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An obvious first thought as I write this recap for The Amazing Race: the folks a Chile. A magnitude-8.8 earthquake, of course, struck the country yesterday, and I can‘t help but think about the beautiful sights we‘ve seen in the country in the first two legs of the race. I have no doubt the country can get back up on their feet: after all, fifty years ago, a magnitude-9 earthquake hit the country.What did the show do? A quick CBS Cares promo. For now, at least.  Read more »
This week‘s episode of The Amazing Race is a game-changer. At this point, you‘ll think that many things that we saw during the past legs are definites: the cowboys are first, the detectives are last, and there‘s nothing that will change it. Well, they haven‘t been to Germany.  Read more »
First, the good news: Jordan and Jeff weren‘t eliminated in last week‘s The Amazing Race, despite being last.The bad news: there is no bad news. So much for the metaphor.  Read more »
Let‘s begin this recap of The Amazing Race with a disclaimer: despite the fact that all the tasks this week involve champagne, nobody got drunk. Everything that happened here was because of human error, not because they were intoxicated or anything. I mean, really, I think nobody was allowed to drink the stuff!Tonight, we‘re headed to the French region of Champagne-Ardenne, which--as the name obviously suggests--is where champagne is made. And, as I mentioned a few days ago, if it‘s not from that region, it‘s just sparkling wine.  Read more »
It‘s a breakthrough of sorts on The Amazing Race this week. For one, they‘re all flying to Seychelles for the first time in the show‘s history--and it‘s worth the wait. It is, as Dan and Jordan called it, "tropical, beautiful, paradise Africa." Also it‘s the week when everything goes upside down--those who are first came in last, and vice versa. Although that‘s not really the case. Read more »
Yes, kids, the order of things on The Amazing Race just changed again.Last week things got pretty shaken up, with Brent and Caite leaving the last spot (and falling anyway) and the stronger teams finding themselves at the back of the pack. Things didn‘t stay that way this week, when teams flew to Penang, Malaysia. And I‘m not blaming it on the remoteness of the Seychelles--all six teams had to take the same 21-hour flight--but rather, I blame it on the heat. It must‘ve gotten to their heads.  Read more »
What‘s the best explanation for the weird stuff that happened on The Amazing Race last night? They weren‘t really mistakes. They were more of gambles that didn‘t pay off--but, again, there seemed to be too many of them this week that the end result was a leg that saw a frontrunner drop to the bottom of the pack without any U-turn. I guess it‘s just a change of environment: a 21-hour flight leading to Malaysia‘s bustling heat changes things a lot.Things may have gone terribly wrong, but there were a handful of silver linings in last night‘s episode, which brings us to my post-leg honors. While it‘s sad to see Steve and Allie go, and all because of the little things rather than a complicated conspiracy of sorts (Joe and Heidi, hello!) there are still a few things to be happy about. I think.  Read more »
The cowboys are safe last week. Will they be safe this week?Let‘s put it into perspective. Jet and Cord‘s lucky run on the first legs of The Amazing Race was partly down to the fact that the tasks really suited them. Cowboys doing gaucho deeds? Herding llamas and milking cows? With every other team still struggling to cope with the race‘s breakneck speeds, it‘s no wonder the cowboys will make it to first place.  Read more »
This week on The Amazing Race, we are headed to Penang, one of the most important regions in Malaysia. Despite that, though, I‘ll admit it‘s pretty hard finding interesting bits for this week‘s fiver--especially considering that we‘re also headed to Singapore next week. The two places share the same history (I‘ll elaborate on it later) but Penang is still a diverse and unique place all its own.My task, as always, is to look for five interesting facts about this week‘s host country. Armed with Wikipedia, the forums and the little bits I know about Singapore (since I‘ve been there, the latest being last November--see, it‘d come in handy!) I set out to make sense of what we should expect from Sunday night‘s episode, and then some.  Read more »
