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Survivor: South Pacific is here! In the interest of full disclosure, I fell off the Survivor bandwagon for a while, so I‘ve never seen Ozzy or Coach in action. But I‘ve YouTubed it! Oh, I‘ve seen some YouTubes. And I know Coach is called the Dragonslayer, which is awesome. Like last season, this season is all about redemption. And I‘m so glad they‘re doing Redemption Island again!First, we have this law school guy, John, who has seen every episode. Maybe he‘ll be awesome? The yin to his yang is Elyse, who is relying on pretty and her "ancestral background." There‘s this cowboy fellow, Rick, who is immediately my favorite (I SAID IT), and my other favorite, Stacey, who is a sassy funeral director. Read more »
Wednesday night was full of reality TV with the finales of America‘s Got Talent and Big Brother 13 as well as the premieres of Survivor: South Pacific and America‘s Next Top Model. But when the dust settled on the ratings, the returning reality shows hit new lows while the new comedy Up All Night had a solid debut.  Read more »
The premiere of Survivor: South Pacific did a good job of introducing several of the castaways for the new season, and it‘s an interesting crop. Yes, we saw the return of Ozzy and Coach, but the new players made a strong first impression.Recap: Survivor: South Pacific Premiere>>There‘s spoken word poet Semhar (does that count as a job?), cocky marijuana dispensary owner Jim and gay cop Mark, who gets everyone to call him Papa Bear. There‘s also Russell Hantz‘s nephew Brandon, who got off to a bad start by comparing himself to Hitler‘s nephew, creepily ogling Mikayla while talking about his born-again Christian values and vowing not to reveal his relationship to Russell despite having two tattoos with the name "Hantz" on them. That‘s a recipe for disaster.  Read more »
All I‘ve been able to think about since last week‘s Tribal Council is Semhar alone on Redemption Island, not knowing how to make fire. OK, I‘ve also thought a lot about Cochran. I mean, he‘s us, you guys! I‘m so glad a superfan is finally on the show. Oh my god Semhar is still crying! She wrote/spoke a poem about her abandonment issues. So alone.Cochran has opted to become "cool, mellow Cochran," who I will call New Cochran. Savaii is hoping New Cochran can be good with puzzles and the mental game. Ozzy and Young Peter Galagher (Keith) talk about meeting up with Secret Marijuana Jim, probably to form an alliance.  Read more »
First of all, I need to correct a mistake I made in last week‘s recap. I thought Brandon was calling Mikayla "Poverty," when actually he was referring to Survivor villain, Parvati. And it turns out that Havarti is a type of cheese, while we‘re clarifying. Anyway, I wrongly assumed it was some obscure Biblical reference that just didn‘t make sense. So, if you can forgive me and we can all move forward from that, let‘s enjoy this season! So, Christine joins Sad Sack Semhar on Redemption Island, and she blames her tribe not wanting someone "who wanted to play the game" around. Who would you rather see back in the game, Christine or Semhar? I vote for neither of them. Read more »
Remember how in the last episode of Survivor, Brandon "started behaving erratically"? I have a feeling that‘s going to blow up real soon. Coach is going to surgically remove Lil‘ Hantz from the game. Papa Bear‘s out, after making the argument that Cochran is that guy who is always hurting himself by accident. You know the type!Ozzy and Elyse lie on the hammock together, talking Robinson Crusoe, which worries Jim. Jim takes this up with Cochran--how about we eliminate Elyse instead of you, Cochran? Cochran is all for it, in spite of Jim‘s "suspiciously white" teeth.  Read more »
This week on Survivor, one person stayed at Redemption Island, one left the game for good, and one was sent to Redemption Island for the first time. New alliances formed, old alliances were tested, and Stacey just didn‘t give a flying f*** about any of it. Here are the biggest moments from Survivor: South Pacific, episode 4.Jim and Cochran come together in a secret alliance to eliminate Elyse and break down Ozzy‘s support system. This could take Cochran three days farther in the game, and turn everything on its head, especially if they can get Dawn in on the plan. I can‘t wait to see what happens the next time Savaii loses immunity.  Read more »
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So Brandon "I‘m a good guy" Hantz is upset that Mikayla said she didn‘t like him. He thinks it was classless, but he doesn‘t care what people think about him! You hear that, everyone, he doesn‘t care! That‘s why he‘s crying.So, here‘s why Stacey is my favorite: the first chance she gets at Redemption Island, she sells Upolu out to Savaii. She also calls Coach Benjamin because that‘s his birth name and she‘s not buying into anyone‘s BS.  Read more »
I still miss Stacey. Do you miss Stacey? I don‘t miss Elyse, but I bet Ozzy does. Ozzy is very upset with Keith and Whitney, who went behind his back and voted for Dawn. Pouting, Ozzy tells them that he‘s a free agent. He is now playing for himself and the rest of Savaii is allowed to play for themselves. Savaii tells him that he‘s withholding, and Ozzy tells them he has the idol. He tells them they‘re forgetting about Redemption (Island), and Keith offers, "if you wanna go there just let us know, man." I‘m still not sure about this Keith character.  Read more »