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The shift to Summer 2013 television continues. After several long-standing weeknight dramas concluded their seasons until next fall, last week The Voice generated the most TV check-ins to become the most-engaged show. Read more »
This week on the season 3 premiere of Teen Wolf, a new alpha pack in town causes all kinds of trouble for our Beacon Hills favorites. Mostly, this trouble involves suicidal animals, but occasionally it also means pulse-pounding fight sequences set to music which sounds like it was piped in straight from Beacon Hill‘s best gay clubs. Read more »
When news broke last year that Colton Haynes would not return for Teen Wolf season 3 as Jackson, I was devastated. After the season 2 finale, I couldn‘t wait to find out what happened to him. Was he still a Kanima? Just a werewolf? And, what did the blue eyes mean? Read more »
Teen Wolf didn‘t hold anything back in its premiere. The Alpha Pack was introduced with potentially deadly consequences and are a threat to the Beacon Hills‘ werewolves, especially Scott. "Chaos Rising" was aptly titled because the situation gets much more dire in the second episode. Read more »
Last week, Pretty Little Liars generated the most TV check-ins to become the most-engaged show, knocking The Voice down a peg. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the werewolf gang (plus Stiles) form an impromptu Ocean‘s 11-type gang in order to mount a rescue attempt to save Erica and Boyd. In typical bank heist fashion, it does not go according to plan. Derek might be charismatic, but he‘s no George Clooney.  Read more »
In a word, the Season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars steamrolled the remaining nine competitors of the top 10 most-engaged TV shows last week. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the hunt is on for Boyd and Cora before they kill all the children, English teachers and lesbian couples in Beacon Hills. Meanwhile, Lydia once again wanders unknowingly into a giant pool of blood and death, while Allison finally completes her transformation into Hawkeye. And Stiles discovers someone is out there sacrificing virgins. That‘s way harsh Tai. Read more »
The finale of AMC‘s Mad Men had little effect on check-ins last week, whose standings were identical except for the last three places. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, Isaac gets a little payback, Stiles plays detective and Derek has an all-around terrible day. Read more »
Big Brother made its season 15 debut last week to start the show‘s longest season to date. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, an endless bus ride becomes an excuse for a labyrinthine flashback-centric narrative. There‘s a flashback-within-a-flashback, within a flashforward, within the snow globe of a child with autism. This episode makes the narrative structure of Inception look linear. Read more »
The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con will be here before we know it, so to help you plan for the big event, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 18. Read more »
The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con will be here before we know it, so to help you plan for the big event, check out all the television-related panels and event information for Friday, July 19. Read more »
The war with the Alpha Pack is far from over on Teen Wolf. Scott and his friends end up at a creepy motel for the night in "Motel California" and they must contend with the dangers of the motel and an unwelcome Alpha Pack guest, Deucalion. The stress of the fight is affecting all of them, but will it push them to fight harder? Or, give up? Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the gang visits a creepy motel with more disturbing happenings than the Bates Motel and the Overlook Hotel combined. (Hereeee‘s suicide!) As the teen wolves start to lose it, Lydia‘s gift for giving a great freaked-out face helps unravel the whole story and ultimately save the day. Read more »
After its momentous premiere, Big Brother generated even more buzz last week when attention focused on racist comments made by a houseguest. It also didn‘t hurt check-ins to have NSFW shenanigans show up on the show‘s live feeds. Read more »
Last week, TNT‘s novel-inspired Rizzoli & Isles made its first appearance on the list of top-ten most-engaged shows on TV. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the alpha pack finally gets the blood they‘ve been looking for, while Scott finds out about his latent alpha powers. The result is a packed, emotional episode as our favorite characters seem at death‘s door from the first five minutes of the episode until the shocking conclusion. Read more »
The third and final wave of nominations have been announced for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. On the TV side, ABC Family comes out on top, with Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters receiving three nominations each. Read more »