It‘s common for an episode of The Amazing Race to be home to a mistake or two. But six? You‘ve got to be kidding me!Well, those six mistakes are not life-threatening in any way--in fact, with the Seychelles leg being a non-elimination leg, the only thing it‘d cost the teams are time--but having all of them in one episode is something you don‘t really expect on a single leg. But the Seychelles is a beautiful country, and sometimes you can‘t help but stare at your surroundings in awe... which explains for the missing backpacks.  Read more »
There is, they say, always a first time for everything. In this season of The Amazing Race, it‘s a trip to Seychelles, a country they‘ve never gone to in the past 15 seasons.No, racers, please do not confuse that with "seashells" nor "sea chilis".  Read more »
I first heard of the Seychelles around fifteen years ago. I remember watching the Miss Universe pageant out of boredom, and just as I flicked the channel, this contestant was going, "Miss Seychelles!" I think that was the last time they ever joined the pageant, but I was attracted to the country‘s name. I always got it mixed up with Madagascar, which is nearby.Now, with The Amazing Race heading to Seychelles for the first time in the show‘s history, I‘m forcing myself to rediscover the country, even if only through reading stuff. Backed as always by Wikipedia and the forums, here are five things you should know about Seychelles--things that could help the armchair traveler in you.  Read more »
How many of you were not rooting for Jordan and Jeff on The Amazing Race? Whether you first saw them on Big Brother or just encountered them lately (in my case), it‘s not hard to see why they‘re pretty enjoyable to watch. Sure, they weren‘t the best racers, but they were still fun to watch. So, admittedly, I was one of those who felt bad when they got eliminated.I got to talk to Jordan and Jeff early today, taking time off to answer a few quick questions about their race experiences, their non-celebrity status and a future reality show. Or is it?  Read more »
Sure, last night‘s episode of The Amazing Race was fun, with all those mistakes keeping everyone on their toes. But there are little observations that need to be made, too, like the power of relatives who aren‘t racing, or Phil refusing to talk. Not that he took a vow of silence or anything, but it‘s discombobulating. Welcome to this week‘s post-leg honors, then. I‘m sure you can here with the bubbly. You didn‘t? Bah.  Read more »
I know of at least one team who will be very happy with tonight‘s episode of The Amazing Race.I mean, they spent the last five legs dreaming of valet parking and fine dining, and calling anyone who crawled through a war reenactment "stupid people." Now they have the chance to show what the fine life is.  Read more »
This week‘s episode of The Amazing Race keeps us in France, but unlike last week--where low-flying planes and explosions were the norm--we‘ll have a considerably quieter leg. Surely you‘ve seen the promos. Wine bottles, wine glasses, wine corks... crashing, crashing, crashing down.We‘re headed to the French city of Reims this week, one of the centers of champagne production--and a very important city in the country‘s history. So, with the help of trusty Wikipedia and the spoiler forums, here‘s five bits that will set you up for Sunday‘s leg. You might‘ve guessed I‘ll talk about champagne. Read more »
I may not have always been fond of Joe and Heidi from this season of The Amazing Race--from the first week I joined the "they‘re too confident" side of the fence--but later weeks made me realize that what they don‘t have in popularity, they make up with their intensity in running the race. After all, they were in second place at one point. But they were eliminated in France after being U-turned by detectives Louie and Michael--they figured they needed the humble pie, and it seems they did.I got to talk to Joe and Heidi early today, and I think we covered everything--the U-turn, the Morse code task, and the knee. Oh, and gastronomic delights in Germany, too.  Read more »
They do say war brings out the best (and worst) out of people, and I figure the same goes for war reenactments. Then again, you can also compare The Amazing Race to a war, right? "We‘re not here to make friends," Louie and Michael said as they slapped a U-turn on Joe and Heidi. Sure, and we‘re not here to stay serious either, which brings us to this week‘s post-leg honors, full of oddly funny moments and the occasionally annoying one. Read more »
