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This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the groups are to create a 15-minute show for Medieval Times that will be performed in front of a live audience. The audience will vote for the winner and the winning project manager will win $40,000 for his/her charity.Adam Carolla is absent for this episode, as he‘s hosting a wedding at his house. Read more »
These crazy housewives are always up to something crazy. Good thing we‘re here to keep track of all their shenanigans for you!  Read more »
On Saturday, March 3, the Internet was treated to a wonderful live-stream of a staged reading for 8, a new play about the trial over Prop 8. The play, which consists primarily of transcripts from the trial where Prop 8, California‘s ban on gay marriage, was overturned, was a sublime blend of drama, comedy and politics.  Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams have to create and execute a huge storefront window display with Ivanka Trump‘s new clothing collection (gee, how convenient for her). Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams have to sell, sell, sell the Buick brand. Not only do they have to present the car and the brand in front of a live audience, they have to participate in a question and answer session.The episode ends when Donald Trump gets irked and ends up firing TWO people! Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the two teams have to create a viral video for a product -- a mop -- that they approach in completely opposite ways. Meanwhile, Clay steps up for Lou, who‘s the project manager, and the women continue to be catty with Tia at the helm. Read more »
Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey fame has been keeping relatively low-key on this season of Celebrity Apprentice. But the Donald himself is saying that her under-the-radar strategy won‘t last much longer.  Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the project manager match-up I hoped wouldn‘t happen did -- Aubrey vs. Clay. Of course, the losing project manager isn‘t necessarily the one who gets fired, but both of them bring an entertainment factor that I don‘t want gone. Read more »
This week‘s super-sized Celebrity Apprentice has three hours, two tasks, two firings. Oh, and the teams are switched up for the second task. Got all that? Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the aftermath of last week‘s ending when Aubrey goes missing leads Lisa to completely blow up on Arsenio. It‘s just uncomfortable to watch because when Lisa gets riled up, she doesn‘t just say her piece and have it be that -- she goes on an overdrawn tirade, and at this point, I‘m starting to tune her out. Read more »
Last night‘s Celebrity Apprentice featured a heated boardroom argument between Lou and Lisa after one supposedly called the other "a loser." Who knew the insult could set off such nastiness? Later, the losing team members defended their votes for who should be fired. For the full recap of the episode, click here. To watch the testy clips of the tension in the boardroom and the final firing, watch the clips below.  Read more »
Just when we thought Dayana Mendoza and Lisa Lampanelli were starting to get along (see Sunday‘s episode, when the latter focused her zingers on Lou Ferrigno), Lampanelli proves us wrong. The outspoken "Queen of Mean" comedian discussed her "nemesis" on Sirius XM last week, using a racial slur to demean her Celebrity Apprentice castmate.  Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, with the team of Lisa, Penn and Dayana (Forte) down to three, Clay is moved over to join them for the latest task -- create, design and execute a puppet/improv show. Lisa volunteers as project manager for Forte -- she says she‘s the only one who hasn‘t won a task -- while Paul bites the bullet for Forte, albeit very reluctantly. Read more »
The weeks are numbered as we count down to the May 20 finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, and that means more drama as the seven remaining celebrities get closer to the grand prize (a $250,000 bonus check to their designated charity). In the upcoming episode "Winning by a Nose," the celebrities are tasked with creating a display and slogan for Donald Trump‘s new fragrance, "Success." As some spoilers about the episode have been released, read on only if you don‘t mind spoiling some (but not all) of the drama in this week‘s episode!  Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, it‘s all about Trump‘s success -- his new fragrance, that is, called "Success by Trump." The two teams have to create a fragrance display that they‘ll design and execute from start to finish. Read more »
This week‘s Buddy Bites includes a controversial casting scoop, an exciting new series and a bunch of baby news. Read on to find out more. Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the three-person teams have to write, create and perform a 90-second jingle for a roadside assistance company in front of a live audience. Before any brainstorming begins, Dayana -- who‘s the project manager, no less -- wonders how a jingle is different than "Jingle All the Way," the Christmas carol. You can probably see how this ends. Read more »
