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The debut of The Apprentice: Los Angeles included some drastic changes to the veteran reality series. Donald Trump was his typical pompous self that you either love or hate. I tend to enjoy the guy; he‘s putting on a show and is shameless about it. I can respect that. Martin Han Clarke, a lawyer/professor from Atlanta, was the first victim of The Donald‘s "You‘re Fired" refrain. His performance in the challenge wasn‘t memorably bad, but he was later ganged up on by many of his own team members. Martin, unfortunately, will likely go down in Apprentice lore only as the guy who asked Donald if he could use the bathroom during the cast introduction. Read more »
Donald Trump is facing yet another discrimination suit over The Apprentice reality show. According to, the show has become a target for litigation since it classifies its audition process as a job interview. In 2005, a wheel-chair bound attorney won a suit against the show over the requirement that candidates be quote: "in excellent physical and mental health." Read more »
Martin Han Clarke was given the dubiuous honor of being the first contestant fired on The Apprentice: Los Angeles last night. Martin kindly took the time to talk to us here at BuddyTV this morning to discuss his (unfortunately brief) time on the show. Every Monday, look for another BuddyTV exclusive interview with the previous night‘s fired Apprentice contestant. BuddyTV: How bad was it living outside? Did the show make it look worse than it actually was?Martin Han Clarke: It really sucked. If anything, it was actually worse in reality (no pun intended) than it looked in the show. These lawn sprinklers would pop on at the most inopportune times. Sometimes it would get all wet inside the tent. Read more »
At least we didn‘t have to see Trump in that swimsuit.Mostly as a result of designing a tight-fitting, speedo-esque swimsuit, Carey Sherrell was fired by Donald Trump last night on The Apprentice. The challenge saw the two teams (Arrow and Kinetic) forced to create a line of swimwear for fashion designers and show them off in a fashion show. Whichever team sold the most swimwear would win the challenge and be free from the boardroom, as well as get to live in the mansion. Read more »
Carey Sherrell became the second contestant voted off The Apprentice: Los Angeles last night. After a long and intense boardroom, Carey was fired by Mr. Trump for poor judgment regarding a swimsuit design. However, it seems as if Carey got the short end of the stick. Carey, in an exclusive interview, tells us what really happened. Every Monday, look for another BuddyTV exclusive interview with the previous night‘s fired Apprentice contestant.How big a shock was it to learn about the losing team living in the tents, and how bad was it actually living out there? Read more »
Mixing business with pleasure is the perfect concept for Tim Urban. Undeniably intelligent, he attains triumph in his business endeavors and still finds time to take delight in the things he truly loves. This multitalented musician is certainly a good addition in the reality show The Apprentice season 6. Read more »
Gorgeously captivating, Heidi Androl is the epitome of beauty with brains. Her success whether in modeling, business or whatever endeavor she dives into, confirms her passion to excel in nearly everything. Moreover, her inclusion in the popular television show The Apprentice season 6 gives her the experience of a lifetime.  Read more »
Michelle Sorro was doomed from the start. Mostly, this was warranted. Before the boardroom even got into full swing on this episode of The Apprentice, Michelle up and quit the show. Trump lectured her in a pretty hardcore manner, basically ripping her to shreds in front of her entire team. She cited living in the tents and that the show wasn‘t what she expected as her reasons for quitting. The episode began with a short recap of last week‘s episode that focused almost completely on how much Michelle was disliked by her teammates. The episode got going when both teams were taken to Loews Hotel in Santa Monica. The winning team (Team Kinetic) was given a day of pampering; lounging by the pool, massages, drinks with umbrellas. Team Arrow was broken into two separate teams by the Donald. Aaron spoke and offered to be one of the team captains. Trump then put Michelle on the spot, asking her if she wanted to be the other captain. She had no choice but to say yes. Read more »
