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Among fans of The Amazing Race, there is always speculation about stunt casting.  In previous seasons, former Big Brother contestants (Alison Irwin) and Survivor contestants (Rob and Amber) have competed on The Amazing Race, CBS doing its best to synergize its three most successful reality franchises.  Fans are split on the merits of this kind of stunt casting.  Big Brother fans have clamored for some of its alumni (Mike and Boogie, Eric and Jessica, Dick and Daniele) to be cast on The Amazing Race, but this tends to anger a significant portion of Race fans.  I, for one, am all for stunt casting on something like The Amazing Race.  Once the Race starts, there‘s no real advantages for a quasi-famous team.  Why not cast some notable personalities.  With that in mind, I thought it‘d be fun to take it to the next step.  Why not have an Amazing Race: Reality Show All-Stars Edition.  CBS pulls twelve teams of well-known reality show personalities together from reality across the TV landscape.  If I‘m in charge of casting, these are the teams I‘m going to put together. Read more »
The Amazing Race is back and, at first glance, it looks like we have a good batch of teams to work with over the next few months.  The most buzzed about team heading into the Race this season was Kynt and Vixsin, the goth couple from Kentucky.  Here‘s the thing about goth people: most of them are extremely normal.  Case in point, Kynt and Vixsin.  First episodes are difficult because its hard for the editors to create an identity for every single team.  CBS generally does as good a job as possible with, and tonight‘s Amazing Race was no different.  Viewers now have a fair understanding of who each of these teams are.  For the recap tonight, we‘re going to try something a little different.  Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.  Read more »
It‘s like Christmas!  The Amazing Race is back, and my excitement level is very, very high. Goth couples, hot sisters, hippies, middle-aged lesbians and Phil!  Another season of vicarious travel that leaves me jealous and invigorated all at once.  There‘s a reason The Amazing Race has won so many Emmys: it is the best produced and planned reality series on television.   We‘re getting a late start tonight thanks to football, but once the episode gets underway, we‘ll be updating throughout the hour.  Read more »
The premiere episode of The Amazing Race was last night and it didn‘t disappoint. This is one of the best reality shows in terms of casting. We got to meet the 11 new teams and there‘s someone for everyone to cheer for.Who stood out last night? Why the asses, of course. The two-legged and the four-legged variety were on display and the four-legged variety won. Ari described himself in his CBS biography as "mean, rude and hilarious” and I guess he fit the bill. He and his partner Staella began the race being nasty and laughing about it and bragging about how they were going to play. Well, sorry, guys ... game over. Read more »
Ari and Staella have the dubious honor of being the first team eliminated on The Amazing Race 12.  Some say it was karma, I say it was just unlucky.  The duo, who are best friends, simply picked a defective donkey who didn‘t want to move.  They were subsequently passed by about half the teams and were left to stand and beg their donkey to move.  But, alas, such is the way of The Amazing Race.  Not always are the outcomes just.  However, there also rarely as funny as a really lazy donkey.  Ari and Staella took the time to speak with us this morning about their time on the race and everlasting grudge upon donkey-kind.  Below you will find the written transcript as well as the full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
I like to root against people on reality TV shows.  Call me a bad person, I don‘t care.  That‘s one of the great joys of reality competition shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, even American Idol – rooting for your favorites, and rooting against those you hate.  And, when I say “hate”, I don‘t really mean hate. Settle down, people, there‘s no malicious intent here.  Just like how hugely competitive athletes hate losing more than they enjoy winning, I enjoy rooting against teams more than rooting for teams.  But, remember, when I write about who the “Bad Guys” are on The Amazing Race this season, I don‘t mean literally bad.  I just mean the people I happen to be rooting against for some convoluted reason or another.  Today, we‘re doing bad guys, tomorrow the good guys.  Read more »
Is it virtuous to be loyal to reality show contestants and teams?  I find that, as I get older and more crotchety (though, I‘m still neither old nor crotchety, just relatively so), my loyalty towards contestants has waned.  I no longer pick my favorites at the beginning of a season; instead, those I root for fluctuate wildly on a week to week basis.  I suppose that if I really like somebody after a few episodes, then I generally stick with them, but those teams on the fringes, the slightest thing can sway me either way.  Point being, yesterday I wrote an article about the teams from The Amazing Race 12 who, after only one episode, I decided to root against.  The utility of that article is not in its predictive powers or insight, but as a benchmark I can look back on in a few months to see how wrong I was.  Today, we‘ll look at who I‘m currently rooting for on The Amazing Race 12.    Read more »
This past week, one of my favorite reality shows returned, The Amazing Race.  Right off the bat, they gave us teams to love and teams to hate, and I‘ve already chosen sides.  On The Bachelor, Brad decided to withhold a rose from Bettina, sending her back to D.C., while moving forward with Jenni and DeAnna.  My money was on Jenni, but I‘ve jumped ship to DeAnna now.  On The Biggest Loser, Neil honestly cannot seem to make it one week without making me angry.  I don‘t think I‘ve ever rooted against a Biggest Loser contestant but there‘s a first time for everything.  On Wednesday‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra got rid of Sarah, saying she was not thin enough or heavy enough to make it in the modeling world.  Then why did you cast her on the show?  The poker player with the bad strategy went home this week on Survivor: China and one can only wonder why someone didn‘t tell him BEFORE the game started what a stupid strategy it was!  In any case, here‘s a look back at the more memorable moments this week in reality. Read more »
