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Kate Towne is one of the stars of HBO‘s latest drama series, Tell Me You Love Me, playing free-spirited Mason.  The show centers on three couples dealing with issues of intimacy in their relationships.  Mason bridges the gaps between two of the couples, as Carolyn‘s (Sonya Walger) sister and Jamie‘s (Michelle Borth) best friend.  The show airs Sunday nights, and premieres tonight at 9pm.BuddyTV spoke to Kate about her new role and her thoughts on the stark portrayal of human sexuality in the series.  Below you will find a copy of the transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »
Most dramas on TV are about cops, doctors and lawyers. After watching the first episode of Tell Me You Love Me, HBO‘s latest original drama series, I now know why that is. Cops, doctors and lawyers are actually interesting to watch.Tell Me You Love Me is one of the dullest shows you‘ll ever see. It‘s so obsessed with its bare bones, indie film style and hyper-realistic attention to detail that it‘s very much like watching paint dry, without the vibrant colors. The main characters have boring, everyday problems in their lives and relationships, and if I wanted to see that, I‘d go to my family‘s Thanksgiving dinner. Read more »
Ally Walker is one of the stars of the new HBO relationship drama Tell Me You Love Me, about the love lives of three couples at different stages in their lives.  Walker plays Katie, a woman in her 40s who is unsatisfied by the fact that her husband (Tim DeKay) and her no longer have sex.  Walker is an accomplished actress who previous starred on NBC‘s Profiler.Ally spoke to BuddyTV about her role on Tell Me You Love Me, her views on the explicit nature of some of the sex scenes, and her experience with James Woods on an episode of ER.  Below you will find a transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »
HBO‘s new series, Tell Me You Love Me, premiered recently last September 9.  The provocative show is a candid and unapologetic look at romantic involvements, through the lives of three different couples. Tell Me You Love Me creator Cynthia Mort offered some thoughts and insights after the airing of the show‘s first two episodes. Read more »
Tell Me You Love Me is attempting to push the envelope on television shows which tackle the subject of love and relationships.  With its unabashed and unapologetic depiction of goings-on behind closed doors, between the lines and beneath the sheets, Tell Me You Love Me is both shocking and refreshing to audiences. Foremost on the list of controversial elements is its frank and stark depiction of human sexuality and its place in any coupling.  Last week, show creator, Cynthia Mort spoke openly about her use of nudity and sex scenes on Tell Me You Love Me.  This week, we hear from several of the female leads about what they think of the somewhat graphic nature of the new show. Read more »
HBO has picked up the new original series, Tell Me You Love Me, for a second season, despite the show‘s rocky start. The relationship drama premiered with a mere viewer count of 910,000 early in September.  The number proves dismal in comparison to nearly all of the pay cable network‘s original programs in recent years.  The least-watched episode of John from Cincinnati, a unique surf-noir drama that HBO declined to renew, actually drew in more viewers than Tell Me You Love Me‘s premiere. Read more »
HBO‘s Tell Me You Love Me has made viewers who are in serious relationships squirm with discomfort, though this isn‘t necessarily a bad thing. The new drama series, which centers on three couples who are trying to cope with different kinds of intimacy issues, have forced some real-life couples who tune in to the show to examine the problems in their own relationships. Read more »
Gone are the days of fun and laughter-inducing depictions of sex, as evidenced by HBO‘s new series, Tell Me You Love Me.  The show, created by Cynthia Mort, takes a less erotic and more serious approach to the highest form of intimacy between couples, all for the sake of realism and uncovering a truth. "Being erotic was certainly never a consideration," Mort told the Los Angeles Times.  "In all those scenes, the primary motivation was to tell the story and advance the characters and reveal something about them.  They‘re not in a place to turn the lights down low and put on some music, light some candles…  That‘s not who they are right now. I think there are some very intense moments between these couples.  They may not be erotic, but they‘re certainly compelling." Read more »
HBO‘s Tell Me You Love Me, which premiered in September, has been getting some mixed reviews with its controversial storylines and extremely realistic depiction of sex.  But while that‘s stirring various media outlets, Michelle Borth has something to reveal about her character Jamie that‘s quite unexpected.On Tell Me You Love Me, Borth plays a line cook who breaks off her engagement with the idealistic Hugo (Luke Farrell Kirby) because of her jealousy and her emotional issues.  According to the actress, her character has actually been written for her. Read more »
While Tell Me You Love Me is stirring much controversy with its extremely realistic depictions of sex, cast member Tim Dekay dishes out on what really goes on behind the cameras. For those who are not familiar, Tell Me You Love Me is a drama series broadcast on HBO that revolves around three couples, Jamie (Michelle Borth) and Hugo (Luke Kirby), Katie (Ally Walker) and David (Tim DeKay) and Carolyn (Sonya Walger) and Palek (Adam Scott), each struggling with their own issues on intimacy in their relationships.  Throughout the series, they seek the help of therapist Dr. May Foster (Jane Alexander), who herself has relationship issues with her partner Arthur (David Selby). Read more »
For those who have missed an episode of HBO‘s Tell Me You Love Me and for those who just want to relive the drama, you can catch the entire first season on DVD.  According to the network, Tell Me You Love Me: The Complete First Season will be released on February 12, 2008.Created by Cynthia Mort, Tell Me You Love Me is an adult drama series that focuses on three couples struggling to stay together.  It explores infidelity and prenuptial concerns through the relationship of 20-something couple, Hugo (Luke Kirby) and Jamie (Michelle Borth), sheds light on unsuccessful attempts to start a family through 30-something couple, Palek (Adam Scott) and Carolyn (Sonya Walger), and taps on devotion and sustaining physical intimacy through 40-something couple, Dave (Tim DeKay) and Katie (Ally Walker).  As the couples go through various relationship issues, they seek the help of therapist Dr. May Foster (Jane Alexander), who depicts the female side of a 50-something couple, as she herself has issues with her partner Arthur (David Selby), and enlightens them on how all these anxiety and concerns affect their sex life. Read more »
After renewing the lightly watched series after its first season last fall, HBO has decided to abandon its sexually explicit drama Tell Me You Love Me, a decision that show creator Cynthia Mort and the network seemed to have arrived at together."Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, we were unable to find the direction of the show for the second season," Mort said in a statement. Read more »
The USA Network has given a green light to yet another series, this time titled White Collar as it lifts cast contingency for the show.  The series, which stars Matthew Bomer of Chuck and Tru Calling and Tim DeKay of Tell Me You Love Me and Carnivale, will also feature director Bronwen Hughes of Burn Notice, Breaking Bad and Forces of Nature.  White Collar is created by Jeff Eastin, who also serves as executive producer for the upcoming Fox Television Studios endeavor."USA is ramping up its production slate by adding a third pilot to its roster with WHITE COLLAR," Jackie de Crinis, USA‘s executive vice president, original programming said in an official statement.  "The unique dynamic of Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay adds two memorable characters to the roster that defines the USA brand." Read more »
Therapy is what separates Common Law from other TV cop shows. And the best person for perspective on this aspect of the show is Common Law‘s own therapist, Dr. Emma Ryan, played by Sonya Walger. Read more »