Michelle Sorro, a real estate consultant based in California, offered her resignation to Mr. Donald Trump at the end of last night‘s episode of The Apprentice: LA. (You can read about it here.) She became only the second contestant to ever quit on The Apprentice, a dubious honor for which Donald Trump gave her hell for (in front of a national audience). To Michelle‘s credit, she took the situation in stride, never became flustered, never waffled after initially quitting, and walked away with dignity. Michelle was kind enough to sit down with us here at BuddyTV to discuss how she got involved with The Apprentice, how she felt she was portrayed on the show, and what her plans are for the future.How did you get involved with The Apprentice?  Read more »
Marisa DeMato, who headed up marketing for Team Kinetic in this week‘s task, was fired by Mr. Donald Trump after a spirited board room on tonight‘s episode of The Apprentice. Marisa, an attorney, was ganged up on by her teammates and was the overwhelmingly choice of her fellow Team Kinetic members to be fired. Despite her claims that her best ideas ("chicken suits") were shot down by her team, the Donald had no choice but to listen to the majority and give Marisa her walking papers.The beginning of the episode saw Mr. Trump, so disgusted by Team Arrow‘s performance thus far, ask Team Kinetic if anyone would like to volunteer to join the fledgling squad. Aimee, Marisa and Surya all volunteered; Team Arrow selected Surya to join up. This pick-up would work out well for Arrow. Read more »
Marisa DeMato, a lawyer who dabbles in politics, was the fourth contestant fired from The Apprentice: LA. In last night‘s episode, she also became the first member of Team Kinetic to be given their pink slip, ending an almost month-long reign that allowed the team to live it up in the Trump Mansion while their competition (Team Arrow) survived in tents in the backyard.Marisa‘s dismissal seemed largely unwarranted, with her teammates taking the easy way out, ganging up on her for lack of a better option. Marisa was kind enough to take time out her busy schedule to talk with us about her time on the show, some key editing omissions, and what she really thinks about Heidi. How did you get involved with the Apprentice? Read more »
The Apprentice: LA returns after a Super Bowl-induced two week break, and I‘m here with some quick thoughts I jotted down while watching the episode.  As always, we‘ll be back tomorrow with an exclusive interview with tonight‘s fired candidate.  I still think that Marisa got screwed.  Heidi may be pretty hot, but I still think she totally threw Marisa under the bus.  She had to, that‘s the way the game is played, but it still sucks.  This week‘s task is honey-centric.   Read more »
Aaron Altscher, a Community Sales Manager from Virginia, became the fifth person fired by Donald Trump on this season‘s The Apprentice.  He was on a two-task win streak as Project Manager, but the streak was broken after last night‘s defeat in the honey selling task.  Although his team lost the task, they all did a fine job and seemed poised to win.  Unfortunately, someone had to take the blame when they did lose and that became Aaron.  Aaron talked with us this morning about his time on the show.Can you tell us how you got involved with The Apprentice?Sure, I mean it’s just like most of the other candidates.  I went to an open casting call and callbacks and I made a little video that was having me doing some really stupid things and then all of a sudden I was out in LA for finals talking to Mr. Trump and Mark Burnett. Read more »
On Sunday, April 1, The Apprentice‘s Donald Trump will be putting his hair on the line as he recently made a bet to shave his head with World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon. The said “battle of the billionaires” started from the WWE chairman’s attempt to place the real estate tycoon in the "dubious Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club" but the invitation was discarded by Trump. Following this, McMahon tried to demean Trump by accusing him of stealing the phrase “You’re Fired!” Read more »
An announcement made by Kevin Reilly, President of NBC Entertainment, confirms a string of revised television program schedules. The Apprentice will now move from its Sunday 9 pm slot to a less competitive spot of 10 pm. The move is an upshot of Deal or No Deal’s absorption of The Apprentice’s current schedule. The Apprentice will soon occupy the 10 pm niche previously occupied by Crossing Jordan on Sunday, March 4. Read more »
