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It‘s lucky number season 13 for The Celebrity Apprentice and they‘ve decided to commemorate that milestone by doing a loose interpretation of an All-Star season. I say that because there are very few actual all-stars included and maybe even a few are barely even celebrities to begin with. Read more »
Last week on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump sexually harassed no less than a dozen women and emasculated several men so, you know, business as usual.  Read more »
Every show has a shelf life. Much like the yogurt in my refrigerator, there are a ton of TV shows, both scripted and reality, that have long passed their expiration dates. Here are 10 reality shows that are starting to sour or are simply down right rancid.  Read more »
Three episodes into All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, we are down two rock stars, but there‘s still Gary Busey (who played a rock star once), so I guess he kind of counts? Read more »
We‘re one step closer to having a complete list of season finale dates for all of our favorite network TV shows now that NBC has made it official. There‘s a wide range, starting at the end of March with Whitney and going all the way until the latter half of June with The Voice and Hannibal. Read more »
Welcome, friends. Let us suffer through another Omarosa-ridden episode after LaToya Jackson made one of the dumbest decisions in the history of the Apprentice boardrooms and now we must all suffer. Read more »
Well here we are again, in the same situation as last week. And by that I mean that Omarosa is still here because of one her teammate‘s doormat personalities. And she is feeling quite pleased with herself for surviving the last few weeks, as if she deserves any of the credit, and the blame doesn‘t rest completely on the stupidity of LaToya and Claudia. Read more »
It‘s Day One of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice as far as I‘m concerned now that Medusa Omarosa is gone. And of course, everyone is just as happy to see she was fired as the viewers are.  Read more »
Once upon a last week, the Celebrity Apprentice was only an hour. Those days are long gone and we have two hours to experience every Gary Busey outburst and every Marilu Henner memory tic. Yay? Read more »
Last week, we were happy to see Stephen Baldwin fired, but this week we are dealing with the consequences of still having Gary Busey around. And if you weren‘t already convinced that he is just plain bananas, this episode must have certainly changed your mind.  Read more »
So far this season on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, there have been quite a few at least semi-qualified celebrities fired. Bret Michaels, a former Celebrity Apprentice champ was fired as a result of Omarosa‘s manipulation. Capable celebs like Dee Snider and, surprisingly enough, Brande Roderick fell victim to being Project Managers at the wrong time that resulted in their termination. Read more »
All hail reality TV gods! Gary Busey has finally been fired, and not only that, but all of the contestants left are actually capable (and dare I say likable?) human beings with the ability to win it all. Read more »
It‘s the final four of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, and you gotta admit that this might be one of the strongest final fours of the show. But Lisa Rinna, Penn Jillette, Lil Jon and Trace Adkins barely have time to celebrate before Donald Trump‘s professional fem-bot assistant Amanda tells them all to meet back in the boardroom. Read more »
NBC is the first network to officially announce its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and it involves a lot of changes. Revolution is moving to Wednesdays, Chicago Fire is moving to Tuesdays and Parenthood is moving to Thursdays.  Read more »
This announcement doesn‘t come as a surprise: NBC has renewed three of its dramas -- Grimm, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD -- for the 2014-15 season.Grimm, a reliable show for NBC on Friday nights, is being renewed for season 4. There wasn‘t really any doubt about the fantasy drama‘s future because if networks renew a show for a third season, it‘s highly likely they‘ll do the same for a fourth for syndication purposes. Read more »
The Television Critics Association press tour is currently underway, and NBC has announced renewals for its summer reality shows.America‘s Got Talent will return next summer for season 10, Last Comic Standing for season 9 and American Ninja Warrior for season 4. Read more »
Emmy Award-winning comedian Joan Rivers has died at the age of 81.The comic went in for throat surgery on her vocal chords on August 28, but stopped breathing during the procedure and was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital. She was considered to be in critical condition (and reportedly went into cardiac arrest), but that status changed to stable not long after arriving. Read more »
It‘s finally time for Donald Trump to fire his last all-star and, more important, give either Penn Jillette or Trace Adkins the bragging rights of being the first All-Star Celebrity Apprentice winner and receiving an additional $250,000 for their charity. Read more »