We‘re off and running on The Amazing Race 12.  Fortunately, CBS had no afternoon NFL games today, and The Amazing Race is going to air on time.  I don‘t know if any of you have noticed this, but CBS has posted the applications for The Amazing Race 13.  Do you think this has something to do with the writers‘ strike?  I‘m guessing so.  If they can fast track a season and get it up sometimes in early 2008, it‘d make me a very happy man.  Of course, this would also create the possibility that CBS will concurrently air Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race.  Insanity.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode sharing my thoughts and updating everyone on the action. Read more »
The Amazing Race went to Amsterdam tonight, but we saw very little of that beautiful city, nor did we witness anything involving the Red Light District or recreational drugs.  I was hoping to see a Road Block involving the eating of mushrooms, but no such luck.  There were bicycles and furniture on pulleys, which are also things Amsterdam is known for, but not as much so as drugs and prostitution.  Nonetheless, it was a solid episode and we learned a lot more about one particular team, whose dynamic tonight was completely different from what we saw in episode one of The Amazing Race 12. Read more »
There are very few things that annoy me more than teams on The Amazing Race standing around arguing instead of racing. I don‘t know if it‘s just me, but this season it seems some of them started way too early and way too nastily. You‘d think that after 11 seasons, applicants would realize that the stress of the Race is not an atmosphere conductive to repairing or strengthening a relationship.Last night, I saw just why Ronald and Christina have a strained relationship. The way he condescended to her and denigrated her was obnoxious. Ronald wins Ass of the Week. Read more »
Kate and Pat are a very interesting couple.  Sixteen years apart, the long-together lesbian couple are happy, kind and seem like a very good time.  They are also both Episcopalian ministers.  Although their time on the show was short, it convinced the couple to make drastic changes in their lives, and since the race ended, both have lost over thirty pounds and are in the best shape of their lives.  The Amazing Race 12 is a physically demanding experience, one that Kate and Pat weren‘t completely ready for.  The duo spoke with us this morning about their time on the show.Below you will find the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
It‘s still too early in The Amazing Race 12 to have a definitive opinion on anyone, and the massive amount of editing that goes into every episode of The Amazing Race is one of the reasons.  Even after an entire season with these teams, it‘s impossible to know if the editing made a team appear worse or better or different than they actually are.  But, is that going to stop us from ruthlessly judging people?  Hell, no.  What we‘re going to look at here is who seemed better, nicer, more equipped for The Amazing Race in episode two than in episode one.  Tomorrow, we‘ll do the opposite. Read more »
The Amazing Race is always full of people you root against.  At least it is for me.  Maybe you‘re a fundamentally good person who sees the positive in everyone and can‘t reasonably make yourself root against anyone.  Kudos to you.  Now stop shoving your do-goodedness in our faces.  From episode one of The Amazing Rave 12 to episode two, my opinions on some of the teams and individuals changed, some significantly so.  Yesterday, we looked at who was the most improved over the first two episodes, today we‘re going to look at the least improved.  The people we list here aren‘t necessarily villains, just teams or individuals who were at least mildly disappointing in episode two given what we saw of them in episode one.  Read more »
The Amazing Race 12 returns tonight and we‘re delayed a little due to football.  There‘s going to be a lot more of Ronald on tonight‘s episode, if the CBS promos are indicative of screen time.  He‘s a nice villain to have around, but I hope he‘s not around too much longer.  I also hope that we don‘t have to endure an almost naked Donald.  We‘ll get started with my live thoughts when the Race begins. And we‘re off.  I hate it when they do the "Previously On" then the credits and then a commercial.  Read more »
The Amazing Race 12 ventured to Africa for the first time this season, to a place known for its really funny name.  The city of Ouagadougou is pretty much only known for its name, and is a city that I‘ve wanted to see for quite a while.  My familiarity with Ouagadougou comes from my childhood – one of my father‘s favorite pieces of trivia was that the capital of Burkina Faso was a crazy place called Ouagadougou.  Apparently, this is not common knowledge, seeing as none of The Amazing Race teams knew where the city was located or how to pronounce the name correctly.  Read more »
The teams in this weeks episode of The Amazing Race weren‘t as annoying as they were the past two weeks. Maybe they are settling in, maybe I‘m more accepting. The previews of this episode had me ready to unleash a poison pen on Ronald again, but he really wasn‘t that bad. After 12 seasons, it continues to amaze me, though, that some of the teams don‘t seem to take the opportunities to absorb the culture of the different places. I‘ve traveled overseas and I made it a point to go with an open mind and observe and enjoy the differences and not complain about them. Read more »
