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Meghan Carlson and Carla Patton have problems ... with what they see on TV. Each week, they will pose one problem and talk (or, more accurately, IM) it out. Two will enter, two will leave. This is one of those conversations.Carla: I‘ve got a problem with werewolvesMeghan: with how unsexy they are, but everyone is trying to make them into the new vampires?Carla: yes!Meghan: sorry, america, but i don‘t sign off on your blatant BESTIALITYCarla: here‘s the thing: like, first it was robots and ninjasCarla: then piratesCarla: then zombiesCarla: now vampiresCarla: and I think werewolves are nextMeghan: i think you are right about the trend. all sorts of werewolves are popping up now.Carla: and I‘m upset about it because I felt like werewolves were the one thing I could kind of get into, but now it‘s going to get all Twilight-ed Read more »
MTV is jumping on the werewolf bandwagon with a new project starring Lincoln Heights actor Tyler Posey, and newcomer Crystal Reed.  The two have signed up for roles in the upcoming TV version of the classic ‘80s flick titled Teen Wolf, originally featuring Michael J. Fox.The Hollywood Reporter has stated that the lead role in the remake has been given to Tyler Posey, known for his work as Andrew Ortega in the ABC Family show.  He will be playing the character Scott McCall, described by the source as "a dorky high-school student who gets a rush of new powers, including the ability to attract girls, after a wolf attack." Read more »
In case you‘ve had enough of vampires already, MTV is offering you a pack of werewolves instead. They‘ve announced their reboot of the cult classic Teen Wolf, and this time it‘s going to be a whole series devoted to it.Playing the lead in Teen Wolf is Tyler Posey, known for his work on shows like Smallville and Brothers and Sisters. His character is called Scott McCall and he‘s your average loner, except he plays lacrosse and likes wandering about looking for corpses in the woods. Read more »
MTV has released a set of trailers for its upcoming series, Teen Wolf. The show is meant to be (very) loosely based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie of the same title, updated to reflect the modern sensibilities of teens obsessed with Twilight and The Vampire Diaries.But the original Teen Wolf isn‘t the only influence one might notice. Not from the trailer anyway. Read more »
Summer is a great time to be a geek. With less competition from the vacationing networks, cable channels are free to air all the science fiction and fantasy television they want! These shows don‘t have to worry about appealing to the TV-watching masses and can instead cater to the hardcore genre fans looking for their next obsession.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Teen Wolf, "The Tell."Gruesome twosome Jackson and Lydia witness the mysterious red-eyed Alpha attack at avideo store (I hate The Notebook too, Alpha!). Alison gets a cool ‘family heirloom‘ for herbirthday; Scott suggests they go more modern and cliche by skipping school for the day. Stilesis concerned for Jackson and Lydia; he discovers a video of Alpha on Lydia‘s phone beforedeleting the evidence. And Derek and Aunt Kate have a ‘talk‘ (not really, she tases him)and suspects that Alpha killed Derek‘s sister. Teacher parent conferences inform us and thecharacters about their children‘s progress. And in the final five minutes (where all the actionhappens on this show), Mr. Argent gets his gun out (apparently CA is a red state now) and shootsa ... mountain lion?  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Teen Wolf, "Pack Mentality."Tension is in the air at Beacon Hills -- hostile, sexual, confusing, frustrating, you name it. Asteamy make-out session between Scott and Allison in a bus is interrupted by Scott ‘wolfing out‘and attacking her -- thought to be a dream except the next day Allison remained unscathed. All‘swell right? Uh, no this is a supernatural teen drama. Apparently there was an attack -- on Scott‘sformer bus driver. Scott seeks out Derek Hale‘s expertise in wolf ways if Scott does somethingfor Derek down the road. Scott suspects that Derek committed the murder while Scott tried toprotect the driver. Derek has two rather intense meetings: one with Mr. Argent (Allison‘s hunterfather) at a gas station and the other with the bus driver, who