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Seven straight Emmys and full-on domination?  Something must be going on.The Amazing Race finally returns tonight for its 15th season: another three months or so (in television time, really) of racing around the world, facing challenges along the way, and staring down at fellow racers willing to do anything and everything--depends, of course, on what you do--to win a million dollars.  Read more »
Finally, The Amazing Race is back!  TV‘s best reality show is ready for its 15th season, and things are a little different.  We have professional poker players, Harlem Globetrotters, an awesome guy with Asperger‘s Syndrome and the show‘s first interracial couple.  Grab your passports and pack smart, because it‘s time to start the race around the world.Or at least it‘s time for 11 teams.  For the first time ever, The Amazing Race starts off with a challenge, and before they even get their first plane tickets, one team is eliminated.  That sucks out loud for them, but luckily, it‘s not a team I care about. Read more »
Read Our Recap of Part 1 of The Amazing Race 15 Season Premiere>>Twelve hours after the end of the first leg of The Amazing Race,a little after midnight, the first team leaves.  They‘re dating coupleMeghan and Cheyne, and the way to remember them is that his hair is asdouchey as his name.  As expected, no flights to the next location,Vietnam, leave at midnight, so it‘s the second bunch of the Race.    All the teams get on the same plane and then take a taxi and bus totheir destination.  Based solely on this episode, I now believe Vietnamis Atlantis, because the whole country seems to be under water andevery road is flooded about a foot high, yet cars and motorcycles stilldrive through.  It‘s insane.  Read more »
Being the first team eliminated on any season of The Amazing Race is quite heart-wrenching, partly because you‘re the first one to get dropped, but mostly because of the embarrassment that came with it.  It‘s not really a nice position to be in.  That‘s exactly what happened to Eric and Lisa, the married yoga teachers, but the circumstances were different: in a twist this season, one team was to be eliminated right on the starting line if they didn‘t finish the challenge.  Eleven Japanese car plates and eleven plane tickets later, it was them who went home before even taking a step--or, in this face, driving a car to the airport on the way to Tokyo.I interviewed to Eric and Lisa earlier today, and we talked about their shocking early elimination, their first impression of the other teams, and what they have going in the future.  Read more »
Garrett and Jessica, the on-and-off couple, were one of my initial bets to make it far on this season of The Amazing Race.  Never mind their potential to become a bickering couple--they were strong physically and had the smarts to boot.  Their stay in the race, however, was pretty short: after doing well in the Japan leg, and being ahead of most teams in the Vietnam leg, they found themselves stuck in a ducky Roadblock, and went from second place to last pretty quickly.  They were last on the mat and second eliminated.In my interview with Garrett and Jessica, we talked about their experiences on the race, the reasons why they took so long doing the Roadblock, and the happy ending that we didn‘t see on last night‘s season premiere.  Read more »
What if the first leg of The Amazing Race this time around wasn‘t a non-elimination leg?  I mean, it would‘ve meant we‘ll have three teams tossed in a space of two hours.  Instead, we said goodbye to yoga teachers Eric and Lisa--they barely got there, point--and to since-engaged couple Garrett and Jessica.That means we have ten teams left as the race continues going around Vietnam.  It‘s quite rainy when they got there--reminds me of all this talk about rains and floods in that part of the world--but tonight, it seems, will be the complete opposite.  I mean, check the episode title, which is always a quote form somebody.  Planet Mars?  It‘s dry there, right?  Barren, perhaps icy, but barren?  Read more »