Sometimes, camels are dry.  This is what happened to the sister team of Marianna and Julia on The Amazing Race 12, in the small village of Bingo in Burkina Faso.  Julia tried to milk her camel, but it took over four hours and when she was done the sisters found themselves in the back of the pack.  Marianna and Julia were fierce competitors, drawing the ire of a number of their fellow Amazing Race teams.  The sisters stopped by earlier today to discuss their time on the show.Below you will find the full transcript as well as the mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Some would argue that the use for ranking teams on The Amazing Race is minimal, that since they are already “ranked” weekly by what place they finished their last leg in, no more ranking is necessary.  Poppycock!  While logic might dictate that you‘re only as good as your last performance, there are events on The Amazing Race that are out of the teams‘ control (dry camels) and I think coming up with a realistic hierarchy of teams and their chance at winning the entire Race is more than doable.  Let‘s get on with it, then. Read more »
There‘s this really loud, motivated and loyal following for the goth team of Kynt and Vyxsin out there that has kind of confused me.  You can check any of our The Amazing Race 12 articles, and the comment sections will have many examples of unrequited adulation for Kynt and Vyxsin and admonishment of the author for not mentioning or praising the goths more.  Now, I can understand if there are members of the goth culture out there who simply want to support their own.  Fine.  I like Kynt and Vyxsin.  But, what I don‘t understand is praising (or being angry with me for not praising) Kynt and Vyxsin for reasons like “they compete” or “they‘re not terrible at the game” or “they‘re normal.”  If you‘re a member of society, you should be somewhat competent at The Amazing Race; it doesn‘t mean you‘re special, even if you wear a ton of make up.  On to the rankings. Read more »
The Amazing Race 12 stayed in Africa tonight, eliminated a good team, and was perhaps one of the cheapest-to-produce episodes in series history.  I never like it when a leg takes place entirely in one country; it always feels insignificant.  The epic-ness of The Amazing Race is maybe the best aspect of the show, and it feels small when teams aren‘t forced to cover long distances.  Tonight‘s Amazing Race took place entirely in Burkina Faso, the same country in which most of last episode took place.  I feel short-changed.  Read more »
The Amazing Race is starting late tonight once again, thanks to the NFL game between the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears that went into overtime.  Once tonight‘s episode gets started, I‘ll be here with constant live updates as the episode moves along.  The promos show some sort of tribal dance competition, which looks like fun.  I‘d like to see Donald bust-a-move. Read more »
I bet you think that this week I‘m gonna rail on the Blondes for using the U-Turn, don‘t you? Well, I‘m not. I may think they were stupid for using it on who they used it on, but it‘s part of the game. This is a race for a million dollars and you should take every advantage that you can get. If you hurt someone‘s feelings, sorry ... And what‘s that about taking turns being first? Hello, Jennifer, this is a race. There are prizes associated with coming in first. Why should Azaria and Hendekea step aside and allow you to claim what they worked hard for? She must have signed a different contract than the others did. She sounds like a Kindergarten teacher to her kids playing at recess. “Okay, Johnny, you‘ve been first already, let Susie have a turn”. Read more »
Lorena and Jason, the couple from Hollywood, looked like one of the early favorites on The Amazing Race 12.  On the second leg, the duo dominated everyone, finishing in an easy first place.  The other teams talked about how tough Lorena and Jason were.  Then, the teams went to Burkina Faso and ran into the deadly camel milking challenge.  The team went from first to almost last, thanks to a dry camel.  However, starting in last on the fourth leg put Lorena and Jason in an almost impossible situation, which got even more dire thanks to a devastating U-Turn thrust upon them by Shana and Jennifer.  Lorena and Jason stopped by yesterday to discuss their time on The Amazing Race.Below you will find the written transcript as well as the full mp3 audio. Read more »
On Sunday‘s The Amazing Race, the teams stayed in the exact same area they frequented in the previous episode.  I like Burkina Faso as much as the next guy (which equates to a vague indifference) but a big prime-time series like The Amazing Race should head to a different country, or at least a vastly different locale within a country, every episode.  Being that last episode remained in West Africa, we can surely expect a change of nation for the teams this Sunday, and with that a bottleneck somewhere along the line to put all the teams on equal footing.  We‘ve had enough episodes now to somewhat fairly judge each team‘s chances for taking home the million. Read more »
The Amazing Race 12 is on time tonight!  Hooray.  I‘m as big a NFL fans as the next guy, but watching the end of a crappy AFC game doesn‘t hold a candle to a new episode of The Amazing Race.  I‘m not positive this picture is from tonight‘s episode.  CBS posts their preview clips, but they don‘t make it clear which episode it‘s from.  Anyway, how about we get started?  The Racers should finally depart Burkina Faso tonight - I‘m guessing next is some sort of South American location.  Read more »
Part of the reason (or maybe most of it, it‘s hard to be sure of these things) I love The Amazing Race is that I love traveling.  Occasionally, some random place I‘ve been will show up on The Amazing Race, and it makes me happy.  Sometimes, like tonight, the teams will visit a city and a country I hadn‘t previously thought of as a legitimate travel destination.  Sadly, my thoughts on Lithuania before tonight were restricted to the seedy, crumbling negative stereotypes widely held of Eastern Europe.  But, look, they have windmills and squares and pastries and festivals with stilts and crazy costumes!  I want to go to Lithuania now.  Tourism Board of Lithuania, you owe CBS some money.  Read more »
