: The Money and the Power, will have a slightly different premise since the winner of the competition will receive a $100,000 investment from 50 Cent himself. Read more »
Here we go again—Donald Trump will be busy saying “you’re fired” to whoever it is that messed up.  But that what we get with The Celebrity Apprentice anyway.  On its second season, it’s still that heady mix of intense mind games, convoluted strategies, backfired plans, fighting contestants—and, as with the last season, a little bit of eye candy.  Part, of hopefully all, of the assistance comes from here at BuddyTV, and right below are all the links to our coverage of the show.  We’ll be here for the next few months.  Here’s hoping you are, too. Read more »