Jordan and Jeff fans, you still have at least one more week to watch them race.Then again, after last week‘s non-elimination leg, it‘s going to be much harder tonight. They have to, of course, go through a Speed Bump, and while sometimes it can be much easier than all the other tasks, you‘ll never know when it‘ll drag them down.  Read more »
This Sunday on The Amazing Race, we‘re leaving Germany with a hangover and dropping ourselves to a World War I reenactment in France. Ahh, France, the country known for romance and sweeping meadows, for Francois Truffaut and Carla Bruni. This artsy, quaint, modern little country that inspired the drive-thru staple, French fries, is where we‘re heading next. Could be nice, except perhaps for whoever gets U-turned.As always, I‘m on hand to give you five slightly interesting, definitely subjective facts about our host country this week. As usual, Wikipedia‘s my guide... and perhaps the forums, too. I should‘ve mentioned I needed some guidance to set you up for the place where Jordan and Jeff will get a speed bump. Here goes:  Read more »
Like last week, this week‘s episode of The Amazing Race lacked the spectacular meltdowns. (Unless, of course, you count Jeff. It‘s not like he crawled to the pit stop in despair or something.) In fact, for the most part, it seems the racers have improved their behaviors and gotten on just running the race. Does that make a boring race? Not really, since what else unfolded last night was pretty funny too. Now, read through my post-leg honors, and excuse me for a moment as I give out a really loud... ooops, false alarm.  Read more »
Yes, whoever said that line, we are no longer in the bible belt--and we are no longer in South America.Tonight on The Amazing Race, we‘re crossing the Atlantic and are headed to Germany. The transition shouldn‘t be hard, considering the German roots evident in their last two legs--the immigrants in Puerto Varas and the spillover in Bariloche, for instance. But while the kuchen in Chile was (according to Jody and Shannon) good, nothing beats the one made in Germany. Or so my logic goes.  Read more »
The Amazing Race this week sees the eight remaining teams fly over the Atlantic and into Germany, home of Beethoven, the Luftwaffe and black forest cakes. Although, of course, that‘s not the only thing the racers will have to deal with. I‘m sure they‘ll deal with many other different things like train stations and heights and beer. Oh, yes, beer. Didn‘t we see that coming?As always, I‘ll set up this Sunday‘s episode in cheap style, armed with Wikipedia and what little knowledge I have of the country. It doesn‘t make me a more reliable source than most others, but at least it makes me a willing student in learning more about the country that gave us Adolf Hitler. As if that‘s a good thing.  Read more »
Another bad way to end your run on The Amazing Race: get stuck in a particular task and see every other team pass by you. That‘s what happened to "mompreneurs" Monique and Shawne: they got stuck in the Roadblock in Argentina. But, in their usual fashion, they never lost hope, and finished the rest of the tasks without grumbling or arguing. That gets a plus point for me.I figured you do a lot when you‘re a mompreneur, so it took me a while to talk to Monique and Shawne--but finally, we got to talk about their run on the race, their childrens‘ reactions, and that Roadblock.  Read more »
It‘s pretty hard sniffing something out for this week‘s The Amazing Race post-leg honors. While we didn‘t have spectacular noteworthy meltdowns, we did have some entertaining quotes. And, of course, there are the things we‘ve come to expect from the race--sure, it‘s annoying to see me rattle about the same people over and over again, but what can I do?  Read more »
After two legs in Chile, we are headed to Argentina--another country where Brazilian reals are not accepted. I think. That‘s how logic should go, right?Anyway, I‘m here again, with Wikipedia on one window and Microsoft Word on the other, setting you up for what you might expect on The Amazing Race this Sunday. Spoilers have suggested we‘re headed to Bariloche in Argentina, which should be as beautiful as Puerto Varas in Chile, because...  Read more »
There are still no definite frontrunners on this season of The Amazing Race, not after wrong currencies and complicated bus systems and sheer luck rattled the order of teams from top to bottom.Or maybe we need a change of scenery? We‘ve been in Chile for the first two weeks, and while the country is beautiful (Puerto Varas, such a sight!) it wouldn‘t be The Amazing Race if you‘re stuck in one country, right? Read more »
