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Tonight, right after the MTV Movie Awards, Teen Wolf season 2 will premiere at a special time. Check out these three Teen Wolf video clips to see what a howling good time it will be. Read more »
Also, there is a lot of wolf stuff. But the semi-nudity/nakedness (they‘re the same thing) is the most important part of the season 2 premiere, "Omega." After all, this is Teen Wolf! Shirts are optional.But there‘s also a plot. You might even want to know a little about that plot. If so... Read more »
A good show can survive on toned abs and melodrama alone. But a great show needs more. And Teen Wolf just might be a great show. Keep reading to learn why. Read more »
Life seems to be getting back to normal on Teen Wolf. Granted, on this show, "normal" means torture, murder and monsters. That‘s what makes Teen Wolf so fun! Keep reading for everything you need to know about "Shape Shifted." Read more »
What new evil is stalking the woods of Teen Wolf season 2? When will the Hunters attack? Why does a small town in California even have an ice-skating rink? A new Teen Wolf promo for episode 3, "Ice Pick," may have some of the answers to these burning questions. Read more »
Will we learn the identity of the shape-shifter this week? Two Teen Wolf videos from the upcoming episode, "Ice Pick," indicate that we may at least get a glimpse. Check out these sneak peeks here! Read more »
While "Ice Pick" doesn‘t tell us much more on the mysterious, shape-shifting thing haunting Teen Wolf, the episode doesn‘t skimp elsewhere. Keep reading for everything you need to know about new werewolves, scary moms and even a Zamboni! Read more »
In its bid to become the largest awards show that ever was or ever will be, the Teen Choice Awards have announced their second round of nominees. On the TV side of things, the new nominees include summer shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Teen Wolf, as well as stars like Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries), Dianna Agron (Glee) and Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). Keep reading for all of the new nominations. Read more »
The new shape-shifting monster running around Beacon Hills is causing a lot of trouble. Fortunately, trouble is fun for us to watch on Teen Wolf! These two Teen Wolf videos give us another glimpse at the slimy creature in the next episode, "On the Loose." Read more »
This is a very important episode of Teen Wolf. Not only does the Thing come back with a slimy and paralytic vengeance, but we also get an important vocabulary lesson! Keep reading for everything you need to know about "Abomination." Read more »
At last, we have a name for the Thing! It‘s a Kanima, an abomination of a shape-shifter with identity issues and a thirst for random violence. But who is the Kanima? Could a lacrosse jersey hold the answer to the new Teen Wolf monster?  Read more »
Who is the Teen Wolf Kanima? The mysterious new beast has been a mystery so far in season 2. But his or her identity will be revealed soon! Keep reading for the details. Read more »
Teen Wolf has promised to reveal the identity of the kanima. And these two videos from the next episode give some hints as to who that creature might be. Read more »
Teen Wolf promised the identity of the kanima. And the show delivered! Who is the shape-shifting slime monster? Find out in our Teen Wolf recap! Read more »
Now that we know exactly who the kanima is, what are the kids of Teen Wolf to do about it? That‘s the central question to be answered in "Frenemy." Get a sneak peek of the episode from these two videos. Read more »
So Jackson is the kanima. He‘s killing people. Obviously, Scott and friends have to stop this. But how can they stop the paralyzing and maiming and killing without harming Jackson? "Frenemy" is all about searching for a solution. Read more »
Teen Wolf often has so many mysteries that it‘s difficult to keep track of which mysteries may be important. But there are some questions that desperately need answers from Teen Wolf season 2. These are a few of them. Read more »
Locking up Jackson in a van didn‘t work. What can Scott and the rest do to save Jackson from his lizard-self now? The next Teen Wolf episode, "Restraint," may just explain that. Check out two Teen Wolf videos here. Read more »
Snakes. Why‘d it have to be snakes?Both metaphorical and actual snakes were on display in the "Restraint" episode of Teen Wolf. And oh, did those snakes do bad things very worthy of that serpent master, Lord Voldemort! Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, so it‘s time to get planning. We‘ve got all of the television-related panel and event information for Preview Night (Wednesday, July 11) and Thursday (July 12) right here, so check it out. Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, so it‘s time to get planning. We‘ve got all of the television-related panel and event information for Saturday (July 14) right here, so check it out! Read more »
Double the Teen Wolf, double the fun? That seems to be MTV‘s thinking. During a San Diego Comic-Con panel dedicated to the supernatural show, audiences learned that MTV had renewed Teen Wolf for season 3. But that wasn‘t all. Season 3 of Teen Wolf will feature 24 episodes -- double the number in the current season. Read more »
Now that the identity of the kanima has been confirmed, it‘s time for Teen Wolf to find out who exactly is controlling the monster. Is it a Hunter? The chemistry teacher? Matt(?)? This is the question that drives the upcoming Teen Wolf episode, "Raving."Unfortunately, a video clip from this episode indicates that learning the identity of the Kanima Master might be complicated. It may even be deadly. Read more »
What happens when you gather Nathan Fillion from Castle, Joel McHale from Community, David Giuntoli from Grimm, Matt Smith from Dr. Who, Maggie Q from Nikita, Liam McIntyre from Spartacus, Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead, Jasika Nicole from Fringe and Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf at one table? All manner of chaos. The fact that these stars are on the Fan Favorite panel at Comic Con just seems to give them license to compete for the title of Class Clown.  Read more »
