Articles for Taking the Stage Season 2

Talent takes the stage on MTV‘s Taking the Stage, which follows the lives of high school students at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their careers and their futures are at stake here, but they just can‘t speed up to the spotlight. They have years of work ahead of them, and it‘s all recorded on camera.On the first season of the show, we met dance major Tyler Nelson and watched him navigate his studies and relationships with his friends. With so much admirable abilities within the school, everyday is a contest. Drama festers in every corner and the struggle is part of it all, but it‘s the only way to get through.  Read more »
If the children are our future, then we‘re screwed.  Today this year‘s Teen Choice Award nominees were announced, and as always, the list features some truly absurd nominees.On the television side, Gossip Girl leads the nominees for a TV Drama despite having a subpar season and coming in as one of the CW‘s lowest-rated shows.  Meanwhile, a great new show like The Vampire Diaries was stuck in categories for Fantasy/Sci Fi shows, which is arguably the most interesting category since it also features Fringe, True Blood, Lost and Supernatural.  Read more »