Continuing with the plan I outlined for our coverage of The Amazing Race last night, I list down the things that struck me in last night‘s episode--the things you might‘ve missed and the things that deserve a second look. Already, things have been shaken up, thanks to a few buses and those moody cows bringing out the best (and worst) of the racers. And, yes, the people I‘ll miss. You have one guess.  Read more »
It‘s pretty easy to choose Jody and Shannon as favorites off this season of The Amazing Race. Isn‘t it cool watching a 71-year-old run the race? But unlike most of the older contestants in previous seasons, Jody is an endurance athlete, having run triathlons and half-marathons. Her granddaughter Shannon also does the same, and with that, you have a team with some physical chops.Alas, that wasn‘t to be the case. Luck had a hand in their late finishes in both legs. Their gamble en route to Puerto Varas--taking a bus that leaves later than everyone else but goes direct to the city--almost paid off, but they were eliminated after some difficulty in the Roadblock. In one snap, one of my favorite teams were gone. I had the chance to talk to Jody and Shannon earlier today, Where they talked about the cow that kicked Jody in the head, the triathlons they run together, and whether that kuchen tastes any good.  Read more »
The first leg of The Amazing Race saw the teams make preventable mistakes. You know, like painting the insides of someone else‘s house. This time, they face things they can‘t really do anything about: animals, both actual ones and mechanical ones. Well, that‘s just part of the equation.  Read more »
I sure hope the little silly fails from last week‘s The Amazing Race was just first-leg jitters. I mean, exchanging your dollars for Brazilian reals when you need Chilean pesos? Painting the insides of someone else‘s house? Painting the insides of someone else‘s house? I may feel bad for Dana and Adrian‘s pretty painful departure, but that... that just bears the weight.Now the ten remaining teams are on their second leg, fingers crossed nothing of the silly sort happens. Although you may count moody cows as silly, I‘d like to call it funny by circumstance. You don‘t force a cow to kick you in the face, right? You‘re not Colin looking for an oxymoron.  Read more »
Last week on The Amazing Race we saw the city of Valparaiso in Chile, marked by those funicular elevators and the quaint little houses that the government helps maintain. Well, we would‘ve noticed that if not for the many little mistakes the racers did upon arriving there.On this week‘s episode, the racers stay in Chile, where they encounter very bad, kicking cows. There‘s no official word on where exactly they‘re going, but it‘s been confirmed that the racers are headed to the little town of Puerto Varas, in the southern part of the country. Cue me, armed with Wikipedia and a patchy Spanish translator website, with five random facts about where we‘re (possibly!) headed next.  Read more »
The worst scenarios for anyone who runs The Amazing Race involve either getting eliminated on the very first leg, or not finishing a leg. It‘s worse when both of these happen to you. That happened to Dana and Adrian, the high school sweethearts who were poised, for me at least, to make it far on the race. But Adrian‘s struggles with the Roadblock in Chile dragged them down, eventually putting them in last place.I talked to Dana and Adrian after Sunday‘s episode, where we discussed that cable walking challenge, how their past struggles prepared them for the race, and how their children reacted to their run.  Read more »
This doesn‘t need repeating: there are two familiar faces on this season of The Amazing Race. Conveniently, those two faces are known for being the same thing. Sure, one was a beauty queen and the other was a reality voyeur‘s delight, but both are, to put it lightly, not the sharpest pencils in the case. Put them together in a race, and it‘s going to be interesting viewing.No, I‘m not saying both Jordan and Caite are going to play the clueless ditz card on the race. It is, after all, a totally different set of circumstances: it‘s not the Big Brother house, and it‘s not the Miss Teen USA pageant. But we know them for what they did before, and it‘s inevitable that we‘ll pit the two ditzes together. Bring on the battle. Who will be the first to go "yaaaay" while clapping their hands uncontrollably?  Read more »
