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After three seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump is switching things up and going old school Apprentice-style. However, in this the 10th season of The Apprentice, there is a twist! Instead of having d-list celebrities and eager young professionals as contestants, Trump is smiling upon victims of the recession. This season it‘s all about second chances. Tonight, sixteen candidates will bust their butts to prove to Trump that they have what it takes to become the next Apprentice. As usual, candidates will compete in a 13-week job interview, and try to avoid hearing Trump declare his now trademarked catchphrase: "You‘re Fired!"  Read more »
This season of The Apprentice promises to have some serious head-to-head matchups. Sixteen contestants are all vying for a shot to work alongside the master. Last night‘s premiere didn‘t waste any time setting up the (hopefully) season-long rivalries. So far we have: Team Octane vs. Team Fortitude, Gene vs. David, Tyana vs. Everyone, and Trump vs. The Recession.In the premiere, the teams were assigned the challenge of designing and building an ultra-workspace. Gene, and his bowtie, stepped up to the plate as Project Manager for Octane, and the former Miss California, Nicole took on the PM role for Fortitude. The challenge seemed simple enough, but I was easily reminded that nothing is easy on The Apprentice when there are so many egos are involved. Read more »
The biggest gamble of the TV season has paid off. CBS decided to move its hit comedy The Big Bang Theory to Thursday to start a new night of comedy and try to steal the thunder from NBC‘s long-standing Must-See TV lineup.Mission accomplished.  Read more »
Who says Donald Trump is all business and no fun? Last night on The Apprentice, Trump reached a new level of awesome. During the initial boardroom meeting, before the winning team was even announced, Trump took the advice of Team Fortitude‘s PM Poppy, and fired Liza.Liza looked like she had seen a ghost. Trump then took a beat and said "I‘m only kidding." Liza tried to shrug it off but you could tell she had been shaken badly. The men laughed it off, probably because they thought they were safe. Read more »
If you are not watching this current season of The Apprentice (and ratings are proving you aren‘t) you are missing out on some pure reality TV gold. The show is back to its original glory and it is a shame that not enough people are tuning in. It‘s hard to remember that at one time, The Apprentice was one of the big-dog reality competition shows. The best part about The Apprentice has always been the candidates, and this season is no exception. We are only two episodes in and The Apprentice has itself a true diva. And no, I‘m not talking about Donald Trump. The narrative NBC has been trying to sell of good hard working people who‘ve fallen on difficult times is beginning to fade. The contestants true selves are emerging, they are out for blood, and the show is all the better because of it.  Read more »
Yesterday we told you that the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice begins filming next week in New York. Part of the cast has leaked and we found out that Mark McGrath, La Toya Jackson and Star Jones will all be vying for Trumps approval and to win their charities some sweet cash.Well now TMZ is reporting four more celebrities that have been cast to compete (for relevance again) on The Celebrity Apprentice. Trump has smiled upon: crunk fueled rapper Lil John; former MLB star (and admitted roider) Jose Canseco; supermodel Niki Taylor; and the original Survivor winner Richard Hatch. Read more »
With ratings for The Apprentice hemorrhaging, NBC and Donald Trump are getting desperate. That means it‘s time to shelve their dignity and start preparing for another season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the Donald has landed La Toya Jackson, Star Jones and Mark McGrath to be part of the cast for the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice which will start filming in New York next week.UPDATE: Four more cast members announced. Read the full story here.I‘m sure any day now the official cast list will be announced, but for now let‘s quickly play The Celebrity Apprentice dream casting game. Much like they way DWTS often misrepresents the word "star", the "celebrities" on the The Celebrity Apprentice are few and far in between. The show serves more like an episode of Hollywood Squares than anything else. However, it‘s still pretty fun to watch. Either way, both shows aren‘t the best barometer of celebrity. If your favorite star or celebrity gets cast on either DWTS or The Celebrity Apprentice, don‘t call it a comeback. Read more »
It‘s been a big week for The Apprentice, just not the current installment. Gossip blogs have been scouring the streets of New York trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrities who will be vying for Donald Trump‘s approval and money on the next season of The Celebrity Apprentice. According to Gossip Cop four more celebrities have signed on to play bringing our total to 12 contestants  The new crop of has-beens rumored to be cast include: "actress" Lisa Rinna; Playboy model Hope Dworazyk; rocker not entree Meatloaf; R&B legend Dionne Warwick; and former teen heartthrob David Cassidy.Read our take on Richard Hatch, Lil John, Niki Taylor, and Jose Canseco  Read more »