This is the 12th season of The Amazing Race. Most of the contestants have said they‘ve watched the show. Yes, it‘s stressful. They‘re tired, hungry and haven‘t had their facials or manicures. But history has shown that the only couple to win after snarking at each other throughout the race was Zach and Flo. And that was because, even though she bitched and whined, she knew enough not to impede Zach in his solo quest for the win.They are still at the point in the game, where it might benefit them to work with another team or two. I understand that some teams are so focused on the game that they can‘t be pleasant to the other teams. I don‘t think that‘s in their best interest yet. There are too many teams left and too many variables. It can be a long race if you‘re ugly to everyone. Or it can be a very short race. Read more »
Shana and Jennifer were the two blondes from Los Angeles on The Amazing Race 12, but you wouldn‘t know it by watching them compete.  The duo was relentless on the Race.  You could tell that the friends wanted to win The Amazing Race as much, if not more than the rest of the teams.  They had performed well on almost every facet of the the race, but on last night‘s episode a couple of wrong turns doomed the duo.  Upon reaching Vilnius, Lithuania, the blondes lost their way en route to St. Anne‘s Church.  They were never able to recover.  Shana and Jennifer took the time to speak with us this morning about their time on the race. Below you will find both the written transcript and mp3 audio of the interview.  Read more »
Us viewers take for granted how difficult The Amazing Race is.  Aside from Survivor, The Amazing Race is probably the most difficult reality show to participate on and, ultimately, win (the easiest: Big Brother).  Last episode, for instance, the editing made the trip from the Burkina Faso airport to Vilnius, Lithuania seem like a twelve second teleportation.  In reality, that trip lasted more than 24 hours, contained a ten hour wait in 100 degree weather in Burkina Faso and then three separate flights that lasted throughout the night.  Once the teams landed after, one would assume, little to no sleep they immediately were thrust into a whirlwind of challenges and frantic driving.  How can we expect them to think straight after that?  The remaining teams have done an excellent job at remaining head strong throughout a race that is, simply, an epic marathon.    Read more »
This week in reality tv, a villain went home and a pair of posers lost a quarter of a million dollars.  Both are fine by me.  It‘s becoming increasingly hard to root for unlikeable people on these shows, even if they play a good game strategically or physically.  I start to feel like I‘m the child of parents who about to divorce but decide to throw in a few more fights before calling it quits.  Bianca was eliminated on Top Model and Sam and Nicole lost on Beauty and The Geek.  It‘s sad when the best part of that finale was meeting Joshua‘s mother.  Bianca was the victim of karma after trying to sabotage Jenah in a challenge, as were Shana and Jennifer on The Amazing Race who U-Turned Lorena and Jason the week before.  We said goodbye to Erik on Survivor: China but hey, at least he‘s been reunited with his Survivor love, Jaime.  Here‘s the dirty on what went down in reality this week. Read more »
Time for another leg of The Amazing Race.  I‘ll be here all night to provide live commentary on tonight‘s episode.Hippies TK and Rachel thank Travelocity for their helpful product placement.  They leave at 1am, which is always a sign that we‘re in for a massive bunch.  Teams are flying to Croatia.Ronald is excited.  Really, who‘s happy to go to Croatia?  Especially if you‘re going to bury your father (only people who still watch ER will get that reference). Read more »
The Amazing Race can be fascinating in the sense that the health of a team‘s relationship will always eventually sift itself out.  Traveling, in general, is a good indicator of sometimes dormant frustrations and that‘s only multiplied by the stress of both racing and being constantly filmed.  Good relationships will weather the inevitable fighting.  Bad relationships will self-destruct.  And sometimes, traveling will bring two people close together.  The teams ran the gamut of emotions tonight in one of the better Amazing Race episodes of the season, which saw the six teams use four different flight combinations to reach their destination of Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Read more »
The Amazing Race can be brutal sometimes.  Brother-sister duo Azaria and Hendekea dominated the race early on, winning a plethora of prizes amid their first place finishes, yet all it took was one misstep in a Lithuanian airport and their million dollar hopes were shot down in cold blood.  The siblings looked poised to run away with the race - they were smart, athletic, they pushed each other, and got along in the way quality siblings do.  Their undoing was an honest mistake (accidentally booking business class instead of economy tickets) and, still, they almost came from behind to nip the second to last place team. Azaria and Hendekea stopped by earlier today to speak with us about their time on the race.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio.  Read more »
Indecisiveness will not win The Amazing Race. Time and time again we‘ve seen teams waffling and losing time and their places. By all means, gather all your information, but then MAKE UP YOUR MIND!Indecisiveness cost Azaria and Hendekea the game last night. Some may blame the airline worker for giving them business class tickets, but I don‘t. They were at the airport early enough to gather all information needed to make an informed decision and follow through. But they waffled ... and they were philiminated. Read more »
Before season 12 of The Amazing Race began filming, BuddyTV got the chance to talk to the contestants, creator and host of the show to get their thoughts on what was to come. Check back all this week as we unveil our exclusive video interviews of the 11 brand new teams. Phil Keoghan, the Emmy Award-winning New Zealand-born television personality, will once again serve as host the 12th season of The Amazing Race premiering tonight on CBS at 8pm ET/PT. BuddyTV had a chance to sit down with Phil to talk about his career, The Amazing Race, and the upcoming season. Watch the full video interview below. Read more »
