Articles for The Amazing Race Season 21

Eleven teams. Twelve legs. Nine countries. Two million dollars. Welcome to The Amazing Race!This season, the winners can double their winnings -- but only if they win the first and last legs of the race. Let‘s take a quick look at the teams: Read more »
This week on The Amazing Race, the teams take off for Indonesia pretty seamlessly -- except for only one couple that decide to take a different flight. Will the gamble pay off?There‘s more at stake this week: the Express Pass for the winning team. The only thing standing in the way? Bull racing, balloon popping, fish and 60 pounds of ice. In the midst of all this is two teams pairing up together for a super team of four. Read more »
This week on The Amazing Race, the teams continue along Indonesia -- a bit boringly -- where the name of the game is a balancing act, with a bunch of plates and a lion‘s head, and there‘s a U-Turn thrown into the mix. Will any team U-Turn another, anonymously? Along the way, a number of teams ban together to work, while one team would rather not follow the pack. Read more »
This week on The Amazing Race, the teams depart Indonesia for Bangladesh, where they will help refurbish a bus, pound metal or cotton or collect rats. In a move that surprises nobody, I‘m sure, the teachers struggle to complete all of their tasks. Will they slide through the pit stop just in time or is their time up? Read more »