After a string of relationships with Jen Schefft from The Bachelor season three and fellow cast member finalist Amy Henry on The Apprentice season one, Bill Rancic, winner of The Apprentice season one, is now engaged to Guiliana DePandi, E! News anchor. The nuptials will take place in Revello, Italy, seven months from now. The wedding, which will transpire on September 1, 2007, will have about 150 to 200 guests, which most certainly includes Donald Trump. And while he is known for typically wearing Armani while working with Trump, he’s going to steer in a different direction for the ceremony. His soon to be father-in-law has offered to custom make his tuxedo, a privilege he is very proud of. As for the bride to be, DePandi is said to have already made visits to Monique Lhullier and Melissa Sweet. But whatever gown she chooses, Rancic is confident about her bride to be. He adds, "I‘m sure she‘ll look beautiful." Read more »
In an unplanned double firing tonight on The Apprentice, Donald Trump showed he has no tolerance for the occasional slip of tongue.  Derek Arteta was fired on the spot for making a quasi-offensive remark in the boardroom, and afterwards the Donald continued on with the boardroom and eventually showed Jenn Hoffman her pink slip.  The double firing seemed spontaneous, but I wonder if Trump and the producers had a hidden agenda there.The Apprentice task this week involved setting up a demonstration for a new Lexus sedan (you know, the one that parallel parks itself); the team with the highest customer approval rating would win the task.  Team Kinetic and Team Arrow both had their issues, but Team Arrow came out on top.  Arrow set up a classy event with good food, then allowed customers to test drive the Lexus.  Arrow just did an overall very good job with Surya as Project Manager. Read more »
Derek Arteta was fired by Donald Trump for using the term "white trash" last night, much to the consternation of everyone watching.  It was a surprise firing, completely unexpected, and Derek‘s seemingly unfair termination was one of two firings in last night‘s episode (the other being Jenn Hoffman).  Derek stopped by and talked to us about his time on The Apprentice.Was The Apprentice something you had always wanted to do?It’s funny. I’m such a reality show whore.  I’ve tried out for The Amazing Race four times, I was semi-finalist on Big Brother a few years ago and The Apprentice is a show that I never really had an interest in.  I watched it, but I always felt like the people on the show were way too sort of serious and that I wouldn’t do well on that kind of a show.  I was actually recruited.  Read more »
Jenn Hoffman became the eighth contestant to be fired from The Apprentice: LA last night, after she led her team as Project Manager to a losing effort in a task for Lexus.  Her team (Team Kinetic) had a poor showing, but it wasn‘t really Jenn‘s fault.  Unfortunately, someone had to take the blame.  Jenn took a few minutes of her time today to speak with us about her stint on The Apprentice.BuddyTV: Can you tell us a little bit about how you found yourself on The Apprentice?  Jenn: Yeah, well the amazing thing about it is that the second I heard about the show, I thought, “I am going to be on that show.”  I never doubted it for even one second that I was going to be on it.  As a matter of fact, I was actually offered a job with NBC and I turned it down because I said, “No I can’t work for NBC and also be a part of The Apprentice.”  So, I was pretty sure the entire time that I was going to be on.  During the audition process I kind of did the dorkiest thing ever: I actually brought a wheelie bag suitcase with me and dragged it with me behind like the firees do, and put my resume and my portfolio and everything else inside there.  Read more »
Surya Yalamanchili was eliminated from The Apprentice: LA tonight.  The two teams were given the task of creating a halftime show for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team in the MLS.  The halftime show was for GNC (General Nutritiuon Centers) and the team who best promoted GNC, while keeping their show entertaining, would win the task.Surya was Project Manager for Team Arrow, and it was clear from the start that everyone on Arrow had grown sick of Surya and his “old man” ways.  Surya just didn‘t fit in with the rest of Arrow, filled with loose, outgoing, fun-loving people.  He was uptight and, while there‘s nothing wrong with that for some groups, it didn‘t play with the members of Team Arrow.  Nonetheless, Arrow‘s halftime show, a mock boxing match where a regular garners strength from GNC multivitamins, was the brainchild of Tim Urban.  Read more »