The Amazing Race returned tonight after a two-week lay off.  We opened the episode with a recap of the last episode, and I‘m reminded of how turbulent that episode was two weeks ago.  Azaria and Hendekea made one killer mistake and they were gone.  Ronald and Christina made some progress in their relationship and finished first on the leg.  Jennifer and Nathan turned into the worst Amazing Race couple ever.  Tonight, the teams are heading to Italy.  Read more »
The Amazing Race traveled to Italy tonight, and it was one of those episodes that makes every fiber of my being want to compete on that show (you listening, CBS casting people?).  Teams got to fly in a small plane over Tuscany, take a ferry across the Mediterranean, get a tattoo and they all ended up at one of the most beautiful places ever – the Boboli Gardens.  Tonight was one of those dreaded non-elimination legs, so no one went home, but it was a fun episode nonetheless. Read more »
Oh, non-elimination legs, how you toy with us Amazing Race fans.  Doesn‘t it always seem curious that the fan favorites get bailed out on these pointless legs, like Kynt and Vyxsin last week, or like David and Mary (twice)?  Not that I‘m complaining – I‘ll take as much of The Amazing Race as I can get, but if I was another team it wouldn‘t sit right with me.  Nonetheless, I like the sound of this new Speed Bump twist, in which the last place team after a non-elimination leg has to perform a task that no one else has to.  It‘s better that the doing-the-leg-with-no-money thing, or the have-to-finish-in-first-or-they‘re-eliminated thing.   These rankings, at this point, are fairly difficult because all five remaining teams have shown a significant racing prowess.  Read more »
Wow, talk about role reversal! In a matter of days, what was good is now bad and vice versa. It seems like just yesterday on The Amazing Race when I was talking about how nicely Kynt and Vyxsin and TK and Rachel treated each other. And I was also talking about how badly Jen and Ronald were treating their partners.Last episode Jen was telling us and Nathan how much she hated him, and this episode she told him that she loved him. I guess it‘s easy to love him when things are going their way. On the other hand, it about broke my heart when TK played that passive/aggressive disappointed card on Rachel. And Kynt and Vyxsin fighting was terrible to watch. Read more »
In the grand tradition of The Amazing Race, despite not watching the last episode, it doesn‘t really matter. It was a non-elimination leg, and since everyone starts this episode in the middle of the night, they go to the airport and get bunched up. So the Fast Forward Nicolas and Donald took, getting tattoos, is completely useless, a permanent reminder of the maddeningly annoying way the Race is planned. Read more »
This is the point in The Amazing Race where we start to see what the teams are made of. Some handle stress relatively well, and some don‘t handle it well at all. They are all individual people and I expect them to have disagreements, but some of the teams take disagreements to a new level.Take Nathan and Jen. I have to think that they are not bad people out of the Race atmosphere. They‘ve been friendly with a couple of teams that must have seen something in them. What amuses me is that they brag about being competitive athletes and being in pressure situations and say that this is an edge for them. I‘ve not seen it yet. Nate has been pretty laid back, but Jen? Whew ... Read more »
Viewers most likely judged Kynt and Vyxsin before the premiere of The Amazing Race 12 even began.  The reason: Kynt and Vyxsin are a very goth couple, embracing the aesthetic devotedly, going nowhere without the goth make-up and the goth outfits.  However, once the season kicked off, viewers likely got their expectations blind-sided - Kynt and Vyxsin were as normal, kind and likable a team as one could hope for.  On The Amazing Race 12, the duo immediately became fan favorites and looked to be one of the favorites to win the game, until they were eliminated from the game this past Sunday.  Kynt and Vyxsin were kind enough to speak with us at BuddyTV this morning to discuss their time on the show.  Read more »
The editing on The Amazing Race is incredibly executed.  When you think about it, the fact that the show is able to make airport ticket lines one of the most exciting parts of an episode is remarkable.  Hours and hours of footage from multiple different camera people and locations are condensed into a mere 42 minutes of content, and the results make a successful reality franchise.   The caveat to this feat is that people on The Amazing Race can be portrayed in any way the editors deem fit.  If you take snippets out of any twenty four hour period of my life, I could look as sympathetic or as evil as the editor wanted to make me look.  This is why we should not rush to judgment on some Racers who may appear unsympathetic.  The Amazing Race is a stressful marathon – people tend to act a bit crazy off no sleep and stressed out of their minds.  With that in mind, let‘s get to the rankings.  Read more »
The Amazing Race was delayed tonight on the east coast again, thanks to football.  Once the episode begins, we‘ll start the live blog.  The teams head to Japan tonight, which should be pretty fun.  The season is winding down and, thankfully this time, we know for sure that there will be another season of The Amazing Race in the offing.  The show‘s future has constantly been in doubt, with rumblings that CBS may drop the series at any given moment.  However, CBS has already picked up another season of Race, thanks to the writers‘ strike.  Read more »
It doesn‘t matter how solid a team you are on The Amazing Race, one mistake can cripple you.  And, that‘s what happened tonight.  A huge part of doing well on The Amazing Race is navigating the treacherous terrain of international airports and finding the absolute best flights en route to your next destination.  Tonight, one team chose poorly and guaranteed themselves a last place finish.  Even when you do make the correct flight choice, delays can also torpedo your chances on a leg.  It‘s unfair, but hey, that‘s The Amazing Race. Read more »