It‘s been a pretty entertaining season of The Celebrity Apprentice, as our favorite (or not so favorite) celebrities battle each other in competitions to raise money for their charities and be given the winning title. Much of the show‘s appeal comes in the form of screaming matches, fights and name-calling, and this season has been no different.  Read more »
Five will become three after Sunday‘s double firing on The Celebrity Apprentice. In "Blown Away," the teams have to create a print ad for a hair dryer, with Teresa Guidice as the project manager for Unanimous and Lisa Lampanelli as the Forte project manager. Lisa only has Clay as a team member, while Teresa has Aubrey and Arsenio. Here‘s how the different scenarios could play out on Sunday: Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, it‘s double trouble with two firings, but it‘s not quite what you think! But let‘s start with the week‘s task, about creating a four-page print ad for a quiet, touch-screen hair dryer. Teresa and Lisa are the two project managers. Read more »
For the past few weeks, Sundays have been all about Teresa Giudice. In addition to starring in her claim-to-fame reality show Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa was smooth-talking her way to Donald Trump‘s heart on the Celebrity Apprentice. Sadly, her stint on the Celebrity Apprentice has come to an end with her being fired, but RHONJ is just heating up.  Read more »
It‘s almost hard to believe that about 14 weeks ago, 18 celebrities were vying for the title of The Celebrity Apprentice. I mean, do you remember Tia Carrere and Adam Carolla? Yeah, neither do I. And who thought after two weeks that Dayana Mendoza and Teresa Giudice would last as long as they did? Through all the competitions, the boardrooms, the money and yes, the fighting, these three celebs have at least maintained their consistency and are one step closer to the money for their charity and ultimate bragging rights. But who will be the last celebrity standing? Let‘s see what each has to offer:  Read more »
The summer‘s most ridiculous new dating game show has a cast, and it‘s so wonderfully absurd. When FOX‘s Voice-esque dating game show, The Choice, premieres on Thursday, June 7 at 9pm, it will bring some rather notable stars. According to EW, celebrities like Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will be looking for love.  Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the episode picks up where it left off last week -- a second firing after Lisa was sent home last week. And really, Donald Trump wastes no time in letting go ... Aubrey! Wow, the two remaining women fired just like that. Trump cites her transparency that was brought up during her interview, and also her inexperience/age compared to Arsenio and Clay.So there you go, it‘s Arsenio and Clay battling it out in the finals. May the best man win! Read more »
Arsenio Hall or Clay Aiken -- who will be crowned The Celebrity Apprentice? About three months ago, the comedian and the singer began the show with 16 other celebrities. Now Arsenio and Clay are the last two standing, and they‘ve managed to forge a bromance in the process. Each finalist has showcased his individual strengths, as well as some not-so-great moments on the show. Let‘s take a look back on the final two‘s journeys, from their worst to their best moments this season.  Read more »
It‘s nearly time for The Celebrity Apprentice finale and the two finalists Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall sat down with Entertainment Weekly‘s InsideTV to record a podcast, where they mainly discussed their fellow competitors - Dayana, Penn, Lisa and, of course, Aubrey O‘Day. Though neither one knows who will win (the finale revealing the winner will be live), it seems the two have such strong friendship, they were more interested in discussing their experiences on the show than undermining their competition. Read on for some highlights and then watch the video preview for the finale on Sunday, May 20 at 9pm on NBC.  Read more »
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump names a winner. But getting there is (and has been) a long road. Last we left the two finalists, Clay upset Debbie and Arsenio had what could be a disaster on his hands. Read more »
It‘s only been a few days since Arsenio Hall was crowned the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice, but there‘s already buzz about a possible new talk show in the works for the comedian.  Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
While famous people may go on The Celebrity Apprentice to raise money for their charities, the show can also revive their professional careers--see Arsenio Hall, who is officially returning to late-night TV, a month after having won the Trump reality series (edging out Clay Aiken in a close battle of bromance).  Read more »
Hiatus-shmiatus! While most other TV stars are taking the summer off, these Real Housewives keep hustling. Here‘s what they‘ve been up to lately.  Read more »
NBC has announced its plans for 2013, and things are changing in a big way. Smash is moving to Tuesday nights, The Voice and Revolution will be off until the end of March and Community will return to its original time slot, Thursdays at 8pm.  Read more »
I hope you like to laugh. Because that‘s what TV has in store for us this fall. NBC is the first major network to announce its schedule for Fall 2012, and comedy is everywhere. Check out the full schedule here! Read more »