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Being from Seattle, it was really satisfying watching people get lost and stuck in traffic. However, it was also raining which is, like, so cliché.The casting of The Amazing Race 10 is solid, if not shameless. Two teams feature two ridiculously good-looking ladies. One is comprised of former beauty queens (both blonde) and the other consists of two former South Carolina cheerleaders. CBS knows what it‘s doing.I thought I‘d dislike the coal miner and his wife, but they‘ve got a certain ignorant charm that borders on infectious. They‘re both pretty sweet people, but someone needs to hook them up with an orthodontist.Derek Zoolander and Hansel (aka male models, former drug addicts, and maybe sexually confused best friends Tyler and James) were better at the game than I assumed they‘d be. Their first place finish at the initial pit stop was no fluke.Quote from one of the beauty queens: “Do Muslims believe in Buddha?â€? God, I hope these girls stay on the show for awhile.Rob and Kimberly, the dating couple from LA, are about as annoying as “rockâ€? band AFI. Which is, to say, painfully annoying.The twist of eliminating teams before the pit stop is okay, but seemingly unnecessary. I hope it‘s only the premiere that kicks off two teams in an episode. Are they trying to speed up the season?I liked both of the eliminated teams, especially Vipul and Arti. They seemed fun and interesting. However, Bilal and Sa-eed were a tad overbearing.The Amazing Race 10 has started off on the right foot, providing what it always does: fast-paced reality action in diverse settings. -Oscar Dahl  Read more »
This shouldn‘t come as a big surprise, although there have been some scares in the past over whether or not CBS would continue producing the best reality show on TV. Hopefully, they won‘t have any silly gimmicks, like they‘re ill-conceived “Family Editionâ€? last year that completely neutered the show. The Amazing Race, an Emmy winner, should get better ratings than it does. It‘s so unique to the reality genre. Whereas most reality-competition programs contain intermittent “challengesâ€?, The Amazing Race is one big challenge. The speed of the show is staggering; there are no breaks, no time for lingering inter-team drama. There‘s none of the pettiness on The Amazing Race that is so common to it‘s competition; it‘s only excitement. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer Read more »
Last night‘s Amazing Race took place entirely in Vietnam. This is usually a disappointing development; I like watching continent to continent traveling and I have a strange affliction for airports and air travel in general. Anyway, the contestants raced around Vietnam and ended up in the midst of some beautiful, frozen-in time islands. The challenges were as difficult as I can remember any challenge ever being on The Amazing Race. One involved climbing a sheer rock, the other saw the Racers manning a crappy little boat around the wind-swept isles. Let‘s just say that few of the competitors were expert rowers. Even with these exciting, grueling challenges, however, the most interesting thing to come out of the episode was the behavior of two of the men towards their significant other.  Read more »
If you saw last night‘s episode of The Amazing Race, you witnessed the worst display of transportation failure the long-running show has ever seen. A number of teams had some form of trouble with the automobile provided for them by the show‘s producers (the vehicles looked like miniature Hummers, but were suspiciously unmarked). Granted, Outer Mongolia is not known for it‘s highways or transportation, but what happened last night on The Amazing Race was ridiculous. Let‘s look at the wreckage: Read more »
Although the scene was cut from the broadcast episode, Vipul and Arti Patel of Florida came in last place because of a taxi driver. Not unusual in the game, the couple lost an hour‘s time trying to bargain the driver (through a translator) down to a price they actually could pay."If that didn‘t happen, we would have gotten there at the same time the other teams were starting and we wouldn‘t have been eliminated," said Vipul. Read more »
Oh, the glory of the Amazing Race non-elimination leg. The change in emotions of the last place team as Phil breaks the good news (that they‘re not eliminated) is as uplifting as the end of a "Full House" episode. The team thinks they‘re eliminated, they think they‘re going home, they think their million dollar dream has been vanquished, but no! The Gods of Reality TV have shined down upon them, bearing the mightiest TV gift of all: more time on the air.  Read more »