Surya Yalamanchili was fired by Donald Trump last night on The Apprentice after a nice run on the show.  He is the only Apprentice to switch teams during the season and, although he didn‘t mesh too well with his new squad, he still did his best to succeed.  Surya stopped by to speak with us today about his time on the show.BuddyTV: Can you tell us how you got involved with The Apprentice?  Was it something you always wanted to do?Surya: It’s actually a funny story.  Two and a half years ago, right after Season 1, they did a casting call here in Cincinnati.  I went out for that and I made it to the final 30 or 25 or something like that but I didn’t make it.  It was like, “Wow, that sucks.”  But I kept staying in touch with them and eventually ended up on this season.  It was a long, drawn-out process. Read more »
Donald Trump, star of the reality series The Apprentice, has found another way to spend his enormous fortune. This time, he looks forward to create a family mausoleum on his golf course site in New Jersey. The Apprentice, now in its sixth season, showcases Trump as a real estate magnate, an executive producer and host of the program. The show, entailing a job talent search for a person to head one of Trump’s companies, has popularly linked Trump with the phrase “You’re Fired!” He has the discretion to fire as well as hire aspiring apprentices and compel them to challenging experiments. The Apprentice also explores some of Trump’s assets and riches. Read more »
Now, at least they can add "Soap Opera Actor" to their resumes. The Apprentice: LA was more about film making and soap operas than it was about business last night, as the two teams (Arrow and Kinetic) were given the task of creating a short webisode for the NBC soap Passions.  The short webisode had to a home cleaning product (I‘m not going to say the name; they already received too much love last night).Team Arrow created a horrifying webisode about a young couple in love. The man is cleaning because he‘s going to propose to his girlfriend. The girlfriend comes home to tell him that she "just got that job in New York". The horrifying part of this story is that the leads are played by newly-outed (in real life) quasi-couple Tim and Nicole. It‘s an over-the-top maneuver by Nicole, and Tim is obviously embarrassed, but the result is harmless if not a little corny. Read more »
Muna Heaven, who was born in Jamaica, became the tenth contestant fired from this season‘s edition of The Apprentice.  Muna is an incredibly gifted and outgoing individual and, while occasionally grating, is an outspoken leader.  Muna was kind enough to speak with us this morning about her time on the show.BuddyTV: Can you just explain a little bit about the overall experience for you on The Apprentice; how you got started, how, looking back, the experience treated you?Muna: Well, I guess my overall take on it was I went in with the idea that it would be a huge adventure, which is what it turned out to be.  The highs are very high and the lows are well, you know, not so pleasant.  But overall I really thought that it was a remarkable experience, down to the very last second.  I don’t know if I could have asked for a better Boardroom, you know, all things considered.  If Mr. Trump is giving you a compliment on your way out, there are worse things in life. Read more »
The Apprentice has another new episode tonight and I‘m going to be putting forth my quick thoughts while watching the episode.  Tomorrow, we‘ll have an interview with whoever ends up getting fired tonight.  The final three Kinetic members enjoy a beer after Muna‘s termination.  Arrow also enjoys some beers. Nicole dubs herself, Frank and Tim “the three musketeers”.  Hardly. Trump calls James on Arrow and tells him to pick one of his team members to send over to the decimated Kinetic.  After a long spiel rationalizing his decision, he chooses Nicole to head over to Kinetic.   Read more »
Former Olympic gold medalist Angela Ruggiero was fired by Donald Trump on last night‘s episode of The Apprentice: LA.  Although Angela appeared to be in The Donald‘s favor for most of the season, she could not lead Team Kinetic to victory in last night‘s task, and Trump had no one else to blame.Angela is currently training for the Hockey World Championships with the US National Team, but she took some time off practice to talk with us earlier today about her time on The Apprentice. Read more »
One of my biggest pet peeves on reality television shows is the obsession with manufacturing love stories.  On shows like Survivor and The Apprentice, I could not care less about an innocent make out session between contestants (unless it‘s an unfathomably good pull by a guy, which never happens; for instance, wouldn‘t it have been great if if Crazy Billy Garcia actually got it on with Candice on Survivor last season...or maybe it just would‘ve been gross, I don‘t know).  The perfect example of overplaying a love story is occurring as we speak on The Apprentice: LA, with quasi-love interests Tim Urban and Nicole D‘Ambrosio taking over the show.   Read more »