Communication is so important in The Amazing Race. Up to now, the most important thing was communication with your teammate. This episode, however, showed how miscommunication with the public could sink your ship.Ronald, Jennifer and Nathan continue to have communication problems with their teammates, and sometimes with the people that they need to help them. TK and Rachel have communicated well with each other, but they may have made a fatal mistake last night. Read more »
The Amazing Race 12 hits us up with its penultimate episode tonight, and I‘m rooting for TK and Rachel.    No bones about it.  I‘d be rooting for them anyway, just because they‘re my favorites, but I‘ll be rooting doubly tonight, as they are in last place and will have to weather a speed bump to stay alive in the Race.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour, giving updates as the episode moves along.The teams start in the glorious city of Osaka, Japan.  TK and Rachel have to make up three hours and overcome a speed bump.  Difficult.  Ronald and Christina head out first at 7am – the teams have to head to the The Floating Garden at the Omeda Building.  It‘s an observatory, but the teams don‘t know that. Read more »
There are two teams on this edition of The Amazing Race that are really difficult to pin down.  Sometimes I feel I‘m being too hard on them, somethings I get angry with myself for even entertaining the thought of them being redeemable.  Such is the bi-polar nature of reality television.  Editing, pressure, lack of sleep, stress...these things make people cranky, and when people get cranky they snap at each other.  Tonight‘s episode saw our final four teams head to Taiwan, land of Nike shoes, as they participated in rock walking, underground driving and one very ridiculous firecracker ritual.  Read more »
I don‘t know the last time that I‘ve been so happy to be wrong. I had the bad feeling that The Amazing Race editors were setting us up for a Nathan/Jennifer win in the final leg. All of her comments about it being their turn to be first or whining that they weren‘t first led me down the garden path. But I was wrong ... and I‘m glad.Jennifer left the same way she played. She was as unpleasant as ever, and her whining that it was her birthday was pretty amusing. I‘m not sure if she really expected everyone to let her have her way on her big day or if she kept repeating it because she was prodded to. I can understand not wanting any unpleasantness on her birthday, but, honey, what goes around, comes around. Read more »
Jennifer and Nathan, the volatile Southern Californian couple, have taken a lot of flak from fans of The Amazing Race this season.  And, rightfully so.  They often acted immaturely, yelling and bickering at each other, saying mean, awful things and generally annoying the audience.  But, is it not possible that their seeming anger and dislike of each other is only a product of the high-intensity, high-stress environment of the Race?  That outside of the unrealistic existence of the Race, Jenn and Nate are a good couple? We interviewed Jenn and Nate yesterday, and they were as amiable as you could hope for in interview subjects.  Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
The word “hippie” gets thrown around a lot.  What once was a term of endearment back in the sixties is now, more or less, a negative title, especially to people like Eric Cartman.  The general characteristics of hippiedom are well-known: optimistic, maybe naïve world view, a penchant for hackey sack, very liberal politics, Phish bootlegs and bong ownership (often with silly names, like “Wesley Pipes”), laid back attitude and, of course, dreadlocks.  Now, these are the cliché characteristics of hippies.  Prior to the premiere of The Amazing Race 12, the team of TK and Rachel were deemed “The hippie couple” mostly because TK has dreads.  The Amazing Race did some good casting this season because, as with “the goth couple” of Kynt and Vyxsin, TK and Rachel were able to tear down a lot of hippie stereotypes.  They are smart, determined, and great competitors.  They are laid back, but that even-keel nature has become a distinct advantage, in that there is little bickering between the two and they‘re able to stay in high spirits.  As a result, TK and Rachel now find themselves in the final three of The Amazing Race and will compete for one million dollars on Sunday‘s finale.   Read more »
Nicolas and Donald have beaten the odds on The Amazing Race 12.  Multi-generation teams are always at a disadvantage because, frankly, older people generally have a difficult time adjusting to the rigors and physical demands of the Race.  Donald is the grandfather of Nicolas and, for a man in his sixties, he is in good shape but he‘s still struggled mightily on almost every leg of the Race.  This has forced grandson Nicolas to shoulder the load: he makes all the decisions, carries his grandfather‘s bags and is forced to constantly motivate the often exhausted Donald.  Despite all of this, the teams has endured all the way into the final three, surprising everyone, and now they have a fighting chance to win a million dollars.  Read more »
The Amazing Race is, at its core, a show about relationships.  Just like CBS‘s other reality giant Survivor, the series remains interesting after so many seasons while adhering to the same format because human drama never gets old.  The possibility of growth, evolution of already established relationships is one of the more intriguing aspects of The Amazing Race.  Realistically, us viewers can never really know what to make of seemingly changed relationship dynamics within teams, but sometimes we have to just go along with the ride and trust the editors at CBS.  This season, it can be argued that the most changed team over the course of the Race was Ronald and Christina.  Ronald is Christina‘s father and, as she was growing up, Ronald was away on business a lot, and didn‘t get to spend as much time as he would‘ve liked with his daughter.  As a result, Ronald spent most of the early season episodes speaking to Christina as if she were a rival businessman at the negotiating table.  He would badger her and tell her what she had done wrong and how, even if his claims were dubious.  It made for some uncomfortable television. Read more »
