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Who would have thought after 23 seasons we would have a Survivor first: the fastest ever evacuation from the game.  Poor Kourtney Moon. I‘m sure she was really looking forward to being on the show. Maybe it was a saving grace since she didn‘t have to suffer being the first one to have her torch snuffed. This episode had a lot to offer: The Tarzan battle, fighting over fire and chickens, and the battle royale between Christina and Alicia at tribal. Here are the top 10 tweets about this week‘s episode:  Read more »
Survivor: One World brings together two tribes, one all men and the other all women, on the same beach. I love this concept because things are bound to become interesting. Will they have to learn to share more and make all nicey-nicey or just be all out for their team only?  Read more »
Tarzan‘s speedo! I really need to get this image out of my head. Was anyone else visibly hurt by this? Are Colton and Kat the two stupidest players to ever play Survivor? I personally am really enjoying this season and was thrilled to see that the "hot guys" alliance looks like it will be short-lived. Find out what viewers thought on Twitter from the top 10 tweets below. Read more »
Well, I enjoyed seeing everything fall apart on this "Total Dysfunction" episode of Survivor tonight. Mostly, it fell apart for the girls‘ team though and I‘d like to see them step it up and start winning some challenges. I‘m really loving Colton, yes, the gay guy, on Survivor: One World. Michael, on the other hand, I‘m not so crazy about so far ... Read more »
The new season of Survivor is off to a very bad start for one tribe. On One World, it‘s men vs. women, and after two episodes, the men have completely dominated the game.Salani, the female tribe, has lost every competition and is already down by two people. That normally wouldn‘t be an insurmountable hurdle, but their group dynamics are just as bad. On day one the younger women (Alicia, Kat, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina) formed a solid alliance, and despite the revelation that Kat is dumber and more useless than a third nipple, the alliance held strong anyway at Tribal Council. Read more »
We are three episodes into the season, and the realities of living in the wilderness are starting to make these people question why they signed up for Survivor. The men can‘t stand the women weaseling fire and shelter from them, Colton hates everyone (especially Democrats), Chelsea hates the rain, and Bill hates that tree puzzle. How did he mess that up? It looked like he had at least two hours to figure it out. Also, how terrible was Matt‘s strategy? Did he think it was smart to get into countless arguments early on in the game? I honestly have no idea what he was thinking. Find out what viewers thought on Twitter from the top 10 tweets below. Read more »
I was approaching tonight‘s Survivor: One World with just a little bit of dread. I wasn‘t sure if I could take another night of the girls losing every challenge and then whining about everything. But, other than a few complaints about the cold - hey ladies, this is Survivor, not America‘s Next Top Model - the girls were whooping it up with cheers and yells about winning some challenges - finally! Read more »
You‘d think, after 23 previous seasons of Survivor, contestants would be savvier than they are today. But no, this week‘s episode of Survivor: One World featured the single dumbest thing ever as an entire tribe agreed to give up immunity and go to Tribal Council despite winning the challenge. I have to assume there was some manipulation, perhaps by producers, because I can‘t believe eight guys would all sign off on such a monumentally stupid decision.  Read more »
I‘m reeling over this one, over the crazy things that transpired in the second half of the show. It was painful to watch. But bear with me, I‘ll get there.  Read more »
Wow, I never thought what happened on tonight‘s episode of Survivor could have ever happened. I understand that it was basically the Manono tribe throwing a challenge to lose a member on purpose, but the tribes are now even! This truly is one of the worst moves in Survivor history. Well thank God that it did happen, because this was really turning out to be a dud of a season.  Now we have a super villain in Colton, and a bumbling crazy person in Tarzan. Enough from me, here are the top 10 tweets about this week‘s episode: Is Colton the Worst Person Ever?>> Read more »
CBS, a network with such high ratings that even its failing shows often beat the competition, has announced renewals for 18 of its prime-time shows. Which shows will be returning? Which are still in danger? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