Tim Urban was eliminated from The Apprentice: LA tonight, ending the Tim and Nicole saga one and for all.  And, unfortunately, Tim‘s relationship with Nicole may have been the impetus for Tim‘s firing.  The task tonight involved making an advertisement in the LA Times for a new mouthwash called SmartMouth.  Team Arrow decided to use regular people as their models for the ad, which ended up being a little bit confusing.  Team Kinetic, which is now comprised of three ladies, decided to pose for their ad themselves.  It worked out, and they won the task. Read more »
As we reported in February, World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon put his hair on the line over a bet to shave his head with The Apprentice‘s Donald Trump. That’s exactly what happened on Sunday’s Wrestlemania 23 at the Ford Field in Detroit. McMahon, who picked the wrestler Umaga as his representative, lost to Trump, who was represented by wrestler Bobby Lashley. And as a result of Trump’s victory, Trump joyfully sheared McMahon’s head. The bet is actually a result of a string of misdemeanors and bold comments from both McMahon and Trump. To put an end to the battle of the billionaires, both parties agreed to settle on a wrestling match, each picking a wrestler to represent them in the ring. The loser would have their head shaved by the winner. Read more »
In the second surprise double firing on The Apprentice: LA season, Donald Trump fired Heidi Androl and then, in quick succession, showed Kristine Lefebvre the door.  Prior to the task, The Donald informed the six remaining contestants that there would no longer be any sleeping in tents and that there would be no more project managers.  Trump told everyone that for their next task, they would need to pair up into three teams of two.The three new teams were Stefani and James, Frank and Heidi, and Kristine and Nicole.  The task for the episode had the contestants fly to Las Vegas and put together an advertising campaign for one of Trump‘s new buildings.  The Donald and his son would be the judge, jury and executioners on the task.  I always like when they do that, because a lot of the executives they bring in to subjectively judge a task seem to be in over their heads.  Read more »
Last night‘s The Apprentice: LA saw the ending of the on-air Tim/Nicole romance.  Tim Urban was fired, but his time with Nicole did not end when he walked out of that boardroom.  As you can read in the below interview, Tim and Nicole are still together, nine months later.  Tim was kind enough to stop by and speak with us at BuddyTV earlier today.Both the transcript of the interview, as well as the audio, can be found below. Read more »
The first contestant fired in last night‘s double firing on The Apprentice: LA, was Heidi Androl, an early favorite to win the whole thing.  Heidi had impressed audiences and Trump alike throughout the season with her assertiveness and leadership abilities, but nothing could save her from a disastrous advertising presentation on last night‘s show.  Heidi, who sells helicopter filtration systems by day, took time out her schedule to speak with us about her time on the show.Both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio can be found below. Read more »
Last night, Kristine Lefebvre received perhaps the most abrupt firing in the history of The Apprentice.   After enduring a shouting match between Frank and Heidi, Trump fired Heidi and then immediately turned to Kristine and fired her.  Without a chance to defend herself, Kristine was fired for printing a seemingly wrong phone number on her team‘s brochure.  That‘s just one of the many subjects we touch on in our interview with Kristine, which also includes her view of Trump‘s obsession with Nicole.You can find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of the interview below. Read more »
The Apprentice: LA comes into tonight with only four remaining contestants.  James Sun is my favorite to win it all, although I do think that Trump has a certain affection for Frank and that, in a practical sense, Trump could put Frank on one of his construction sites and be happy about it.  We shall see.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode. James is proud of himself after his performance from last week.  Everyone pats themselves on the back. Read more »
Although Kristine Lefebvre, former participant on the reality show The Apprentice was eliminated on April 8, she remains to be in the limelight with a new project. "The Schmoozer" has landed a gig with Playboy, gracing the pages of the popular magazine’s June 2007 issue. Lefebvre, a 37-year old native of Frankfurt, Germany, presently handles sports and entertainment licensing at a renowned law firm. She became part of The Apprentice Season 6 where she was fired by Donald Trump for getting a phone number wrong. Read more »
