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It‘s been no secret that host Jeff Probst has wanted CBS to air a celebrity edition of Survivor. And while it‘s still a dream of his, he may be one step close to making it a reality now that a high-profile sitcom star has expressed serious interest in taking part. Read more »
Everyone‘s favorite reality show about contestants who remain unbathed for 39 days returns for season 26 with Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites. Or what I‘d prefer to be known as out of work actors claiming to love Survivor against returning players that we kind of remember. Oh OK, maybe it is actual fans, but does anyone in the world actually consider Brandon a favorite? Does anyone really even want to remember Survivor: South Pacific, despite there being three castaways from that season? Though in defense of the casting team, the favorites may be the "most likely to entertainingly implode" tribe ever.  Read more »
Survivor: Caramoan may have offered up the least desired group of "favorites" ever, but the premiere episode delivered on all the glorious strategizing and flip-flopping. Unfortunately, it led to Francesca making history as the only two-time first evictee. I‘ll miss her wit and offhanded remarks, but luckily the second episode offers up enough excitement for me to get over her absence.  Read more »
The Cool Table learned last week on Survivor Caramoan that an alliance of four isn‘t a majority in a tribe of 10, but this little math lesson also led to the subtraction of Allie. This big play brought forth even more chaos upon poor Gota in the appropriately named "There‘s Gonna Be Hell to Pay" episode. Season 26 has already delivered tons of strategizing and alliance shuffling, and Bikal had its fair share of drama too. Survivor Caramoan has so far proven how entertaining this show can be when you pack the island full of people who actually want to win, along with a sprinkle of some healthy insanity.  Read more »
Last week on Survivor Caramoan the Cool Table got tricked again and Hope got a one-way ticket out of the game. Now the Cool Table is officially a bench. Though tribal council may have ended with the alliance of six looking strong, Gota is in desperate need of ending their challenge-losing streak. "Kill or Be Killed" is a pivotal episode in deciding the fate of the Gota members.  Read more »
Following The CW and FOX, CBS has now revealed their season finale dates for spring 2013. Read more »
Every show has a shelf life. Much like the yogurt in my refrigerator, there are a ton of TV shows, both scripted and reality, that have long passed their expiration dates. Here are 10 reality shows that are starting to sour or are simply down right rancid.  Read more »
The Fans have been taking a beating this season on Survivor Caramoan. Last week, they were put in the unfortunate situation of losing two players. It looks like the underdog Fans are going to be picked off one by one, unless they get a miracle. "Persona Non Grata" actually serves up one very unexpected piece of hope. Read more »
Survivor is a seasoned veteran of reality TV. In its 25 seasons preceding the current cycle of Survivor Caramon: Fans vs. Favorites, producers have managed to keep the show fresh by adding little strategic twists here and there while maintaining the same format and certain amount of predictability that keep bringing fans back.  Read more »
Last week on Survivor Caramoan, Brandon‘s brain exploded. It is much easier to play this game with a working brain, so Brandon had to be voted off. The Favorites are just happy that Brandon didn‘t do a Jason Voorhees impersonation and send another tribemate off the island in a body bag. "Operation Thunder Dome" isn‘t as chaotic, but there is still a major shakeup this week. Read more »
There‘s a whole lot of good news at CBS as the network officially renewed 14 of its shows for the 2013-2014 TV season. The list includes critical favorites like The Good Wife, reality competitions Survivor and The Amazing Race, hit shows like NCIS: Los Angeles and Blue Bloods freshman drama Elementary and newsmagazines like 60 Minutes.  Read more »
Last week on Survivor, there was a tribal switch, but it wasn‘t enough to stop the massacre of the Fans. The world wept as Matt and his epic beard was shaved off Bikal. The merge is now looming, and the remaining Fans are clinging on to stick around until then. This week it is still Bikal vs. Gota in the greatest titled episode ever, "Tubby Lunchbox." Read more »
Survivor Caramoan has been a domination by the Favorites and a massacre on the helpless Fans. You‘d have thought maybe a tribal switch would have changed things up, but the exiting of Fans just continued at a quick rate. This season has enough giant egos that want to be on top that there always could be a chance for someone to sneak in. If any episode is going to have a big shocker, "Blindside Time" sounds like the perfect one.  Read more »