I‘ve been waiting for someone else besides Colton to step up with either gameplay or nonsense. This episode had two people. Kim is playing a good game now, and Tarzan is in his own crazy world. In a game that had no strategy up to day 11, it seems like Kim is putting everything together. She has a strong core alliance, a micro alliance with Chelsea, and an Immunity Idol. She is going deep this season. Every season has a couple characters, and casting hit gold with Tarzan. Is he really this goofy and awkward, or is this part of his strategy? Either way, I‘m digging it. Here are the top 10 tweets for this week‘s episode:  Read more »
This week on Survivor, the girls relish in last week‘s stunning events, as they have one more body than the men‘s team. Colton‘s feeling good too, as he‘s got his whole tribe in the palm of his hand. But those celebrations don‘t last too much longer ...  Read more »
ABC, FOX and the CW have already announced their season finale dates for this year, and now CBS is helping fans plan out their May by announcing end dates for all of its shows. This includes an early April finale for The Good Wife and a one-hour How I Met Your Mother season finale that will reveal the identity of Barney‘s bride.  Read more »
This week on Survivor, it‘s a busy episode -- and both tribes go to tribal council. Colton continues his terror until dehydration starts to get the best of him. The medical team also has to be called again.  Read more »
Regardless of what you think about Colton, he brought a lot of entertainment and conflict to this game.  As awful as he was sometimes, I felt like he had redeeming qualities. Alicia, on the other hand, is a wretched human. As we struggle to understand how Tarzan could be a plastic surgeon, we also have to wonder who would allow Alicia to teach special ed. She has my vote for one of the worst people of all time. Let‘s see what others have to say about her and about Colton‘s medical evacuation. Here are the top ten tweets about the episode "Thanks for the Souvenir."  Read more »
What an outstanding episode! This was probably the best one of the season. Hell, it may have been the best one of the last two seasons. We had some good arguments between Jonas and Tarzan, actual strategizing among numerous players, Troyzan getting his Terri Deitz run started, and people like Jay and Michael starting to plan ahead. As much as I enjoyed it, I believe all the viewers did as well. Here are the top 10 tweets about this week‘s episode:  Read more »
Life As OneOn the surface, it looks like the two disbanded tribes, Salani and Manono will stick together. But each side also discusses men vs. women behind the scenes. Tarzan clues Michael in on this plan, and it erupts later into a Tarzan/Jonas spat. Another point for Michael getting a fight started. Later though, when Jonas feels the heat of possibly going home, he apologizes to Tarzan, who cries over it. I can‘t figure Tarzan out. He seems to take things personally, and is really for the being honest thing. Does he not realize what game he‘s playing? Read more »
We‘ve reached the Merge on Survivor: One World, and that‘s usually where the laws of physics break down and chaos ensues. Once again, only the crazy survive.For the past two seasons, we‘ve seen the craziest castaways last far longer than they should. Brandon Hantz made it to the final six last season while Phillip Sheppard reached the end of Redemption Island. This time, that token crazy person is Tarzan.  Read more »
After the second episode of Survivor: One World, I wrote an op-ed entitled "Are the Women Doomed?" Oh, how wrong I was.  Read more »
Are the women running the show? With the numbers in their favor this week, it seems so. Will they pluck off another guy or will the men be convincing enough to have one of the women vote their own off?After the votes go down, I don‘t know what‘s going on anymore !  Read more »
Mike, we hardly knew you! Can anyone remember anything special about Michael Jefferson after the first five minutes of the game when he stole the women‘s stuff? He started off strong, but fizzled out.I enjoyed this week‘s episode. Going into tribal Mike, Christina and Tarzan could have been sent home. It is always more suspenseful when people scramble. From here on out, there isn‘t much speculation about who is going next. Here are the top 10 tweets about the episode:    Read more »
This week on Survivor the men are reeling over Michael‘s ouster, still wondering whether the women are gunning for them. They are -- and Kim‘s at the helm controlling all the moves!  Read more »
Stupid plays after stupid plays. That is the men‘s theme for the season. The only one playing a relatively good game amongst them is Troyzan. However, telling everyone minutes before Tribal that you have an idol might not be the best play. After all these seasons, you would think that people would have the will power to turn down food for a shot at immunity. I‘m talking about Jay. How do you give up that shot to win when you had just feasted at the reward challenge a day ago? Also, Leif, how do you not try to work out a deal with Chelsea there? He could have said, "I‘ll give up and give you a burger if you save me for the next two challenges." Anyways, these are the top 10 tweets about this week‘s episode:  Read more »