The Apprentice: LA live finale is tonight, and there‘s really no favorite, as far as I can tell.  I don‘t think Nicole is going to win, she shouldn‘t, but the other three all seem to have a good chance.  Mostly, I think it depends on the type of person that Trump wants to hire.  If he wants someone solid, he‘ll likely go with Stefani.  If he wants someone to put on a construction site to get things done, he‘ll hire Frank.  If he wants someone person-friendly, creative, and energetic he‘ll go with James.So, we‘re live from the Hollywood Bowl.  Well, not live for me, since I‘m watching the west coast feed.  It‘s an outdoor venue, and it‘s all somewhat ridiculous.  Ivanka and Don Trump join The Donald.  Read more »
On last night‘s live finale of The Apprentice: LA, Stefani Schaeffer was not fired.  After a long, nine-month deliberation, Donald Trump decided to hire the 32-year old defense attorney from LA.  This was a somewhat surprising result considering what viewers had seen throughout the season.  Stefani didn‘t get a whole lot of screen time, so it was really impossible to make a judgment either way.  However, in the last couple episodes Stefani showed her capabilities as a leader and creative person, obvisouly impressing Trump enough to offer Stefani a salary of 250k to become his next Apprentice.  Stefani spoke with us this morning about her time on the show.Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of our interview.  Read more »
Aimee Trottier became the sixth casualty from The Apprentice this season, a result of her team‘s inability to win a task involving a Priceline prize giveaway at an LA area mall.  Aimee was the Project Manager and she just couldn‘t seem to get the rest of her teammates to work hard.   Aimee took time out of her busy schedule earlier today to speak with us here at BuddyTV about her time in the mansion, how her teammates gave up on her, and what you don‘t get to see in the boardroom. Can you tell me how you got involved with The Apprentice?  How were you cast?Since Season 1 it was just something that I really wanted to do, and I held out for a while just because I was very busy in my professional as well as personal life and the timing was finally right last year.  So, I showed up to NBC Tower in Chicago and went through the very long and arduous six-step process to be on The Apprentice and here I am.  Read more »
Aimee Trottier, whose leadership skills were questioned last week for Team Kinetic, was given her walking papers by The Donald on The Appretice tonight.  The task on tonight‘s episode was simple enough: get as many mall customers as you could to sign up for a Priceline sweepstakes give-away.  Team Kinetic‘s defeat seemed to hinge on their inability to communicate with the mall‘s significant Spanish-speaking populace.  Unfortunately, they targeted the Hispanic mall-goers too late, and ended up getting less sign-ups than Team Arrow, who utilized mall TV screens to publicize the sweepstakes.  Surya performed well as Project Manager for Team Arrow, although his teammates felt he was a little too serious at times.The other big storyline of tonight‘s Apprentice was the continued escalation of the Nicole/Tim  relationship. Read more »
For those paying attention to this season‘s version of The Apprentice, you know that one of the contestants is a former Olympic gold medalist.  Angela Ruggiero was a member of the 1998, 2002, and 2006 USA Women‘s Hockey teams and she that took home the gold medal in 1998.  An impressive feat, to be sure, but has The Donald given Angela preferential treatment as a result?  It sure looks that way.It started from the very first episode when Trump was introduced to the contestants.  When Angela was introduced, he skipped the typical handshake and gave her a big old Trump bear hug.  He applauded Angela on her Olympic history, and made a big production of the whole thing.  Nothing egregious here, but it was just the first example of Trump‘s favoritism. Read more »
After five seasons in Trump‘s Manhattan lair, The Apprentice moved west to Los Angeles where the contestants could get their fill of Hollywood and movie stars and smog and silicon chests and, as it turns out, camping.  The new “twist” placed on the Apprentices by Trump and god-like executive producer Mark Burnett separated the winning and losing teams after each task: the winners received a life of luxury in a Hollywood Hills mansion, while the losers camped in tents outside the mansion.  A large hedge separated the two teams, but the losers were able to watch the winners lounge by the pool.  Read more »