Monday‘s emotional and shocking Teen Wolf death left fans wondering what‘s next for Derek‘s vulnerable pack. Not to mention what‘s ahead for Scott after showing his red eyed alpha powers. Today the cast and executive producers discussed Teen Wolf, Season 3 at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Keep reading for more. Read more »
Welcome to the origin story of sad Derek, sassy Peter Hale, the Arduous Argents, the beginnings of the Alpha Pack and the mythology of werewolves. Read more »
Since its eighth and final premiere, Dexter fell to eighth in BuddyTV‘s ranking of the top 10 most-engaged shows. Read more »
The alpha twins might be new to the Teen Wolf universe, but they‘ve made a big (and shirtless) impression. That‘s thanks to beefy twins Max and Charlie Carver, who combine to make one scary alpha werewolf.At San Diego Comic Con BuddyTV was there to find out when we‘ll find out more about their backstories, what it was like joining the established cast, and what‘s next for Danny and Ethan: Read more »
The man behind Teen Wolf found himself on the other side of the cameras last week at San Diego Comic Con. Executive Producer Jeff Davis sat down with reporters to talk about this action-packed season and what‘s to come for our favorite characters as the first part of season 3 winds down. Read more »
Things haven‘t been going swimmingly for the Teen Wolf ladies this season. Allison and Scott have called it quits and she‘s got more family drama than ever. And tonight we‘ll finally, finally find out just what exactly is up with Lydia. At San Diego Comic Con, BuddyTV was there to ask what‘s next for Allison and Lydia as Teen Wolf wraps up the first part of it‘s third season. Read more »
Teen Wolf‘s hero Scott McCall is having a pretty crazy year. His friends have died, his family has been threatened, and now he found out he‘s something called a "true alpha," one who gets powers from leadership instead of killing. Last week at San Diego Comic Con, show star Tyler Posey sat down with a bunch of inquisitive journalists to find out what‘s up with Scott‘s alpha powers and what it‘s like to play a heroic character. Read more »
Teen Wolf keeps getting more and more dramatic as season 3 approaches it‘s mid-season finale. As one of the few shows currently airing during San Diego Comic Con 2013, the stars of the show tried to remain fairly tight-lipped bout what‘s to come for our favorite hunky werewolves. Read more »
Some familiar faces are returning to American Horror Story. A Cheers alum will show up on Bones. And which singer from Smash is guest starring on Elementary? Read on for all the latest casting news on these and much more, including Arrow, Nashville, Teen Wolf, and Hart of Dixie. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent jumped in check-ins last week, presumably in anticipation of the results show of the second quarterfinals of the eighth season. Read more »
Suits on USA replaced America‘s Got Talent in last week‘s rankings of TV shows by engagement. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, a huge storm is a great excuse for another bottle episode, this time set in the hospital. Beacon Hills Hospital, where everyone in town ends up eventually after being mauled by mysterious creatures or lagoon monsters, becomes the staging ground for several huge fights and more big revelations. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the stakes are raised impossibly high in a quest to save the parents. Scott, Stiles and Allison take a trip to the luxurious ice bath of death spa in order to take their parents‘ place as sacrifices. Read more »
In today‘s Casting Bits -- where we round up all the latest news on who‘s joining and guest starring on all your favorite shows in the upcoming season -- Nick Jonas is heading to Hawaii, another scientist will work for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a "known killer" will show up on Teen Wolf. Read on for all the details, including casting news on Parenthood, New Girl, The Following, The Carrie Diaries and Bones. Read more »
The Teen Wolf mid-season finale begins with several cliffhangers from last week‘s episode and most of them are answered in "Lunar Ellipse."  Ms. Blake has the "guardians" tied up in the root cellar, the teens "died" to find them, and the Alpha Pack is after Derek. The result is a suspenseful, action-packed hour. Be prepared to hold your breath, cry, and perhaps even scream. Read more »
This week on the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf, everything comes to a head as Scott finally fulfills his destiny and becomes a true alpha. Read more »
Teen Wolf, MTV‘s surprise supernatural hit, is winding down for a mid-season hiatus. A lot has happened during the first part of season three, none of it very good news for the residents of Beacon Hills. Read more »