Here‘s the plan: every week, I‘ll be listing down the things that struck me at the end of each episode of The Amazing Race. There are things I‘ll definitely miss during the first recap, and there are things that deserve a second visit. We‘ll tackle the people, the places, the tasks, and the silly things people do while running the race, which is where we begin this week.  Read more »
I know, I‘ve always said this with every season premiere of every show that I cover for BuddyTV, but I‘ll say it again: here we go again.It‘s another season of The Amazing Race, which means eleven more teams going on a race around the world, fighting off not-so-impossible tasks, their own fears and perhaps each other, on the way to a million dollars. Like in past seasons, there are a handful of familiar faces. Surely you know Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother, right? I don‘t follow baseball that much, but Cleveland Indians coach Steve Smith is in here too, along with his daughter.  Read more »
It used to be that watching The Amazing Race was about the race itself: the places they go to, the oddities they experience, the fact that armchair travelers like me can go "woot!" at it all. Now, sixteen seasons in, it‘s about the racer. When the eleven teams approach the starting line, I start thinking about how they‘ll deal with the race: the ones that annoy the hell out of you, the ones that become an easy favorite, and the ones that run a race so solid, you can predict their win from the very beginning.This season‘s teams quite an interesting bunch. There are the familiar faces: Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother, and Brent and Caite... well, it‘s Caite who‘s famous for going "South Africa, and the Iraq, everywhere like such as" on us three years ago. In between, there‘s your usual married couple, parent-child team, sibling team (although one of them, the other Jordan of the season, is gay)... and cowboys, and a triathlete grandma-grandkid pair and undercover detectives, and a lesbian couple. Interesting bunch, more or less. Read more »
It‘s disappointing to see a team that‘s done so well on The Amazing Race to be eliminated, more so when you come from first place to last in one leg. Steve and Allie went through just that last week: in the front of the pack for most of the race, they finished first two weeks ago in Seychelles, only to drop to last in Malaysia and get eliminated. You can blame the taxis for that.It‘s sad, since they were a really fun team to watch. I got a taste of that when I talked to them--it was good hearing them really have fun with each other. We chatted about those missing backpacks, their relationship with Joe and Heidi, and Allie‘s plans to dance to the Amazing Race theme song at her wedding. Read more »
It seems that on tonight‘s The Amazing Race, the set-up that we‘re seeing over the past couple of weeks will go full circle.A refresher, then: remember the unlikely alliance between the detectives Louie and Michael, and the models Brent and Caite? It‘s all because of their shared dislike of Carol and Brandy. The detectives think they‘re too cocky. Caite is taking things more personal. Same banana, really, only it hurts more when you‘re the butt of their jokes--especially if you‘re famous for mangling "South Africa and the Iraq."  Read more »
"Singapore is a very fine city," my tour guide, Violet, said during my first visit to this island city-state. "Fine, because there is a fine for everything. There‘s a fine for spitting, a fine for littering..."Despite the strictness and its seemingly high-strung nature, Singapore is one of my favorite countries. I haven‘t traveled much, but I‘ve been in this country twice, the last time just half a year ago. There‘s something about this country that I like and yet can‘t explain. It‘s warmer, for one. It‘s very diverse. And for some reason, I feel comfortable there. Read more »
Last Friday I professed my love for Singapore, so you can imagine the wide grin on my face while watching The Amazing Race tonight. In the past few weeks I‘ve gone "oooh, wow" while watching the places I haven‘t been in. Contrast that to tonight, when I actually went, "I‘ve been there!" But that‘s not really the main point of tonight‘s episode. Depending on where you stand on this issue, it‘s either a much-deserved upset, or a disappointing move.  Read more »
