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The Amazing Race is back.  A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  Hippie beekeepers.  Nerds.  Frat kids.  An ex-NFL safety.  These are the kinds of people who, tonight, will be racing around the world in an attempt to win one million dollars.  It is a wonderful race, the likes of which any person would be lucky to be a part of.  You should watch the premiere of The Amazing Race 13 instead of football tonight.  The Sunday Night NFL game is Philadelphia versus Chicago, which promises to be an ugly, putrid affair.  Any time a football team trots out Kyle Orton at QB, entertainment simply vanishes.  So, watch The Amazing Race 13 - it‘s better than Kyle Orton.  Unfortunately, football is delaying tonight‘s episode by about ten minutes or so.  The live blog will begin at around 8:10ET. Read more »
The Amazing Race 13 has arrived with a handful of interesting teams.  In a premiere like tonight‘s, it‘s impossible to fully form real opinions on all the teams.  Many of the teams in the middle of the pack tonight got little time on camera.  We‘ll get to know them later.  The teams we did get footage of gave us a good impression of what we can expect from them throughout the season.  As a view and a fan, it‘s good to know that not all the teams are likable.  In fact, there is one team in particular that is wholly deserving of our vitriol.  Read more »
Anita and Arthur really didn‘t stand a chance.  It‘s not their fault.  The older beekeepers from Oregon were at a severe physical disadvantage the second they entered The Amazing Race.  The fact that they were eliminated on the very first leg is not a big surprise, but it doesn‘t matter.  Anita and Arthur didn‘t expect to win The Amazing Race.  For them, it was all about the experience.  And they fully enjoyed and embraced their brief time on the race.  The Amazing Race hasn‘t had a more adorable team in its history than the hippie farmers.  We had the chance to speak with them earlier today about their time on the show.Below you will find the full written transcript as well as the mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
The Amazing Race 13 lost themselves a couple of farming hippies in the first episode.  I never like saying goodbye to televised beekeepers.  No matter how many times you have to do it, it never gets easier.  Never.  Now, The Amazing Race 13 is left with ten teams of non-hippies.  Though we haven‘t spent a whole lot of time with the teams, that doesn‘t mean can‘t rank them in a hopelessly inane way.  I‘ll say this - the ten remaining teams are all relatively formidable.  There‘s no obvious sitting ducks, as Anita and Arthur clearly were entering the season.  Below, you will find my horrendously biased rankings.  Enjoy, and comment back with the appropriate vitriol. Read more »
The Amazing Race 13 airs its second episode tonight, and the teams currently find themselves in Salvador, Brazil.  Brazil is a massive country, full of diverse tourist destinations.  The teams likely won‘t head to Rio De Janeiro this episode (a 2.5 hour flight south), because The Amazing Race has been there before.  I‘m hoping the teams head to somewhere on the Amazon River.  More likely, they‘ll head south/east to Argentina, Chile, Peru or Bolivia.  As the minutes count down to tonight‘s episode, dropping a few predictions seems like the reasonable thing to do.  Read more »
The National Football League is once again wreaking havoc upon fans of The Amazing Race, especially those who have no interest in America‘s new pastime.  The game between the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers has delayed the broadcast of tonight‘s brand new episode of The Amazing Race 13, in which there is now a serious lack of beekeeping hippies.  So goes the cruel hand of Amazing Race fate.  Nonetheless, The Amazing Race live thoughts will get underway at roughly 830pm ET/530pm PT, if that‘s something you might be interested in.  It‘s a whole barrel of fun, really.  Read more »
Major mishaps tend to happen rarely on The Amazing Race.  People get lost all the time, yes, but usually it‘s merely a result of not being able to spot what they‘re looking for.  They almost always know where to look for and what they‘re supposed to find.  On tonight‘s episode of The Amazing Race 13, there were a lot of major mishaps, and they involved the misreading of clues.  This shouldn‘t happen.  If you‘ve seen The Amazing Race before, which I presume all of the current teams have, you know that it is imperative that you read exactly what you‘re supposed to.  Tonight was one of those semi-disappointing Amazing Race episodes where teams stayed in the same country for the entire leg.  Brazil is a pretty damn big country, I guess, so it‘s all good.  Read more »
The Amazing Race 13 is off to an unusual start, mostly because there are no obvious villains. Ken and Terence had a bit of a run-in in last night‘s episode, but it was quickly smoothed over. The eliminated pair of Anthony and Stephanie confirmed the universal love by saying they liked everyone and plan on staying in touch with the rest of the cast.Little skirmishes aside, The Amazing Race is still back with plenty of action, excitement and travel, except for teams like Anthony and Stephanie. The couple spoke to BuddyTV after their elimination about the role of luck on The Amazing Race, the countries they wish they had gone to, and the things the producers left out. Continue reading for the full transcript and to listen to our exclusive interview. Read more »