Parents are always telling kids not to go to raves. Judging from what goes down at the party in this week‘s Teen Wolf, "Raving," those parents might be right. Although I would think that most raves would have fewer monsters. Hopefully. Read more »
Last year, Teen Wolf came to the San Diego Comic-Con as a brand-new show that few had heard of. This year‘s return to the SDCC was therefore a triumph -- growing popularity and a huge season 3 order came along with the show. What did Tyler Posey, the star of Teen Wolf, have to say about that? Check out our interview below. Read more »
It‘s full moon time again! And on Teen Wolf, that means everything is ready to go completely and totally crazy. There may even be a major death... Get a sneak peek with these two videos from "Party Guessed." Read more »
If any single show won the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, it might just be Teen Wolf. In addition to a huge panel, the show announced a super-sized season 3 at the event. Check out what Teen Wolf star Dylan O‘Brien (the always amazing Stiles) had to say when we talked to him. Read more »
When Teen Wolf came to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, the show brought the entirety of its main cast along for the visit. This included Holland Roden, the actress who plays mean girl and secret genius Lydia on the show. See what she had to say in this video! Read more »
It‘s Lydia‘s birthday! It‘s the full moon! What could possibly go wrong on Teen Wolf?In a word: Everything. And it‘s wonderful. Check out our recap for all of the mind-blowing, terrifying, plot-twisting excellence of "Party Guessed." Read more »
They‘re in casting overdrive at Once Upon a Time this summer. In addition to two new regulars (Emilie de Raivin as Belle and Meghan Ory as Ruby/Red), the show looks to be full of new guest and recurring characters in season 2. Keep reading for information on three characters -- one of whom will be played by a familiar face from Teen Wolf. Read more »
Life is getting very complicated on Teen Wolf. After all of last week‘s reveals, twists and deaths, what could possibly happen in this week‘s episode, "Fury?" You can get the beginnings of an answer in these two Teen Wolf videos. Read more »
Where did we leave off last week? Oh right. Mrs. Argent was dead. Peter Hale was not dead. Matt(?) revealed himself to be Matt(!) the Kanima Master. Basically, everything is ready to go to hell in a handbasket. Keep reading to find out just what kind of hell Teen Wolf brings in "Fury." Read more »
We‘re almost at the end of Teen Wolf season 2. We have already witnessed two major character deaths in the past few weeks. Will someone else be next? Considering that the title of the upcoming Teen Wolf episode is "Battlefield," that seems like a distinct possibility. Check out these two videos for clues about what might happen. Read more »
Fighting. Existential angst. Shirtlessness. Psychotic rage. Lacrosse. "Battlefield" had it all. Relive it with this Teen Wolf recap! Read more »
Teen Wolf is, alas, almost at the end of its second season. All we have left is the Teen Wolf season 2 finale and then a long wait for the (super-sized!) season 3. What can we expect? This sneak peek at the Teen Wolf season 2 finale -- plus a Comic-Con interview with Tyler Hoechlin -- may provide a few answers. Read more »
Once upon a time, there was a boy who was also a wolf. A Teen Wolf, if you will. All this boy wanted was to play lacrosse and make goo-goo eyes at the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, slime creatures, psychotic grandpas and chemistry tests got in the way. How will it all turn out for our favorite werewolf in the Teen Wolf season 2 finale? Find out in this recap! Read more »
Two of the most enjoyable fall shows are about to get a little better with two extraordinary new casting updates. Deadline reports that  Teen Wolf‘s J.R. Bourne will join ABC‘s Revenge while THR says  Franklin and Bash‘s Malcolm McDowell is heading to NBC‘s Community.  Read more »
Teen Wolf season 2 has ended. Sigh. But that just means it‘s time to look forward to Teen Wolf season 3! We don‘t know when the show‘s third season will begin, but we do know that it will be super-sized -- 24 episodes. What can we expect from all of that Teen Wolf? Some hints from the season 2 finale might point the way. Read more »
Teen Wolf has ended for 2012. With season 2 in the past, all we can look forward to now is a distant season 3. Oh, and some bloopers posted by MTV as a thank you for the 2 million likes the official Teen Wolf Facebook page has gotten!Because Teen Wolf is so awesome, our reward is this video ode to Sterek-love. Thank you for this, Teen Wolf! Read more »
We have a long wait until Teen Wolf season 3 begins. With no set premiere date for the next season, this may be a long, hard winter for fans of MTV‘s supernatural show. But now we at least have a glimmer of hope shining through the darkness: Page 1 of the Teen Wolf season 3 script has been released. And you can see it for yourself here! Read more »
Jackson finally made it into the wolf pack at the end of Teen Wolf season 2, but is that the end of the road for him? Reports indicate that this might be the case -- Colton Haynes may not return to Teen Wolf season 3.Say what? It hasn‘t been confirmed by MTV, but that might just be the case. Keep reading for more details. Read more »
Sorry guys. Any hopes that we all had about Colton Haynes returning to Teen Wolf for season 3 must now die. MTV has confirmed that this is indeed the truth.  Read more »
We still don‘t know how long it will be before Teen Wolf season 3 begins its super-sized run. But we do have a few spoilers to get you through until that possibly far-off date. Keep reading to learn more about the new Alpha pack, character directions and why some werewolves have different colored eyes.Yes, apparently that last one is important. Read more »
We have good news for fans of both Arrow and Teen Wolf. Colton Haynes, who formerly played Jackson on MTV‘s Teen Wolf, has been cast in a recurring role on the CW action series.And it‘s a big, important role. Keep reading to find out who Haynes will play. Read more »