The season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad came in hot last week, topping the leaderboard for TV check-ins. Read more »
AMC‘s Breaking Bad commanded TV engagement stats for a second consecutive week. Read more »
Last weekend Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis took the Stilinski family to New York Comic Con to make some big announcements and tease the second half of season three. Read more »
The tag line for the new season of MTV‘s supernatural hit Teen Wolf is appropriately "Lose your mind." Well let‘s be honest, we‘re already losing our minds over having to wait until January 7th for new episodes. So perhaps this new trailer might help to tide us over.  Read more »
When Sheriff Stilinski finally found out about the werewolves and supernatural happenings in Beacon Hills, the audience let out a sigh of relief. While it‘s great to have Papa Stilinski in on the secret, life is only looking to get more complicated for him now. Read more »
There‘s more Teen Wolf right around the corner, and fans are about to lose their minds. The cult MTV supernatural drama has only become more popular with time. That‘s probably because of its whip smart combination of humor, pathos, and super attractive people. Read more »
This week on the mid-season premiere of Teen Wolf, all the characters are going bonkers in new and interesting ways. Allison is communing with the dead spirit of her homicidal aunt, Stiles is living in a dreamworld and Scott is finding it harder and harder to control his wolfy instincts. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, Scott and the gang work together to save Malia from her trap-happy father. Meanwhile, Stiles learns to read again, Isaac gnaws himself out of a trap 127 Hours-style while still managing to be a great boyfriend and things remain complicated for Derek and Peter. Read more »
Teen Wolf has gone dark and dangerous in the second half of season 3. After nearly dying in an ice bath to save their parents, Scott, Stiles, and Allison are left with personal afflictions which wreak havoc on their lives.   Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, an escaped serial killer roams Beacon Hills on mischief night, while a few romances heat up. Nothing reminds you to seize the day more than the specter of your own impending murder. "Let‘s go out on a date tonight, for tomorrow we may be electrocuted!" is the number one way to get asked to prom in Beacon Hills High. Read more »
There are few supporting characters on MTV‘s hit supernatural drama Teen Wolf as beloved as Danny. The character has grown from a background player in the first season to a more established part of the gang in season 3, with all the romance and danger that entails.  Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, new romances bloom, smokey and the firefly monster give everyone ugly tattoos and Stiles is probably moonlighting as a serial killer. Also, Derek‘s apartment gets trashed again, because of course it does, because such is the life of Derek Hale. Read more »
On last week‘s Teen Wolf, black masked smoke demons attacked! Who are they and what do they want? Argent has some idea what‘s up since he had a mask of his own, but he was weakened somehow too. Check out what‘s happening next on "Silverfinger." Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, the alpha twins continue their redemption tour, Isaac wears the hell out of a suit, Scott and Kira face their fears and the mystery surrounding Stiles is finally solved. Unfortunately, the answer is bad new for Stiles and certainly bad news for everyone else in the Beacon Hills Scooby gang. Read more »
Fringe‘s Lance Reddick is set to guest star on The Blacklist. And another Lost alum is heading to Once Upon a Time as a young Prince Leopold. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Two and a Half Men, Mistresses, The Millers, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Under the Dome and Teen Wolf. Read more »
On Teen Wolf, Stiles was suffering from hallucinations and tremors. After getting some sleep, he seemed to be doing better and then the "demonic ninjas" did something to him at the hospital. But, what? In "Riddled," it only gets worse for him. Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf, Stiles gives in to the dark side, Lydia‘s banshee powers are on the fritz and Kira‘s mom is more than meets the eye. Read more »
Warning: major spoilers for Teen Wolf. Do not venture on because there will be spoilers. They ruin everything fun.  Read more »
This week on Teen Wolf Horror Story: Aslyum, Stiles ends up having a much sexier time in Eichen House than is usually enjoyed at mental hospitals. Argent gets sassed by his boss, while Scott and friends Scooby Gang together to rob federal evidence. Those crazy kids! Read more »