After only two episodes, I have a pretty good feel for most of the teams on The Amazing Race 13.  The show already feels like it‘s in high gear, which is a great omen for the rest of the season.  The Amazing Race 13 did a very good job of casting this season, as the teams are diverse and intriguing.  There are any number of acceptable rooting interests and at least one good villain so far (Terence).  As we gear up for Sunday‘s third episode of The Amazing Race, it‘s time to bestow upon you these unassailable power rankings, etched in stone by the reality TV gods themselves.  Read more »
The perverse desire for spoilers on the internet is an unexpected product of the information age, and something I can‘t imagine anyone anticipated when the internet was born from the solar-powered brain stew of Al Gore.  Can you imagine how angry people would be if internet spoiler reports popped up for Empire Strikes Back in 1980 (Vader is Luke‘s father!), or for TV shows like Dallas.  People would be irate, and for good reason.  I contend that even people who love reading spoilers, who consciously seek them out, lose some enjoyment of the product they‘re spoiling.  TV spoilers are ubiquitous at this point, but for reality shows they‘re generally kept under wraps pretty well.  The Amazing Race usually does a good job keeping things a secret, but they made an interesting decision this year – for The Amazing Race 13, CBS released the entire season map.  We know where the teams will be going for every single leg and in what order.  You can check it out below. MAP SPOILERS!!!!   Read more »
On Sunday‘s episode of The Amazing Race 13, the nine remaining teams are heading from Brazil to La Paz, Bolivia.  Bolivia isn‘t a very well-known country around these parts.  If you‘ve been paying attention to national news in recent months, you know that Bolivia is currently a setting for political and cultural turmoil.  Bolivia is a poor country, but it‘s people are incredibly nice and warm.  If you want a reason to hate the country of Chile, here it is: Chile forcefully stole Bolivia‘s coastline in the late 1800‘s, making Bolivia land-locked, and turning the country poor.  Nevertheless, Bolivia can be a beautiful place and La Paz, its capitol city, is as unique a city as you‘ll find in South America.  Read more »
Whaddya know?  There is no football delay tonight for The Amazing Race on CBS, which means I can watch my Andy Rooney segment and eat my Metamucil before bingo starts.  Finally.  The nine remaining teams on The Amazing Race 13 will stay in South America, moving west from Brazil to the mountainous capitol city of Bolivia, a little town called La Paz.  La Paz has the highest elevation of any world capitol, situated at about 11,000 feet above sea level.  The air will be thin, and the teams will certainly have a difficult time coping.  I have a gut feeling that tonight may be the first of three non-elimination legs.  We shall see.  Stay tuned throughout the episode for our Amazing Race live thoughts.  Read more »
The Amazing Race 13 has a definitive favorite right now.  Ken and Tina, the formerly estranged married couple, are dominating.  It helps to have Ken, a former NFL safety, anchoring the squad, but Tina is no slouch either.  Both Ken and Tina have good heads on their shoulders, and have turned out to be a perfect Amazing Race team thus far, having won two of the first three legs.  Tonight‘s episode saw The Amazing Race teams head to the high altitude of La Paz, Bolivia.  There were epic blunders, brutal falls off wooden bikes and the start of what may prove to be an entertaining cat fight.  Read more »
Mark and Bill were billed as nerds coming into The Amazing Race 13.  While they may have some geeky qualities, and tend to enjoy the things that nerds tend to enjoy, Mark and Bill were nowhere near the socially inept nerd archetypes that some viewers may have been expecting.  The long-time friends were two of the most approachable and socially able contestants on The Amazing Race, and enjoyed a ton of fan support as a result.  We got the chance to speak with Mark and Bill this morning about their time on the race.Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of the interview.  Read more »
The Amazing Race left things purposefully vague when broaching the enormously important issue of the missing sports bra last episode.  It is not imperative that we find the culprit, for there may not be one, and even if someone consciously discarded the sports bra in question off a ledge and into the abyss, it is only a sports bra – these things can be replaced.  No, what is important for fans to know is why exactly do Kelly and Christy think that Starr was the culprit and what do they believe Starr‘s motives were.  This conflict, this budding feud came out of nowhere, and its impetus remains a mystery.  It is insane to me that a seemingly rational human being would accuse someone they hardly know of cruelly and inexplicably murdering their sports bra.  Read more »