Breaking Bad is almost at an end, with the final eight episodes of season 5 (and the series) set to air this summer. But it might not be the last we see of this world as AMC is reportedly looking into developing a spin-off. Who will be the lead character? Read more »
The first really big blindside of Survivor Caramoan took place last week when the Favorites sacrificed one of their own, Corinne. Malcolm is sad to see his closest ally pack her bags, but he is outright giddy that the Favorites may believe they "Cut the Head Off the Snake." He is hoping they think Corinne was trying to orchestrate the takeover, and that they just perceive him as a poor defenseless pawn in the whole matter. Of course, this ruse will only work if Malcolm can actually pull off the "loyal soldier who was temporarily seduced by Corinne‘s evil charm" act. Read more »
We‘re only weeks away from being able to watch the season finales of our favorite TV shows. To get us to tune in, CBS has released the storylines for their spring 2013 finales, including The Good Wife, Two and a Half Men, NCIS and Elementary. And many of them are bringing in famous guest stars like Hilary Duff, Black Sabbath, Marilu Henner and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to spice things up and bring in more viewers. Which shows will they be guest starring on? And which season-enders are sure to leave us with huge cliffhangers? Read on to find out all the details. Read more »
I was pretty confident the impromptu Tribal Council with a deranged Brandon being voted out was going to be the most memorable and craziest Tribal Council of Survivor Caramoan. I was extremely wrong. I‘m not going to riskbeing incorrect again by declaring tonight‘s Council the craziest of Season 26, but I‘m pretty sure absolutely nobody who avoided spoilers could have predicted what happened. But first we have an entire episode to recap, and "Zipping Over the Cuckoo‘s Nest" was a pretty remarkable one.   Read more »
The Three Amigos reigned supreme last week on Survivor: Caramoan as they outsmarted the Special Agent and sent him off to the Ponderosa. I know many readers popped the corks off the champagne bottles over the end of Phillip, but I‘m still a little bummed that I lost the major source of my comedy material. Now, I am begging for another player to keep things silly and zany so I can pretend to be witty again. This doesn‘t mean things aren‘t interesting, though. This week Malcolm has a big chance to take control of the game and convince someone from the majority to "Come Over to the Dark Side." Read more »
If there has been one consistent occurrence during this unpredictable season of Survivor: Caramoan, it has been that every time Reynold thinks he is in control, then it all falls apart. He tried to run his tribe with the Cool Table, and he quickly saw his two girls packing for home. He joined with Malcolm during the merge, and it looked like they‘d shake things up but instead, he just saw his alliance get picked off. Sure, there was the one shining moment with Malcolm‘s shocking double idol play, but he then got knocked to the Ponderosa right after. If there is one thing Reynold must know by now, he is never in control and it may be "The Beginning of the End." Read more »
Survivor Caramoan is down to the final six now, and unlike many years, there hasn‘t been any person clearly running the game. Actually, any time someone seems to be ahead they have earned a one way trip to the Ponderosa. In the last few episodes, Cochran has emerged as the new person calling the shots and the strongest player in the game. This has finally been noticed by the other players, and now, Cochran needs to stop the trend of this season to stay alive. "Don‘t Say Anything About My Mom" will reveal if Cochran is really in charge. Read more »
After a season of several twists and shocking blindsides, it is the Survivor: Caramoan finale. In the beginning, I don‘t think many people would have predicted this final five or guessed that Cochran would be one of the powerhouses. This season has been about big plays and alliances constantly shifting, and has provided one of the most entertaining and unforgettable seasons in a long time. Read more »
The nominations for the 2013 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards were announced Wednesday morning, spanning a wide array of not only network and cable, but from Netflix as well with the popularity of House of Cards on the streaming/rental service. Read more »
CBS revealed its schedule for next season, and it‘s very comedy-heavy with four new sitcoms and an extra hour on Thursday to compete with NBC.  Read more »