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The Emmy Award-winning race is starting again! This time on The Amazing Race, Olympic snowboarders (Andy and Tommy), Survivor winners (Ethan and Jenna), and sailing record setters (Laurence and Zac) are competing! There‘s also engaged couple Ernie and Cindy, brother and sister Justin and Jennifer, married grandparents Bill and Cathi, who farm, and TWINS (remember that beer commercial?). The twins are named Liz and Marie. The classically good looking dating couple, Jeremy and Sandy, are in the race, along with domestic partners Tom and Bill (go gay couple!), NFL husband and wife Amani and Marcus, and showgirls Kaylani and Lisa filling the token hot team slot. The Express Pass is back, and goes to the first team to finish this leg. The first challenge is a word puzzle leading them to Taipei, Taiwan. The last team to finish this puzzle receives a new stumbling block: the Hazard. The teams rush toward the umbrellas to find ones with the right letters (T-A-I). The professional snowboarders Andy and Tommy are first to their cars, followed by Amani and Marcus. Read more »
This leg is a double elimination round, but it‘s also Bill and Cathi‘s second chance. As long as they don‘t come in last, or second-to-last after their Speed Bump, they‘re still in this. The teams start this crucial leg in Taipei. They are headed to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.All the teams are surprised to hear of the double elimination, except for Justin and Jennifer, who may not have read everything and might not know the actual meaning of sibling rivalry. Ethan and Jenna still seem to think their lives are a big secret to everyone. All the teams tie up at the airport, waiting on an 8:45 am flight. Everyone is excited to see that Bill and Cathi are still in this. Read more »
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We‘re two teams lighter for this leg of The Amazing Race in Indonesia. It‘s OK that Ethan and Jenna are gone, they were loaded down by their existing millions anyway. Did you know that the Dutch colonized Indonesia? I did not. Anyway, the teams will have to go on a Colonial, 1940‘s bike riding reenactment, courtesy of the Dutch.Sometimes I feel like The Amazing Race is all about the costumes. Colonial Andy and Tommy have a good time doing all these extraneous bike tricks. Ah, they‘re so cool and sexy. They‘re followed by Laurence and Zac, and showgirls Kaylani and Lisa. Ernie and Cindy depart fourth, and they are over-prepared because Cindy is an organizational freak. Read more »
The Amazing Race is in its 19th season, but still as fresh as ever. Even though CBS is keeping things interesting, there‘s no reason why we can‘t spice up our Sunday nights with a drinking game! (If you watch The Amazing Race at work the day after, it is not advisable that you play along while on the clock). You can, however, make up your own rules along with these. Waterfalls until Phil is finished explaining both Detours! Do a shot every time someone misses a flight! You‘re going to have a great time, and a horrible Monday morning.Take 1 Drink: Read more »
Last time, twins Liz and Marie just barely scraped by into eighth place, and Cathi fell down, but it was showgirls Kaylani and Lisa who were out. The Amazing Race teams are headed for Phuket, Thailand, which is pronounced poo-KET, even though it looks like it could be something naughty. Laurence pronounces it "Pucket," which is charming on him. Andy and Tommy find out that there‘s no direct flight to Phuket, so they go to Jakarta first, with Laurence and Zac in tow. I hope they‘re right. Are you drinking along tonight? Because the twins are already talking in unison, Andy and Tommy are extraordinarily relaxed, and Bill and Cathi are talking about their age!  Read more »
The current season of The Amazing Race is well underway, and thanks to a bunch of twists (the show‘s first double-elimination leg, for instance) and pretty strong teams (hello, Andy and Tommy) this season is shaping up to be a good watch.However, while we watch the show for the tasks and the drama, we also watch the show for the destinations -- we are all armchair travelers, after all -- and we have spoilers on where the race is headed next. You know, just in case you have a knack for organizing TAR viewing parties and want to plan as far ahead as possible. Goes without saying: The Amazing Race spoilers ahead!Read the latest The Amazing Race recap Read more »
So, the teams will leave the floating city in Thailand and travel by local taxi to the river. At the river, they will travel by elephant. They have $186 for this leg. The snowboarders, as usual, are first to do/succeed at everything. They reach the Road Block, which has them listening to flute music at a waterfall and searching for a clue bag in the water. Then, they head to a shop to disassemble a Spirit House.It‘s crucial to get the fastest elephant at this point in the game. An elephant that gets lost or goes the wrong way could cost any team the race. Just kidding, elephants are slow and difficult to ride.  Read more »