Articles for Teen Wolf Season 4

This week on the season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf, the gang takes a scenic tour of Mexico, including some light torturing and a tour of a historic Aztec tomb. Their tour guides include murderous hunters and a cold-as-ice, but oddly romance-savvy, mercenary. The kids on Teen Wolf do vacations much differently than most people.  Read more »
For many years television‘s sexiest supernatural throne has pretty much been dominated by vampires. But the introduction of incredibly good-looking werewolves these days changed all that. We‘ve listed 12 of the hottest werewolves on television we just can‘t get enough of.  Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, Kate Argent is back murdering people, baby Derek knows Spanish but not much else, and it turns out the Hales are multimillionaires, because that really gibes with their established lifestyle of living in burned-out husks and wearing the same v-neck every day. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the gang spends most of the episode actually attending classes at their high school, which is kind of a Teen Wolf miracle. Scott and Stiles remember they care about lacrosse, a least a little bit, while a silent but deadly killer comes to town. It‘s a light and fun episode, which feels weird to say about an episode with bodies in meat lockers, nibbled entrails and a blood-soaked cat. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, Scott proves to be as bad at the whole "mentorship" thing as Derek once was, Lydia cracks her own code and discovers an unpleasant surprise, Argent returns in triumph with a feelings beard and Sheriff Stilinski and Derek become the new Hardy Boys of Beacon Hills. Read more »
The second wave of nominations for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards have been announced. On the TV side, Pretty Little Liars leads the pack with five nominations.Seven shows are tied for second with three nominations each: Glee, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Baby Daddy, Sleepy Hollow, Reign and Chasing Life. Some of the bigger TV categories have shows like Sleepy Hollow, Reign and Chasing Life competing against each other for Breakout Show, and Girl Meets World, So You Think You Can Dance, Under the Dome and others are all up for Choice Summer TV Show. Read more »
We‘re counting down the days until the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. To help you plan for the convention, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 24.(There will be pilot screenings the previous night, on Wednesday, July 23, and you can find out all the details here.) Read more »
On Thursday, the young cast of MTV‘s Teen Wolf took over Comic-Con with news about the current fourth season and the show‘s future. The panel featured stars Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O‘Brien, Dylan Sprayberry, Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig, plus EP Jeff Davis. Yup, two Tylers and two Dylans.  Read more »
Everyone‘s eagerly anticipating San Diego Comic-Con 2014. So to help you plan for the big event, here are all the television-related panels and event information for Friday, July 25. Read more »
Teen Wolf‘s fourth season has had a back-to-basics approach, but that certainly doesn‘t mean the drama is even close to abating. With Kate Argent, the Benefactor, and some assassins running around town, Beacon Hills is more dangerous than ever before. Read more »
Teen Wolf was a huge hit at San Diego Comic Con 2014, but few actors on the show inspire more ardent fan love than Dylan O‘Brien. Even though star Tyler Posey cartwheeled on stage for the panel, the roar when O‘Brien took the stage was deafening. A girl asking O‘Brien a question even broke down into tears. Read more »
Derek and Argent have had a tough time so far in Teen Wolf‘s fourth season. Derek might be losing his powers, and Argent has now lost his entire family. It only makes sense that the hunter and the werewolf would bond, at least over their mutual hate of Kate Argent.  Read more »
Starting at a new school is tough in the best of circumstances, but it can be a real beast when you suddenly find yourself a werewolf. Thankfully new kid Liam has Scott as his mentor and protector. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, there‘s a deadly virus outbreak in the school which can only be cured by 20-year-old tea. Good thing the Hales are huge hoarders with a vault conveniently located underneath the school. That was a close call! Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, Lydia learns some disturbing family secrets, the group comes up with another terrible plan that mostly goes awry and Derek joins the NRA. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the Benefactor is finally revealed, Derek actually wins a fight for once in his life and it turns out Deputy Parrish is the Terminator. Also, apparently dubstep kills. The more you know! Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, a link between Meredith and Peter is revealed, Scott almost goes full alpha and Stiles and Malia dismantle the dead pool for good. No one dies, no one is shirtless and a good quarter of the episode is spent looking at a wall. I‘m not sure this is the episode I would have chosen to put in front of my big awards show, that‘s all I‘m saying. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, Scott and Kira have the worst first date of all time, Argent taps into his anger, Derek‘s loft gets trashed again and both Kate Argent and Peter Hale have plans so complicated and ridiculous they are basically unknowable. Read more »
It‘s official. Summer has officially ended, and now it‘s time to face the perils of high school. Not only do you have to deal with homework and teachers, but you also need to figure out a way to face that lunch table of mean girls, who might not appreciate the fact that your sense of humor is a little - well - off. These select shows can remind you that people have survived, and even thrived, by having the same quirky gene that you do. Read more »
This week in the season 4 finale of Teen Wolf, Peter‘s unnecessarily complex evil plan is uncovered, Scott rises to the true alpha occasion and Derek briefly dies, so basically it‘s a normal day for Derek. Read more »