Here‘s the thing. Most of you must be happy to see Carol and Brandy go. And I know where you‘re coming from: they may have run a strong race in later legs, but they‘re quite the mean folk. But I‘m not happy to see them go, because they‘ve been replaced by more mean folk. Oh well. I‘m just happy the cowboys are still around.Want an explanation? Here are my post-leg honors for last week‘s The Amazing Race. There‘s a rude jab, there‘s another rude jab, and there‘s an unintentionally rude jab. And then there are the cowboys, nice as they can be. With four teams left in the competition, this should get really obvious.  Read more »
Carol and Brandy is the sort of team that‘d split opinion. Take it from me on this one: in the early legs of the race they came across as this annoying, snobbish team. In the later legs, however, they got their act together and became this focused team, and suddenly I don‘t mind seeing them far on the race. So, I‘ll admit, I felt a little bad when they got U-turned in Singapore on The Amazing Race last Sunday, and were consequently eliminated.The couple were known for their many lines--witty, rude, choose your pick--and I got to experience just that when I talked to them early today. We talked about their early bickering, their opinion towards Brent and Caite, and that "valet parking" line in Los Angeles.  Read more »
We were off for a week, so let‘s begin with a reminder of what happened on The Amazing Race last week. Well, only one thing happened: Carol and Brandy finally got eliminated, after being slapped with a U-turn by Brent and Caite.I‘m quite torn about this, but hey, I enjoyed interviewing them, so that‘s a plus.  Read more »
Now that The Amazing Race is back to regular programming, we can resume doing these pit stop fivers. And, after the modern comforts of Singapore, we are headed to the Chinese city of Shanghai. Not that I‘m saying the place is far from modern: anybody who watches the news would know that Shanghai has become a symbol of a resurging China.But the country‘s always been a mix of the old and the new: a strong sense of tradition colliding, and meshing, with the demands of the modern economy. I‘ve only seen the country through those travel documentaries (and that one visit to Hong Kong a couple of years ago) and it‘s quite evident they‘re not just managing with juggling both those aspects. They‘re doing it quite nicely.  Read more »
The Amazing Race may have been off last week, but in reality it‘s just a 12-hour pit stop. I can‘t blame you if the waiting felt very long, though. And I don‘t have much to worry about, because it pretty much came back with a bang. Well, at least one of the two Roadblocks were. Yes, there were two Roadblocks in one leg--a first for the show.  Read more »
There are many reasons to be glad after last night‘s The Amazing Race, at least for me. Jet and Cord are back on top, and we had a really good Roadblock along the way. But there are reasons not to be glad. I have three: detective, detective, model. Yes, I‘ll pull off a Brent and whine about a few things from last night‘s episode, but hey, I get paid to do this. Enter my post-leg honors for this week. Read more »
Well, what else would you expect from Donald Trump?The business mogul and host of The Celebrity Apprentice is taking aim at The Amazing Race, saying that the CBS reality show does not deserve its Emmy wins.  Read more »
As we all expected, nobody went home on The Amazing Race last week. But whatever troubles the detectives and the brothers encountered in the last leg--them, their taxi drivers, and a big communication breakdown--aren‘t going to end any time soon. They‘re still staying in Shanghai.No, I‘m not belittling Shanghai, but do remember the promos, and one of the brothers (I still can‘t tell Dan and Jordan apart) literally throwing a tantrum inside a taxi...  Read more »
We‘re sticking with Shanghai on The Amazing Race this week, which means we‘re sticking with the city for the last pit stop fiver of the season. Last time we talked about noodles and Shanghai‘s place as home of many things modern in China, today we‘ll talk about buildings. Yes, I‘m aware I‘m indulging in my childhood interests a bit here.Shanghai, after all, is the financial center of China, and most photos of the city are of its instantly recognizable skyline--the new one rising in the Pudong district. But its financial status isn‘t a recent one: it‘s always been that way since the end of the 19th century. Nonetheless, the city is a major one, as signified by its selection as the home of the 2010 World Expo which kicks off tomorrow.  Read more »
