Articles for Survivor Season 27

Last week on Survivor, we saw our first pair of loved ones to bite the dust when John was voted off Tadhana and sent to Redemption Island with his wife, Candice and Marissa. Obviously, Candice is more upset than happy to see her husband. She wishes that he would have been less trusting of his tribe mates, specifically Brad Culpepper.  Read more »
The tribe of loved ones took a chance last week voting out Rachel with the hopes that Tyson would take himself out of the game to take her place on Redemption Island. Now it‘s time to find out if they‘re decision to vote off Rachel instead of one of the weaker players will pay off.  Read more »
Last week was a long and complicated premiere episode that included separating returning players from their loved ones, an immediate vote that sent two players straight to Redemption Island (well Laura got to re-join the game after her husband Rupert sacrificed himself to go to RI), and one of the newbies was sent home for her loved one‘s actions on the other tribe. Got all that? Good let‘s go.  Read more »
It‘s the 27th season of Survivor, and this premiere marks the 400th episode. Boy, it seems like only yesterday when we were watching Richard Hatch get naked and Sue Hawk deliver her infamous final tribal council speech. Time flies when you‘re enjoying the the best (if you ask me) competition based reality show on TV.  Read more »
Everyone at Tadhana is still reeling after Caleb‘s big move at Tribal Council last week to vote out the outspoken Brad Culpepper. He insists that his feelings of mistrust toward Brad were just festering leading up to Tribal, but he had no initial plans of turning everything upside-down before the vote. Of course the girls are thrilled because they are still there and now Ciera even thinks she‘s in an alliance with Caleb.  Read more »
The Galang tribe is already feeling the fall-out from blindsiding Laura M. Aras says that she gave him the death stare as she left to get her torch snuffed and he‘s sure that she‘s going to use the Redemption Island challenge as an airing of the grievances.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Survivor, Blood vs. Water, Kat is still reeling from being voted out last week. She‘s worried that her relatively new boyfriend Hayden will think less of her for being voted off. She‘s ashamed of herself and wanted to continue the game as a team, but alas, she is not able to ride coattails like she did the first time she played. Read more »