dies before rambling cryptic stuff.Scott and Derek battle with wolf faces until Derek reveals that he did not bite Scott, but that anotherwolf, an ‘alpha‘ did so. In human plotlines, friendships and not-friendships are cemented. Stilesplays the Robin to Scott‘s BatmanScott‘s popularity grows at lunch, enough so for Scott, Allison,Lydia and Jackson to go bowling. Scott displays his supernatural skills while Jackson voices hissuspicions of Scott‘s wolfy weirdness.High Five Highlights:5. Scott‘s Mom has got it going on. Am I the only one enjoying this overworked nurseand her funny parenting? Everything that comes out of this woman‘s mouth makes me smile;she and Stiles definitely bring the comic relief.4. Continuity! Even though no lacrosse was mentioned in the episode, lacrosse sticks areseen in Scott and Stiles‘ backpacks and the team has lunch with these loser loners. Also, they‘vemade lead laxer Jackson into a total tool, but not a clueless one.3. Survival Instinct: Finally, a character who knows not to go into a scary looking house.Of course, Derek was controlling the dog‘s hysteria, but the cop went with his gut. Don‘t messwith abandoned looking houses.2. Super Sexy? "Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit," says Lydia. Thatinnuendo and steamy bus makeout confirm my suspicions that vampire shows aren‘t the onlyones capable of being sexy supernatural dramas.1. Mythology: The fight scene at the end really played with the tensions between Scottand Derek. The discovery that they are not one in the same confirmed my suspicions there wasanother big bad in Beacon Hills. Even better? This werewolf is an ‘alpha,‘ and more powerfulthan ‘betas‘ Scott and Derek.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Teen Wolf, "Magic Bullet."Freak attack of the week starts out with an attempt on a seemingly innocent woman -- whohappens to be Aunt Kate, the lady hunter. Auntie Kate shoots Derek, who has 48 hours to livebecause of a ‘magic bullet‘ (I get the title now!). Scott‘s mission is to find out which bullet wasused in the Argent arsenal. Stiles and Derek bond (sort of). Cue awkward dinner with Scott andthe Argent family and him breaking into their stash of weaponry; this is one conservative familywith all those guns. After Scott gives Derek the antidote, Scott wants to come clean to the Argentclan. But Derek reveals that the Argents aren‘t that nice -- one of them, most likely Auntie Kate,set his house on fire, crippling his uncle into near vegetative state.  Read more »
Let me just start out with a disclaimer: Teen Wolf is not art. We do not need to spend out hours dissecting the deeper meaning of its plots or studying the nuanced moves of its actors. No one will look back, in years to come, and point to Teen Wolf as the defining moment of our time.But is that really what you want for your summertime TV? Of course not. You want fun, entertaining television that delivers on its promises. And that is exactly what you get with Teen Wolf. Read more »
Today the nominations for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards were announced, and as usual, it‘s a collection of obvious choices. Guess what? Teens still love Twilight, and they also really like Justin Bieber, Glee and Justin Timberlakie (who, at 30 years old, will probably be given a Lifetime Achievement Award next year). Read more »
It‘s not just independent web series out there. For as long as the technological limitations of the Internet have allowed it, there have been web series tied directly to existing television shows. These TV-connected web series enhance the viewers‘ experience, highlight background characters and capitalize on audience attention. Read more »
The 2011 installment of the pop-culture insanity that is Comic-Con is now but weeks away. Those privileged enough to have tickets are anxiously awaiting the official schedule announcement so as to better plan out every minute of their San Diego weekend. While the official 2011 Comic-Con schedule is still to come, several TV shows have officially announced their attendance. Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Teen Wolf, "Heart Monitor." After a parking garage run-in, Derek urges Scott to tap his primal rage and ditch Alison from his life. Scott tries with Stiles training Scott to control his heart rate. Anger sets a werewolf off, so Stiles does a series of tests to do so. Yet, Scott realizes he loves Alison and that she is her anchor of control, but she also gets him excited with sex. Awkward. Alpha stalks Scott and draws a spiral on the window. Jackson is way creepy when he apologizes to Alison; he wants everyone to be ‘friends,‘ but not before a claw comes out of his mouth and then disappears... Anyway, Derek is out for answers and he tortures the vet/Scott‘s boss to see if he is Alpha. Scott attracts Alpha -- who kidnaps the vet and then kills Derek? Oh, this week was so good and on.  Read more »