After the controversial exchange of rants of The Apprentice’s Donald Trump and The View’s Rosie O’Donnell, another controversy surfaced the news. This time it involved a framed set of undergarments worn by O’Donnell in the 1994 movie Exit to Eden.According to E! News, Trump got the girdle-like garment from a fan that purchased it at a charity auction and had it sent to the real estate tycoon. Trump explained to the New York Post, “I sent it to Barbara [Walters] to hang in her office because I didn‘t want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It‘s disgusting. I feel sorry for [Rosie‘s] wife. It can‘t be pleasant." Read more »
NBC has already released its new 2007-08 primetime lineup that features five new dramas and a variety of fresh reality programs. However, The Apprentice is not included on the network’s upcoming roster.Although The Apprentice is excluded on NBC’s announcement, it doesn’t imply that the Donald Trump’s show will be coming to an end. "We haven‘t made a decision [yet]," NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly has told reporters in a press conference. "Donald [Trump] still wants to do it, [The Apprentice executive producer] Mark [Burnett] wants to do it." Read more »
The Apprentice star and business mogul Donald Trump is currently developing a new reality show for the Fox Network. The series, which has been named Lady or a Tramp, will feature a group of girls who trade in their very active nightlife for a charm school crash course on how to become well-behaved women. Read more »
Business Mogul and The Apprentice Star Donald Trump is joining forces with MTV in developing a new reality series that will feature the day-to-day lives of Trump’s beauty pageant winners. The show, which will be called Pageant Place, will reportedly have Trump acting like a den mother to the girls in show, one of who is former Miss USA Tara Conner, who was almost dethroned last year. Some months after winning the crown, Conner reportedly tested positive for cocaine use. A few days after the reports surfaced, a press conference was held, during which it was announced that Conner would be going into rehab for her alcohol problem. Read more »
In a surprise move, sources are telling TVGuide that NBC will renew The Apprentice for at least one more season.  Supposedly, NBC will make this announcement at the Television Critics Association press tour on July 16.  Over the past two weeks, the word on the street had hinted that this might be the case and that The Apprentice may return despite NBC leaving it off its schedule.  In fact, Trump had stated in late May that he was moving on from The Apprentice to a different reality TV venture.  Now, it looks like The Donald has changed his tune.  Read more »
Donald Trump, real-estate mogul and star of NBC‘s The Apprentice, is set to release a new book in the fall, and according to the publisher, readers can expect more than just business advice from his latest writing venture. "Think Big and Kick Butt in Business and Life [explains] how and why one has to be aggressive in business and in life in order to succeed on both levels," Collins, a division of the HarperCollins publishing company, said in a statement issued last week. Read more »
Some businessmen golf in the spare time.  Some check their stock portfolio.  Some even travel.  Donald Trump starts public celebrity feuds.  Perhaps his most well known work was his no holds barred war of words with former View co-host Rosie O‘Donnell.  After she left the show, he took on Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  Now, Trump‘s latest target is the Lohan family.  In a recent interview with the New York Post, Trump said of Lindsay, "Find what you love doing (other than drugs and alcohol), work hard, stay focused, get a new set of parents - then join me on Celebrity Apprentice, which is shooting soon.  I‘ll keep you straight!"Dina Lohan, Lindsay‘s mom, wasted no time responding to Trump‘s verbal lashing, releasing a statement to Access Hollywood that stated, "Donald, I‘m really disappointed in the statement that was brought to my attention from the New York Post.  I‘ve always had a great admiration for your business sense and I‘ve read all your books and learned from them!  Your own brother died of alcoholism and you own Trump Vodka?  You say Lindsay needs new parents?  Such a rash statement without backing it wtih fact." Read more »
Donald Trump isn‘t avoiding the tabloid stands when choosing contestants for his upcoming Celebrity Apprentice.   The Donald says he is after high-profile party girls Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. Trump referred to each of the infamous burn outs as “[bleeping] messes” when he discussed their potential appearance on the show. Read more »