New Zealand is a place I want to go.  Anyone who has seen the Lord of the Rings movies (which were filmed in New Zealand) know that the country is full of awe-inspiring locations, scenery unlike any other in the world.  Unfortunately, New Zealand is really far away.  Like, over twenty hours in a plane, and that‘s no fun for anyone.  That‘s why The Amazing Race is so nice to allow us wannabe travels to live vicariously through the teams on the race.  On Sunday, teams will travel to Te Puke, New Zealand and I am jealous.  Down to eight teams now, The Amazing Race is trimming the fat, getting down to the best and most able teams on the race.  We‘re due for a non-elimination leg pretty soon here, but I do not think it will be this week.  You can count that as a mini-prediction.  Read more »
Because of the overtime game between the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets, tonight‘s The Amazing Race will be delayed by about forty-five minutes.  Frankly, I would have rather watched Andy Rooney ramble on about the new flavors of Ensure for half an hour than that putrid NFL game.  Those are two very mediocre teams, and Brett Favre will not be in the playoffs this year.  Anyway, we‘ll be here the moment The Amazing Race gets started, live thoughts bursting onto the internets from the home office here in beautiful Seattle, Washington.  On tonight‘s episodes, teams head from Bolivia to New Zealand.  That is not a short flight.  Read more »
The sweet stench of inevitability reared its head tonight on The Amazing Race 13.  I knew that I should have known better.  In my Amazing Race predictions articles, the first two weeks I predicted Marisa and Brooke to be eliminated.  I predicted the two Southern Belles to be eliminated not because of any personal or arbitrary grudge, but because I objectively deemed Marisa and Brooke the worst team left in the game.  This, I contend, was a fair assessment, yet they were able to advance to the fourth leg through nothing more complicated than blind luck.  Yet, this week, I bucked the logic that led me to those first two elimination predictions, and went another way.  For the first time, I picked a different team to be eliminated and, of course, Marisa and Brooke were eliminated on tonight‘s Amazing Race.  Read more »
They tried their best.  Marisa and Brooke struggled in all four of the legs they participated in during The Amazing Race 13, but they did so with a positive attitude.  They were a fun team, had a good time, didn‘t allow any pettiness or anger seep into their game play but, unfortunately, they just weren‘t that great of a team.  Sometimes people just aren‘t cut out for The Amazing Race.  Thankfully, we had the opportunity to speak with Marisa and Brooke earlier this morning about their time on The Amazing Race.Below you will find the written transcript, as well as the full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
It‘s about that time again.  We‘ve seen enough of the remaining seven teams on The Amazing Race 13 to get a solid grasp of what each are capable of and which teams have weaknesses that may soon lead them to elimination.  The Amazing Race has been quite good this season.  I‘ve thoroughly enjoyed the locations the teams have traveled to this season, especially the last two: New Zealand and Bolivia.  The teams are making their way to Asia soon, which should also be fun.  But, it‘s not like locations give certain teams any discernible advantage.  We know these teams pretty well at this point, at least well enough to know who the real favorites are.  Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff at Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories about your favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model. .By Susan Young Film.comThe Amazing Race isn‘t just about beautiful locales, crazy competitions and catty encounters, although that certainly adds to the fun each week.It‘s also about life lessons. Over the past few seasons we‘ve learned that karma can come back and bite you in the backside. We‘ve learned good guys often finish first, and that bad things can happen to good people, and worse things can happen to annoying people. Read more »
The Amazing Race has already been to some wonderful sites this season – La Paz, the scenic New Zealand – but Sunday‘s episode might just feature the coolest landmark that fans will see all season.  Thanks to the Location Spoilers that CBS released, we know that in the next episode teams will be traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Only five miles away from the town of Siem Reap is one of the great wonders of the modern world, the temple complex known as Angkor Wat.  If the teams are traveling to Siem Reap, I think we can assume that they‘ll be making a trip to Angkor Wat as well.  Read more »
The Amazing Race 13 is heading to Asia in its fifth episode.  The Far East is a place where few Americans ever travel.  We, as a country, are not the traveling sorts.  Few of us own passports.  When we do travel internationally, if it‘s not a simple border crossing either North or South, we tend to head to Europe or Australia or a Caribbean island.  Asia is a rarely visited location, and it therefore still has that exotic unknown quality to it.  If you ask a random person what Cambodia has to offer (or even where it can be found on a map) that person will likely be totally befuddled.  This is why The Amazing Race is such a great show – it transports us, in an entertaining way, to places most of us are never likely to visit.  The Amazing Race teams will arrive in Cambodia on Sunday, and I‘m very much looking forward to seeing what that rarely discussed country holds.  Read more »