Last week on The Amazing Race, Eric and Lisa got tossed before the start of the race, and Garrett and Jessica got tossed after being stuck herding ducks in Vietnam.  Oh, and most of what we thought of the teams didn‘t really hold.We start in the Mekong Delta, where the pitstop--a local boat--traveled to the town of Meto with everyone inside!  A nice way to have everyone race without them knowing--and a nice way to disorient the racers.  From there, they have to head to Ho Chi Minh City, specifically to a puppet theater where the clues are attached to the mouths of dancing dragon puppets in the water.  Gary and Matt start first, and everybody else look for taxis, except for Lance and Keri, who are convinced that they‘re in Ho Chi Minh already.  Argument along the way.  But of course.  Read more »
Dear Lance,Almost always, there‘s a team on The Amazing Race that we all love to hate.  I won‘t claim to know everyone, but I‘ll think of names at the top of my head.  Jonathan and Victoria?  Ugh.  Colin and Christie?  Ugh.  The earliest I can remember, Flo and Zach--well, I only hated Flo, so I‘ve GOT a half-ugh for that.  Same goes for Terence and Sarah.I‘m sure you know where I‘m going here, right?  Read more »
I was thinking about my rankings for this week‘s episode of The Amazing Race before I spotted a promo for their Cambodia leg.  And I am so not happy to see that it‘s Zev and Justin who encounter such a nasty fate twist.Spoiler much?  Sorry.  I didn‘t ask for it.  Read more »
Last week on The Amazing Race, the teams continue racing in Ho Chi Minh City, and a poignant Marcy and Ron were eliminated after a bad end to their detour.  And then there are broken giraffe statues, ripped-up VCRs, oh, and Lance and Keri arguing.  You very well know where I stand on this one.I thought I was late for the show, but what do you know, it‘s still 60 Minutes!  Brain injuries suffered by football players!  Now, I haven‘t played football, but watching that bit scared me.  I was literally touching the back of my head.  Read more »
Now this just sucks.Zev and Justin were one of my favorite teams on The Amazing Race this season.  It‘s hard to explain, really.  It‘s not just their (mostly) cool attitude throughout the challenges.  It‘s not just their quick thinking and subtly humorous quips.  And no, it‘s not because Zev has Asperger‘s syndrome, although that helped in training the spotlight on these two.  Whatever explanation there may be, they‘re just the team that you‘d root for without knowing why.  And I‘m not being lazy.  Read more »
What is it with celebrities on this season of The Amazing Race?  Last week‘s episode floated Sean Penn‘s name.  This week, we have Ricky Bobby.Oh, wait, Ricky Bobby is Will Ferrell‘s character in Talladega Nights.  Still, it counts, if only halfway through.  Read more »
First of all, there‘s nothing wrong with doing good deeds to other teams in the middle of The Amazing Race.  It‘s happened time and time again.  There are the alliances (of sorts, since I don‘t think that exists in the show) and there are the people you do good to because you just plain like them.  Crushes, yup.And then there was last night‘s episode, where I saw an unusually high number of good deeds being done.  I did list it down, right?  Tiffany helped with a ladle during the Roadblock.  The Globetrotters warned of a really cold ski resort (although admittedly, Mika and Canaan should know that).  Sam and Dan staying behind when the poker players‘ car started leaking.  And then there‘s Brian, who helped from the airport to the desert to the ski resort, all in a belief that karma will pay them back with good tidings--which happened, when they almost ended in first place, if not for Meghan and Cheyne taking the Fast Forward.  Read more »
I never thought it‘s possible: The Amazing Race starting exactly 74 minutes past the time it‘s supposed to start.  Thanks, football.  That gives me 74 more minutes to convince my mother to watch the show again--she‘s heartbroken after seeing Zev and Justin eliminated on the back of a missing passport last week.  I don‘t think I‘ll be able to convince her.  Then again, I still have to watch it.  She doesn‘t really have a choice.Sam and Dan finished the Phnom Penh leg first, perhaps in a stroke of luck, and they get first dibs on the clue: they‘ll have to search for the world‘s tallest building somewhere in the Persian Gulf.  Not really specific, but it means they‘re going to the Burj Dubai in, well, Dubai, which will stand 124 floors once it‘s finished.  Sure, some of the teams don‘t really know where they‘re going ("it‘s not a country, it‘s a general area" Sam or Dan said) but they‘re all taking the same flight anyway.  Read more »