The Amazing Race 12 ends tonight and, looking back, it‘s been a pretty good season.  For mega fans like me, I suppose any season of The Amazing Race is a good season.  The fact that, in the very recent past, CBS was flirting with the idea of discontinuing the series is enough to make any season a good one.  We‘re down to three teams: Ronald and Christina, TK and Rachel, and Nicolas and Donald.  There‘s a pretty good chance that we‘ll get the first multi-generational race winner, with two of the teams comprised of the usually unsuccessful young/old combination.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode with live updates on the action.  Read more »
The Amazing Race 12 ended tonight.  It‘s always hard to say goodbye to one of your favorite shows, but it‘s easier when the finale is unremarkable.  The problem with Amazing Race finales is that, no matter what, it‘s going to be anti-climactic.  The epic-ness of The Race is why the show is so good (at least to me) and when, in the last episode, that first place team runs to that last podium, with only a dozen or so other people in attendance, the whole production seems wispy and underwhelming.  At least tonight‘s finale ended in the somewhat mysterious terrain of Anchorage, Alaska.  Since Race always comes full circle and ends in the US, the producers usual choose a large metropolis to welcome the Racers home.  Tonight‘s finale was the first one I can remember that actually felt close to as foreign and unknown as the other locations on the Race.  The ending wasn‘t exactly a photo finish as the CBS promos had promised, but it did come down to the wire.  Read more »
This is one finale that I wasn‘t dreading. All three final teams in this season of The Amazing Race were likable to me. Ronald seems to have gotten better at respecting his daughter, Don was a kick-butt old man, and TK and Rachel were sweet together.How would the final tasks skew? Would they favor one team over another? Will that last footrace decide the winner? Those were the questions I had as I sat down to enjoy the show. Read more »
Ronald and Christina were the biggest story on The Amazing Race 12.  The father/daughter combo started out the race on rocky ground, with Ronald constantly bickering with his daughter.  It got uncomfortable for viewers at times, but Ronald was open about the fact that he needed to change, that he needed to show more respect for his daughter.  And, you know what?  He did change and, once that happened, Ronald and Christina became a force to be reckoned with on The Amazing Race.  They ended up in second place, but looked poised to be million dollar winners throughout the final leg.  We got the chance to speak with Ron and Chris yesterday and they were especially cordial.  Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview.  Read more »
Nicolas and Donald were probably the most surprisingly effective team on this season of The Amazing Race.  For multi-generational teams to succeed is rare, and not much was expected of 20-something Nicolas and his almost 70 year old grandpa Donald.  However, Nic was up to the task of picking up whatever slack was necessary and Don more than held his own on a race that gives people 40 years his junior trouble. The duo was in the running for the million for much of the Race‘s final leg, but a difficult and frustrating final road block ended up being their final nail in the coffin, and Nic and Don finished in a very respectable third place.  We got the chance to speak with Nicolas and Donald earlier this week and discuss their time on the Race.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
TK and Rachel, the laid back quasi-hippies, surprised everyone last night when they came out on top and won one million dollars on The Amazing Race.  Some have called the dating couple boring, but that‘s only because they didn‘t fight and yell like every other couple on the race.  Their incredible calm and positive attitude kept them in contention throughout the season and, in the end, their quick thinking (and Rachel‘s performance on the final Road Block) catapulted them into first place and one million dollars.  We got the chance to speak with TK and Rachel this morning to discuss their time on The Amazing Race.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
The Amazing Race, for almost the entirety of its twelve season run, has been the critical darling of the reality TV world.  Being a fan of the series, this has always made me happy, though I found the heaps of praise and awards to be a bit peculiar.  The show has won the Emmy a number of years in a row for Best Reality-Competition Series and, just last week, Amazing Race creator took home the Directors Guild of America award for best directed reality show.  It seems that the award giving community just decided some years back that The Amazing Race was the cream of the reality crop and that this designation would never, ever be questioned.  It‘s kind of like when sportswriters vote on Gold Gloves for baseball.  People like Rafael Palmeiro and Omar Vizquel were basically handed Gold Gloves at their positions every year, no matter what.  While perhaps deserved, you‘d think that the competition wouldn‘t remain static year-to-year. Read more »
Joining a rigorous reality competition like The Amazing Race can no doubt take a toll on a person‘s stress levels, and this is exactly what happened to show contestant, Ronald Hsu, who finished the 12th season of the show in second place with daughter, Christina Hsu. In an interview with The Colombian, Christina explained that her father is a much calmer person in real life, and that the short-tempered man viewers saw on The Amazing Race is the product of sleep deprivation and lack of nourishment. Read more »
Uchenna and Joyce Agu enjoyed being on The Amazing Race so much that they are in the midst of the developing their own race show in their hometown of Houston, Texas.“We wanted to give people the chance to experience what we experienced on the show that we were on,” Joyce, who won the seventh edition of The Amazing Race with husband Uchenna, said in an interview with FOX 26 Morning News. “So what we decided to do was a race in Houston, and we‘re calling it The Great Race Houston, hoping to give Houstonians the experience we had and to be able to challenge themselves and go beyond their boundaries and push beyond their fears.” Read more »