Another week of television has passed, which means it‘s time for us to act like our beloved grandparents: we sit back, we relax, and we look back. And we take a quiz that determines if we paid attention all these years -- or, in this case, all this week. It‘s pretty much like the crossword. Or Sudoku. You get the idea. Read more »
The TV-panel fun keeps on going with Saturday‘s Comic-Con schedule. Many of the biggest fan favorites have their panels on this day, so you‘ll have to plan carefully if you want to hit all of your favorite TV shows throughout the day.Just so you don‘t have to wade through everything in the Saturday schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con, we‘ve come up with a list of just the television-related panels for your convenience. If you do want the entire schedule, click here. Read more »
After the failure of Skins, MTV is having a much better time with Teen Wolf. The show is averaging about 1.7 million viewers per episode and, today, the network officially picked up Teen Wolf for a second season.The 12-episode season 2 will air sometime in 2012, but for now fans can still catch new episodes Mondays at 10pm. The werewolf drama follows Scott (Tyler Posey) as he struggles to adapt to his new life as a werewolf.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Teen Wolf, "Lunatic." The lunar cycle‘s full moon is upon us and our resident lycanthrope is rather loony. Scott is... off this week, but in a good way. He‘s overwhelmed by his senses and gains weird, delusional dyslexia; he is in a rage at lacrosse practice; he has a panic attack; he hooks up with Lydia (poor Stiles and Jackson); he nearly attacks Jackson and Lydia. Alison is all upset about her decision to end it with Scott (which made little sense), but she bonds over the mysteries of this town with Jackson. The Argent team gets ready to hunt, but have little success; they also suspect Stiles as a werewolf. Someone here can‘t be too smart if an Argent with an arsenal that size doesn‘t suspect his teenage daughter‘s boyfriend. Puh-lease. Stiles continues to be the best friend ever to the worst friend ever. Derek is alive!  Read more »
There‘s a lot going on at Comic-Con every day. A casual attendee might get a little bit overwhelmed when trying to choose exactly which panels to attend on every day of the convention. That‘s where BuddyTV can help. Read more »
Here‘s your five best moments from tonight‘s episode of Teen Wolf, "Wolf‘s Bane." Derek‘s a fugitive now for humans and hunters. The creepy chemistry teacher isn‘t Alpha, but is associated with Alpha. Jackson is hallucinating nightmare stuff again, in his sleep and at the doctor‘s. Jackson has wolf‘s bane poisoning? Jackson figures out Scott‘s a werewolf; he blackmails Scott to make him a werewolf or else he will make the moves on Alison. Alison can‘t trust Scott anymore and can‘t be friends with him. The Hale House fire is heavily hinted to be an Argent woman. But none of this is important since Alpha is revealed to be Derek‘s previously paralyzed uncle!  Read more »
Alpha is trying to increase the pack by going after people in Scott‘s life: wannabe werewolf Jackson and Scotty‘s mom (whose got it going on). Scott battles against Alpha‘s wishes while trying to be there for Alison, who is finally catching on to her family‘s weird-o secrets. Auntie Kate captures Derek.  Read more »
Teens and their teen icons graced the stage last night and the coveted surfboards were given away to those who deserved it. So yes, the honor of being today‘s quiz topic goes to (insert drumroll here) the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.  Read more »
Somehow, ratings shoot up when guys expose their barreled chests on screen. That‘s not the reason behind today‘s quiz choice though (although if that helps, why not). It‘s simply because the timing is right for the White Collar and Covert Affairs finales. And well, we know how big of a role six-packs play in those shows.  Read more »