With last week‘s non-elimination leg, four teams remain on The Amazing Race. This episode‘s pretty crucial, judging from Phil‘s spiel while introducing the Pit Stop: "the last team to check in will be eliminated." Ahh, I haven‘t heard that in a while. But first, another pass through Shanghai, where stresses run high because you cannot just run the race by yourself... Read more »
You know it‘s the penultimate leg of The Amazing Race when the stresses really get to you, especially when you think that you‘re a leg away to going home. Tempers flare. Sharp eyes get blunt. Detective skills start failing. Or, in a twist of fate, you get a little insightful... maybe temporarily. Right, barrier-searching Brent? Thus, this week‘s post-leg honors go to those who went a little bit off-character... or really followed their roles to the letter.  Read more »
Louie and Michael started The Amazing Race with a bold claim: they‘d finish first in every leg. Well, that didn‘t happen, and they struggled for most of the race, save for a couple of legs in Europe. But that‘s not how I remember the two of them. I‘ll perhaps remember them for the decisions they made during their run on the show: their controversial U-turns, their alliances, and their intentions.I got to talk to the detectives early this week, where we discussed their U-turning Joe and Heidi, their attempted U-turning of Carol and Brandy, and their relationship with Brent and Caite.  Read more »
Well, we‘ve made it this far. After eleven legs around the world and eight teams saying goodbye, we‘re pretty close to the finish line of The Amazing Race.The final three teams are quite an unlikely bunch. Cowboys Jet and Cord--well, we expected them around, after running a strong race. Models Brent and Caite is surprisingly here, but the fact that they‘ve had luck on their side means something. A bigger surprise for me are brothers Dan and Jordan: they‘re solid, but they haven‘t really done enough.  Read more »
This season of The Amazing Race wraps up with one realization: do not rule out one team. Something surprising might just change the game.I mean, who  didn‘t think Jet and Cord, the cowboys who‘ve run the last eleven legs with such savvy, wouldn‘t win the race? Well, odd things did happen, and a smart decision at the beginning of the leg turned out to seal everybody‘s fates and led the most unexpected of teams to win the million dollars. Read more »
It‘s a no-brainer: cowboys Jet and Cord are probably the biggest fan favorites on The Amazing Race by far. They‘re fun to watch, they‘re quite good at the race, and they remain down to earth in spite of being in the front of the pack for most of the race. No wonder most of us were rooting for them to win. Even if they ended up in second place, we all  feel they‘re winners.I caught up with the cowboys early this week, and despite the interview‘s short length, you can feel how close they are as brothers. We talked about their almost-elimination, their take on Dan and Jordan‘s game-changing move, and their hometown with one yellow light.  Read more »
When I heard that Brent and Caite were joining The Amazing Race, the first thing that came to my head was that thing Caite did during the Miss Teen USA pageant years back. I thought it‘d be amusing to see her race. I thought Brent and Caite wouldn‘t last long, but I kept that opinion throughout the race--at least until the last two legs, when I realized that there‘s more to Brent and Caite than I thought. Read more »
I‘ll admit, I didn‘t expect Dan and Jordan to be winners of The Amazing Race. You‘ve seen me talk about it throughout the past season: they‘ve had a slow start, and I‘ve always written them off. But looking back, their head was in the game, and it did pay off: after a lucky break in Singapore, and a smart (if not controversial) move in Shanghai, they defied the odds and won the million dollars.And that means we had a lot to talk about. It may have taken a while, but it was worth it. The brothers and I discussed why they almost joined season 15 instead, why they decided to stay away from conflict, and of course, that move in Shanghai.  Read more »
Today CBS announced its plans for the fall, and while the vast majority of the schedule comes from returning shows, some of the biggest series are getting new timeslots.  CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Survivor and The Big Bang Theory are all moving to new nights.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>> Read more »