Now that the scribes‘ strike has finally been resolved, networks have scrambled to determine which of their shows will immediately resume production on new episodes, which ones will be held off for a later date, and which ones will remain in limbo.  Aside from deciding what programs will begin filming the remaining installments of their current seasons, the networks have also been busy ironing out which ones get picked up for another go during the 2008-2009 offering. Over at CBS, 11 scripted series have just been renewed for another season, following last month‘s announcement that two of its reality shows had been green-lit for another edition.  The Amazing Race was picked up for an impressive 13th season, while Survivor was renewed for an unprecedented 18th issue. Read more »
If the falling ratings are any indication, some of you might think that the Emmy Awards are already too bloated and overstuffed with boring categories.  I know I could do without those miniseries and TV movie awards, especially since the networks rarely bother making them anymore.  Considering that the Emmys consistently run long and put many viewers to sleep, I‘d think that if they planned to create a new award category it would have to be a pretty important one.  I am baffled, then, by Variety‘s report that the Emmys are considering adding a "Best Reality TV Host" award.  Yes, there could finally be a category where Big Brother‘s Julie Chen competes against American Idol‘s Ryan Seacrest and Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race.  The question is, is this category really necessary? Read more »
Last week, it was announced that the Emmy Awards would be creating a new category for its next awards show: Best Reality TV Host.  Usually, I‘d be against the Emmys adding more awards – the Emmys are boring enough with the amount of awards they have now.  But, I think I speak for all reality TV fans when I say that this category is long overdue.  The reality TV host is an underrated position.  A good host can make a show seem greater than the sum of its parts.  A terrible host can bring the proceedings to a stand still (see: On the Lot‘s Adrianna Costa).  It‘s about time we honored the brave men and women who lead us on our reality TV journeys.  In honor of this new Emmy category, I thought I‘d chime in with my personal reality TV host rankings, complete with the five people who I think should be nominated for the Best Reality TV Host Emmy. Read more »
Alex Boylan is a hero to many people, myself included.  If you‘re a fan of The Amazing Race, you probably know who Boylan is.  Maybe not – The Amazing Race has been on TV for a long time.  However, if you‘ve ever fancied yourself a world traveler, or have ever longed to be one, Alex Boylan is someone to admire.  With friend Chris Luca, Alex won the second season of The Amazing Race in a footrace.  After winning The Amazing Race, Alex got into the world of television and producing.  He hosted a couple of little known shows, but in July of last year he embarked on one of the most ambitious traveling experiences of the internet age.  He called it Around the World for Free. Read more »
Jamie Hill succeeded much farther as a Miss USA 2008 semifinalist than she did as a participant on The Amazing Race season 10.  The 24-year-old Miss South Carolina USA 2008 made it to the Top 15 of the Miss USA 2008 pageant, which NBC broadcast live from the Theatre for the Performing Arts at Las Vegas‘ Planet Hollywood on Friday night.Unfortunately, Hill failed to be part of the Top 10 semifinalists in the 57th annual pageant.  Miss Texas USA 2008 Crystle Stewart was eventually crowned Miss USA 2008. Read more »
Despite placing just fifth in the 12th season of The Amazing Race, Goth lovers Kynt Cothran and Vyxsin Fiala have definitely made a statement and showed the world that they have enough attitude to make it big in the United States.  Sure, they didn‘t win a million dollars, but their popularity has become an opportunity for them to pursue big endeavors outside of reality TV.Since their first appearance on The Amazing Race as "The Pink and Black Attack," Kynt and Vyxsin have been making guest appearances in several local Goth gigs and events.  More recently, the couple has shown their support for a very good cause. Read more »
Last week, we reported on Kynt and Vyxsin – the duo Phil Keoghan dubbed as the “most fashionable couple in Amazing Race history” – signing on as models of Hot Topic clothing.  The fifth place finishers in the 12th edition of The Amazing Race officially began their duties as Hot Topic ambassadors via their formal debut at the start of this month. Beginning Thursday, May 1, Hot Topic has showcased Kynt and Vyxsin of The Amazing Race in a feature pictorial, interview and a music video on the front page f their official webpage at Read more »
When Blake Mycoskie‘s time on The Amazing Race in 2002 took him to Argentina, the sight of shoeless children during his return visit left enough of an imprint on him to rouse him into concrete action.  Despite failing to win that edition of The Amazing Race, Mycoskie had little time or inclination to fret or pout.  Instead, he devoted himself to doing all that he could for those barefoot kids he saw playing even without shoes. Back in August, we reported on the former Amazing Race contender‘s TOMS Shoes venture, which he set up specifically to allow for shoes to be made available to the likes of those Argentine children.  We check back on his progress since, courtesy of a story by CBS 11 News. Read more »
Even though CBS announced that they‘ve green lit a thirteenth season of The Amazing Race, that doesn‘t mean you‘re going to see it any time soon.  Since, prior to the writers‘ strike, CBS had planned on only airing one edition of The Amazing Race in the 2007-2008 TV season, the late call for The Amazing Race 13 means that we won‘t be seeing the next season until late Spring, at the earliest.  The Amazing Race, given the incredible amount of footage taken, is an arduous series to edit.  And, season 13 hasn‘t even started filming. Read more »