I‘ll admit one thing: doing today‘s quiz is a bit awkward for me. One, I‘m more of an eyes kind of guy. Two, cropping all these lips out of photos feels a bit like Dexter Morgan killing serial killers. Read more »
Much to our surprise, Teen Wolf has become one of this summer‘s truly great shows. The standard teenage-horror tropes have somehow moved aside for a funny, riveting and occasionally terrifying program every week. On top of this, Teen Wolf has an excellent group of characters. None of those characters are more excellent than one Lydia Martin. Read more »
So it‘s the big dance this week on Teen Wolf (it is always a big dance in high school, isn‘t it?) and Alpha and the Argent clan are both ruining Scott‘s life. Alpha is looking for Derek, who‘s still in Auntie Kate‘s torture basement. And all of the Argent clan figures out Scott is a werewolf.  Read more »
Epic. Tonight‘s season finale was epic. The war between werewolves and hunters is on -- with Scott and Stiles stuck in the middle -- and all is revealed. Kate is definitely responsible for that fire (unless she didn‘t do it). The Alpha and Kate‘s brother confront her in a throwdown between the hunters and the werewolves. Scott‘s chance at reversing his "lycanthropy" is at stake when Derek kills his uncle, effectively becoming the Alpha of the pack.  Read more »
As is the case with any incredibly good show, we feel the need to mix our wishes and complaints our otherwise effusive praise of Teen Wolf. We‘re at the end of the season now, so all wishes must now wait until next‘s year‘s season 2. That‘s OK. We still have lists of things we do and do not want to see when Teen Wolf returns. Read more »
So what if we‘ve only just watched the season 1 finale of Teen Wolf? Even now, while we bask in the awesomeness of the show, it‘s time to look to the future. And that future hopefully includes a lot more Teen Wolf. Read more »
If you believe the promos for the season finale of MTV‘s rather awesome show, Teen Wolf, not everyone is going to make it to season 2. At least one character is slated to go the werewolf route, while another person (or two) is going to die. Who will it be? Read more »
To paraphrase SpongeBob SquarePants, "another week, another seven nickels!" And sure, while last week saw a bunch of finales -- and this week, too -- there was still a lot going on our televisions. Life at the Big Brother house continued while werewolves killed each other on Teen Wolf. Twelve talents got another shot on America‘s Got Talent, while Emma (or Sutton, who?) got into some new trouble on The Lying Game. You get the idea. Read more »
MTV‘s 2011 Video Music Awards air this Sunday, August 28 at 9/8pm, and once again, some of the biggest stars of music, movies and TV are slated to make appearances at the network‘s biggest annual award show. Among the night‘s most anticipated appearances? Britney Spears will be there to receive a fitting 30th birthday present: A tribute to her own super-stardom. Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars will each perform, among many others, and iconic crooner Tony Bennett will lead a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.More on what to expect, what to watch for and how to vote for the 2011 VMAs:  Read more »
The second season of MTV‘s brilliant Teen Wolf is getting a few new faces. The show, which tragically won‘t return until the summer, has four new characters on tap to make the fur fly even more.  Read more »
Let‘s call tonight‘s edition of Buddy Bites the "legal edition". Do you have your Law & Order ba-bumps handy? Before reading each item, play that sound byte -- it makes for an authentic experience. On to tonight‘s bits then: Read more »
All those crowded clubs, overpriced bars and packed house parties this weekend might convince you otherwise, but the Mayan End Times Prophecy won‘t end the world until next December. So if you‘re going to stay home this New Year‘s Eve, and you‘re not going to get sucked into the mega-blackhole-supervolcano of the coming apocalypse, what are you going to watch?Here‘s a handy guide to decide which network you should choose to accompany you and your friends (or accompany you as your friend? Shh, hush now, I won‘t tell!) as you ring in 2012:  Read more »