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Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.Reality TV has always been a home for some very odd people, but now more than ever it seems like absolute crazy people are filling the airwaves, and I‘m not just talking about Charlie Sheen. Reality shows are all featuring crazy stars, and those certifiably insane people are the ones everyone‘s talking about.  Read more »
Now that The Bachelor is finally over for the season, I needed some new reality crazy in my life, so I tuned in to The Celebrity Apprentice last night, and all I can say is: WHY DIDN‘T ANYONE TELL ME SOONER THAT THIS SEASON IS SO BATSH*T AWESOME?! (OK, maybe people did, including my buddy Jen. But I was too busy watching Brad‘s ladies weep in limos until now.)I may be tardy to the party, but I‘m not missing out anymore. So let this be a lesson to all my fellow late-bloomers out there, and an e-high-five to those of you who were in on it from the beginning: This season is even better than that season when Hershel Walker was constantly screaming "SHUT IT, TOM!" at Tom Green. And that was great. I still quote it to this day (to people who have no idea what I‘m talking about, usually).Thankfully, it‘s never too late to watch Gary Busey drop his cramazing knowledge bombs all over the place. No prior knowledge necessary (because it never makes sense)! In fact, the reason I now love this show can pretty much be boiled down to everything project manager Gary Busey said last night:  Read more »
"We lost against Gary Busey. Are you kidding me?"So says Nene Leaks in this preview for Sunday‘s all new Celebrity Apprentice, and we‘re just as shocked as she is, but much more delighted. The man is unpredictable, and that‘s a recipe for reality TV gold.It seems that, validated by his challenge win last week, when he acted as project manager (and said some INSANE things in the process!), Gary Busey will continue to be the star of his team, this time by acting in their 30-second commercial. And in Busey Land,  30 seconds is more than enough time to do something completely nuts, if you get my drift ... Read more »
Last night on The Celebrity Apprentice, Team Backbone beat Team A.S.A.P. for the third week in a row, this time by winning over a crowd of investors with a 30-second spot for ACN‘s new videophone. When he presented the commercial to the audience, director and project manager Lil Jon said that they could easily make this their Super Bowl commercial (if they had one), and that it was sure to go "viral." I agree that the commercial has "viral" written all over it, but not for the same reason that Jon said, which was that it was "cool." I think it could go viral because it is TERRIFYING. Beyond the gross, incongruously homophobic message ("A man marrying another man? That‘s outrageous! How non-traditional and strange ... Now buy this crazy, futuristic phone!"), out of the context of the show, the commercial plays out like a celebrity-Mad-Lib-inspired, Inception-style nightmare. And a poorly acted one at that. What ELSE but a scary sleepytime dream would cast Gary Busey as your crack-addicted grandpa, Jose Canseco as your effeminate gay Latin lover, and Lil Jon as your brain‘s narrator? They could throw in a talking giraffe and move the setting to the Moon, because it already makes no sense.Forget about The Apprentice and the challenge for a minute, and just watch this video with a clean mental slate. It‘s so much more fun:  Read more »
In a real sleeper-cell move, The Celebrity Apprentice has somehow become my favorite, unmissable TV show of the season. I guess I shouldn‘t be surprised, though. Gary Busey‘s brain alone is enough to entertain me forever. Then, throw in Lil Jon, La Toya Jackson, Nene Leaks and Meat Loaf, and I‘ll gleefully watch them do anything, because it‘s bound to be insane. It just so happens they‘re using than insanity to earn money for charity!Next week, it‘s the confrontation we‘ve all been waiting for (since we found out it was happening last week): The Meat Loaf vs. Gary Busey Battle. And boy oh boy, it‘s even more intense than we thought. Check out these clips from the showdown -- or rather, from Meat Loaf‘s seemingly spontaneous scream-fest over a bunch of sponges.Plus: More clips from Sunday night‘s art auction episode, including La Toya Jackson‘s special donation of a signed Michael shirt, Lil Jon and Mark McGrath‘s recon mission, a glimpse at the women‘s sad attempts at artwork, and John Rich‘s richy-rich project management strategy. Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.If you watched reality TV last week, you may have been surprised more than usual by some of the eliminations. There were twists, shocks, upsets and some very confusing results on three of America‘s top reality shows.  Read more »
Seriously? In a statement sure to win him the support of ... ummm... I‘m sure there‘s someone ... Donald Trump has lashed out against Bill Cosby.  Read more »