Bill Rancic, first winner of The Apprentice, has had a good couple of weeks.  Last weekend, Rancic married E! News co-host Giuliana DePandi and this week NBC announces that he‘ll be hosting a new daytime talk show on the Peacock.  The show, called In the Loop with iVillage, will be co-hosted by fellow Apprentice: Season 1 contestant Ereka Vetrini and actress Kim Coles (In Living Color).  In the Loop with iVillage is a new and improved version of iVillage Live, a talk show NBC aired last season, which filmed at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read more »
Since The Apprentice L.A. declared Stefani Schaeffer its winner last season, many of the former candidates have gone on to bigger and better things.  It seemed season 6 would be the last, but a month ago NBC announced they would try for lucky seven.  However, it came with a twist.  Trump would be looking to have all celebrities compete.  None have been announced yet.  We caught up with some former L.A. cast members to see what they‘re up to and what they have to say about the upcoming season.Carey Sherrell went down in Apprentice history for getting fired because of a bathing suit.  Since his infamous appearance on the show, he has flown all over the country, speaking at various gay and lesbian organizations.  Regarding the swimsuit battle with Trump, Sherrell says, "I actually launched my own swimsuit line, Blue Motion Squared.  It‘s been the coolest thing ever.  I was just mentioned on Rosie O‘Donnell‘s blog last week."  When asked about the upcoming celebrity Apprentice, Sherrell laughs, "That sounds like a disaster!  I can‘t even imagine who they‘re going to get.  If a show can bomb worse than the L.A. edition, this would be it." Read more »
Rosie O‘Donnell, former co-host on The View and holder of strong opinions, has a book coming out on October 2 called “Celebrity Detox”.  From what anyone can tell, the book is a memoir about O‘Donnell‘s struggle to deal with the fame that comes with being someone like Rosie O‘Donnell.  Apparently, O‘Donnell has gone through some tough times over the last few years.  One reason: Donald Trump.  Some passages from O‘Donnell‘s book concern The Donald, and fortunately for anyone who cares, these passages have leaked.  Rosie O‘Donnell‘s prose is interesting, to say the least.  Here are a couple excerpts from Rosie‘s book about The Apprentice‘s Donald Trump.  Read more »
Charisma Carpenter is geek TV royalty for her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Veronica Mars.  She‘s taken on vampires and monsters and whatnot, but nothing will be as scary as her next task: taking on The Donald.  Carpenter, according to TV Guide, is set to join the cast of The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.  Initially, NBC had decided to effectively cancel Donald Trump‘s reality franchise but, at the last minute, new NBC President Kevin Reilly decided the network could make a place for The Apprentice.  This became The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, in which celebrities will compete for charity.  Keep in mind, NBC has yet to make any official casting announcements, but TV Guide is usually spot on. Read more »
CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL CAST LIST FOR CELEBRITY APPRENTICEI‘m a Donald Trump apologist.  Let‘s get that out of the way.  I know there are a lot of you out there who actively despise the man as a symbol of American greed, a real-life Scrooge McDuck, someone who has shamelessly turned his family name into a brand.  That is all valid.  But, to his credit, the man is larger than life.  His antics on The Apprentice have always been a little ridiculous, and although The Apprentice was supposed to be about Trump hiring a great employee to help out his company, it was clear to anyone watching that The Donald always had ulterior motives.  He was selling the Trump product through the guise of a job search.  Which was fine, because The Apprentice was a fun show and the contestants, for the most part, really wanted a job in the Trump organization.  The celebrity edition changes everything. Read more »
CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL CAST LIST FOR CELEBRITY APPRENTICENBC’s renewal of The Apprentice comes with a star-studded twist.  In an attempt to bring forth a high-profile competition within an innovative series, Donald Trump has cooked up a celebrity version of the business-oriented reality show."It‘s always good to be in business with Mark Burnett and Donald Trump," NBC Co-Chairman Ben Silverman said.  "I am so excited to offer viewers what promises to be the most explosive version of The Apprentice that anyone has seen." Read more »