Has anyone told Alicia, Christina, Leif, and Tarzan that the game has started? It seems like they are all just waiting to get voted out. There was a classic moment tonight with Tarzan bathing Leif after the Immunity Challenge. It looked as if Leif was a big grown up baby. I thought I had seen everything on Survivor! You have to love the auction. It had everything tonight. There was strategy to try to outwit Troyzan for the secret, nude bathing and lots of dumb bets by Kat. Anyways, these are the top 10 tweets about this week‘s episode: Read more »
This week on Survivor, Troyzan is in full attack mode, fighting for his life against all the women. He declares to the rest of the tribe he was only going at 50 percent but being betrayed has added fuel to the fire. He says he now "wants to win everything" because it‘s him "against everyone else."But it‘s one week and one tribal council at a time. Can he do it?  Read more »
This week on Survivor, Troyzan continues to fight to see another tribal council. Kat becomes an easy target for him to sway her vote away from him ... will he be successful? He knows he‘s alone, even though Tarzan is the only other guy left standing. But no one knows what‘s going on in Tarzan‘s head so he doesn‘t count.  Read more »
 Troyzan finally got voted out. Oh well, his machismo was getting to me anyway. If he had not used the idol when Jay got voted out and had been a little humble and nice around camp, he possibly could have stuck around a couple more tribal councils.Was anyone else disturbed by the pig scene? I thoroughly enjoyed the pig killing episode during Survivor Australia, but this one seemed too much. These contestants it seems  have been fed every day, and the pig wasn‘t harming them. Just leave the guy alone! And why aren‘t people upset with the way Tarzan is voting? He basically flipped sides the same way that Cochran did last season but he isn‘t getting nearly as much backlash. Here are the top 10 tweets for this week‘s episode:  Read more »
This week on Survivor, it‘s Tarzan and the ladies! Is he doomed? Hardly. The target seems to be on Sabrina, who‘s completely oblivious to the fact that her name‘s being mentioned to vote out.  Read more »
What did I just witness? Why did Tarzan or Christina not go home? I thought this season was destined for another Pagoning? Maybe the main alliance of Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina thought that it was better to get rid of Kat now rather than later? Is Tarzan playing a good game? Is he playing the crazy game that everyone wanted Philip in Redemption Island to play? If Tarzan speaks eloquently and talks about how it was his strategy to appear crazy to everyone during the final tribal, he has to win right? I would vote for him! Here are the top 10 tweets for this week‘s episode:  Read more »
I love how everyone is afraid to make moves late in the game nowadays! (Sarcasm) I thought there was something brewing with Tarzan when the girls got rid of Kat. My dream of alliance switch ups within the final 8 was almost coming to fruition. But, lo and behold, Tarzan was the next one voted out. Tarzan was one of the only interesting parts to this lackluster season. You could always count on him saying something that made you laugh, wearing a ridiculous outfit or just looking like someone who truly does belong stranded on an island. He was a sight to be experienced. Like Philip on Redemption Island, there can only be one Tarzan. Here are the top 10 tweets about this week‘s episode:  Read more »
This week on Survivor, it‘s the final episode before Sunday‘s two-hour finale! Who will be the final five? Is this the week that Tarzan gets voted out, or will the women continue to vote themselves out?  Read more »
For the first time in Survivor history, it‘s all about the women. Here we are with only five players left on the finale of Survivor: One World and they‘re all women. There‘s Kim, the clearly deserving winner who‘s been running the show ever since the Merge. There‘s Chelsea, her loyal number two, and Sabrina the wild card. Then there‘s Alicia, the totally delusional nut job who think she‘s in charge and Christina, the worthless player who‘s only there because she‘s not a threat to anyone.  Read more »
The network schedules just keep on coming! CBS released its schedule for the fall 2012 TV season on Wednesday at their upfront presentation. There are a whole bunch of shifts and a few new shows, so check out the CBS schedule here! Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
The 25th season of Survivor coming this fall to CBS will be set in the Philippines, and it will be a nice departure from the recent format. The show will once again start with three tribes, which should help prevent the recent Pagonging trend where one tribe goes into the Merge with more members and demolishes the other side one-by-one, making the middle portion of the game incredibly boring.  Read more »