Last night on Celebrity Apprentice, when we weren‘t watching the women do impressions of La Toya Jackson, all eyes (and brains) were on Gary Busey, as he led the men‘s team to chaotic, embarrassing failure after their Omaha Steaks presentation failed to sizzle. [SPOILER ALERT] His failure to manage time, manage the menu and manage his teammates -- who begged anyone who‘d listen to get them away from Gary -- eventually led The Donald to do what he couldn‘t do last week: he fired The Busey. And so the crazy quotes were snatched from our Sunday nights.At the top of the episode, country star John Rich told Busey he‘d almost figured him out: "You‘re either crazy, or you‘re a saboteur. And I don‘t think you‘re actually crazy." Gary responded by saying he was neither, but then went on to tell the camera that he‘d been intentionally hiding his "focus" from Team Backbone, that he was "subtle and mysterious," and that was all "part of [his] art." Then he hissed at the camera and called it his "impression" of a cat, effectively undermining any credibility he‘d just established.  Read more »
I spend enough time knee-deep in ridiculous celebrity gossip that I‘ve learned how to laugh off most of it. But truthfully, this whole thing about Donald Trump running for President profoundly disturbs me. As you probably know, apparently unfulfilled by his riches and reality TV stardom, The Donald has been throwing around the idea of running for the big office for a few months now. Politics aside, his regular appearances on The Apprentice as an unquestionably bossy, bull-headed, greedy, tactless megalomaniac are enough to make this a horrifying prospect to me, though (I‘d like to think) an unrealistic one. But lately Trump has really ramped up the pre-presidential blathering, spouting off new (to him) hyper-conservative viewpoints to back up his hopeful candidacy for the Republican Party. The once pro-choice, pro-gay rights mogul now staunchly claims to be pro-life and anti-gay marriage, as well as the latest fervent researcher into the whole "Obama was born in Kenya" birther thing. And he can‘t keep his story straight--probably because he doesn‘t actually believe what he claims to believe today.  Read more »
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The most important day in the history of civilization is upon us, at least that‘s what I assume based on the media coverage. Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding is scheduled for Friday, April 29 at 11am London time (that‘s 6am ET and 3am PT, if you‘re interested in).  Read more »
Over here on the West Coast, we didn‘t get to experience the delicious irony of Celebrity Apprentice being interrupted by President Obama‘s press conference about the death of Osama bin Laden (subtext essentially being, "Suck on THAT, Trump!"), but we did get to witness the uninterrupted glory of NeNe Leakes‘ epic meltdown, which contained some irony of its own -- mainly that, while Star and NeNe battled over who could look worse in front of The Donald, in the end it was a silent contestant named "Hope" who lost. By that point, I‘d almost lost hope that the fight would ever end.Fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta are well aware that when NeNe erupts, she goes all the way. Past the point of maintaining composure, and sometimes past the point of even making sense with the words she is saying. After weeks of built-up frustration and animosity between them, NeNe erupted on Star like a volcano made of pissed-off sass, yelling in Star‘s face at the beginning of the episode and later in the boardroom that Star was a manipulator, a puppet-master and just an all-around bully who would "chop off your head to win." It was intense. It rarely made sense. It was glorious! Watch:  Read more »
Our long national nightmare is over: Donald Trump is not running for president. The Celebrity Apprentice head honcho was originally going to announce his decision on this Sunday‘s finale, but instead he revealed his future at today‘s NBC upfront presentation.The news comes one day after NBC president Robert Greenblatt announced that if Trump ran for president, he‘d be fired and the network would find a new person to run the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom.  Read more »
These days, strong female characters dominate our television sets. But sometimes they go a little too far. There are bad girls we love, and there are those we just love to hate. On today‘s quiz, we‘re bringing you ten of TV‘s most cunning and manipulative ladies who have made a mark on our lives. We can‘t help but look up to them despite their ties to drugs, alcohol, sex and well, narcissism.   Read more »
Now that filming has begun, the full cast list of Celebrity Apprentice season 5 has been pretty fully confirmed, and the list tells us one thing for sure: This season may not have a Gary Busey, but it definitely will not lack for its own entertaining personalities.A race car driver, a real housewife, a magician, plus multiple comedians, singers, models and actors have signed on to duke it out, corporate-style, for charity cash. And the newest hires at Trump Enterprises are...  Read more »