Articles for Survivor Season 25

Michael Skupin has been known to Survivor fans and reality TV fans alike for the last 11 years as the guy who fell into the fire, burned his hands, and had to be air-lifted out of his camp. Now, he‘s getting another shot at the million dollars and a chance to re-create his image as a competitor on Survivor: Philippines which airs tonight.  Read more »
Here we are and it‘s the 25th season of Survivor and we‘re celebrating it with the sweeping high-definition shots of the island and the clear blue waters of the Philippines. I think it‘s important that we take a moment to appreciate how much HD has changed the Survivor viewing experience. If you‘re not watching the waterfalls and exotic animals on your flat screen, you‘re not even watching the same show.  Read more »
Previously on Survivor, we brought back three players that were medically evacuated in a past season. But seriously, how many times are we going to have watch the flashback of Michael‘s skin melting off his hands? Sheesh, seeing it once 11 years ago was already too many times.  Read more »
It‘s day seven on the survivors‘ little island in the Philippines and the men are looking a little more scruffy and the women are also probably scruffy, but thankfully it‘s not as noticeable to us viewing from home.  Read more »
It‘s day nine in the Philippines and the survivors are being exposed to even more rain and cold, which unfortunately for us viewers that means high definition close ups of pruney, white, wrinkled-up feet. Hooray! There‘s nothing better than gross toes the size of your 36 inch flat screen! Read more »
It‘s only a week and a half into the competition and because Matsing is the worst, Denise and Malcolm are the only ones left from the original members. They suspect they will be split up and joined with the other two tribes so they set out on a mission to find the hidden immunity idol before they leave camp for a reward challenge.  Read more »